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Chapter 150: Foreign Team

After a period of time, Bai Yi finally finished inspecting the changes to his body.

Breaking out of a cocoon to become a butterfly, it really was breaking out of a cocoon to become a butterfly (TN: An idiom that meant getting a new life and walking out of desperate straits). Due to his injuries before, his body started to transform itself. The substance drawn away from his wings formed a defensive web inside his body, which could help him resist impacts to a great extent. If Bai Yi wanted to fly, he had to actively pull the thin threads out from his body and reform the wings. However, he would lose the powerful defensive ability once he did that, so there were pros and cons to doing so.

It took 5 days to fully extend his wings the first time he tried to do so. Bai Yi himself didn’t know why was he so determined, but he just had a feeling.

Although it didn’t take as much time to extend and withdraw his wings after that, it still took more than a day to do so. It obviously wasn’t efficient or practical to take such a long time to move between the two states, so Bai Yi had a lot more to practice before he could master it completely.

In the end, Bai Yi chose to keep the thin threads inside body. This state could not only increase the defence of his body greatly, but it was also the state that he was in when he broke out of the cocoon, so he was more used to this state. However, the most important factor was that Bai Yi didn’t know how to fly now even if he had wings, so this pair of wings were purely a burden to him.

The thin threads in his wings slowly returned inside his body, and his wings turned into two soft pennants that hung from his back. Bai Yi folded his wings and wrapped it halfway around his neck, which made it look just like a scarf made from unique materials. Unless the person knew beforehand, nobody would probably be able to guess that this ‘scarf’ was actually Bai Yi’s wings.

Breathing out lightly, Bai Yi rubbed his temples.

It was really too tiring, he had to be in a state of constant concentration to form or retract his wings. However, Bai Yi would never imagine that his so-called ‘tiredness’ now was many times easier than what the people he would meet in the future had to go through. Bai Yi was fortunate in that he managed to spread his wings while his physical state had not completely stabilized yet, forming a ‘bodily memory’ of this state and turning it into an instinctive ability. If not, he would have to wait to gain the ability to influence his physical form far into the future to control these countless thin threads and spread his wings again.

After he discovered the changes in his body, Bai Yi did many more tests on himself. Such as how much force his body could endure, the ability of his body to resist cutting type attacks, the strength and durability of a single thread, if the threads could be retracted back into his body if his wings got damaged in his winged state, and what influence would there be if he retracted them back into his body under such conditions. All aspects and details of his body had to be figured out, and none of this could be skimped on.

Bai Yi knew what kind of world they would have to face in the future, this was a Devil Island full of dangers. There would definitely be countless battles they would have to face in the future. To acquire the advantage in battle, one of the most essential factors was to grasp and understand every ability that they had. Then, they had to use these abilities suitably to tackle various situations.

However, these tests could be slowly done while they were on the road. After retracting his wings and resting for a night, they finally set off again.

Bai Yi took the cloak that Momo passed to him and put it on, rubbing Momo’s head with a smile on his face. Beside Momo was Sharpei. In the half a year that Bai Yi didn’t see him, Sharpei’s other head had grown out completely, and he became a two-headed dog. However, most of the time, Sharpei’s other head would retract inside his body and only a few sharp fangs at the edge of his mouth would be revealed on the exterior.

Bai Yi stretched out his right hand and Sharpei immediately licked it, coating Bai Yi’s hand with his saliva.

“This guy…” Bai Yi scolded laughingly. Then, he hung Red Kiss on his waist and looked toward everyone else. All of them had already finished their preparations and were waiting for Bai Yi’s instructions.

“Let’s go!” Bai Yi said, as he raised his head and stared ahead.


Bai Yi’s team now had to urgently find other evolved humans and figure out what had happened to all the evolved humans in this half a year. However, New Zealand had a low population density to begin with, and people were even sparser now. They came to the initial city of Picton, but they couldn’t find any other evolved humans. Only the few mottled vestiges hidden underneath the dust and vegetation could prove that this place used to be a city where people lived in.

However now, this city was just like a ruin that was abandoned hundreds of years ago, silent and empty.

“Based on the map, Picton should a have a small gathering of humans here. Where’s everybody?” Woolf asked.

“Who knows, it’s already been half a year. Maybe all of them already died,” Raymond said boisterously. Honestly speaking, Raymond felt very stifled over this half a year. Based on his personality, he wasn’t somebody who could stand staying on that bunch of islands for a long time. However, he still had much integrity. Since he had already joined this team, he had no plans to abandon it. Also, the most important thing was that after getting hit by Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes back then, he seemingly held some reveration for Bai Yi from then on.

