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Chapter 131: Weapon Armor Maker

“Shit!” Berkley suddenly shouted. “I was stunned by that sense of intimidation just now, so I forgot to tell them about the rules inside the snow valley!”

“Well, it really is easy for newcomers to the snow valley to have some problems, but Bai Yi should be fine.”

“What could happen in such a short period of time? Zola, quickly tell the guard leader about Bai Yi coming to the snow valley. Guard leader will definitely go look for him very quickly, nothing bad will happen,” the other guy reminded.

“Right right, I’ll be quick.” Zola nodded and flapped his wings, flying away powerfully.

After seeing Zola fly away, the few of them finally looked at the prey laid on the floor. There usually weren’t many newcomers entering the snow valley, and the veterans usually submitted their goods at the resource center. This was actually their first time receiving such a huge prey. The few of them glanced at each other. With such a big prey, could they take a bit for themselves?

There weren’t too many people in the snow valley, but with how tight the space was, it was still quite lively with many different people in all shapes and sizes. It had only been slightly over 5 months since the Ice Peppermint was discovered and the evolved humans slowly gathered at this place. However, after some construction work by the evolved humans, this place was already starting to look like a small town.

Of course, this small town was quite strange, and all the buildings were very unique. After all, every evolved human looked vastly different from each other, it wasn’t possible to build something that would be suitable for everybody. Many of the buildings were just big sheds. They only had to shelter them from the wind and snow and be big enough for people to enter. This was the most common type of construction here. There were also some caves dug into the sides of the mountains, while some had made igloos out of ice.

Transitioning from the Binging Stage to the Brutal Stage, the body was now basically stable. The lostness and panick from the start had already calmed down, and everybody started to get used to life like this.

There was some barter trade going on along the street. After the crumble of the currency, only this primitive form of trade could continue to exist.

Food, weapons, medicine, supplies from the old New Zealand… anything that was useful could be put up for trade. There could trade as long as there were people, and after a while it turned into a primitive market. After all, these evolved humans were initially people who used to live in a prosperous society.

Bai Yi’s team walked along the road, being very interested in everything around them.

However, the main purpose of their trip this time was to look for new teammates. They weren’t sure if there was a place where they could find teammates here. They knew that the other gathering points had a public square like this. In those public squares, there were many individuals looking for a suitable team and also many teams looking for suitable individuals. It was very hard for an individual person to survive in New Zealand now. Of course, if the person had bad judgment and joined a trashy team, he might die even faster.

“Hey, friend! Is there a place to look for teammates around here?” Bai Yi asked a guy beside him covered with lizard scales and selling weapons.


Bai Yi smiled. He expected that this guy wouldn’t tell him information for nothing, even if it was simple information like this. “Ok then, I’ll pick a weapon. Can you tell me where to find teammates after?” Bai Yi said.

“Ok!” When he saw that Bai Yi was so straightforward, the other guy smiled as well.

The weapons sold by this guy were all grinded from hard places in evolved lifeforms like their teeth or bones. His wares were split into 3 levels, and they could exchange with meat or materials that could be used to make weapons. The cheapest one could be exchanged for with only 10kg of meat. Although Bai Yi’s team had already left their prey at the guardhouse, there was still more food inside the bag on Sharpei’s back. Moreover, it was all meat that was more tasty and nutritious.

Bai Yi opened the bag and sliced off a chunk of meat, throwing it toward this guy.

“Tell me, where do people usually go to find teammates?” Bai Yi saw the guy taking out a mini balance scale to weigh the meat and couldn’t help but chuckle soundlessly. With Bai Yi’s knife skills, he wouldn’t go wrong with things like this. That piece of meat was exactly 10kg. The difference would definitely be less than a few grams.

“It’s heavier by a bit, do you want me to return it to you? There’s a mouthful of extra meat.”

“It’s the balance scale that is broken How long have you been using it for? The spring inside is definitely loose.” Bai Yi really wanted to laugh bitterly, this guy is really…”Ok then, so where exactly can I find teammates around here?”

“The spring is loose? No wonder…Walk straight from here, then turn left. After walking past a small alley, you will see a plaza.” After the guy heard Bai Yi’s words, he quickly placed this piece of meat inside his bag.

“Thanks,” Bai Yi said and wanted to walk away.

“Wait wait, you haven’t picked your weapon yet!” The guy stopped Bai Yi when he saw that Bai Yi was about to leave.

Bai Yi looked at this guy and felt a bit disheartened; this guy was really so rigid. If it was a normal shop owner, they probably couldn’t be happier if he left just like that. They could save on a weapon as well. However, Bai Yi actually felt quite happy inside, he didn’t dislike this kind of rigid person. Since it was like this, then he had to carefully pick a weapon.

10kg of meat was the lowest price for weapons here, which also meant he could only choose the lowest quality of weapons. Bai Yi casually picked up a half a meter long short sword and drew it out of its leather sheath. Bai Yi could tell with a look that this sword was very sleek and sharp, as he had already become quite familiar with swords now. Using his finger to flick the yellowish-green blade, the blade immediately gave out a clear ring. The toughness was quite good, but it could only be considered a normal weapon. It wasn’t considered too good, but it was worth the price of 10kg of meat.

