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Chapter 154: Yeye Appears

The four of them entered the research facility through the passageway and slowly headed downward. This was indeed a small-scale research facility, so they only had to walk through two doors before they entered the inner area of this research facility. Bai Yi looked at the faint marks of damage on the two doors and shook his head with slight regret in his heart.

People came here before!

Although he didn’t know who came here before them, he could tell very clearly from the marks on those doors that somebody had already been here. After knowing this, Bai Yi made some mental preparations about the harvests that he may reap from this trip. It would still be okay if the people that came here before didn’t know anything, but if people who could make use of the research data came here, they would probably not be able to get anything on this trip.

Although it was a small-scale research facility, it still had its own internal electricity generator. Very quickly, they switched on the lights inside. Ji Hua Qing immediately ran toward the main research lab, as he wanted to check the files on the computer to see if there was anything important. Alodia immediately followed by his side and watched this old man.

“I’m quite skilled in computers,” Alodia looked at Heloise’s questioning eyes and explained.

“Oh really, then that’s great.” Heloise nodded.

As for Bai Yi, he went around examining this research facility in detail. Honestly speaking, this research facility really couldn’t be considered big, but they could tell that a group of people had stayed in this place for a period of time. However, they seemed to have given up on this place afterward. What Bai Yi placed the most importance on was a giant cultivation pool more than 20 meters in diameter at the center. There were still some traces of blood and flesh on top of it, but they were all long dried up long ago. It really made him very curious, just what was being cultivated and nurtured here?

After a while, Bai Yi returned and saw Ji Hua Qing’s dejected face.

“How is it, did you find anything?” Bai Yi asked.

“It’s no use, the computer is still fine but the data inside has already been wiped clean. It would be very difficult to retrieve it again.” Ji Hua Qing’s face was full of disappointment. It was really a pity, the people who left this place were very thorough and wiped all the hard disks inside the computers. However, this also proved that the data inside this research facility had to be quite important. Even if the group of people wasn’t researchers, they still didn’t want other people to acquire this information after they understood it.

“I can try to recover the data, but I only learned about all this as a hobby, so I might not succeed,” Alodia said.

“Then you can wait for a moment, I think I have a companion that can help you,” Bai Yi said. Then, he walked toward the outside.


Who was more proficient in computers than her? Maybe Teacher Vala? That’s not right, Teacher Vala didn’t seem to be too skilled in computers either. Alodia thought for a while in her heart, but she really couldn’t figure out who was good at computers in the team. Even Heloise stood there blankly, but after a while, her eyes finally lit up. The companion that Bai Yi mentioned, it was her!

Sure enough, Bai Yi came down again after a while. He carried a sealed protective case. Vala and Nancy followed him back this time, but Raymond still didn’t come down because his body couldn’t fit in this place.

“I forgot to introduce you guys, but there’s still one more person on this team. It’s just that all along the circumstances weren’t right, so you guys would probably not have much impression even if I introduced her. But now seems like a pretty good time,” Bai Yi said and opened the protective case, revealing a CPU inside.

“A computer?”

“That’s right, a computer. Don’t get shocked later, ok?” Bai Yi said to Alodia and the rest. After that, the few of them worked together and connected the computer to the research facility’s system.

“Bai Yi, just how long did you forget about me?! It has been so long, yet you haven’t even let me out once!” After the system finished starting up, a girl suddenly popped up on the screen and shouted angrily at Bai Yi. Yeye’s mouth went off like a machinegun grumbling at Bai Yi, and her words seemed unending.

“Sorry, sorry! There really weren’t any suitable conditions to let you out before!” Bai Yi hurriedly raised both his hands and apologized quickly.

“Hmph, your apology is so insincere.”

“Then Yeye, what do you want me to do?”

“Why don’t you help me to create a body? A body with the appearance of a human and with an independent internal energy system. I could stay outside permanently then!” Yeye’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“That’s impossible, I really don’t have that ability.” Bai Yi could only laugh helplessly.

“Hmph, I knew you would say that. So, what do you want, letting me out this time?” Yeye grumbled for a while before changing her background to a wide-open balcony and making herself a cup of milk tea.

“Let me introduce a few friends to you first,” Bai Yi said, as he pointed to the people beside him. The surveillance cameras placed all around the research facility immediately turned around and focused on these few people. Vala, Nancy, and Alodia. When the camera turned to Heloise, she immediately waved and gave a smile.

“Who’s this old guy?”

