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Chapter 122: Healing Wounds

The few of them chose a nearby house. At this distance, they could avoid the attraction of the giant tree to spiritual bodies and were also not too deep into the vengeful spirits’ territory. Although the vengeful spirits had a chaotic mind, they could more or less understand that the giant tree at the center was attracting them like a poppy flower. It made them desire to get close to it but also instinctively fear it.

There were a few more corpses in the house, but they were all long desensitized to this sight and didn’t even bother to tidy them up.

“What is it? Why isn’t anybody talking?” Nobody spoke for a long time after entering the room, and all of them stared at Mavis with an apologetic look. Mavis’ body now wasn’t stable. It continuously distorted and warped, and they could only see a vague shape of her. The others who saw this didn’t say a word, and it was actually Mavis who spoke first.

“Aunt Mavis!” Momo looked at Mavis with eyes full of longing.

Mavis smiled and wanted to go and stroke her head, but when she was about to touch Momo she suddenly realized that she wasn’t suitable to touch Momo anymore. When a ghost and a human came into contact, it didn’t just cause damage to the human’s soul but the ghost itself would also receive a shock.

“I was wrong, it was me who was too engulfed by hate that brought everyone to this state now,” Bai Yi said painfully.

“You don’t have to blame yourself so much, this isn’t your fault. All of us had the resolution and awareness of all this before coming here. Even so, it isn’t too late since you managed to see this point now,” Mavis said.

“Revenge isn’t everything. In reality, in many stories, even if the revenge was successful, what was left was only emptiness. I don’t understand this too much, but the you before wouldn’t listen to anybody else’s words, so I didn’t bother saying anything either. However now, did you wake up? You understand that in this world, there are things more important more revenge, right?” Mavis continued speaking. Bai Yi looked at Mavis in surprise. So Mavis realized this long ago? It was just that she didn’t try to persuade him, but waited for Bai Yi himself to come to this realization. Although, this realization came at the price of Mavis’ life.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!” Bai Yi’s composed image crumbled and tears poured down his face.

Just like watching a big kid cry, Mavis didn’t try and continue talking either. Nobody could be perfectly wise and mature from birth. Mavis didn’t know about the Bai Yi from before, but she had watched him grow every step of the way since he came to New Zealand.

“Don’t say sorry anymore, I actually think that dying in this place isn’t too bad of an ending. How do I say this? So far, only dying in Wellington, this ghost city, can people retain their souls. From what Johnny and Anna said, the soul can’t maintain its existence in the outside world,” Mavis smiled casually.

Although they knew that Mavis was just trying to console them, all of them still unknowingly believed her.

“To speak of it, where’s Warner?” Mavis changed the topic.

“Warner disappeared. When we got attacked by the vengeful spirits, everyone fell into the berserk state, so we don’t know what happened exactly either. Warner, Yu Han, and his teammates aren’t in the area surrounding this giant tree, so we don’t know where they are either.” After crying his heart out, Bai Yi quickly pulled himself together again and answered Mavis’ question.

“So that’s what happened, I hope that child is fine.” Mavis nodded.

“Let’s leave it at that for now, what do you guys plan to do from now on?”

“Treat our wounds, find Heloise and Warner, then leave this place to search for the way to save everyone. If we meet Yu Han again in the future, I will be more level-headed and not act recklessly. I will never, never again let my friends get hurt!” Bai Yi promised seriously.

“You are the team leader, it’s good enough as long as you think it through!” Mavis nodded.

“I will find a way to revive Aunt Mavis!” Momo suddenly said loudly as well, her little face full of seriousness.

Mavis blanked for a moment, and revealed a smile at Momo.

“En, then I will wait for that day. To speak of it, my words earlier really weren’t to console you guys, but my heartfelt words. Not everyone can experience what it’s like to be in a spiritual form. Since I’ve already become like this, then I can carefully try to understand Wellington’s change, the changes in this form of life, and what exactly is the relationship between the body and soul. After that, well I’ll just have to wait for Momo to come and revive me,” Mavis said to Momo dearly.

“En, I will!” Momo said seriously.

Everyone looked at Momo’s little face, and couldn’t help but really believe that Momo could find a way to revive a dead person. It wasn’t just because Momo could directly see ghosts or her mysterious changes. Instead, the most important factor was just that everyone genuinely believed that Momo could do this.

“All of your injuries seem to be very severe, do you guys know how to treat your wounds?” Mavis asked.

“To heal the injuries of the soul, naturally we have to use the Dead Soul Flower.” Bai Yi looked at the little white flower at the corner. Although they couldn’t say that the Dead Soul Flower was everywhere, it really wasn’t too hard to find one at the center of the ghost city Wellington.

“How to harvest it though?”

