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Chapter 123: Failed Invitation

While Bai Yi’s team was searching for the Dead Soul Flower and slowly healing their soul, Yu Han was also treating his wounds. Of course, just like what Bai Yi had unintentionally said, Yu Han’s luck was really good. He actually met a young Medicinal Maker girl that was staying alone in Wellington by chance. In the end, he was saved by her. Moreover, this young Medicinal Maker had heard about Bai Yi and Yu Han before and carried great curiosity toward them.

However, Yu Han’s situation wasn’t as comfortable as they imagined.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Adams stared at Yu Han.

“I’m sorry!” Yu Han’s expression was very heavy and dejected.

“Only sorry? Just sorry?!” Adams roared immediately after seeing Yu Han’s expression and exploded in fury. “Evelynn, Athena, Gaute…The 6 of them all died, died you understand?! Just because you provoked that Bai Yi, the 6 of them died...” Adams became more and more agitated as he spoke, and at the end, he was completely shouting. However, his voice became more and more choked toward the end. Eventually, he couldn’t continue speaking.

“Sorry!” Yu Han’s voice was very low.

“ARGHHHH…!” Adams gave a long prolonged shout, tears gathering in his eyes. He appeared to be in deep grief.

At this time, Yu Han suddenly heard a soft sound coming from the outside, and he immediately thought of who it was. It was that female Medicinal Maker. Yu Han didn’t know how strong she was or the standard of her medicinal skills, but she couldn’t be weak since she could stay in this ghost city alone. If something like this hadn’t happened to him, Yu Han had the confidence to draw the female Medicinal Maker into his team but it was very troublesome now. After such an argument, Bai Yi and his past would probably all be exposed. As long as the person was still normal, she would never choose to follow him.


“Then what did you want me to do? Did you think I didn’t want to resolve it peacefully, that did I not try? But what did Bai Yi do, did he give me a chance? Think of how Evelynn died, that kind of decisiveness and ruthlessness, was it all my fault? Do you think I’m not in pain, weren’t they my teammates too? Wasn’t Ning Xue my girlfriend? Now that they’ve become like this, do you think I’m feeling good?!” The more Yu Han said, the more agitated he got. At the end, his face became similarly covered with mucus and tears.

A grown-up man being like this was really a total loss of image, but it had an even greater effect on people.

However, how much of it was real?

“That was what you created! If you did not do those things in the past, why would Bai Yi come and seek revenge?!” Adams also shouted loudly, almost standing up from his agitation.

At that time, Adams recalled the words that Bai Yi had said at the start of the battle – Don’t blame me if you die!

That’s right, Bai Yi had already warned them all at the start of the battle. This didn’t have anything to do with them, but since they stubbornly wanted to get involved, they better be prepared for death. Thinking about Bai Yi’s bewitching Reverse Flower Eyes, thinking back to the scene of Evelynn’s head flying, Adams couldn’t help but shut his eyes. It was really so damn not worth it, and Evelynn had died the most unjustly. Thinking about it now, she purely charged into Bai Yi’s blade dumbly.

‘Knock Knock!’

Two soft knocks came from the door. Nancy was actually quite curious about their conversation, they actually mentioned that Bai Yi in it. Just what had happened? However, due to the education she received since she was young, Nancy didn’t eavesdrop on them and only heard a few sentences at the start of the conversation when she hesitated for a moment.

Hearing the knock on the door, the two of them seemingly woke up from their fight and both hurriedly tried to tidy up their sorry looks.

Nancy opened the door and walked in, seemingly not seeing the awkward scene between the two of them. However, their miserable looks now couldn’t possibly be covered up completely.

“Time to change the medicine!”

“Thank you, really thank you very much. If not for you, then perhaps we…I’m sorry, I still don’t know the name of Miss?” Yu Han was seemingly very embarrassed at letting Nancy see his crying face now.


“Nancy, Nancy right? Thank you, Miss Nancy so much. If not for you, then we might have been dead by now. I’m sorry to let you see such an embarrassing scene. I am Yu Han, this is my girlfriend Ning Xue, and this is…” Yu Han wiped away his tears with his left hand, but the tears seemingly just couldn’t stop flowing. The more he wanted to stop, the more it wouldn’t stop flowing.

“I’m called Adams!” Adams did not let Yu Han introduce him and spoke up himself.

“Orh.” Although her reply was simple, Nancy actually felt great surprise in her heart. Honestly speaking, staying here by herself, her curiosity wasn’t actually that great. One must know that those with too much curiosity couldn’t live for long in Devil Island now.

However, Nancy’s curiosity was aroused by what happened to these people.