After walking around the city for half a day, they thought that there was really nobody else that remained here. Suddenly, Sharpei walked toward the side and sniffed around.


The rest of them immediately followed after Sharpei. Ater more than a kilometer of walking, Sharpei brought everyone in front of a building. Woolf and the other large-sized people couldn’t fit in through the collapsed door and could only wait outside. Bai Yi and Heloise walked in and discovered what Sharpei had smelled.


These weren’t any special cans, but just the canned food that humans brought along with them normally. Inside the room was also a fire that had just been extinguished not long ago and a few empty cans by the side. Inside the cans were still two colourful bugs a few centimeters long crawling around, sucking the juice inside the can.

“So, there were people here,” Heloise said.

“Something’s not right.” Bai Yi picked up a can. He looked at the manufacture date on it, and squinted his eyes.

“There’s nothing special about these cans, but do you think there would still be any canned food left in New Zealand now? Look at this date, this was only made a few months ago. Apparently, this couldn’t possibly be made in New Zealand. Outsiders left behind this fire,.” Bai Yi said.

Heloise immediately stared at the can carefully after she heard his words. Then, she looked at Bai Yi.

“Let’s get out of here first.” Bai Yi took the empty can with him to the rest of them waiting outside.

“What happened, did you guys find anything?” Vala couldn’t help but ask, as she looked at Bai Yi’s expression.

“En, we found some things and an extinguished fire that people used to keep warm before. Based on my estimations, they probably left 2-3 days ago. However, this isn’t the important point, the important thing is that we found a few empty cans beside the fire. The manufacture date of these empty cans are quite recent. That is to say, this fire was left behind by people who came from the outside.” Bai Yi passed the empty can to Vala, and she saw the manufacture date printed at the bottom of the can.

“People from outside came to New Zealand?” Everyone immediately became serious.

“Actually, didn’t we already meet people like that once before? Maybe it’s the same this time,” Bai Yi said.

“What’s their purpose coming here?” Vala asked.

“This I don’t know, but I’m very curious. Just what is it that can make the people outside risk their lives to come into this Devil Island? New Zealand was the heart of the research in activated cells back then, maybe there’s something valuable that was developed here long ago. This thing may very possibly be the thing that we need as well. After all, we have to research the activated cells too,” Bai Yi slowly said. Everyone’s faces became serious, as they looked at him.

“Sharpei, can you smell the direction that these people moved toward?” Bai Yi asked.

“Woof!” Sharpei barked and sniffed around in the air. Then, he walked a few rounds seriously in the area. This group of people had already left for 2-3 days, so their scents had already more or less disappeared in the air. It wouldn’t be easy for Sharpei catch onto their scent again either. After walking in circles for a while, Sharpei finally started running in a certain direction.

The rest of them saw Sharpei moving and immediately followed. While Bai Yi ran beside Sharpei, he observed the rest of the team at the same time. Vala and the few other newcomers hadn’t joined the team for long and didn’t have much strength back then, but now Bai Yi realized that they could actually keep up with Sharpei’s speed. Although Sharpei didn’t really run too fast, this also meant that Vala and the other newcomers had trained diligently in the past half a year.

Bai Yi revealed a slight smile on his face.

After half an hour of running, Sharpei abruptly increased his speed and Bai Yi knew that Sharpei had definitely found something.

“Woolf, Raymond, you guys stay at the back with everyone else. Heloise, follow Sharpei with me,” Bai Yi said. Then, he started to accelerate as well. At this time, the difference in speed was shown, as Vala and a few others could no longer keep up anymore. Actually, Woolf’s speed wasn’t too good either, so he immediately slowed down after he heard Bai Yi’s words. He then stayed behind and ran with Vala and the others.

Very quickly, Bai Yi followed Sharpei, and they found a few blood-stained pieces of fabric scattered in the forest. Looking at the greenish pieces of cloth, Bai Yi could immediately tell that it was the color of the special forces’ uniform.

However, special forces? Those special forces made up of normal humans were probably at the bottom of the food chain on Devil Island.

“Stop running. We’ll wait for the rest to catch up and move together. Just don’t lose their direction,” Bai Yi said to Sharpei.

Sharpei barked in response and stopped. After that, Bai Yi carefully searched around the area for any traces left behind by the team that came from the outside. He could tell that this squad came prepared. Although they didn’t assimilate with the activated cells, they were still the elites within normal humans. Moreover, the weapons that this squad carried with them were probably more powerful as well, so they should be specially equipped to deal with evolved lifeforms. Bai Yi had already seen a few big holes in the ground from explosions and various metal fragments.

Just who were these people?

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