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Chapter 134: Berserker

After they chatted for a while, Bai Yi got to learn more about the snow valley from these 3 people. It was still clearer to get this on-the-ground information from the common people. Suddenly, Bai Yi saw somebody among the crowd walk toward the platform at the center. Everyone else also seemed very curious, and slowly gathered toward there.

“What’s this now?”

“Oh, one of the teams probably picked a new member. They are preparing to do a battle test of the new guy.” These 3 people were apparently very interested too, but their duty was to stay here so they couldn’t go over.

“Battle test?”

“That’s right, battle test! You should know what people are most afraid of now, that is falling into the berserk state. No matter how powerful a teammate is, if the person can’t control their emotions once they enter battle and fall into the berserk state easily, then it is unlikely for any team to dare to accept this person. These tests aren’t considered real battles, but just to let the surrounding people judge if the two sides battling can control themselves in battle,” the other guy seemed to like to talk a lot and explained everything to Bai Yi.

“Oh really, what happens if somebody falls into the berserk state then?”

“We can only capture that person and see if they can recover from the berserk state by themselves. However, even though normally we would capture and restrain the guy, it is actually allowed to kill the person straightaway once they fall into the berserk state.”

“Kill the person straightaway?”

“There’s no other choice. If their strength is low and it is easy to subdue, then it won’t be a problem. But if their strength is high, and if they have anything deadly on them such as poison, who would be willing to risk their lives to subdue the berserk guy? So killing the berserk guy straightaway is the best solution. Hence, if the person has no confidence, it is best to not battle on the stage. The snow valley has a rule that if anybody falls into the berserk state inside the snow valley, then everyone else has the freedom to kill that person. This is regardless of who he or she is. Of course, people aren’t that ruthless normally, it’s an extreme measure only used after determining that the other side is too dangerous.” It was rare to see a new guy like Bai Yi, so the 3 of them said a lot of things in detail to him.

“Oh right, there’s somebody who became famous in the snow valley because of this, the berserker!”


“Yeah, that guy is called Raymond. He would rather die than acknowledge the berserk state and refers to himself as a berserker like in games. He would enter the berserk state the moment he started battling, and scare everyone to death every time. However, he really didn’t seem to fall into the berserk state every time, and he could still maintain some level of rationality. He would always stop when other people finally decide to kill him. This guy indeed has decent strength, but all along nobody wanted a ticking time bomb like him on their team,” the other guy said.

“Berserker huh?” Bai Yi was actually quite interested. The other teams may be helpless when it came to the berserk state, but it wasn’t a problem for Bai Yi’s team.

“What’s his personality like usually?” Bai Yi asked again.

“It’s still ok, a bit reckless, but I haven’t heard of him conflicting with anybody before. No team wants him, so he will go and hunt some small-sized prey sometimes. He got injured in the process a few times, but he managed to come back alive every time, so his life seems to be quite tough.”

“Is it? Which one is the berserker, is he in this plaza?”

“Oh, that one!”

The other guy immediately pointed to the side of the stage at a werewolf-like guy that was more than 3 meters tall. He looked extremely sturdy, and an unknown monster leather covered the lower half of his body. He carried a giant bone club on his back, and he looked to be very excited. He was even more excited than the 2 people that battled on the stage. The people beside him all seemed to know this guy, and they kept a distance away from him.

“Thanks for the information. I’ll go take a look.”

Bai Yi said as he took out 3 pieces of palm-sized jerky from the bag beside Pupu. This jerky was made by Bai Yi himself, so the taste was quite good. The 3 of them saw the jerky that Bai Yi passed to them and didn’t reject it. Although by now they wouldn’t starve anymore, meat was still harder to come by.

“Pupu, get up. Let’s go take a look.”

“Oink oink~ oink!” Pupu’s ears twitched and he ignored Bai Yi. Then, Bai Yi kicked Pupu’s butt, but that guy still lied there lazily and did not want to move.

“I really can’t do anything about you. Please help me to look after this guy, he won’t cause any trouble,” Bai Yi said to the 3 people from the other team.

“Ok ok, no problem!” The 3 of them had just received 3 pieces of jerky from Bai Yi, so naturally, they wouldn’t reject his request. However, the 3 of them were quite curious, this team seemed to be doing quite well and even had 3 pets, including such a fat pig. If it were in other teams, this pig would have become food long ago.

Of course, Bai Yi was interested in that berserker Raymond. If the guy’s personality wasn’t bad, then Bai Yi could try to pull him into the team.

Bai Yi directly walked up to Raymond, since there wasn’t anybody else around him anyway. When Bai Yi approached, Raymond’s body tensed slightly. He was somewhat famous inside this snow valley; those idiots would never dare to come close to him. However, when he saw Bai Yi’s unfamiliar face, Raymond didn’t bother about him. He’s probably a newcomer to the snow valley and came close to me because he doesn’t know about my reputation.

