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Chapter 148: Just Like Before

Half a year, in this half a year the evolved humans on New Zealand gradually changed. Although many people still lost their lives, many people still went berserk and lost their sanity forever, those who remained alive and sane were full of confidence and hope.

Without relying on those people outside, they could save themselves with their own power!

Within this half a year, those teams that traveled around New Zealand and spread the word to unite all evolved humans all achieved great fame. As for Bai Yi, who had incomparably great fame before, seemed to have disappeared completely in this half a year. Although Bai Yi had disappeared, many other outstanding people rose up within this half a year to lead the remaining evolved humans in their efforts. The world was huge, and it would never stop moving just because one person was missing.

However, although Bai Yi disappeared, nobody had forgotten him. This was because of the power that Bai Yi had revealed in the snow valley – Reverse Flower Eyes!

The name of that pair of eyes, along with the evolved human teams, traveled and spread throughout the whole of New Zealand. An unknown number of evolved humans who had their companions fall in the berserk state looked for Bai Yi in secret, hoping that he could help their companions regain consciousness. The Brutal Phase became more and more severe, and the number of people who went permanently berserk increased unendingly. The longer Bai Yi disappeared for, the greater the hope and expectations these people held for Bai Yi.

At this time, just where was Bai Yi?

After the initial stage, his team discovered that the fur on Bai Yi’s body grew at a crazy pace and enveloped both himself and the objects around him. The rest of them that stayed in the cave with Bai Yi for a single night was almost similarly wrapped up in the fur threads.


Woolf tore off a thin fur thread around his body, it was sticky yet tough. After that, he looked at the others. They rested with Bai Yi together in the same cave, but they would always discover some of Bai Yi’s fur threads on them when they woke up in the morning. Although they could clear it very quickly, it still felt abnormally uncomfortable on their bodies. It was just like a mild piercing pain on their bodies, along with a sense of tiredness.

Teacher, this isn’t right! You never said that when a caterpillar cocooned itself, it would envelop others in it as well!

All of them couldn’t help but harbor complaints about how they didn’t study biology seriously back then. In the end, all of them seriously had no solution for this and just decided to bring Bai Yi’s giant cocoon to the middle of the forest outside. After just three days, they realized that the threads had spread from the giant cocoon and had already grown over the other plants. The cocoon had wrapped itself over those large trees. Without them noticing, the giant cocoon actually hung itself the air from the threads that formed a huge web.

None of them understood what was happening to Bai Yi, so they could only stay in the cave and continue to wait.

Up until one day, Woolf woke up in the morning to discover that a prey that he had tied up at the side of the forest went missing. Woolf looked around and realized that Bai Yi’s thin threads had wrapped up the prey and killed it.

“You actually stole the food tsk.” Woolf looked at the giant cocoon formed from white threads and grumbled.

Naturally, Woolf was joking, as he wasn’t petty to that extent. However, Vala, who was recording Bai Yi’s changes, suddenly raised her head. Then, she looked at the prey that was wrapped up in the threads. In just a single night, Bai Yi’s threads hadn’t managed to wrap up the prey completely. Through those slight gaps, she could see that the Bai Yi’s threads looked as though they grew out from within the prey’s body.

No, that’s not right!

It wasn’t that the threads grew out from inside the body of the prey, but the threads grew into its body.

Vala immediately had a realization, and she carefully observed the forest surrounding Bai Yi’s cocoon. She didn’t realize it before, but now that she looked out for it, the vegetation growing within the area of Bai Yi’s threads all didn’t seem to be growing too well. It was just like they were all malnourished. With her previous discovery combined with this realization, a thought immediately flashed across Vala’s mind…If indeed!

Very quickly, Vala gathered everyone and told them about her discovery.

“Today Woolf said that Bai Yi stole the food that he hunted.” Vala didn’t beat around the bush.

“I’m just joking, joking!” Woolf immediately waved his hand nervously. It couldn’t be that she wanted to pursue even this?

“No, it’s not a joke. You are right, Bai Yi did indeed steal your food.” On the contrary, Vala shook her head and said seriously, “Everyone look at that prey, Bai Yi’s threads wrapped up it up last night. In just a day, it looks like it has dried up, and it became a size skinner.” Vala brought everyone to the prey that Woolf had caught.

“And now, observe the vegetation that Bai Yi’s threads cover and compare it to the surrounding forest. Do you guys notice anything?” Vala asked everyone.

“Notice?” Everyone immediately followed Vala’s hint and started to look carefully.

“Did you guys see it? The vegetation around Bai Yi are all relatively shorter, and they all look slightly yellowish as well. To plants that have assimilated with activated cells, this is something absolutely impossible. In addition, you guys mentioned it before as well, that you would feel your body itching and uncomfortable after Bai Yi’s threads wrapped you. From all these points, I can make a conclusion.” Vala raised a finger.

