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Chapter 149: Change

After Bai Yi hugged Momo, he took a look at the situation around him. In reality, Bai Yi wasn’t too clear about the changes in his body either. He only had a vague feeling. He had seemingly cocooned like a caterpillar, but he didn’t know what happened during the process. When he saw this massive web-like structure formed from white threads around him, Bai Yi was quite taken aback.

“Bai Yi, Bai Yi you are awake?”

Woolf and the rest also walked toward the center of the webs, but the webs were too sticky and tough, which made it extremely difficult to move through. Only Momo, who also fused with butterfly genes, seemed to be relatively unaffected by these webs. Bai Yi saw Woolf and the rest and immediately smiled, as he walked out toward them.

Just when Bai Yi started moving, a pair of wings behind his back automatically opened up, but his wings only opened up halfway before it drooped down. It seemed to be unable to support itself. At this time, Bai Yi suddenly realized that he had actually grown a pair of wings. However, it wasn’t too accurate to say that those were wings, as it seemed more like two soft pennants behind his back. Overall, it was very strange.

Bai Yi prepared to step outside, but at this time, Heloise flew down from the sky and immediately turned her head away. “Bai Yi, your clothes, clothes!”

Bai Yi only realized after these words that he was completely naked right now. If not for the bit of soft fur covering him, he would really be completely exposing himself. However, Bai Yi still became extremely embarrassed and awkward, especially with Momo’s height now. She just happened to be hugging him around his abdomen area. He gently moved aside Momo, and the two wings that looked like it was made out of thin silk threads instantly covered his body. This was a completely subconscious action, but Bai Yi instinctively felt that he could control his wings to do this.

“Bai Yi, how do you feel?” Inside a cave in the middle of the mountain, everyone sat around Bai Yi and looked at him curiously. Making such a huge commotion and spending half a year in a cocoon, just what changes had Bai Yi experienced?

“This…There are definitely changes, but as for what is it exactly, I’m not too sure either. I need to experiment and test it out for myself,” Bai Yi said.

On the surface, Bai Yi apparently grew a pair of wings. After all, a caterpillar would turn into a butterfly after cocooning. But in reality, it didn’t seem like that was the case. Everyone looked at the pair of wings behind Bai Yi and knew with a glance that he definitely couldn’t fly with that. Although the wings grew from Bai Yi’s shoulder blades, there wasn’t any supporting skeletal structure for those wings. The wings were completely like pennants knitted together from thin threads. They only held the shape of a pair of wings, but it was incredibly soft. It wasn’t possible to fly with those wings.

“Anyway, you guys tell me about the situation now first,” Bai Yi said.

“En, things are like this.” Vala nodded. The changes in the body couldn’t be figured out so quickly, and Bai Yi probably had to spend a significant amount of time to understand his new body. “Actually, after that giant yellow sea serpent wounded you, you fell into a deep sleep and started to form a cocoon out of threads…”

Vala detailed Bai Yi’S changes, and even Bai Yi became lost in her words. He never imagined that his own body would have such a huge change. When he heard that half a year had passed, Bai Yi could only laugh bitterly at himself. He was still talking about uniting the other evolved humans to fight for the future together, but in the end, he failed in the mission before even starting on it. However, the other teams should be doing quite well.

“I’ll take a week to familiarize myself with my new body. After a week, we’ll leave this place. No matter what, we have to go and take a look at the current state of New Zealand now,” Bai Yi said.


Everyone else nodded, this place was located at the edge of the coast and was just a scattering of small islands. Information had been cut off from them for more than half a year. They would have left this place long ago if not for Bai Yi. In the following days, Bai Yi diligently familiarized himself with his new body and finally discovered the changes.

But this was really!

Slowly, Bai Yi moved his wings. The initially soft threads seemingly grew a set of skeletons, and it gradually spread out. After more than 10 minutes, Bai Yi’s wings only became slightly bigger. However, he was still unable to make his wings flap. After relaxing his mind, the countless thin threads on his wings seemed to withdraw inside and disappeared into Bai Yi’s body. Bai Yi looked at his hands for a while and heavily punched the rock in front of him.

What kind of feeling was this? It was almost as if there was a layer of web cushioning the force for him. The recoil of the blow continuously disappeared part by part. In the end, the effect on Bai Yi’s body was almost insignificant.

“Woolf, come and help me do a test,” Bai Yi said to Woolf, who was sitting by the side.

“Sure, what test?” Woolf immediately said happily.

“Hit me hard in the chest,” Bai Yi said.

“Huh?” Woolf thought that he had heard wrong.

“I said, punch me hard, but start with a smaller amount of force,” Bai Yi repeated.

“Hey Bai Yi, are you sick?” Woolf wanted to touch Bai Yi’s forehead.

“I’m being serious, you’ll know it when you try.” Bai Yi slapped aside Woolf’s big hand.

“Then I’m going punch you for real ok? Don’t blame me later.” Woolf rubbed his knuckles, this kind of opportunity to bash Bai Yi righteously didn’t come by often. After Bai Yi nodded again, Woolf swung heavily his fist into Bai Yi’s chest. His fist was the same size as Bai Yi’s waist. Even if Woolf only used 10% of his strength, Bai Yi still got sent flying immediately, his physical strength now was absolutely monstrous.