“You can consider him to be our captive, as he’s somebody who came into New Zealand from the outside world. He’s also a researcher. I think he should be quite useful, so I brought him along as well. His name is Ji Hua Qing,” Bia Yi looked at Ji Hua Qing and explained.

“Idiot! Ji Hua Qing is a titan in biology research in China, and he was even the teacher of Dr. Wang for a period of time. You guys actually took him captive!” Yeye said carelessly. However, these words immediately stunned Bai Yi’s team for a moment, so this old man was actually somebody so awesome? But this old guy never mentioned anything about this before!

“I am Yeye, an artificial intelligence.” Yeye stood up and gave everyone an elegant self-introduction after the rest of them had finished introducing themselves.


Everyone was still in a bit of daze now, and their minds couldn’t wrap around this. The computer inside the protective case was actually an artificial intelligence! That unassuming old man was actually a titan in the field of biology in China and even the ex-teacher of Dr. Wang! However, very quickly, all of them regained their composure. Obviously, the reason Bai Yi brought Yeye out was to ask her to recover the deleted data.

“You are an artificial intelligence? That can’t be, I’ve seen artificial intelligences before, and I have never seen one that’s as life-like as you! Although the various data would simulate an image, it would always be limited by the programming settings.” Ji Hua Qing looked at the young girl in the screen with doubt.

“Hmph~!” Yeye snorted and couldn’t be bothered to explain.

“Talk, what is it this time?” Yeye put down her teacup and asked Bai Yi.

“This used to be one of the research facilities, and the thing being researched here was the activated cells as well, but it should be a branch of the original research direction. There were people who came here before us and they deleted all the data before leaving. Can you help and see if you could recover the deleted data?” Bai Yi didn’t beat around the bush either and said directly.

“Just this? No problem, but it’s impossible to recover everything completely. After all, the data has already been deleted, so there will definitely be some loss,” Yeye said. In the next moment, all the computers within the research facility switched on by themselves and started running.

“It has already been 1 year and 7 months since then, just what does New Zealand look like now?” Recovering the deleted files didn’t expend too much of Yeye’s processing power. While executing those processes, Yeye also asked Bai Yi about some things.

“Is today already October 14th of the second year? I really didn’t imagine that time would go by so quickly.” Bai Yi was surprised himself.

“You guys don’t even keep track of the date?” Yeye said with a face full of disdain.

“What to do? The people now wouldn’t keep track of things like this so clearly, and it was already very good to be able to survive for another day. We only have a general sense of the days, but we aren’t sure which day it is exactly,” Bai Yi explained. Lifeforms like humans had a lot of limitations once they separated from their tools. They couldn’t be like Yeye with an internal power source and could track the passing of every second.

After chatting with her for a few sentences, Bai Yi told her about their experiences over this period of time. When she heard about Mavis’ death, and how Warner went missing, Yeye was also apparently quite dispirited.

At this time, Ji Hua Qing, who heard Bai Yi’s story from the side, was also quite affected. Bai Yi’s words completely detailed the most directly observed scene in New Zealand now – a cruel struggle!

In addition, Ji Hua Qing also noticed how different Yeye was from the other artificial intelligences that he had seen. Emotions, Yeye had her own complete emotions! If he didn’t know that she was such a computer, there really wasn’t any difference between her and a true intelligent lifeform. No, that’s not right, she was a true intelligent lifeform, just that humans created her.

Ji Hua Qing instantly became excited again when he thought till here.

The Bai Yi whom the outside world wanted to grasp but couldn’t reach; his daughter Momo that had a strange butterfly merged within; a little cat Chinchilla that clearly assimilated with activated cells but had no physical changes; and this artificial intelligence Yeye that had developed her own autonomous consciousness. If it was possible, Ji Hua Qing really wanted to study this group of people properly, but now…

Bai Yi only glanced at him plainly and Ji Hua Qing knew that he shouldn’t do things to endanger his own life.

One could say that the more Ji Hua Qing knew about Bai Yi’s team, the harder it was for him to leave. The more a person knew, the more dangerous it would become.

“I already recovered a portion of the data. Do you guys want to take a look first?” Yeye asked when a soft ‘ding!’ came from the computers, while Bai Yi detailed everything that had happened over this period of time.

“En, take a look first.” Bai Yi nodded.

“You guys can find a computer each. I can send the data to all the computers at the same time,” Yeye said while the few of them each found a computer close by and carefully looked through the data that she had recovered.

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