“I’ll take this one then.” Bai Yi returned the short sword into its sheath and asked candidly, “From which monster teeth was this sword grinded from?”

“Large-sized Decay Feeding Bug, from its horn.”

“Oh…” Bai Yi turned around but suddenly paused for a moment. Decay Feeding Bug, that was not right. That monster was only a meter at its largest. Although it did have a thick and short horn on its head, its horn was only 20-30 centimeters long. The small horn was also more for decorative purposes than for attacking, and based on what Bai Yi knew it wasn’t too hard either. This guy, just how did he process that small horn to become half a meter long with decent hardness and toughness?

“Decay Feeding Bug, the bug that is about a meter long?” Bai Yi turned his head and asked.

“En, that’s the bug.”

Bai Yi immediately felt interested and squatted down again, carefully looking at the weapons in this store. There weren’t many weapons here, and the quality of most of them were similar to the one in Bai Yi’s his hands now. There were 4 other weapons that were a bit better and could be considered barely decent. As for the last and best weapon, it was actually only half complete and there was only a spearhead.

He didn’t realize it just now, but after observing it from a close proximity, Bai Yi noticed that this dark red spearhead was incredibly heavy and sharp. Additionally, it faintly emitted a stench.

“This isn’t for sale. I’ll only exchange it for weapon materials and they must be top-grade.”

“What material was this made from?”

“Blood-Scaled Centipede fangs!”

“Blood-Scaled Centipede fangs!” Even Bai Yi’s team were slightly shocked at this. The Blood-Scaled Centipede wasn’t too big in size, and it was normally only about half a meter long. However, this Blood-Scaled Centipede was an evolved lifeform that many people hated meeting, as most people would basically die once they encountered this monster. It had a hard body, sharp and incredibly poisonous teeth, and agile movements. This caused many people to feel fear just from looking at it.

The Blood-Scaled Centipede fang was indeed a good material, it was hard and also carried a powerful haemolytic poison. However, the only problem was that it was too small. It was too short to even make a dagger from it. This spearhead was roughly 20 centimeters long, and its size looked completely different from a Blood-Scaled Centipede fang. It was more like 4-5 fangs being fused together.

Fused together!

Bai Yi immediately discovered the marks on the spearhead once he thought of this. He initially thought that they were natural markings, but now it was clear that these markings were created when they got fused together.

This guy was definitely a top-level Weapon Armor Maker!

“I’m very curious, why is a top-level Weapon Armor Maker opening shop at a place like this? You don’t seem to be doing very well either.”

“Top-level Weapon Armor Maker…hehehe!” This guy revealed a bitter smile as well.

“You saw it too, I don’t have many weapons on display in my shop. Actually, these are all the weapons that I managed to forge over 3 months. With an efficiency like this, do you still think that I am a top-level Weapon Armor Maker?” said the guy.

“Weapons are valuable because of its quality and not their quantity. The Chinese have a saying: ‘It takes 10 years to sharpen a sword’. As long as it’s a real quality weapon, spending more time on it is just expected.”

“Who do you think has the energy now to make a weapon once every 10 years?”

“That’s not wrong either.” Bai Yi started laughing. Now that New Zealand was so dangerous, who could wait for 10 years to create just 1 weapon? Moreover, other than the poison fang spearhead from the Blood-Scaled Centipede, the rest of the weapons here couldn’t be considered too good. However, what Bai Yi was interested in was how did this guy manage to process these materials.

“I’m sorry, I still don’t know your name after so long,” Bai Yi asked this Weapon Armor Maker.

“Melvin, my name is Melvin.”

“Then Melvin, although this is a bit sudden and impolite, are you willing to make a weapon for me or even interested in joining my team?” Bai Yi asked. He knew that it wasn’t possible for him to get the method for forging these materials if he asked directly.

“I can help you to make a weapon but forget about me entering your team. Most of the time, I will probably only be a burden to the team. Also, you must provide the materials for forging the weapon, and the fees are expensive as well.”

Bai Yi stood up and fished out a fang from the bag on Sharpei’s back. This fang was more than a meter long. It was as thick as a thigh, heavy and crystal-like.

“This is?!”

“A fang from a type of evolved lifeform, I won’t talk about what lifeform it is. Can you forge this?”

“Probably…not!” Melvin hesitated for a moment, and could only smile bitterly as he returned the fang to Bai Yi.

“Is it so, then it’s really a pity.” Bai Yi felt disappointed too when he heard this reply. This fang was from an experimental monster, and they had only managed to kill it after a desperate battle.

“One year! If you can wait for one year I can forge it. However, you must supply me with sufficient food, medicine, and a safe environment within that year,” Melvin suddenly said on impulse as he recalled the saying of ‘taking 10 years to sharpen a sword’ from Bai Yi.

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