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Chapter 119: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

All of them had heard Anna’s voice. After all, their five senses were incredibly acute now. However, none of them had any intentions of stopping; on the contrary, they fought even harder.

Bai Yi and Yu Han didn’t care about their injuries at all and charged toward each other again.

The tortoise shield and the fang sword collided, both of their eyes carrying intense cruelty and killing intent. It could be seen that Bai Yi and Yu Han had mostly regained their calm now but not completely. They could judge the situation and use weapons to fight now, unlike moments before where the fought like brutal beasts that just tore into each other.

Anna realized that she couldn’t stop them and didn’t bother anymore either.

“If you want me to die, then you better have the resolution to die with me!” Barritt looked at Warner opposite him, as Barritt’s eyes continuously flashed between brutality and rationality. Not many people could keep their brutal urges under control now in Yu Han’s team.

“Of course I had that resolution long ago,” Warner pushed Barritt back and said sinisterly.

It was Khina who told him to join Bai Yi’s team, and let him follow Hong Qi Hua. During this period of time where he followed them, Hong Qi Hua had also taken care of Warner a lot. To Warner, Hong Qi Hua took up the role of a parent to him during the period of insecurity and uneasiness when he lost his parents. This caused him to develop familial feelings toward Hong Qi Hua, just like a child to his parents.

Hence, the shock that Warner received when Hong Qi Hua died was also extremely huge.

9 months had passed since then, and it was enough time for the small kid back then to grow rapidly. No matter in strength or mentality, the Warner now couldn’t be compared to the Warner 9 months ago. In these 9 months, although Bai Yi never said much about it, all of them had been steadily increasing their strengths. They did this all for the sake of ripping Yu Han apart with their own hands one day.

Warner’s fat body rapidly spun. He used the momentum to swing his sword at a fast speed and clashed with Barritt.

Barritt didn’t know that Warner was still a kid, and even if Warner was still a kid, he couldn’t treat him like one at this time. He had to admit that Warner was very powerful. If Barritt wasn’t quite strong as well, he would have already died at Warner’s hands. ‘Ding!’, the weapon in Barritt’s hands suddenly broke, and Warner’s sword directly hacked into his waist.

‘Kacha!’, the sword hacked in deeply into Barritt’s body. However, Barritt didn’t move back but used his left hand to grab onto Warner’s sword viciously, while his other hand grabbed onto Warner’s arm.

“I said before, you must have the resolution to die together,” Barritt said with a muffled voice as he bit into Warner’s shoulder. Barritt had no choice but to admit that he wasn’t Warner’s match. After all, although the genes that Bai Yi’s team fused with at the start didn’t have any direct effects, they were all genes that enhanced their basic battle abilities greatly.

At this time, the Giant Devil Mosquito swarm was flying over to their location with a loud buzzing sound. Barritt looked at that dark cloud of Giant Devil Mosquitos, and his eyes went bloodshot. He suddenly pushed with all his strength and rushed toward that direction, carrying Warner with him.

Warner struggled vigorously, but Barrett’s strength exploded at this time with his resolution of death. His strength became shockingly incomparable. Everyone looked as the two of them moved rapidly toward the swarm of Giant Devil Mosquitos and pushed their way inside. Pupu saw the situation and immediately wanted to go and save Warner, but within two steps he stopped again. Warner and Barritt were already completely surrounded by the Giant Devil Mosquitos.

“HAHAHAHA…I told you. We are going to die together!”

A laughter full of pain and screaming came from the gaps in the Giant Devil Mosquito swarm. This maniacal and painful laughter made everyone’s hearts shiver uncontrollably. The agitated and malevolent faces of those people stimulated by the continuous battle suddenly regain clarity as well.

Yu Han and Bai Yi just happened to see this scene as they moved apart, and they both stopped at the same time.

“Run, run away! We mustn’t die in this place!”

