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Chapter 156: Thin Power

The unexpected crowd that flocked together and squeezed toward the center quickly attracted the attention of everyone nearby. Soon after, everyone knew that Bai Yi had come to New Christchurch. Regardless of whether it was to join in the festivities, or they really hoped that Bai Yi could save their companions that went berserk,, most of the people in this city who knew of this congregated to this location. As things appeared, the situation started to get more and more out of hand.

Of course, the commotion also alarmed the group of people in ‘power’ in this city.

Bai Yi is here!

After they learned this, these people in power immediately became astonished as well, but also started to become slightly nervous. Although it had already been half a year, it still wasn’t completely clear who was the one in control of this city. Roughly 5 different factions controlled New Christchurch at this point in time, but the number of smaller groups or teams below them was countless. Bai Yi’s words at the beginning indeed pushed a bunch of ambitious people on.

And at this time, Bai Yi’s appearance would undoubtedly threaten their unstable positions.

How could they let go of the power that they were already holding in their hands!

Don’t talk about how this kind of thinking was very old-fashioned. Power had always been a force that drove the majority of people onward, so it wasn’t so easily disregarded or abandoned. Although in reality, these people in power didn’t welcome Bai Yi’s presence, they still had to appear so on the surface, and they even had to give him a very warm welcome. The people who could sit in those positions were all not ordinary. Very quickly, some people headed to Bai Yi’s location as well.

“Somebody is coming, it’s Minister Alcott.” A voice came from somewhere. Immediately, the crowd split apart to let a group of people inside the crowd. Bai Yi looked over and saw that this Alcott had a body covered in scales, but other than that, there weren’t any strange characteristics on him.

“Is this Team Leader Bai Yi? I am Alcott, the Minister of Public Security for New Christchurch.” Alcott immediately walked toward Bai Yi when he entered the circle of people around him.

“Hello, I am Bai Yi.”

“I have long heard of Team Leader Bai Yi’s great name, but I didn’t expect that Team Leader Bai Yi would grace New Christchurch city at this time. We have really been waiting for this for too long, so many of our companions have fallen into the berserk state! We haven’t been able to find a good solution to this so far, so the fact that Bai Yi team leader could come here is really great! However, this isn’t really the place to talk. Why don’t we head toward the Ministry of Public Security and continue chatting there?” Alcott asked.

“Sure!” Bai Yi blinked slightly and nodded his head.

“Then, this is really my pleasure.” Alcott seemed to be very honored, and he waved his hand at the crowd around him, gesturing for them to not cause any trouble. “I know that everyone is very excited over Team Leader Bai Yi’s appearance in New Christchurch, and I believe that Team Leader Bai Yi wouldn’t ignore all your companions that fell into the berserk state. But, can everyone make way first? Everything still needs to follow a rational process. Please wait patiently, I believe that very soon, Team Leader Bai Yi will meet with everybody again,” Alcott said toward the crowd around him. The tightly packed and agitated crowd slowly started to calm down.

“Then, please!”

“No need to stand on ceremony!” Bai Yi had a slight smile at the corner of his lips, but inside he was smiling widely. Just as expected!

In reality, even before coming to New Christchurch, Bai Yi’s team already had a discussion about the situations that they may face when they came here. In the end, they felt that Bai Yi would very likely be turned into a figurehead for them. Perhaps, he would have a certain amount of reputation, but he wouldn’t have much real power in the end. It couldn’t be helped, Bai Yi was slower than other people by half a year. New Christchurch had definitely developed its own power structure by now. Nobody would be willing give up their position to Bai Yi.

Sure enough, right at the start, this Alcott had set Bai Yi’s mission for him – helping all the evolved humans who had fallen into the berserk state to regain their consciousness!

Reject him?

How was that possible! Bai Yi really couldn’t reject him because he was the only one who could wake people up from the berserk state so far. Looking at the agitated crowd full of anticipation and hope, it was obvious what would happen if Bai Yi really rejected them. When the hope in their hearts gets ruthlessly dashed, it was extremely easy for the excited anticipation to turn into vilification and hate. At that time, could Bai Yi still establish himself among the evolved humans?

This guy – Bai Yi couldn’t help but glance at Alcott, so the Minister of Public Security, huh?

However, Bai Yi laughed in his heart…haha!

Before they came to this place, they had already imagined that such a result was possible. In fact, Bai Yi’s team had studied the possible future environment of New Zealand as well as the situation of the evolved humans in detail.

One would really have to admit that Bai Yi’s team understanding of activated cells were really much deeper than the majority of people. And because they understood it so much, they were really astonished. Based on the current classification of the levels, it could be split into Nascent Stage, LV1-1 Binging Stage, LV1-2 Brutal Stage, LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage, and LV2 Metamorphose Stage. Other people’s understanding of the LV2 Metamorphose Stage may stop at just its name, but Bai Yi’s team understood it more.