Bai Yi and Yu Han, it was actually these two people! Seemingly, the two of them had a very unordinary past. Initially, Nancy was just curious toward the two of them that released the information about the activated cells and helped all the evolved humans. However, she was unexpectedly lucky enough to stumble onto the history between the two of them.

However, Nancy looked at Yu Han unmovingly and noticed in her heart that Yu Han’s crying was a bit fake. As a Medicinal Maker staying here alone, an acute sense of observation and a precise analytical ability were very necessary. Otherwise, she couldn’t have possibly survived. Yu Han’s acting was getting more and more skillful, but he completely didn’t expect to meet someone who had impeccable observation skills like Hong Qi Hua.

After Nancy appeared and broke their argument off, Adams also calmed down slightly and wasn’t that agitated anymore. When Nancy finally left the room, Yu Han looked at Adams again.

“It’s my fault but maybe they aren’t dead. Didn’t we get saved by somebody too?” Yu Han consoled.

“How possible do you think that is?”

Yu Han was rendered speechless by Adams’ impolite words. Just how possible was it? Yu Han of course knew that after falling into the berserk state in that mass of vengeful spirits, it was practically impossible for them to survive. Not everyone was as lucky as him to have somebody that just happened to save him. However, Yu Han felt that Bai Yi didn’t die, he definitely didn’t.

“You can’t say anything now right?” Adams mocked, but after that, he felt that this was utterly meaningless. Then, he sat in the corner lifelessly and looked up at the mottled ceiling.

“I know, the chances of them surviving isn’t great. Not everyone would be as lucky as us to get saved by chance. But I know that Bai Yi is definitely still alive. There’s no basis for this but I just know. Now, the things between me and him can no longer be judged by right and wrong.” Yu Han slowly struggled to climb up.

“I don’t care what you choose, but this time I will take the initiative to find him and put a close to everything. Between the two of us, there is no longer any room for compromise, only one of us can live,” Yu Han said with a grieved but malevolent expression.

“What about you, what will you do? Are you going to stop and back out like this? Or are you going to stay together with me to find Bai Yi and put a close to everything, regardless of right or wrong?” Yu Han looked at Adams seriously.

“Ha~~!” Adams sighed very deeply and closed his eyes. “Let me think about this.” He didn’t continue speaking after this. Yu Han didn’t pressure him either. He knew that Adams was very rational and smart, it wouldn’t be so easy to make Adams continue to follow him.

The 3 of them had stayed in this place quietly recuperating, and Adams still hadn’t replied to Yu Han’s question. However, Yu Han was even more worried about another problem. Ning Xue still hadn’t woken up. However, after receiving treatment from Nancy, they found that their injuries were swiftly recovering in this one week.

This let Yu Han ascertain that putting aside her strength, this Nancy was already very good just based on her Medicinal Maker talent alone.

“Nancy, I have the original form drug outside. Although it doesn’t have an absolute effect, it can still let you regain your human form to a certain extent. I really don’t know how else to repay you for saving our lives, and this drug could probably be of use to you. Do you want it?” Yu Han asked and tested her. At this time, he didn’t directly invite her to the team because he knew that would be very unrealistic. Nancy had already more or less learned about the history between him and Bai Yi.

“Prototy original form drug!”

“That’s right!”

“I’m indeed very curious, but still, forget about it. Anyways, it can’t make me completely regain my human form after all. It’s still better to wait for somebody to invent the drug that can let people completely regain their human forms. It hasn’t been long since I started studying medicines, but I still know that sometimes similar drugs would clash with each other. If I use the Prototy drug now, perhaps it would affect the effects of the real drug to help us regain our human form completely.” Nancy shook her head and declined with a smile.

“Is that so, then I’m really sorry. Other than that, I don’t know how else to repay you.”

“Nope, it’s fine.” Nancy shook her head.

“Nancy, don’t you want to see the New Zealand outside now?” Yu Han still asked again in the end.

“En, I’m indeed quite curious, but I still don’t want to leave now. After all, New Zealand now is too dangerous. Although this place is dangerous too, I’m generally familiar with this place. At least, it wouldn’t be a problem to survive here.”

“Is that so, if you leave in the future you must remember to come and find me. I must repay this debt of you saving my life.”

“Sure, if there’s a chance.” Nancy tactfully rejected Yu Han’s invitation. Of course, she understood that Yu Han was inviting her to his team, but after learning the inside story, how could she agree to follow Yu Han? On the contrary, Nancy was even more curious about Bai Yi now. From the few words leaked from their conversations, she knew that although they saw him as an enemy, they had a very high evaluation of him.

After getting rejected by Nancy, Yu Han still felt quite disappointed in his heart even though his face didn’t change much. Sure enough, after knowing about their history, it was too difficult to get Nancy to join him.

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