“Absorption!” Heloise opened her eyes wide.

“That’s right, Bai Yi is absorbing the nutrients from these plants through these tiny threads that are even thinner than hair. Moreover, he isn’t just absorbing nutrients from plants but also animals, and it would be even faster for animals. It’s just that these threads do not have the ability to actively hunt prey, so we never realized this point until Woolf tied the prey up at this area,” Vala explained.

So that was what’s happening, but then, so what?

Most of the people in the team stared at Vala. For the past one and a half months, Vala’s meticulous and thorough planning in all areas obtained much of their admiration. Although Vala’s combat ability was pretty much the bottom, she had become the director in the team. Vala looked at the eyes of everyone looking at her, and she didn’t purposely leave them hanging either.

“We need to catch prey and tie them up here. I think Bai Yi would absorb however much he needs,” Vala said.

“Got it.” Everyone nodded their heads seriously.

After that, various evolved lifeforms in the surrounding area were all down on their luck. Woolf and the rest moved out and captured all the animals they could see, no matter big or small. They tied all these evolved lifeforms besides Bai Yi’s giant cocoon. These lifeforms were all unable to escape. Slowly the white threads wrapped all of them up and turned them into another giant cocoon.

With sufficient nutrients now, Bai Yi’s threads spread even further. If somebody looked down from the sky, they would find that a mysterious stretch of the forest 100 meters in diameter. Within this patch of forest, countless white threads covered all the vegetation densely. Within this mass of white threads, numerous giant cocoons either laid on the ground or hung in the air. Occasionally, there would be a few giant cocoons that broke. But what fell out from within were just some broken skeletons.

In the heart of this mysterious stretch of forest, there was a giant cocoon more than 3 meters tall. It didn’t seem to be too special at first glance but, upon closer observation, one would realize that all the thin threads seemed to originate from this giant cocoon.

“What do you think Bai Yi will turn into? Will he grow a pair of wings and turn into a butterfly?” Woolf suddenly asked. He seemed to be quite bored.

“Who knows, we’ll see when Bai Yi comes out. It probably wouldn’t take much longer now,” Heloise replied.

“En, it shouldn’t take much longer. Bai Yi’s rate of absorption has recently decreased significantly, even if we tied those evolved lifeforms at the side of the web, he didn’t continue to absorb them either. He has probably absorbed a sufficient amount of nutrients, and he would come out soon after,” Vala added.

“Oh is it?” Those who didn’t understand at first nodded their heads and stared at the stretch of vegetation in front of them.

Momo stood beside Sharpei, as she silently stared at the stretch of forest in front of her with eyes full of protection and anticipation. At 7 years old, Momo was already 1.2 meters tall. With Vala’s guidance over this half a year, she also gradually shed the restlessness and tenderness of a little kid and gained a serene and noble air around her. Vala was a specialized etiquette teacher for noble families, so it was very much expected for her to bring Momo up like this.

Humans would always grow faster in special environments. In this half a year of Bai Yi’s absence, although there was still the care and concern from others, Momo still felt the difference without her daddy around. Without somebody to whine to, Momo really grew up a lot.

Momo stretched out her finger and two Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew out toward the giant cocoon at the center. They gently landed on it and flapped their wings.


Almost as if he had heard Momo’s call, Bai Yi in the heart of the cocoon felt like a drop of water had fallen onto a completely calm and still lake, ‘drip!’. Bai Yi consciousness, that had initially fallen into hibernation, immediately started to slowly wake up with the slight sound of the water dropping. Inside the giant cocoon, Bai Yi gradually opened his eyes, and the Reverse Flower Eyes activated by itself. Everyone outside of the forest immediately felt a sensation and looked toward the center of the forest in shock.

Just now, that was?

Bai Yi stretched out his finger, and his nail suddenly grew a centimeter in length. Although it wasn’t long, it still looked incredibly sharp. ‘Puchi!’, his nails pierced the tough cocoon and Bai Yi forcefully tore open a gap in it. Initially, Momo had just wanted to let the Spirit Devouring Butterflies check on her daddy. But at this moment, Momo suddenly looked in that direction in shock and started to run. She jumped on top of a tree branch and jumped off from it again.

At this time, the calm and cultured air around Momo completely disappeared.

Bai Yi had just broken open the cocoon and climbed out from within. At this moment, he saw a small figure that rushed toward him. Although it had been half a year since he saw her, Bai Yi still recognized Momo with a look.

“Momo, you grew fatter again,” smilingly said Bai Yi, as he hugged Momo. She had rushed into his arms tightly, just like before.

“I’m not fat at all now!” Momo looked up at Bai Yi.

“Is it? That’s right, you grew taller!” Bai Yi looked at Momo’s little delicate face. Suddenly, he realized with a start the Momo really wasn’t fatter, but she had grown taller.

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