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Chapter 146: Not To Be Eaten

Although the research into activated cells involved all the countries in the world, there were still both competition and cooperation between various countries and powers. No matter which power, they all closely monitored every single movement in New Zealand. There were dozens of geostationary satellites that operated continuously in the air above New Zealand. If it was a battle in the forest, the satellites may still be unable to capture the scenes properly, but if it was a battle on the sea…

The various powers that discovered the battle immediately got busy, as they transmitted the images from the satellites to the large-scale computers and started to calculate various figures. Not just the figures of Bai Yi’s team, but also the sea serpent-like creature.

“That fellow is really fierce, this is the first time we discovered this creature too?” In an observation room in China, a young man wearing military uniform said jokingly, as he looked at the details of the sea serpent on the screen.

“Yes, Lieutenant Colonel!”

“Luckily, this guy didn’t appear in the waters of the surrounding countries. Otherwise, it would really be a headache. But this guy looks quite cool huh, much better than that shark in the eastern sea,” the Lieutenant Colonel said sloppily.

“This…!” The soldier did not know how to reply.

The shark that the Lieutenant Colonel talked about was a gigantic terrifying shark named the ‘Giant Exploding Lightning Shark’, and it was incomparably ferocious. It was not only gigantic in size, but it could also glide right over the surface of the ocean for a short time. Moreover, It could release an astounding amount of voltage and had already destroyed dozens of ships. Shipping and sea travel in China’s eastern sea had basically come to a halt because of that shark. Of course, there wasn’t only the Giant Exploding Lightning Shark in the sea, just that the sea was extremely vast. It wasn’t too easy to meet other evolved lifeforms.

Other than that, in the deep seas, shallow seas, coastal areas of other countries, many different types of super-sized terrifying aquatic evolved lifeforms appeared as well. It was just that these lifeforms normally wouldn’t leave the sea, so they still hadn’t felt too much pressure from those existences.

“It’s fine it’s fine, I’m just saying. This time, that Bai Yi is most probably finished. It’s really too bad, New Zealand had always been mostly made up of white people, so it’s hard to come by that a fellow Chinese was doing quite well there. Once he dies, we’re going to lose some confidence in front of the other countries,” the Lieutenant Colonel said casually.

Was it that you would lose confidence, or that you would lose your bragging rights?

Of course, that soldier would never dare to speak those thoughts in his head, he only felt indignant for the bunch of evolved humans in New Zealand in his heart. All of them struggled so desperately in the Devil Island, only to be used as a tool for gambling by a small number of people. However, a small soldier like him could only think these things in his heart. For the sake of his future, he wouldn’t try and be one of those ‘special’ people.

“Oh right, this guy doesn’t have a name yet. I thought of a stylish name, let’s call it Sea Serpent Emperor. No matter what those westerners want to call this guy, we’ll call it Sea Serpent Emperor in Chinese, what a domineering name,” continued the Lieutenant Colonel at his own pace as he talked to himself, chuckling in glee after.

Bai Yi’s team would never be able to guess that others treated them as some gamble pieces. At this time, all they thought about in their heads was to kill this guy and survive.

The 10,000 ton tier cargo ship was extremely heavy. Although it started to tilt due to the Sea Serpent Emperor’s sudden attack, the ship very quickly regained its balance and stability. At the very least, Bai Yi’s team didn’t have to worry about the Sea Serpent Emperor capsizing the ship. Of course, they still had to hurry. The longer they let the giant serpent wreck havoc on the ship, the more dangerous things would become. If the cargo ship became too damaged to move, they could only wait for their deaths floating around in the middle of the sea.

Bai Yi, Woolf, Raymond, and Sharpei immediately rushed toward the Sea Serpent Emperor on the tilted deck. Ferocious killing intent flashed in their eyes, while Heloise flew in the air and waited for a suitable opportunity.

