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Chapter 132: Giant Bear Gary

They had to provide sufficient food, medicine, and a safe environment for a whole year. If it was the previous peaceful world, this might not have been a difficult request, but in New Zealand now…

Bai Yi’s fang sword was forged by a Weapon Armor Maker that had just started to figure out a way to create weapons from monster materials. From what Bai Yi knew, that guy used the acid inside the meat lumps of the Corrosion Fluid Monster that Bai Yi had obtained to corrode the fang sword. After that, the fang sword would become weak and soft, and only then could he start to grind it down. From the start of processing to forming its final shape, the fang sword didn’t even take a week to complete. Although this method succeeded in shaping Bai Yi’s fang sword into a blade, a large component of the material was wasted. Moreover, it also ruined the original quality of the material, greatly deteriorating the hardness of his fang sword.

However, the weapons that Melvin made didn’t just not waste any materials, but managed to increase their hardness and toughness. That was why Bai Yi wanted to invite Melvin to join his team.

“One year, why don’t you just join my team?”

Bai Yi knew that this kind of direct invitation was somewhat reckless, but the situation was just like this now. There wasn’t enough time to understand a person thoroughly and only invite the person to the team after that. He had to solely depend on his judgment, no matter if it was those teams choosing individuals or individuals choosing teams.

“I don’t wish to join any team. I’m sorry, just take what I said before as a joke,” Melvin still shook his head and rejected Bai Yi.

“Really? Then that’s just a pity.” Bai Yi didn’t try to force the matter either.

At this time, 4 or 5 people rushed down the street to their location. The leader of the group was wearing a monster leather armor. The leader was more than 4 meters tall, and looked even bulkier than Woolf. He had dense fur growing from all over his body, and he looked just like a giant bear walking upright. Beside this guy was the guard they met at the guardhouse, Zola.

“Guard leader, that’s them.”

“En.” The giant bear guard leader gave a simple reply and observed Bai Yi’s team while walking over.

Giant Bear Gary. This man who looked just like giant bear opposite them was the ruler of this snow valley. No matter how crude he looked like, the fact that he was the temporary owner of this area now meant that he wasn’t as simple or as dumb as his appearance suggested. Melvin had already lived for several months here, so he naturally knew what kind of person Gary was. When he saw Gary walking toward them, he couldn’t help but feel afraid. Don’t tell me that these people did something wrong here?

“I am Gary, Giant Bear Gary, the temporary protector of this snow valley. I’m very delighted to welcome you to this snow valley, Mr. Bai Yi.” While Gary walked over, he continuously analyzed Bai Yi’s team and compared them with the information he had. In the end, after comparing them with the information in his heart, he ascertained that these people were probably legitimate.

“I am Bai Yi. I’m not here for any special purpose, I just happened to pass by!” Bai Yi said.

“Hahaha, I understand. Just passing by, you’re just passing by. But Mr. Bai Yi’s is quite reputable among the evolved humans. No matter what, I still have to be hospitable. I’ve already ordered my subordinates to make some preparations. Does Mr. Bai Yi and his team want to follow me over?” Gary smiled boorishly and asked.

“En, that’s fine too.” Bai Yi nodded and didn’t reject him.

He knew long ago that once his identity was revealed, the leaders of these kinds of small powers would want to interact with him. They would hope to get something from him in the end. It was just normal human reaction, as long as they thought they couldn’t get the things they want from Bai Yi, they would give up naturally. Of course, there might be some idiots who were more obstinate and too confident in their own strengths.

Was Gary…one of those idiots?

In truth, after Bai Yi’s team left with Gary and walked toward the heart of the snow valley, Gary’s subordinates immediately gathered all the details about their movements since they entered the snow valley. Moreover, the information about the part where Bai Yi stopped at Melvin’s shop was incredibly detailed. Making use of an opportunity to leave them for a moment, Gary quickly looked over all the information.

Melvin: An evolved human that entered the snow valley 4 months ago. He was initially a member of a small team, but the team met a powerful evolved monster while they were out hunting once and basically got wiped out. Only Melvin and another woman survived.

Melvin was traumatized by that experience and decided to change his profession to become a Weapon Armor Maker or a Medicinal Maker. These two professions didn’t need to fight on the frontlines, and he could obtain the respect of others at the same time.

However, these two professions were completely new, and there was nobody that could guide him along either. Those without talent couldn’t possibly achieve any results. Melvin had created some weapons and armors over this period of time, but it really wasn’t too different from the ones that others made, so they couldn’t see any potential in him.

