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Chapter 120: Cursed Eyes

Although the old ghost Johnny told Bai Yi’s team about what had happened exactly in Wellington, the few words that he communicated to them couldn’t possibly fully illustrate the scene of despair and self-destruction back then.

Countless corpses littered the city’s buildings and roads, accumulating toward the center of the city. This finally resulted in a giant hill dozens of meters tall in the huge plaza. Although more than 9 months had passed, the corpses here didn’t really rot, apparently due to the special environment in this city. It was easy to tell the cause of death for many of these corpses; most of them had actually died from suicide.


Ever since New Zealand had changed, Bai Yi and Yu Han’s group were the first humans to enter the city center. None of the other visitors before had managed to come to this place, regardless if it were the evolved humans or the normal humans sent over from Australia. The two teams looked on in shock when they entered the city center, completely stunned by this place overflowing with corpses. These corpses seemingly told the story of how deep the despair that pervaded Wellington back then was.

“Move!” Yu Han shouted at his teammates who were all staring blankly.

“Don’t think of running away!” Bai Yi suddenly accelerated and charged toward Yu Han.

Yu Han had calmed down by now, and looking at the miserable state of his companions, he knew that they would only get wiped out at the end if they continued to fight. I can’t die here, I mustn’t die here! After making that judgment, Yu Han decisively ran in another direction.

However, how could Bai Yi let Yu Han escape just like this? He immediately gave chase.

“Let me down, we can’t escape like this,” Athena said to Yu Han who was supporting her.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Yu Han shouted loudly.

“No, I’m serious. I’m just a burden to the team now, just leave me. I’m sorry Yu Han, I still doubted your words earlier on. I don’t know what exactly happened between you and Bai Yi, but from what I see now you still hid some things from us. It’s clearly that Bai Yi is…urgh!” Athena still wanted to continue speaking but suddenly her stomach rolled, and she vomited out a large mouthful of blood.

“Put me down, you won’t be able to escape with me,” Athena continued.

“Idiot, you aren’t allowed to say these kinds of words again.”

“No, Athena is right, you should put her down.” Gaute and Harold stopped running as well, turning around to face Bai Yi’s team. “My life was saved by team leader, so now I’ll return it to team leader,” the two of them said at the same time and they suddenly did a double take. They then looked at each other and started laughing loudly, the two of them actually had the same thoughts.

At this moment, Athena also pushed away Yu Han’s left hand, falling on the ground before climbing up again.

“Team leader, hurry up and leave! You don’t want to waste our intentions right?!” Gaute said in an impetuous tone to Yu Han for the first time ever. One must know that he had always treated Yu Han as his leader.

“Go!” Adams pulled on Yu Han, dragging him and running further away.

“DON’T EVEN THINK OF GETTING PAST US!” The 3 of them that stayed back roared at Bai Yi’s group as the trio blocked them.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes widened again, but in that instant, his eyes felt a sharp piercing pain. The power of his eyes came from a mutation and not a gradual evolution. As such, there were some hidden injuries left behind. Moreover, even Mavis couldn’t treat this kind of hidden injury. Continuously using his Reverse Flower Eyes to the maximum degree had caused his eyes to go past their limit.

“Your eyes can hypnotize people? If you are really capable then come and hypnotize your daddy!” Gaute roared loudly, charging toward them recklessly. Even Athena who was missing a leg hopped awkwardly behind Gaute, charging toward Bai Yi’s team. The 3 of them were fully resolved to die just to keep Bai Yi’s team here. If they could kill a few of them in the process, then it wasn’t a waste for them to stay behind here.

Bai Yi looked at their determined faces and knew that they were prepared to die.

Bai Yi looked at the people on his side, Woolf was doing relatively well, Momo, Sharpei, and Pupu didn’t have many problems either. However, Mavis was clutching her neck, her body trembling unceasingly. If he let them deal with Gaute and the others, then something bad really might happen.

Looking at Yu Han and Adams’ figures disappearing into the distance, a trace a regret flashed past Bai Yi’s eyes.

“I’m very impressed by your actions, and I’m also very shocked that Yu Han could find teammates like you guys. However, I will not be soft-hearted. I absolutely will not be soft-hearted again. So, please die in this place,” Bai Yi said coldly.

“HA~!” Gaute shouted loudly again as his muscles bulged; he didn’t reply to Bai Yi. However, actions meant everything, if he wanted to kill the 3 of them then Bai Yi had to pay the price.

