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Chapter 121: Beheading Spirits

Momo’s cries spread far through the quiet Wellington. Not knowing when, the remaining survivors had woken up from their berserk state and climbed to this place.

Woolf, Sharpei, Pupu, and Bai Yi looked at the Spirit Devouring Butterflies flying all around them, and could guess why they were still alive. These butterflies did not devour them even though their souls got polluted. Instead, the butterflies protected them. Otherwise, they would be dead for sure like Yu Han’s teammates earlier. One must know, this was the center of Wellington, the center of the ghost city.

Looking at his injuries-ridden teammates, Bai Yi pulled everyone together for a hug as emotions stirred up deeply inside once again.

He was wrong!

He wasn’t wrong to seek revenge on Yu Han for his friends, but he was wrong in taking revenge to be everything. He had brought this cruel ending down on everyone. Along the way, just how many delightful things and beautiful sceneries had they neglected? In the future, he must definitely not let his precious friends cry! He definitely mustn’t let Momo cry again. This wasn’t a life that a father should let his daughter experience.

“What is this place?” Woolf asked.

“This place? Look at the corpse hill below our feet. This is the center of Wellington, the center of the ghost city,” Bai Yi gradually said.

Woolf observed the endless corpse hill below him, and couldn’t help but shiver in his heart. On the contrary, Momo, Sharpei, and Pupu didn’t actually feel anything. A small kid, and two animals didn’t have much understanding toward this mountain of corpses. Everyone observed the scenery around them and couldn’t help but feel astonished.

In contrast to the corpse hill that covered the surface of the plaza, the top part of the giant tree evoked a sense of beauty.

This giant tree went against the surrounding environment and grew to be so lush. Beautiful pink and blue flowers decorated the branches of the tree. Under the dim illumination of the moonlight, they could see vengeful spirits continuously rushing toward this place from the outside, flying to this giant tree. Once these vengeful spirits came into contact with the tree, it would immediately suck them inside and they would disappear very quickly. In a short while, a pure spiritual body would fly out again, and they could vaguely see their past appearances. These new spiritual bodies would fly around the giant tree like a bunch of gentle mayflies.

However, as these spiritual bodies danced around the tree and came into contact with it continuously, they slowly became more and more transparent. Eventually, they disappeared completely into the air.

They were absorbed! 

However, looking at the peaceful expressions of these vengeful spirits at the end, they didn’t seem to dislike this situation.

In the surroundings of the giant tree was also the swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies that came in here last. The number of Spirit Devouring Butterflies left here were now less than half. The remaining butterflies danced in the quiet moonlight with their spiritual bodies, adding another layer of beauty to this scene.

All of them quietly admired this scenery. Although there was a hill made out of corpses right below their feet, they somehow actually felt a sense of quiet beauty here. Very quickly, all of them slowly got lost in this scenery, and only Bai Yi slowly became wary inside as he looked at the giant tree. This giant tree seemed to have the power to bewitch people’s hearts, but it seemed to be more for spiritual bodies. The change in Bai Yi’s eyes was probably in part due to the stimulation of this tree.

Suddenly, Bai Yi saw a spiritual body floating toward the tree.

Bai Yi thought he had seen wrongly, but after staring at it for longer he could be sure that his eyes hadn’t deceived him. He really wasn’t wrong, the spirit that was floating toward the giant tree was Mavis.

Bai Yi staggered clumsily and ran toward her spirit. At this time, the rest of them also followed Bai Yi’s line of sight and looked to that direction. They all received a great shock. After a short pause, all of them finally reacted. This place was the ghost city Wellington where a large number of people had died, forming a special environment and energy field. That Anna said before that the souls of the people that died here wouldn’t disappear but continue to exist in the form of spirits.

“Momo, quickly stop Mavis! This giant tree has the power to bewitch spiritual bodies. If she goes over she will be consumed,” Bai Yi said to Momo immediately after only running a few steps and judging that he couldn’t catch up to Mavis.

After Momo heard Bai Yi’s words, she immediately rushed toward Mavis, her small body climbing up the hill of corpses. Momo seemingly really had some connection to dead spirits, or perhaps it was the Spirit Devouring Butterflies protecting her, but among all of them, only Momo’s soul didn’t suffer much damage. She could still move freely now.

“Aunt Mavis, Aunt Mavis! Stop!” Momo ran to Mavis’ side and shouted loudly while running around Mavis.

However, the Mavis now just seemed like a spirit that had lost all self-awareness, and slowly floated toward the giant tree. She completely ignored Momo’s shouts. Even if Momo blocked in front of her, Mavis didn’t dodge but directly passed through Momo’s body. When Mavis passed through her, Momo suddenly gave a low groan and started shivering as if she was cold.

