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Chapter 136: Confirmation Of Members

After the little sheep girl bandaged Raymond up, Bai Yi waved to Woolf and got him and Heloise to carry Raymond to their team’s location. As for Bai Yi, he walked in front alone, facing the fervent and questioning eyes of everyone.

This couldn’t be helped. What was the thing that evolved humans were most afraid of now?

Going berserk!

Everyone could see that Raymond had gone berserk. All of them thought that they would have to spend a lot of effort to subdue him. If they were careless, the situation might become more chaotic with more people going berserk. However, just when everyone thought that things had become really troublesome, all Raymond did was charge toward Bai Yi before falling asleep. Just what had happened? The people directly in front of Bai Yi just now felt especially suspicious in their hearts. However, they were still quite far away after all and didn’t manage to see the changes in Bai Yi’s eyes clearly.

“Make way please, thanks,” Bai Yi said to the people in front of him.

His smiling and calm face made the people in front of him subconsciously make way, but they still surrounded him from the sides. Finally, somebody couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart anymore and asked, “Can I ask, what happened just now? How did you calm down Raymond, who fell into the berserk state?”

“I’ll explain the answer to this question to everybody in a few days.” Bai Yi revealed a smile.

“A few days later?”

“Yes!” Bai Yi had already discussed this with Gary. A few days later, he would reveal himself in front of everyone and encourage all the evolved humans to work diligently to find the solution for returning to the normal world. At the very least, they had to achieve a stable life in New Zealand and not live every day with the fear of death hanging over their heads.

“Ah…you are Bai Yi!”

Suddenly, somebody shouted this from within the crowd. This voice immediately surprised everyone and the crowd turned heated in an instant. Bai Yi, that guy who released the information about activated cells? The one who prevented everyone from being lost and clueless about their situation? At this time, all of them finally realized that the guy in front of them was really just like the rumored Bai Yi. It was just that they had never seen Bai Yi in person, so none of them thought of this.

“That’s right, I’m Bai Yi.” Bai Yi nodded simply. It wasn’t strange that somebody would recognize him. Otherwise, where did his huge reputation come from? After admitting to his identity, he walked through the crowd and returned to the recruitment spot he took up previously.

The surrounding people followed Bai Yi’s team and finally saw the recruitment signboard on the pile of wood. Bai Yi’s team was actually recruiting people! Then, the battle with Raymond just now was really for testing Raymond’s battle power? After realizing this point, the group of people immediately crowded around him and asked if Bai Yi intended to recruit new members. No matter what, the battle before had already proved that this was legitimately Bai Yi’s team, so their team was way more attractive than any other teams.

“Bai Yi, are you guys recruiting new members?”

“No, we already have enough members for now. There’s Raymond and these 2 people over here.” When Bai Yi’s team returned to their spot, he realized that there were 2 females waiting for them over there. Of course, even though they were girls, it was already very good to be able to tell their gender. It was useless to hope that they would be beautiful girls.

Bai Yi pointed to these 2 and said to the crowd in front of him. At this time, the shorter girl was still teasing Pupu but suddenly did a double take upon hearing Bai Yi’s words. Apparently, she still hadn’t understood what was going on.

“Pupu, get up, we’re leaving. Let’s return to our house.”

Bai Yi nodded to the two ladies and kicked Pupu. This time, even the lazy Pupu knew that it couldn’t continue sleeping and slowly climbed back up like a sloth. Actually, Bai Yi didn’t know who these 2 ladies were. But since the crowd already recognized him, it wasn’t possible for him to continue quietly selecting members here. Anyway, these 2 people should have come to ask about things while he had left, so he just took it as fate.

These 2 ladies apparently did not really understand what was going on but learned from the chattering of the crowd that the guy in front of them was Bai Yi. And so, they confusedly became Bai Yi’s teammates just like that.

This was somewhat different from what they had imagined?

However, the 2 of them did not reject him. No matter what, Bai Yi had a really good reputation among the evolved humans now. They should say that they had really good luck since Bai Yi picked them so coincidentally. Anyway, it was still best to follow them back. The older one stopped the younger one from saying anything and quietly followed Bai Yi back to their residence.

At this time, Gary also learned of what had happened there and fell into a silence. He looked at the woman that quietly served him.

“You leave first, there’s nothing for you to do here now.” Gary should have realized that Bai Yi came here to pick teammates long ago. It was just too bad. If he was just a step earlier, then he might have been able to arrange for somebody to enter Bai Yi’s team. However, he completely didn’t expect that Bai Yi would select people so rashly. He had actually picked Raymond and 2 completely random women.

