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Chapter 135: Gradually Perfecting Sword Technique

While his left hand bled, Raymond was not only unafraid but revealed a maniacal smile on his face. This was interesting, only this would interest me! This is definitely a guy that has experienced life and death battles before! That kind of calm killing intent suppressed at the bottom of his heart completely came from his body’s instincts. The moment he enters battle, it naturally flows out from his body!


Raymond licked the blood on his left hand. His body abruptly tensed and all his muscles y bulged. He grew by another size instantly, and claws that were more than 10 centimeters long shot out from his hands. At the same time, his eyes became even more savage. This change immediately gave the surrounding people a fright. Although Raymond’s appearance while he fought before was maniacal, he hadn’t revealed this form before. Everyone knew with a look that Raymond’s battle power now was multiple times stronger than before.

Just like a giant wolf crouched on the ground, Raymond used force in his legs and instantly shot out.

Immediately, the sounds of multiple collisions rang out continuously. The audience could only see their shadows clashing together frenziedly. Raymond had completely abandoned his bone club and only used his claws to battle with Bai Yi. These claws were apparently incredibly hard and didn’t break even when it clashed head-on with Bai Yi’s fang sword. On the contrary, sparks continuously flashed as they collided with each other.

The surrounding crowd stared blankly at them. Was this kind of battle really just a test?

The team that thought that they had chosen a good teammate felt quite embarrassed now. With the battle on stage right now, their battle before felt like a joke. However, at this time, the crowd didn’t bother about them, as they were all fixated on the battle on stage.

This was the use of true battle techniques!

There was a rhythm to Bai Yi’s steps. Although it was very fast, it also had some order to it. This was apparently the sword technique that he had developed. It was not like other normal people who only knew how to randomly swing their sword around. Although Raymond’s movements were wild and crude, he also seemed to have his own rhythm. He had probably tried to develop his own battle techniques before as well.

After more than 10 clashes with Raymond, Bai Yi had to admit as well that this guy’s strength was indeed astounding.

Ba Yi borrowed the force of one of their clashes and shot out backward. At this time, both sides stabilized themselves again.

Bai Yi calmed down the blood that had almost started to burn in his body. During that period of time, Bai Yi could only clash with Raymond head on because of the temporary burst of power from his blood boiling. Bai Yi was different from Woolf and the others. After all, he hadn’t fused with ant genes, so he was at a disadvantage when dealing with powerful physical strength. However, Bai Yi was already very satisfied with his powers now, he didn’t dream of obtaining everything.

“Why, don’t want to fight anymore? I won’t agree to it!” Raymond saw Bai Yi stop and couldn’t but shout boisterously.

“You sure you want to continue fighting? I can’t guarantee that you can survive this,” Bai Yi said calmly.

“What does it matter! In New Zealand now, the more scared of death you are the faster you will die!” Raymond said as he grabbed the bone club that he stabbed into the ground and pounced toward Bai Yi again. At this time, Bai Yi also grabbed his fang sword and held it tightly in his hands.


A long and clear sound of impact rang out, and Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes captured every movement perfectly as his body slipped past Raymond by a hair’s breadth. Behind Bai Yi, Raymond’s bone club immediately broke and the top half spun in the air. A giant wound had appeared on Raymond’s waist and blood spurted out unceasingly.

Gliding Strike…Sword Technique!

Bai Yi’s knife skills were not bad all along. After New Zealand changed, he meticulously looked through various practical fighting styles. In the battle with Bentham in the research facility, he had truly broken through and his knife skills that were used for culinary arts had truly started to transform. After such a long time of traveling and training, the basic sword technique had already been developed into an organized system in Bai Yi’s team. Of course, it was still very crude, but they were already miles ahead of many other clueless people.

Everyone that watched instantly became stunned!

That was a sword technique?

New Zealand wasn’t some third world country, and its internet was very well-developed. Although they had never seen it in person, there were still many types of sword techniques in movies or novels. However, even if New Zealand turned into this state, nobody really went to research and study things like this. But after witnessing Bai Yi’s sword technique, a bomb seemed to explode in all of their hearts, so battles can actually be like this! They weren’t normal people anymore, they were evolved humans now.

Raymond was also stunned for a moment, as he suddenly fell onto the floor.

The broken bone club directly stabbed into the ground, and Raymond continuously tried to suppress the brutal emotions and killing intent inside his heart. Shit! At this time, even Raymond had a bad feeling inside his heart. This wasn’t like how he acted crazy normally, but he was really starting to lose control. Raymond’s pupils gradually diluted and shrank, and at the last moment, his eyes became completely berserk.

After Bai Yi used his sword technique, he stopped and wanted to wait for Raymond to respond. Bai Yi had calculated his strength just now. He had not actually wanted to harm Raymond, but Bai Yi still couldn’t reach the stage where he could control his strength freely. Hence, the excess strength from breaking the bone club still cut open a giant wound on Raymond’s body.