Did Bai Yi only stop at Melvin’s shop by chance?

Gary couldn’t see anything strange in this short period of time either, and only let his subordinates keep tabs on Melvin.

“I’m sorry, I had some matters to attend to! This is the residence for the guard team of this snow valley, but it’s very simply built.” Gary’s apology seemed very sincere. He had left for a while but came back very quickly. Although he looked like a bear, he seemed more like a charmingly naïve black bear. Overall, he wouldn’t draw the dislike of people who had just met him.

“It’s fine, this place is already very good. It’s much better than camping in the wild.” Bai Yi wasn’t patronising him, as these were Bai Yi’s genuine thoughts.

“Is it, hahahaha.” Gary started laughing.

“So, why did Mr. Bai Yi come to this snow valley?” asked Gary after awhile of idle chatter.

Bai Yi put down the tea cup in his hands and raised his head. “Gary, how long do you think we evolved humans can endure in New Zealand?”

Gary didn’t expect Bai Yi to ask this question from the get go. He suddenly turned serious, grasping his bear paws together.

“Are you testing me?”

“No, I’m genuinely asking you for your views. No matter what, you are doing much better than a lot of other people, and you even have a small power under you now,” Bai Yi shook his head and said seriously.

Gary looked at Bai Yi, and at the other people surrounding him. Finally, he relaxed his body. “I’m sorry, but I can’t see where the future of the evolved humans lies. Although the snow valley is considered safe for now, that’s just because this place is located in the deep areas of the mountain range. Despite this, the number of people in the snow valley is actually still continuously decreasing from various kinds of threats. Over this period of time, there wasn’t even a single baby born. In the long term, we would probably become extinct.”

In the end, Gary decided to not attempt to guess the motives behind Bai Yi’s question, but told them his views first.

“You are very honest. In truth, that is the situation of New Zealand now.” Bai Yi nodded.

“I know you want to obtain something from me, like information that I didn’t reveal to the world,” Bai Yi said again with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Gary immediately started to laugh after he heard these words. This wasn’t something that anybody could judge him for. Who didn’t want to acquire more information? Moreover, the Bai Yi opposite him seemed to be the same as the rumors, more straightforward and easy to talk to. However, at this time, Bai Yi took a deep breath.

“Sadly, I do not know any extra things either. There’s a set of information here, it might be more detailed than what you guys already know, but there’s really nothing special inside,” Bai Yi said and passed a stack of information to Gary.

“You must have realised that there are 2 missing people from my team. Of course, this isn’t anything strange as well, we just encountered danger like any other people. In New Zealand now, there’s absolutely no meaning in fighting to accumulate whatever little power under us. Unless we can solve our problem at its roots, we will all die in New Zealand, the Devil Island now,” Bai Yi slowly said. Everyone’s moods became low along with Bai Yi’s tone, because all these heavy things that he talked about were the truth.

“The reason why I came here is to ask those with power to search among the people under them, to see if there are any past researchers and protect them well. Only these people can develop a drug that can let us truly regain our human form, letting us escape from this kind of life. Of course, you guys can put your hopes on other people to develop this drug as well.”

Putting our hopes on other people, who can we put our hopes on?

Bai Yi conversed at length with Gary. Anybody who could become a leader of a power at this time couldn’t possibly be a short-sighted fellow. After Bai Yi described the crucial points, Gary also agreed to gather the learned people under him. Although he couldn’t provide the facilities for research to these people now; he still had to protect them well first.

After that, whether they build a new research facility or they take the risk to look for a pre-existing research facility was a problem for later.

After Bai Yi left, Gary was still staring into blank space. After a long while, a woman walked out from behind.

“What percentage of his wordss were true?” Gary came back into focus after hearing the footsteps.

“90%!” the woman replied.

“90%, so high?”

“That’s right, perhaps there’s still some stuff that he concealed, but those things are definitely the most important of the most important of information. Let’s not try to dig those things out, if Bai Yi doesn’t want to tell, nobody could possibly know. If we try to dig things out regardless, we will end up offending him. Other than that, his suggestions don’t threaten your status at all. This area is completely under your leadership now, and you don’t have to worry about Bai Yi stealing credit from you either because there are just too few people in their team. If you could really solve the problem of all evolved humans, then your reputation would become incomparably greater.” The woman analyzed meticulously.

“So it’s like that!” Gary listened as he nodded.

This was the reason people would say that behind every successful man was a noble woman!

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