Multiple ‘dang!’s rang out. Bai Yi’s Red Kiss, Woolf’s greatsword, Raymond’s sharp claws, and Sharpei’s fangs struck the body of the Sea Serpent Emperor at the same time, but their attacks all bounced off instantly from the unimaginably hard and smooth scales. At this time, the Sea Serpent Emperor had already started moving again, and it bit toward Woolf.

If it had to hunt prey, it would choose something bigger. After all, a prey like Bai Yi would probably not have much meat in him.

Immediately, Sharpei reacted and pounced at it from the side, his four limbs forcefully pushed against the deck boards. His claws instantly ripped apart the metal alloy deck boards, and it was easy to imagine just how much strength Sharpei possessed right now. In the instant the Sea Serpent Emperor was about to bite onto Woolf, Sharpei rushed in from the side and heavily rammed into the neck of the Sea Serpent Emperor. Although their sizes were immensely different, the powerful strength behind Sharpei’s charge still forced the head of the Sea Serpent Emperor aside, saving Woolf from the jaws of the sea monster.

However, although Sharpei had managed to ram the head of the Sea Serpent Emperor aside slightly, it caused his agile body to pause in mid-air. In that instant, the tentacles of the Sea Serpent Emperor shot out and wrapped themselves around Sharpei; the tentacles trapped him inside and dragged him toward the serpent’s giant mouth. Sharpei immediately dug his claws into the deck boards and used his jaws in an attempt to tear away at the tentacles.

At the same time, Bai Yi dashed out as well, as his Reverse Flower Eyes captured every single movement of the tentacles. He dashed through the gaps in between the tentacles in an instant. Red Kiss drew a faint red line across the air, and Bai Yi’s mind was incomparably focused at this instant. With a ‘pu!’, Bai Yi viciously sliced apart one of the tentacles.

Sharpei took advantage of this opportunity and forcefully pulled himself away from the restraint of another tentacle. Then, he abruptly shot backward. However, Bai Yi was the one in trouble now as had just finished exerting the force of his swing, so he didn’t have time to move and dodge the next tentacle that headed for him. The tentacle smacked him hard and sent him flying toward the mouth of the Sea Serpent Emperor.

Bai Yi’s pupils abruptly shrunk in that instant, those who had never experienced this situation would never be able to understand what it felt like to face that giant and terrifying maw directly in front of you.

The difference in strength was overwhelming huge, a few of them already had close shaves with just the first clash and Bai Yi’s life was even hanging by a thread now. Seeing the horrifying giant mouth in front of him, Bai Yi’s thoughts spun to the limit. It was only a split-second, but it seemed like a long time had passed. Bai Yi’s body flew forward at a high speed, as he wasn’t able to change his direction in mid-air. Apparently, he wouldn’t be able to dodge this. The Reverse Flower Eyes were also ineffective, then…!

Bai Yi’s body flew into the giant mouth of the Sea Serpent Emperor in an instant and the giant mouth full of sharp teeth closed viciously.

“BAI YI!” Everyone shouted in horror and shock.

“DADDY!” Momo and the rest were at the edge of the storeroom, and she immediately shouted loudly when she saw this scene.

However, at this time, Bai Yi’s heart was incomparably calm, like a pool of still water. When flying in the air, he had already adjusted the angle of his body and flew inside the mouth horizontally. At this time, Bai Yi held Red Kiss vertically upward from his waist and placed it by his side.

‘Kacha!’, the sound of teeth colliding with each other rang out, but the Sea Serpent Emperor opened its mouth again with an even faster speed than when it closed its mouth. It shook its head vigorously at the same time.

How does it feel like biting a needle in your mouth when you’re trying to eat?

Red Kiss was 1.2 meters long, it was completely insignificant to the Sea Serpent Emperor. It was just like using a needle to deal with a human being. If a human accidentally bit onto a needle, he would definitely feel a sudden pain and instinctively open his mouth.