This indeed is a problem, if they didn’t have the proper way of picking the Dead Soul Flower then it could be even more dangerous than the vengeful spirits. Moreover, all of them suffered from injuries to their soul now, so it was an even more serious issue for them. However, before they spoke again, Momo started walking towards that flower. Bai Yi just wanted to say something but Momo suddenly drew her short sword.

Under all of their shocked gazes, Momo held her sword horizontally and faint mist emitted from the blade. Very clearly, this wasn’t the moonlight reflecting off her blade from the outside, but real mist that was emitted from her short sword.

Special energy!

There was definitely no other explanation now, but everyone was very shocked. Even for Bai Yi, he could only get the special energy to passively gather at his eyes when he used the Reverse Flower Eyes, but Momo could actually gather the special energy on her blade with such a simple action. Could Momo’s talent be even greater than Bai Yi’s?

Momo’s short sword stabbed into the roots of the Dead Soul Flower, and black smoke immediately started rising from it. It was even darker than the vengeful spirits. However, the moment this black smoke came into contact with Momo’s sword, it immediately rapidly retreated. Afterward, Momo flicked her sword and picked the Dead Soul Flower up from the corpse.

All of them looked at the flower. Was it considered harvested now?

However, it still felt like something was missing.

“Bai Yi, do you remember when Yu Han’s team was running toward the center, they dripped something on their bodies?” Mavis suddenly said. Sure enough, a women’s thoughts were still more meticulous. The rest of them immediately recalled the Soul Purifying Tree sap that Yu Han’s team had dripped on themselves while running. They didn’t know what that thing was, but it seemed to have the effect of countering spiritual bodies.

“That’s right! Yu Han definitely entered Wellington for the sake of the Dead Soul Flower, so their preparations should be more thorough than ours.”

Momo didn’t wait for Bai Yi to speak and stretched out her right hand, and a bunch of Spirit Devouring Butterflies landed on the back of her hand. Everybody then looked as Momo and the butterflies communicate wordlessly. After the bunch of butterflies flew away, Momo realized that everyone was looking at her dumbly.

“I only asked the butterflies if they knew where Yu Han’s team drop their stuff!” Momo immediately said nervously.

“Don’t be nervous, you did well!” Bai Yi rubbed Momo’s little head.

They were just amazed, amazed at Momo’s abilities now. Before entering Wellington, there wasn’t anything special about Momo other than her composure that far exceeded a child her age and her strong will. It could be said that at that time, Momo was really at the bottom of the team. However, after entering Wellington, Momo seemed to receive some stimulus and gradually started to change. From the ability to see ghosts at the start, to killing spiritual bodies now, this kind of change was astonishingly fast.

Sure enough, it wasn’t that Momo didn’t change, but that she just lacked an opportunity. The drop of blood from the Progenitor that fell into her eyes was definitely very important.

However, her ability was actually related to the soul. Could Momo endure a life of seeing ghosts every day?

Bai Yi gently stroked Momo, worrying in his heart. At this time, nobody thought this far yet, they couldn’t even imagine what Momo would become in the future.

Very quickly, Momo obtained information from the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and they found the leather briefcase that Yu Han’s team had lost. This briefcase wasn’t too different from the one that Bai Yi’s team had acquired initially at the research facility and was also very sturdy. After spending nearly a day on it, they finally managed to break it open with brute force and obtain the things inside.

The sap of the Soul Purifying Tree, and some important information.

“It seems to be even more than the things we acquired,” Woolf said.

“En, that really seems to be the case. His luck had always been good. Perhaps he was saved by somebody and gained some good things after surviving his calamity,” Bai Yi said with slight ridicule. Actually, Yu Han’s luck had really been very good, it was almost at the level of the protagonist in a novel. If it wasn’t for his crooked heart at the start, maybe it would have been a completely different scenario now. However, what Bai Yi didn’t know was that his simple ridiculing actually turned out to be the truth.

Very quickly, all of them figured out the way to use the sap of the Soul Purifying Tree. When the soul pollutants at the stem of the first Dead Soul Flower was purified and revealed a slight glow, they knew that they had guessed correctly. This was the true method to pick the Dead Soul Flower. Although Momo had managed to pick the Dead Soul Flower too, that flower probably still had some side effects.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to concoct this Dead Soul Flower,” Mavis said.

“Doesn’t matter, we can just eat it directly,” Bai Yi said nonchalantly and munched the flower in his mouth.

Mavis was a doctor, and she was very familiar with the human body and modern treatment methods. However, she wasn’t very proficient in the extraction and concoction of these evolved plants now. To put it simply, Mavis was a doctor, and the young woman that Yu Han’s team met was the ‘Medicinal Maker’ that was very popular in New Zealand now.

Medicinal Maker – Somebody who was proficient in extracting medicinal properties from plants, and could to a certain extent extract the useful components from every single type of plant and process it.

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