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Chapter 133: Recruitment Plaza

By the time Bai Yi’s team left Gary’s place, it was already the second day. How Gary went about accomplishing Bai Yi’s suggestion wasn’t Bai Yi’s problem anymore. Bai Yi might personally reveal himself a few times, but just that like that woman had said, this matter was entirely under Gary’s authority. Bai Yi couldn’t help it either, hatred had consumed him in the period before. Although he had a good reputation among evolved humans, he still didn’t have any power under him.

Normally speaking, people who had just arrived at the snow valley would find a place to stay first. But since it was Bai Yi, Gary would definitely arrange something for him. Bai Yi rejected the suggestion to stay at the Snow Valley Guards Residence. Instead, he let Gary settle them into a small house outside. No matter what, it would be quite inconvenient in many ways if they stayed together.

“Normally if the team goes out, it’s best to leave somebody inside the house since the order here isn’t that good. Of course, there shouldn’t be any problems here since the Guards Residence is nearby, but you should still be cautious.” The 6-legged crawling half-human Snow Valley Guard brought them to the house and reminded.

“En, got it, thanks.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Then I’ll take my leave first.” After this guy nodded, he turned around and walked out as heavy footsteps continuous rang from his 6 legs. He splattered the snow and broke the ice with every step.

“What a waste, it’s like giving a giant present to that black bear,” Woolf muttered after the guard left.

“Why does it matter? As long as they do it well, it doesn’t matter who does it. We don’t have any organizations under us, and don’t forget about our main goal of coming to this snow valley…finding teammates. Unless, you would like to have a big bunch of people under you, where a 100 people respond to a single call from you?” Bai Yi asked.

“Of course! Wealth and power are what every man can’t help but dream and talk about.”

“That isn’t for certain, some people like to live a simpler life.”

“Hehe, that’s because those people don’t have the resources or ability to achieve everything, so they can only pose as being indifferent to worldly desires, acting like they are noble and virtuous,” Woolf suddenly retorted.

Bai Yi and Heloise immediately looked at Woolf dumbly. Did this guy get swapped for someone else? When was he able to talk about something so deep? However, his next sentence revealed his true colors.

“I saw this in a book a few days ago and just happened to remember it.”

“Ah hahaha!” Bai Yi and Heloise immediately started laughing. They actually thought that Woolf had become smarter! Although the book that Woolf read was something very one-sided, they could only treat it as a joke now.

After they laughed, and they left their things in this spacious room. Then, they headed toward the recruitment plaza mentioned by Melvin. The snow valley wasn’t too big, and the plaza wasn’t too difficult to find. The closer they got to that place, the more crowded it became. There were people looking for teammates and teams at the center, and there were various temporary booths that sold things by the sides. Looking at this wide variety of monsters that walked together, they felt like they had come across a monster carnival.

Bai Yi’s team attracted the attention of the people around them because they looked mostly human. After all, they had injected themselves with the Prototy original form drug. Of course, the 4 meters tall Woolf, Heloise with wings, and the brightly colored patterned fur on Bai Yi’s face still differentiated them from normal humans easily, so nobody really bothered them about this.

“How do we pick teammates?”

“We can just wait and watch.”

After they looked around for a while, the people that hung around this plaza in the long term were all solo individuals, and there weren’t many teams here. After they thought about it a bit, it wasn’t possible for a team to stay in this place for the long term. There were probably a few hundred solo individuals sparsely distributed over the entire plaza, while there were only 8 teams here that occupied a square each. At the front of every team, there was basically a sign that wrote down the requirements for new teammates.

Bai Yi looked around. Although this place was indeed messy, there was still some order to it. The entire plaza was roughly split into 2 areas. One area was for the recruitment of team members where the teams stayed at; the other area was where the solo individuals stayed.

The area where the teams stayed was split into a few small squares, and there was a table inside each square used for receiving applicants. Bai Yi’s team looked around for a while and walked in after they chose an empty spot. There was a small blackboard inside their square, and a few pieces of chalk left on the side. After they saw these, they finally figured out what was going on and what they were supposed to do.

Bai Yi picked up the small board and wrote his criteria for new team members.

Medicinal Maker, Weapon Armor Maker, Biological Researcher, Teachers…!

3 people from another team beside Bai Yi’s square were initially quite curious about them, but they immediately started to laugh when they saw Bai Yi’s signboard.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m sorry, my friend didn’t laugh on purpose.” Another guy seemed to feel that his friend was offending people by laughing like this and immediately stood out to mediate the situation.