This feeling!

Bai Yi looked at Raymond’s mildly trembling body and the maniacal air coming from him. He immediately knew that this was bad. Raymond had probably really entered the berserk state.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Raymond suddenly roared loudly. Then, he picked up the broken bone club and threw it at Bai Yi. With a ‘sou!’, the bone club arrived in front of Bai Yi’s face and right behind the bone club was Raymond’s ferocious jaws and claws. It was just like a wolf pouncing on its prey.

Bai Yi instantly avoided the bone club and with his left hand supporting the back of the sword, he blocked Raymond’s claws with his blade.

‘Dang!’, the enormous force from Raymond’s body sent Ba Yi flying.

No matter how dense the people in the crowd might be normally, all of them could tell that Raymond had really fallen into the berserk state this time. He was completely different from how he looked like normally. The bone club that he threw out stabbed into the thigh of an unlucky guy that didn’t manage to dodge in time and a painful cry immediately sounded. This immediately made the surrounding people extremely nervous, and most of them had already grabbed their weapons. Once somebody made a move, all of them would try and subdue Raymond or kill him directly.

This immense force pushed Ba Yi a distance away, and he finally landed on the ground. The powerful strength pushed him along and Bai Yi’s feet left two deep gashes on the ground that wasn’t too sturdy to begin with.

What enormous strength!

Bai Yi pushed the fang sword with all his strength, resisting Raymond’s claws. At this time, the fang sword stuck between the two trembled violently and ‘kakaka’ sounds came from it continuously. The crowd saw Bai Yi’s state and immediately wanted to go up and deal with Raymond. However, at this time, Woolf and the rest of Bai Yi’s team immediately stepped forward and stopped everyone. Although they didn’t know what Bai Yi had planned, it was obvious that they couldn’t let these people interrupt him.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes immediately changed again, like a flower blooming in reverse, and it immediately sucked Raymond’s mind into it. Even those people who happened to be in front of Bai Yi felt a slight haziness in their consciousness. Even if Bai Yi didn’t target them, they still got a full view of his eyes.

Raymond’s expression gradually calmed down as his strength slowly receded. Finally, he fell to the ground motionless.

Bai Yi’s eyes went back to normal when Raymond fell to the ground. At this time, those people who had fallen into a slight daze suddenly felt stunned and amazed in their hearts. Just what had happened just now?

“Are there any doctors here? Can somebody help to treat Raymond,” Bai Yi said to the people below.

“Are there any doctors?” Bai Yi saw that nobody replied from the crowd below and asked again.

“Is he really ok like that? He fell into the berserk state just now,” somebody finally asked.

“It’s fine, he’s already asleep. He will regain his clarity once he wakes up,” Bai Yi smiled and answered.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, a girl about 1.5meters tall that looked like a little sheep raised her hand. “Can I do it? I’m a doctor.”

“Of course, sorry to trouble you,” Bai Yi said to this girl.

“No, no problem.” This little girl jogged over and let Bai Yi flip Raymond around. Then, she proficiently took out a sharp dagger, cut away the fur around Raymond’s wound, and washed the wound with clear water. After that, she poured some powder that she ground from some plant and carefully bandaged him up.

“This clear water is distilled water. I normally prepare some since it isn’t convenient to make it on the spot while doing emergency treatment. I made this medicinal powder myself, and it’s very effective as well.” This little sheep girl explained as she bandaged Raymond up. Apparently, she was afraid that Bai Yi would misunderstand her.

“Thank you.” Bai Yi nodded. This was apparently a very prepared little doctor. It may be better to clean the wound with strong alcohol, but it wasn’t easy to find these supplies in New Zealand now.

“Ok then, he just has to lie in bed for a week. He can remove the bandages after a week,” the little sheep girl said and nodded to Bai Yi. Then, she ran away with her medical tools afterward. Bai Yi saw that on the other side there was a group of people that waited for her. When they saw Bai Yi look over, the leader of the group nodded to Bai Yi.

Bai Yi nodded too in order to express his thanks.

As expected, this little girl already had a team. After all, a doctor was a very important profession in a team in New Zealand now. Even if it was a shoddy doctor, many teams would fight over such a person, needless to say about such an adorable sheep girl. It was really a pity. Otherwise, Bai Yi had wanted to invite this little girl to join his team.

However, it was already quite good like this. Raymond probably couldn’t run away from this, and there was still the Weapon Armor Maker Melvin from before. It was probably enough to get 2 more people. It was troublesome to have too many people on the team as well. At this point in time, Bai Yi didn’t know that 2 people really came to the recruitment spot that he had set up. However, when the 2 of them saw Pupu lying on the ground and sleeping behind the table, they were both quite speechless.

A pig?

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