When Bai Yi’s team entered the city center, that young girl came down as well to the battlefield. The ghosts around her seemed to recognize her and didn’t take a single action toward her.

“What happened here?”

“It’s like that? Revenge? That’s really something that’s difficult to judge or comment on. But, in the entirety of history, nothing good ever came out of something like this,” the young girl said as if she was talking to herself.

At this time, she came to Ning Xue’s side and prepared to close her eyes as a sign of respect to the dead. However, the moment her hand touched Ning Xue’s eyelids, she suddenly realized with shock that Ning Xue was still alive! Although her heart was pierced, she was actually still alive. However, the feeling was very strange, as if another lifeforce was sustaining Ning Xue’s body. The position of that lifeforce was from Ning Xue’s lower abdomen.

In Ning Xue’s womb, the fetus that hadn’t developed fully in 9 months due to the influence of the activated cells emitted an unimaginable lifeforce, and it actually sustained Ning Xue’s life. However, this also resulted in a strange effect on the fetus, and nobody knew what would happen to it in the future. However, this young girl didn’t care that much and immediately tried to prepare for emergency treatment. She quickly stemmed the bleeding and tried her very best to pull Ning Xue back from the edge of death.

The battle had ended. Bai Yi leaned against the side of the streetlamps. He held Mavis in his hands, his eyes out of focus. Woolf sat on the floor by the side, not wanting to move either, while Sharpei and Pupu still stood at the plaza. Right beside them were Gaute and Harold’s bodies that were ripped into many pieces. Only like this did the two of them really stop moving.

On top of the hill formed by countless corpses, Momo kneeled at the top, her short sword viciously stabbing into Athena’s body below her.

The 3 of them exploded with unimaginable power once they were resolved to die. Bai Yi’s team never thought that the three of them could have such great battle power. If not for their strength and numbers being greater than them by a notch, it would have been possible that Bai Yi’s team died along with these 3. Even so, Mavis was still poisoned from the battle before and was unable to get any effective treatment. As such, she died.

Momo slowly stood up, looking at Bai Yi and the others below her; her little blood-stained face was full of emptiness.

Everyone looked in Momo’s direction. The gentle crescent moon gave off a ray of white moonlight, and it almost seemed like the light shined from Momo’s back. The pale-white moonlight illuminated the mountain of corpses. New blood splattered on the corpses that were there before making the scene appear even more sorrowful. Momo stood below the giant tree that was surrounded by the corpse hill, her face full of weakness and vacancy.


Everyone heard her and immediately looked over, discovering Momo’s figure illuminated by the moonlight and the hill of corpses below her feet. The giant tree behind her seemingly absorbed all the nutrients from the corpses and grew to be incredibly lush. In this eerie environment, this tree actually managed to bloom beautiful flowers.

These flowers were so beautiful, like a blossoming of life. A gentle breeze blew past these eerie and beautiful flowers and the petals of these flowers that fit neither the time nor the place drifted down. At this time, Momo’s eyes finally moved and saw Bai Yi. Suddenly, tears just started rolling down her face.

It was an indescribable scene as if time had frozen, this moment represented another transformation in Momo.

Bai Yi stared at Momo for a long while and closed his eyes again.

Warner died, Mavis died as well, Ning Xue, who was originally his good friend, also died in his hands and the few others…In the end, vengeance could never beget a good outcome!

Bai Yi’s heart was incomparably chaotic right now. Intense self-blame, hurt, and various other emotions reverberated in his heart. On the contrary, this gave Bai Yi an absolutely blank look on his face. Suddenly, Bai Yi opened his eyes again and looked at the crescent moon in the sky. The moonlight shined into Bai Yi’s eyes, almost as if reflecting his gaze back at him. Instantly, Bai Yi actually fell into a hypnotized state himself.

The colored patterns on Bai Yi’s body gradually disappeared again, gathering toward his eyes.

After more than 10 minutes, Bai Yi’s eyes finally turned back to normal and he awoke from the hypnosis of the moonlight. Bai Yi clearly knew that his eyes had evolved again. Various immense emotions became the catalyst for his eyes, letting them evolve once again. However, Bai Yi didn’t have a single trace of happiness on his face; he only felt incomparably pained and lost.

Every time, every time! It’s almost as if the blood of his friends were the source of his eyes’ evolution.

This was definitely a pair of cursed eyes!

But as it happened, he had to rely heavily on this pair of eyes! No matter for facing this cruel world, or to continue walking down this path of revenge, until he truly ended Yu Han.

The night was full of sorrow!

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