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Chapter 147: Cocooning

Heloise flew over to support Bai Yi only after the Sea Serpent Emperor disappeared and the sea regained its calm. However, Bai Yi stopped Heloise from helping himself, he gently swung Red Kiss and sheathed it with a soft ‘ding!’.

“Bring me to the deck!” It seemed like Bai Yi really didn’t receive many injuries from the battle.

“En.” Heloise put her heart at ease as well.

Bai Yi returned to the storeroom and exited the sight of the sea. The moment he entered the storeroom, the rest of them saw his legs suddenly go soft and he fell flat on the floor. At this time deep in the sea, the Sea Serpent Emperor quietly observed the cargo ship floating on the sea and the piece of floating scrap that Bai Yi had left behind. In the end, it swept its tail and swam deep toward the bottom of the sea.

The rest of them initially thought that Bai Yi only seemed to look miserable, but all of them started to panic when they saw him fall inside the storeroom. Nancy was the Medicinal Maker and immediately came to give Bai Yi a check-up. Although Medicinal Maker and Doctor weren’t the same jobs, there were still some similarities between these two classes.

Nancy cut open Bai Yi’s clothes, and everyone immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

Multiple deep teeth puncture wounds were visible on Bai Yi’s body, and the teeth brutally lacerated a few giant wounds from his chest all the way to his legs. Everyone could see Bai Yi’s breastbone and ribs were long broken as they stabbed into his internal organs. Although the Sea Serpent Emperor did not close its mouth completely due to the pain from Red Kiss, it was easy to imagine the level of danger and riskiness of the situation. Up until now, nobody other than Bai Yi knew exactly how he escaped from the mouth of the Sea Serpent Emperor. Luckily, Bai Yi’s head didn’t seem to receive any wounds from the Serpent’s teeth.

Nancy immediately looked for the blood-clotting potion that she concocted and wanted to apply it on Bai Yi. But at this moment, Bai Yi’s eyes abruptly shot open.

Nancy immediately jumped in fright. He could actually still wake up when he was already in such a terrible state!

“Pilot the boat and leave this place!” said Bai Yi in a low voice even though he did not see clearly just who was beside him.

“I know, we will handle this, you rest and recuperate your wounds first.” Nancy knew that normal people would have died long ago from wounds like this. Bai Yi fainting just now was his body’s automatic self-protection mechanism to prevent him from suffering too much pain. However, Bai Yi was apparently worried about everyone else and woke up in such a short while.

Bai Yi heard Nancy’s words and didn’t try to continue forcing himself, closing his eyes again.

Although the battle even didn’t even last for 1 minute, the danger and close shaves in that time couldn’t be fully described by words. If not for the Goddess of Luck standing on Bai Yi’s side, they would have become food for the giant serpent if it chose to attack in any other way.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, Heloise immediately ran toward the bridge and tried to start the cargo ship again. Luckily, although the Sea Serpent Emperor had constricted the ship, it was still a gigantic heavy metal structure. As such, only the outside of the ship was deformed. There was also a huge hole at the head of the ship from the Sea Serpent Emperor’s bite as well, but other than that, the ship was still operational. However, very quickly, everyone realized that something was wrong. The sea was rising higher and higher up the sides of the ship.

“There’s a leak!” anxiously said Raymond, as he ran up from the bottom of the ship.

“Let Bai Yi rest, we’ll think of something.” At this time, Vala stood up. Within this team, there were probably only Bai Yi, Vala, and Heloise that were better at leading. Heloise was still piloting the cargo ship now. Although Vala was new, she took the initiative to lead at this critical time.

Under Vala’s instructions, everyone immediately started to deal with the crisis, looking for ways to plug the leaks. After Heloise knew that the cargo ship was leaking, she didn’t continue on the original path to head to Queen Charlotte Bay either. Instead, she headed toward the closest shore. After half a day of panicking and trying to resolve the crisis, they finally realized that their actions were all futile. However, this cargo ship still didn’t sink, it just moved very slowly. It was almost like the ship would stop moving completely in the next instant.

Everyone held in their feelings of unease and anxiousness, as they stood in the cargo ship. When land was finally in sight, all of them went crazy with joy.

Heloise didn’t bother looking for a port and directly steered the cargo ship into the beach. The gigantic ship charged onto the beach heavily and got stuck in the sand.

Everyone’s hearts could finally relax when they touched land. The cargo ship seemed to be on the verge of sinking, so it really gave them great fear and anxiousness. The sea was really too dangerous, and they were all afraid of meeting some sea monster again. If that happened, then they would probably be buried in some fish’s stomach. Everyone immediately carried the unconscious Bai Yi down and looked for a suitable place on this group of islands.

“This should be somewhere down from Queen Charlotte Bay, it’s a patch of islands randomly distributed about. Small marine trenches separate each island, but they aren’t considered too far from each other,” Vala said after analyzing the map.

“Let’s find a safe place first, Bai Yi’s injuries need immediate attention, and he needs peaceful recuperation,” Heloise said. None of them had any objections and made a simple stretcher, putting Bai Yi on it and walking inside the island.