Seeing that Bai Yi really took the punch without defending at all, Woolf immediately panicked and immediately ran over to help Bai Yi up.

However, Bai Yi actually got up by himself before Woolf could help him. Then, he felt the state of his body. After that, he revealed a delighted smile. “Continue, punch me twice as hard.”

“Again?” Woolf said in astonishment, but from the looks of it, Bai Yi really didn’t seem to be injured. So, he followed Bai Yi’s instructions again and sent another fist flying at him.

This time, Bai Yi flew even further, and he even broke a tree that was as wide as a bowl in his path of flight. After that, he landed heavily on the ground. Everyone else who heard the commotion immediately ran out from their resting place and worriedly stood in between the two of them. They thought that Bai Yi and Woolf were having some conflict.

“It’s nothing, I asked Woolf to hit me to test if my guess was correct,” Bai Yi said.

“Just what is going on?” Heloise asked.

“Actually, I just realized that there’s a kind of thin thread inside my body, and it’s extremely durable. It seems to extend throughout my entire body in a certain pattern. The purpose of this thread seems to be to protect my body. I tested it just now, the cushioning ability of this internal web structure in my body is extremely good, Woolf’s blow to me just now was pretty much ineffective,” Bai Yi explained.

“It’s like that?” Everyone looked at Bai Yi with surprise.

“That’s right, that’s my body now.” Bai Yi nodded.

“The reason why I formed a cocoon was due to the injury from that yellow sea serpent. The injuries were too severe. Seemingly because of this reason, my body naturally restructured itself and formed countless threads inside my body for the sake of resisting impacts. However, this seems to come at a price as well. If I didn’t guess wrong, the components of these webs should have come from my wings, that’s why my wings are so strange now. It doesn’t even have a skeleton to support it, and I can’t fly at all,” Bai Yi explained.

“There are losses with every gain!” Vala said.

“Probably, but I think perhaps I can gain the ability to fly. However, I need to pull these threads out from within my body and reform my wings again,” Bai Yi said.

“You can do that?” Everyone was astonished.

“But I’m completely unfamiliar with doing that now. After using more than 10 minutes just now, I only managed to raise my wings by a little bit.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Daddy, I want to look at your wings.” Momo’s eyes had already turned into stars long ago. They were wings! Her daddy could fly in the sky now. Momo was always very envious when Aunt Heloise took her to fly in the sky.

“Ok.” Bai Yi nodded.

Bai Yi took off his shirt for the rest of them to see more clearly. Sure enough, everyone saw Bai Yi’s pennant-like wings slowly swaying about. His wings slowly spread itself, becoming wider and heavier bit by bit. Everyone stared at this transformation fixated, but after a while, Woolf yawned and felt that it was boring.

It was indeed very boring, it had already been 3 hours since Bai Yi started but his pair of wings still hadn’t opened.

In truth, Bai Yi was very speechless now too. Why did it require so much effort to use these wings of his? Those countless thin threads left his body at a painfully slow pace, and he had to endure that numb and itchy feeling as those threads left. However, Bai Yi did not want to give up just like that. He had a feeling that if he was unable to fully open his wings this time, then he would have to wait a long, long time before he would be able to do it again.

Using 5 full days, Bai Yi didn’t rest nor sleep a wink at all. Nobody knew why was Bai Yi so determined to spread his wings fully, but after 5 long days, Bai Yi finally let out a long breath and the wings behind his back slowly opened.

At this time, the sun had almost set. However, everyone was still staring at the pair of wings behind Bai Yi. They had become completely speechless.

It was too beautiful, most of the wings were made up of transparent thin threads, and they seemed crystal-like under the sunlight. But if they took a closer look, the wings seemed to carry a faint light within it, adding a deep illusionary hue to the transparent wings. Momo immediately couldn’t bear it anymore and went to touch her daddy’s wings. His wings were warm yet smooth, lithe yet beautiful, it was absolutely like a work of art.

“Bai Yi, can you fly?” Heloise asked.

“I probably can,” Bai Yi said and flapped his wings to fly. However, in the end, he didn’t even fly up to 2 meters before his body tilted and he almost fell to the ground. Everyone immediately burst out laughing, he was definitely not used to it since it was his first time dealing with wings. Heloise spent a long time to practice flying back then as well.

“It’s really very beautiful, but Bai Yi you still didn’t need to spend 5 full days without a single moment of rest to extend it, right?” Heloise said.

“Why? I don’t know either, it’s just a feeling that I have. If I’m unable to fully extend this pair of wings this time, I would have to wait for a very distant future to do so again,” Bai Yi slowly said.

Bai Yi did not know, but his feeling was extremely accurate!

If he did not manage to spread his wings this time and etched the feeling of these two different forms inside his mind, he would have to wait for the future ‘LV4’ to spread his wings again. Only at LV4 and gaining the ability to slightly manipulate his physical form would he be able to control those countless thin threads again.

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