“Aunt Mavis, please stop!!” Momo continued to shout loudly.

Hearing Momo’s shouts, those Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew over as well. They wanted to pounce on Mavis’ spirit. To these butterflies, Mavis’ soul was just another spiritual body, it too was food for them to consume. Momo immediately shouted for the butterflies to stop.. In that short moment, Mavis’ spirit had drifted forward more.

At this time, the rest of them were also climbing upward with great difficulty, their speed now was pitifully slow. However, even if they were slow, nobody stopped. Mavis’ death had already caused them great pain. However, if they could preserve her soul then maybe, just maybe there might be a way to revive her in the future?

Momo desperately tried to stop Mavis, but Mavis was completely unreactive.

Seeing that Mavis was getting closer and closer to the giant tree, Momo drew her short sword with a ‘shing!’ in her panic. But when she pulled her sword out, she blanked for a moment as one of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies that merged into her body flew out from the back of her hand.

This is?

Momo looked at the butterfly fly one round around her, before it returned to the back of her hand again, leaving behind an image of a Spirit Devouring Butterfly. Momo just held her short sword like this, her small face incomparably solemn. It was like she was trying to sense and feel something.

This was that feeling, the feeling that came from her eyes. The drop of blood that the Progenitor dripped on her eyes back then was quietly and unnoticeably changing Momo’s body. It wasn’t obvious in the past only because she hadn’t met a suitable opportunity yet. However, Momo could now clearly feel something flowing inside her body and the air around her.

It’s like this, right?

Momo was still a small kid, she didn’t know fear. She followed her own intuition and swung her short sword lightly across Mavis. Momo’s actions were very slow, very gentle, just like she was doing a sword dance. It was not how she normally wielded a sword in battle. At this instant, a spirit happened to appear in front of Momo’s short sword.

Soundlessly, as if her sword hadn’t come into contact with anything. The spirit didn’t give off a scream, and only slowly turned into little motes of light that disappeared into the air after being sliced into half by Momo’s sword.

Momo suddenly got an idea and she immediately put her short sword in front of Mavis. Just what was she doing? Just based on her intuition, she actually pointed her weapon at her Aunt Mavis. The merging of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies with her and the stimulation from the Progenitor’s source blood actually changed Momo and gave her the ability to kill spiritual bodies. If not for this random spirit abruptly coming between them, then she would have probably done something irreversible.

However, no matter what, she still had to stop her Aunt Mavis.

Seeing that Mavis was not more than 10 meters away from the tree now, Momo gritted her teeth and chased after her. Momo blocked Mavis’ path again. She thought of how her daddy usually looked when he used his Reverse Flower Eyes. Momo also stared at Mavis directly, and her eyes started to change as well, almost as if mist was spreading out from her eyes.

Stop Aunt Mavis, stop!

Momo screamed loudly in her heart. However, if her ability could manifest so easily then it would have been a little too unfair. Mavis still didn’t stop as she drifted toward the giant tree.

“Aunt Mavis!” In the end, Momo could only kneel and watch helplessly as Mavis delved into the giant tree.

“AUNT MAVISSS!!!” Momo kneeled on a corpse and started wailing loudly. Momo didn’t remember many people inside her little heart. It was just her father (her dearest daddy), Sara (the older sister who likes her), and Mavis (the aunt who always had a straight face but actually really liked her). Sara taught her about being strong at the end, was Aunt Mavis going to leave her as well?

Momo suddenly stood up, and the incomparably sharp short sword hacked toward the giant tree.

At this time, Momo only thought in her heart that if she was unable to wake Mavis up, then the only thing she could do was to destroy this giant tree. However, just when Momo lifted up her sword, she suddenly saw a tearful face staring at her. The Mavis that she couldn’t wake up no matter what was looking at her with a smile now. At this time, Mavis was completely different from before, as if all the pollution in her body had been purified. She now appeared incomparably pure and transparent.

“What is Momo thinking of doing?”

“Wu…wu…Aunt Mavis!!” Momo’s little face scrunched up and she almost started crying.

“Momo is a strong girl, don’t cry ok, let’s get down first,” Mavis said to Momo. When Mavis was sucked into the tree for the first time, it was as if her soul had been filtered. In that instant, she heard Momo’s cries and regained her consciousness. However, remaining close to this tree was very dangerous. The Mavis that had already turned into a spiritual body felt this even more severely.

Although Bai Yi and the rest of them didn’t know what happened, they still gave a breath of relief after seeing Mavis return safely.

“Mavis!” Bai Yi saw Mavis’ spirit drifting over and wanted to say something, but in the end he couldn’t form his words and only this simple word came out of his mouth.

“Stop blaming yourself, let’s leave this place first. I can’t resist the temptation if I am near this tree,” Mavis said.

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