At this time, various other countries continuously replayed the battle between Bai Yi’s team and the Sea Serpent Emperor. The battle lasted only for a minute, but it was already incredibly thrilling and dangerous. The satellites high up in the air couldn’t perfectly capture scenes like that. However, this wasn’t the main point, the most important thing was that none of them had imagined that everyone from Bai Yi’s team would survive, and it was actually the Sea Serpent Emperor that ran away.

Bai Yi’s outer appearance was very similar to that of a normal human, he only had some colored fur on him. However, his combat ability and rationality was incomparable to the other Brutal Stage lifeforms. In addition to the information collected on Bai Yi previously, practically every country treated Bai Yi as a target to observe carefully.

They couldn’t be certain now, but perhaps the research into activated cells might achieve a breakthrough from Bai Yi.

New Zealand was really too dangerous now and even airplanes found it difficult to fly into this space. If not for that, some of the countries might have already sent people in to control Bai Yi in their own hands. Although New Zealand was the publicly recognized natural ecosphere for activated cells research, it wasn’t possible for the rest of the world to let it develop completely autonomously.

However, even though rationally everyone knew that sending a normal human to New Zealand was just a death mission, some people still couldn’t bear it, especially those who were naturally crazier.

At this time, Bai Yi’s team had found a cave and chased away a bunch of animals that lived inside. Vala took the initiative to light up a big fire inside and let it burn for a few hours. After that, all the random things and smells inside the cave were finally exterminated and cleared. This place would become their residence for this period of time. Luckily, after such a long time, all of them had grown used to life like this.

After they found a quiet place to stay, everyone looked at Bai Yi worriedly. Then, they turned to looked at Nancy after that.

“His bones are already set in place, and he has stopped bleeding as well. But Bai Yi’s vital signs are still extremely weak. His pulse is less than 10 times a minute and there are still signs of it continuing to fall. However, although his vital signs are very weak, somehow it’s very stable. As for what exactly is going on now, I’m just somebody that decided to become a Medicinal Maker halfway and not a doctor, so I’m not too sure either,” Nancy explained.

Everyone could only give a blank look when they heard her words. None of them were doctors either, so it would be strange if they knew what was going on.

“Anyway, I will try my best,” Nancy consoled.

“We’re depending on you,” everyone said seriously.

“No need for words like that, aren’t we a team? And Bai Yi is also our team leader.” Nancy waved her hands. After Nancy looked over Bai Yi’s injuries, she concocted a few self-developed potions and wanted to feed them to Bai Yi. However, after a few tries, Nancy got stuck at a problem. Bai Yi wasn’t able to swallow any of these potions now on his own accord.

“What do we do?”

“Can’t we feed it to him?”

“It is possible. Actually, this isn’t something difficult. Many hospitals have tools to help feed their patients, but the thing is, we are in Devil Island now. We definitely wouldn’t be able to find things like that now,” Nancy explained.

“Just tell us directly what we have to do.”

“It’s actually really simple. We just have to feed him mouth to mouth.” Nancy shrugged.

So, it was that simple. This was actually the simplest method to feed somebody. Everybody looked at each other, and anyone who got looked at immediately stepped backward subconsciously. Were they joking? Although it was the simplest method of feeding, who dared to do something like that to Bai Yi? It was just like asking for death when Bai Yi woke up. In the end, everyone looked at Momo unanimously.

“Eh?” Momo looked at everyone in puzzlement.

“Momo, we’ll leave this to you! Help feed your daddy this medicine. Hold some in your mouth first then pass it into your daddy’s mouth,” Nancy slowly explained.

“Ya sure!” Momo nodded.

Everyone saw Momo’s pure eyes and couldn’t help but turn their heads away. Sure enough, little kids were the purest, the bunch of them were just too evil in comparison. After that, Momo followed Nancy’s instructions and fed the potion to Bai Yi mouth-to-mouth. While concocting the potion, Nancy thought about it for a while and added an extra ingredient at the end.

Fostsoul Soul Nourishing Dew – A potion Nancy developed using the Dead Soul Flowers that only appeared in the ghost city Wellington. It could bring out the effects of the Dead Soul Flower to a very large extent. (TN: Fostsoul was in English in the raws, so I assume that’s the name the author gave the potion in English.).

Although Bai Yi’s injuries were only physical, Nancy had the feeling that she should add this component. As for why, Nancy didn’t know herself. Perhaps this was just her talent, or the so-called intuition.

After feeding the potion to Bai Yi for two weeks, his vital signs were actually getting weaker and weaker. If not for Bai Yi’s face looking extremely calm, everyone would have thought that Bai Yi was going to die soon. After two weeks, Nancy, who looked after Bai Yi all this while, realized that there were some slight changes to Bai Yi.

On Bai Yi’s body, the colored soft fur had slowly grown longer, and a small portion of them connected together and formed a web.

This is?

Bai Yi’s changes confused everyone, and they slowly observed Bai Yi like that for a whole week. A dense series of colored webs formed from his soft fur practically enveloped his entire body. By now, they didn’t let Momo feed Bai Yi the potion anymore. Anyone would be able to guess what was happening to Bai Yi right now.

Butterfly – Cocooning!

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