“But your signboard is really pretty useless. Medicinal Makers and Weapon Armor Makers are all in high demand, everybody knows who these people are in the snow valley. Normally, the team leader has to personally go up to them to invite them into the team, and it is still up to them if they want to join or not. Normally speaking, you would only be able to find some teammates with decent personalities and fighting strength here. It was good enough as long as they weren’t a burden to the team. As for the biological researchers and teachers, what use are they?” the guy explained.

“Oh, thanks. My daughter should be beginning her education, but none of us here know how to teach well.”

This was really a headache, Momo really didn’t like studying and there wasn’t much use in forcing her to study either. Bai Yi didn’t change the contents and placed the signboard on top of the wood pile outside. After doing all this, Bai Yi looked at the rest of them. There must definitely be a few people that remained here, in case there were people who saw the signboard. After all, they needed someone here to receive them. They also needed a few people to go pick from the talent pool at the other areas. Perhaps, they would find some people who satisfied their requirements there.

Bai Yi looked at the members of his team. Although there were 7 members, only 4 were humans. As such, he didn’t need to put much thought into splitting them up.

“Choose, do you want to stay here to receive anybody coming up for application, or go around picking suitable people in the plaza?” Bai Yi asked although he had practically guessed their answers long ago. Woolf was totally a guy who couldn’t sit still for a long time. Bai Yi waved his hand and sure enough, Woolf chuckled and walked off with Heloise. Then, Bai Yi sat behind the table, and let out a slight breath of air.

Bai Yi’s eyes flashed, and he saw the two Snow Valley Guards leaving in the distance. He knew that they were reporting their movements to Gary.

They could report all they wanted, Bai Yi knew that it was impossible to hide from Gary. This was very normal anyway, they naturally had to recruit new members when the number of members in their team were insufficient. However, Bai Yi only hoped that Gary didn’t try to be too clever and arrange for his people to enter Bai Yi’s team. He did not wish for there to be some spy in his team.

After a while, Momo also seemed to be very curious and kept glancing around in the crowd.

“Go. If you want to, you can follow Heloise and Woolf. Remember not to make conflict with other people,” Bai Yi said. Momo was no longer the young girl he protected and pampered in his hands anymore, even if she was only slightly more than 5 years old now. Moreover, this plaza wasn’t too big either, with the current Bai Yi’s vision, he could see everything with just a look.

“En!” Momo replied happily and walked away with Sharpei. Chinchilla stood on the table and looked around for a while before jumping down and running after them as well.

Chinchilla caught up with Sharpei and wanted to jump onto Sharpei’s back, but Sharpei’s tail swept at Chinchilla and knocked him firmly on the head the moment Chinchilla jumped. Sharpei didn’t like this little noisy guy climbing on top of his head. Chinchilla was taught a small lesson and immediately meowed pitifully, seeking help from Momo.

“It’s useless to ask me to save you~. If Sharpei isn’t willing I wouldn’t force him either,” Momo smiled and said. Although Chinchilla was very cute, Sharpei was the real special friend in Momo’s heart. Moreover, Bai Yi said last time as well to not make use of Sharpei’s obedience to her to make him do things that he didn’t want to do.


Chinchilla was apparently still trying to act cute; it didn’t understand Momo’s words fully. But after a while, it also seemed to understand that Momo wasn’t going to help itself.

The Chinchilla who understood this became a bit depressed, but within half a minute, it became extremely hyper again. It jumped on top of Sharpei’s body. Sharpei had to swing its long tail every time to chase Chinchilla away, who continuously tried to climb onto his back. Along the way, the palm-sized chinchilla ran around and disturbed the sinister Sharpei, causing all of them to laugh at this scene.

After a while, Sharpei was seemingly unable to bear Chinchilla’s persistent attitude anymore and finally allowed Chinchilla to climb onto its head.

After Chinchilla climbed onto Sharpei’s head, it immediately raised its head and gave a melodious cry, seemingly very pleased with itself. Sharpei yawned below her and squinted his eyes. He would never admit that he let Chinchilla up because he was helpless before its persistence. Moreover, he was wary of hurting it too. No matter what, they were still on the same team, so it wasn’t good to make their relationship too sour.

“Pupu isn’t following us?”

“Oink oink, oink oink oink!” Pupu oinked a few times and found a comfortable place behind Bai Yi to lie down and sleep. He was a pig after all, and he couldn’t change his slovenly nature. However, other than this aspect, Pupu was still quite likable.

In the end, there was only Bai Yi left, and he didn’t know when would somebody finally show up.

“This pig, is he your pet?” The 3 people from another team beside him were quite bored too, so they couldn’t help but chit-chat with Bai Yi.

“En, Pupu, he was a pet pot-bellied pig before.” Bai Yi wasn’t hard to approach like an ice mountain, and also started to chat idly with them.

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