“What do you think about this battle?” Bai Yi asked Raymond beside him.


“I said, what do you think about this battle?” Bai Yi raised his voice inside this noisily cheering crowd.

“Tch, just clowning around. How can this kind of show be compared to the battle outside? This completely lacks the feeling of your blood vessels bursting in a life and death battle.” Raymond’s breathing quickened briefly before it became stable again. He seemed uninterested in the battle that had made him hot-blooded before.

“You actually dare to come beside me? You must be new here and don’t recognize me.” Raymond looked at Bai Yi who was shorter than him by more than a meter.

“En, I’m indeed new here. But I know you, I asked about you from those people just now.” Bai Yi pointed at the 3 people he talked to a short while ago. “I wanted to see how you’re like. If you’re suitable, then I want to invite you to join my team.”

“HAHAHAHA!” Raymond was immediately stunned for a moment after he heard these words and started to laugh loudly. “Invite me to your team, you think you are qualified?” Raymond looked at Bai Yi from top to bottom. Other than the colored soft fur on his face, Bai Yi wasn’t too different from a normal human. Raymond couldn’t see the characteristics of any other lifeforms on him.

“Why can’t I?” Bai Yi looked at Raymond without the slightest trace of fear.

“HA!” Raymond laughed sinisterly. “Of course you can, you just have to beat me on stage. But I must remind you, I won’t clown around like those 2 guys on stage right now. If you do not have enough strength, I will kill you.” Raymond’s appearance now was indeed very ferocious, but Bai Yi could more or less tell that he was actually quite a frank and candid guy. This man was not the type to scheme against others.

“Sure!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Are you for real?” Raymond’s face changed, and he looked at Bai Yi.

“Of course I’m for real, unless you think I came here just to joke with you?” Bai Yi said and walked up the stage. At this time, the battle on stage had already ended. Both sides seemed to be very satisfied with each other. One side because they found a good teammate, and the other side because he found a good team.

At this time, the crowd that had gradually calmed down saw somebody walk up the stage and focused again.

“Come!” Bai Yi looked at Raymond below the stage and uttered a single word.

“Ha~!” Raymond seemed to be very entertained by Bai Yi’s actions and his mouth cracked open into a terrifying smile. This guy, I’ll let you see what is called a berserker. The crowd initially didn’t pay too much attention to Bai Yi, but after they saw Raymond walk up the stage, all of them were instantly stunned for a moment. Then, they became extremely excited. There was actually somebody who wanted to fight with Raymond? Just who was he?

Below the stage, Heloise and the rest were quite surprised as well, wasn’t Bai Yi sitting there peacefully? Why did he suddenly go up here? And who is that werewolf, he seems to be quite famous?

After Raymond went up on stage, he took out the bone club from behind his back and heavily slammed it against the ground with a dull ‘boom!’. It was easy to imagine just how much strength was behind that blow. However, Bai Yi wasn’t affected by this. Raymond’s physical strength was quite similar to Woolf’s; he had probably fused with ant genes as well.

Bai Yi drew his fang sword and held it diagonally beside him. His eyes abruptly changed in an instant. Reverse Flower Eyes, first level!

Although the crowd that noisily cheered and shouted were still very excited, Raymond who stood opposite Bai Yi suddenly felt his heart tense. This feeling was just like how he felt when facing those powerful evolved lifeforms, and he mysteriously felt a sense of nervousness and pressure inside his heart. This guy seemed to be stronger than what his appearance suggested.

But that was what made it exciting!

“AOOO~!” Raymond suddenly raised his head and howled. His eyes turned blood-shot and all the hair on his body slowly rose up. He now looked just like a real werewolf that had gone crazy. Raymond didn’t give any signals but immediately grabbed his bone club and charged toward Bai Yi.

In everyone’s eyes, Raymond practically crossed the 20-meter distance between him and Bai Yi in the blink of an eye.

A soft ‘ding!’ rang out!

Bai Yi’s fang sword collided with the bone club and twisted slightly. Raymond instantly felt that his bone club was moved by a force that shifted his club’s initial trajectory. At this time, Bai Yi’s body had already slipped passed his bone club and the fang sword instantly stabbed toward his abdomen. That calm killing intent immediately caused goosebumps to rise on Raymond’s body, and he felt an electrifying sensation on his skin. In that moment, Raymond almost thought that Bai Yi intentionally came here to kill him.

His body instinctively felt the danger, and Raymond hurriedly used his left hand to grab the fang sword and jump backward at the same time.

‘Ding!’, and the two opponents split apart from each other!

Blood slowly fell from Raymond’s left hand and he looked at Bai Yi heavily. In that last moment, Bai Yi had held back his strength by a lot. If not, Raymond wouldn’t be just bleeding now but lost his entire left hand.

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