Immense power! Even just the initial stages of LV2 Metamorphose Stage already possessed frightening strength. As for what it would become if the lifeform continued evolving, they weren’t clear about it either. However, they still let Yeye simulate and calculate the possible futures.

The final result was – Individual strength would dominate the rights of the masses!

To put it simply, if the lifeforms continued to evolve, then the strength of a powerful individual would bring about a much greater ruling authority and domination than the kind of power given democratically.

This was the conclusion that Yeye predicted, so Bai Yi’s team had also set their future goals. Their goal was definitely not to fight for power at this point in time but to make full use of the time they had now to understand the changes in their bodies and increase their strength. Moreover, Bai Yi had just broken out of his cocoon, so he still wasn’t too clear about the changes to his body. He definitely did not have the time to waste on power struggles. The power given by the masses did not belong to oneself, and in the end, only personal strength would never betray.

Ambition? It couldn’t really be said to be ambition actually, Bai Yi just wanted to have the strength to protect himself and his friends.

Of course, the greatly nervous temporary rulers of this city would never know Bai Yi’s plans.

Although they said it was the Ministry of Public Security, Bai Yi’s team saw a big church when they came here instead. Looking at the two 3 meters tall evolved humans that stood guard at the entrance, Bai Yi understood as well. Indeed, only a grand building like a church would be big enough to fit the evolved humans who all grew a lot bigger.

After they invited Bai Yi to the Ministry of Public Security, the other ministers of other ministries in New Christchurch City came to this place very quickly as well. No matter how much they didn’t want Bai Yi to be here, they still had to display their high regard for Bai Yi on the surface.

Through these few people, Bai Yi’s team got to know of New Christchurch’s current power structure. Of course, the city now couldn’t be split into as many different ministries like before, so there were only a few essential ones.

Ministry of Public Security – Maintaining the peace and security of New Christchurch, the minister is Alcott.Ministry of Agriculture – Searching for various mutated vegetables, plants, or cattle that could be used as a long-term food source, forming a new food supply chain. The minister is Edgar, he used to be a botanist.Ministry of Defence – The biggest armed force in New Christchurch now, in charge of the production of weapons and exterminating the evolved lifeforms around the city. The minister is Freud, and he is also the publicly-acknowledged number one expert in the city.Ministry of Research – Due to the influence of Bai Yi’s speech and the information released, New Christchurch had also begun its research into activated cells. They hoped to be able to find a way to solve the negative impacts of the activated cells. The minister is Isaac, he was originally one of the researchers that participated in the research on activated cells. At the beginning of New Zealand’s change, the things he knew wouldn’t be any lesser than Bai Yi. However, he never dared to reveal his identity to anybody until now.Ministry of Medicine – Studying the various new plants and animals in New Zealand and extracting the useful components from them. In combination with the medical skills and system that humans already possessed, they hope to achieve an even greater medicinal effect and save more evolved humans. The minister is Lucretia, she was the doctor-in-charge of one of the big hospitals in New Zealand before. She was also the best Medicinal Maker in New Christchurch now.

After getting to know of the makeup of the powers in the city now, Bai Yi couldn’t help but sigh. They really formed the various factions really quickly, just that there wasn’t a clear leader due to them dragging each other’s feet.

All of them had their own thoughts as to Bai Yi’s appearance, but apparently, nobody was willing to have somebody pop out on top of them from nowhere. However, they didn’t have a choice but to treat Bai Yi seriously with his level of fame.

Before coming here, the few of them had apparently heard about Alcott’s words on the streets and all approved of it in secret. Wasn’t Bai Yi’s reputation really great? Now that they had somebody here who could save everybody’s companions that went berserk, this noble mission was definitely his for the keeping! Could he even reject it?

“Sure, my pleasure!” Outside of everyone’s expectations, Bai Yi agreed to it easily.

“I’ll try to wake all those who went berserk, but my eyes can’t be used limitlessly, so I need a lot of time to rest. I’m afraid I can’t save that many people,” Bai Yi said unhurriedly with a smile on his face.

“That’s fine, it’s already a great help to have somebody that can reverse the berserk state. To everyone else, this is also an extremely heartening news and a big source of hope,” three of the ministers immediately said hurriedly, while the other two didn’t say anything and stared at Bai Yi, as they silently thought, This Bai Yi, did he really not intend to fight for power?

That was indeed one of the reasons. Bai Yi really wasn’t too interested in power. The most important thing was that Yeye had analyzed and predicted that in the future, individual strength would dominate over any sort of society-given power. Since they already knew this, then was there a need to waste time now? Moreover, if he could really help the evolved humans, then it wasn’t like he was unwilling either.

It was just that the ministers couldn’t understand this!

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