Bai Yi tried his best to keep his body horizontally within the length of Red Kiss, but the closing teeth still brutally cut across his body. Fortunately, the Sea Serpent Emperor opened its mouth again in an instant. Otherwise, Bai Yi would have turned into meat paste there and then. ‘Cha!’, in the middle of the giant serpent’s mouth, Bai Yi violently pulled Red Kiss out from its mouth and landed in the oral cavity of the giant serpent and rolled to a stop.

The tongue of the Sea Serpent Emperor instantly shot out toward Bai Yi, but at this moment Bai Yi grabbed onto Red Kiss tightly.

Maybe, being too big wasn’t such a good thing!

In Chinese mythology, Sun Wu Kong turned into a small bug many times and wrecked havoc in the stomachs of other demons. Perhaps, Bai Yi could learn from this once. Of course, Bai Yi’s situation was much more dangerous than Sun Wu Kong’s. If he had just the slightest bit of hesitation or carelessness just now, he would have already become food for this Sea Serpent Emperor. If that happened, he could only wait to be digested and turned into serpent shit.

 ‘Dang!’, although he still hadn’t stabilized himself, Bai Yi still swung his Red Kiss across and instantly split the giant forked tongue into two halves.

The Sea Serpent Emperor was already pouncing toward Woolf, who was still in great shock and pain over Bai Yi’s apparent death. But at this moment, the serpent suddenly stopped and started to writhe and roll about violently.

Woolf and the few others did not continue to attack the Sea Serpent Emperor at this time either. It was already very good that they could remain standing now. The Sea Serpent Emperor had even grazed Sharpei and sent him flying out into the sea. Heloise immediately flew after Sharpei and grabbed hold of him, and they slowly moved back onto the cargo ship.

Very quickly, the Sea Serpent Emperor removed itself from the ship and struggled vigorously on the surface of the sea, appearing to be in great pain. It’s pitiful cries and the fresh blood gushing out of its mouth shocked and astonished everyone.

At this time, Bai Yi was rapidly hacking away inside the oral cavity of the Sea Serpent Emperor. Its tongue, mucous membrane, muscles…, anything that Bai Yi could reach was the target of his frenzied hacking. While the Sea Serpent Emperor struggled vigorously, blood and flesh gushed out of its mouth continuously. Finally, it closed its mouth tightly and squeezed all of its muscles together. This action trapped and restrained Bai Yi inside its mouth.

However, even if it restrained Bai Yi inside its mouth, the Sea Serpent Emperor still felt like there was a needle poking the inside of its mouth, making it feel a sharp pain that was hard to bear. In addition, the needle seemed to be trying to move up, as it attempted to pierce into its brain.

The Sea Serpent Emperor finally gave up on trying to eat Bai Yi. Its stomach rumbled vigorously. Before Bai Yi could react, a huge force pushed Bai Yi out of the serpent’s mouth and he skipped across the surface of the sea, creating multiple splashes along with a few other objects.

Bai Yi flew more than a hundred meters into the sea. When his speed gradually slowed, he suddenly grabbed onto a broken piece of the cargo ship that floated near him. Bai Yi didn’t know what part this was, but it was just floating on the surface. After he grabbed onto this thing, Bai Yi coughed out a mouthful of blood and slowly stood on the object on top of the tumultuous surface of the sea.

Opposite Bai Yi, the Sea Serpent Emperor at this time seemed incredibly pitiful. Its head that was erected vertically on the surface of the sea was still as sinister as before, but blood continuously flowed out from its mouth.

The 6 eyes from big to small of the Sea Serpent Emperor glared at Bai Yi viciously. At this time, Bai Yi didn’t want to show any weakness and stared back at it. His eyes slowly spun, Reverse Flower Eyes!

“ROARRRR~~!” The Sea Serpent Emperor roared toward Bai Yi savagely, but its voice was strange and hoarse, apparently due to the severe injuries inside its mouth. After it roared, the Sea Serpent Emperor glared at Bai Yi again. Finally, after a sweep of its tail, it dived deep into the sea again and disappeared quickly.

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