At this time, Bai Yi noticed Melvin, who stood by the roadside.

“Melvin, let’s go. Do you not want to follow us?” Bai Yi said to Melvin.

Melvin heard Bai Yi’s voice and looked at him. He hesitated for a moment before he resolutely walked toward Bai Yi’s group. Bai Yi finally revealed a smile on his face. Although it made things quite troublesome for him to be famous among the evolved humans, there were still some benefits. Such as now, if he was not Bai Yi, Melvin probably would not have left with him.

Along the way, everyone else was incomparably curious toward Bai Yi’s team and squeezed around them. They only gradually dispersed after they saw Bai Yi’s team enter their isolated house. However, even though they had dispersed, everyone’s discussion about Bai Yi did not calm down. No matter what, Bai Yi was the one that released the information about activated cells! In addition, Bai Yi said that he would answer the question about how he made Raymond fall asleep after the man went berserk. Did this mean he had new information to release?

However, all these things weren’t problems that Bai Yi was concerned about now.

The group of them gathered at the big tent in the center. Melvin and the 2 girls didn’t say anything, seemingly a bit uneasy. At this time, Bai Yi gestured for everyone to take a seat and started to speak.

“So, I am Bai Yi. Although this is quite random, I think that sometimes to meet is to have fate, so I am now officially inviting you guys to join my team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask,” Bai Yi said to the 3 of them. As for Raymond, he was still asleep, so he obviously did not participate. However, since he had already lost to Bai Yi, there was no way he could run away from this.

“You are Bai Yi?”

“Yes, I’ve already said this once.”

“You aren’t even going to ask who we are and invite us into your team like this?” the older girl asked.

“I know that this is very rash, but actually it’s the same for any other team selecting new members. All that we can depend on is our judgment and intuition. After all, we can’t possibly have so much time to understand each and every person deeply and only decide to invite a few particular people to join my team afterward. So, I believe that the few of you are suitable to become my team members.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Intuition? I don’t believe in this kind of thing.”

“I actually don’t believe in it either. The reason why I believe that you guys can become our teammates is not because of my intuition, but Pupu’s.” Bai Yi pointed at the fat Pupu with big ears. “You girls were teasing Pupu while waiting over there. Don’t look at how he’s always so lazy and mischievous, but he’s actually the most intelligent in our team. If he didn’t think that you girls are decent, you girls wouldn’t even have the chance to get close to it,” Bai Yi slowly explained.

Everyone looked at Pupu in surprise, as it was really hard to believe. This fat pig?

However, this was the truth. Pupu, who should have been the dumbest initially, was actually the most intelligent in this team. It was like his intuition and senses toward things were a level higher than others.

“Then, what do you guys think? Do you want to join my team?” Bai Yi asked.

“My name is Vala, I was a private aristocratic teacher, in charge of teaching young noble children about etiquette and formalities. However, I’m also very proficient in other subjects, such as domestic affairs management in high-class families, large-scale banquet preparations, secretarial work, early education, nursing, and homework guidance. Actually, I even know some more complex knowledge, and even obtained 2 doctoral degrees before, 2…” Vala hesitated for a while and started introducing herself.

Even though these 2 ladies were already vastly different from a human due to the genes they fused with, Bai Yi could still feel the cultured air that they gave off as they sat there. At this time, all of them were amazed as they listened to Vala’s self-introduction. This kind of person in New Zealand previously was definitely a standard ‘elite’ in high-class society.

“We stopped at your team’s spot just now because we saw your signboard. You seem to be looking for a teacher, and I think I’m able to take up this role. However, I must first inform you that I have to be together with my student Alodia, and we do not have much fighting ability.” Vala pointed to the smaller girl.

“I am Teacher Vala’s student, Alodia.” This girl stood up and spoke in a natural and unrestrained manner.

Vala’s student, everyone thought of Vala’s self-introduction before. This girl must be some child from a noble family previously. Since Vala already introduced herself like this, it apparently meant that she had agreed to Bai Yi’s invitation and chose to join the team. After all, it was definitely very difficult for her to struggle with her student up until this point. They would definitely treasure it if they had the chance to pick a good team. And what team was there better to join than Bai Yi’s?

Although it was a pity that they didn’t have much fighting ability, Bai Yi didn’t mind it too much since everything could be learned and trained. Bai Yi placed a much higher value on Vala’s earlier introduction: early education, nursing, and homework guidance, this was really a great help.

As for Momo, her face immediately turned gloomy, I’m doomed! I won’t be able to slack off anymore!

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