An instant after they paused, both of them shouted at the same time. The words they shouted were actually the same, and their expressions were extremely similar. However, their moods at this time were somewhat different. At this moment, Yu Han felt intense grief, indignation, and hatred in his heart. I must definitely not die here, definitely not! I must survive and come back again! As for Bai Yi, he didn’t want all his teammates to die in this place just because of revenge.

They felt Bai Yi and Yu Han’s hoarse voices reverberate in their eardrums and transmit into their hearts. All of them who had become extremely hot-blooded from the battle paused slightly.

Only now did they realize their miserable state. None of the people who were still standing now remained uninjured. Although Bai Yi’s team had fused with genes that inclined more toward battle from the start, the teammates that Yu Han had gathered couldn’t be underestimated as well. After all, they weren’t the only ones who were lucky, and the people who thought of fusing genes selectively couldn’t be just them either.

All the people in Yu Han’s team had almost fallen into the berserk state, but after hearing Yu Han’s voice at this time they suddenly awoke.

Sharpei chased after Athena and bit off her left leg. He didn’t just break her leg, but ripped it off compeletely, as Sharpei’s strength now was just that immense. Gaute’s left shoulder was ripped into pieces. Although the octopus genes let him rapidly regrow a tentacle, it was hacked off by Woolf again. Gaute now seemed to be bathing in a pool of blood, swaying and almost falling. Mavis had ripped off one of Adams’ wings, but Adams still bore with his severe injury and bit Mavis’ neck and injected a powerful poison into Mavis’ body. Harold faced Momo and Pupu. Initially, he thought that a small kid would be easier to deal with, but he still suffered some injuries in the end.

Evelynn’s headless corpse laid on the floor and had already started to cool down. Ning Xue’s body similarly laid on the floor, and blood still slowly flowed out her wound profusely. Barritt and Warner had wrestled with each other and rolled into the Giant Devil Mosquito swarm, and they could only hear low groans coming from there now.

Dead, all dead!

The people in Yu Han’s team all looked at him. They discovered that his python was already ripped off, and half of the python’s body hung limply from his shoulder.

“Run, all of you run!” Yu Han roared loudly in sorrow and anger as tears fell from his eyes. The hoarse and painful voice instantly made these people who were almost in the berserk state regain their consciousness.

They had to run, they couldn’t die in this place, they had to get revenge for their comrades that died! At this time, everyone in Yu Han’s team felt a camaraderie from their fury toward a common enemy, and a stubbornness in desperation rose inside. They would never die here, no matter what they had to make Bai Yi’s team pay in blood for everything!

“Run, leave this place! Don’t sacrifice yourselves meaninglessly!” Bai Yi similarly shouted loudly. He wanted to kill Yu Han, but if they continued to stay in this place nobody would survive. Everyone knew just how powerful the Giant Devil Mosquitos were. They weren’t something the lifeforms at the current stage could contend with.

From the looks of it now, Yu Han’s team seemed to be the victims. Their sorrowful emotions and their screams of despair, everything shook the hearts of all those present.

Were they wrong? Just who was right and who was wrong?!

The two groups ran toward the vengeful spirits at the same time unanimously. There was definitely a reason why the vengeful spirits and the Giant Devil Mosquitos stayed in the center and outskirts of the city respectively. Other than that, all of them hoped that the vengeful spirits at the center of the city would kill off the other side. Yu Han’s team relied on the sap of the Soul Purifying Tree, while Bai Yi’s team relied on the Spirit Devouring Butterflies.

“Be careful of the vengeful spirits!” Yu Han reminded his teammates while he ran.

“Xu~~!” Momo pursed her lips and gave a slight whistle. This sound was very soft, but incredibly clear. The penetrating power of this sound was incomparable, as if it rang from the bottom of their hearts. Once the whistled sounded, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies that stopped nearby before flew over in groups, surrounding the people in Bai Yi’s team.

Although Yu Han’s team didn’t know what abilities these butterflies had, they could still guess some of it. Letting these butterflies come out at this time, it was definitely related to dealing with the vengeful spirits.

The two groups didn’t stop their attacks on each other even while they ran. Suddenly, although they couldn’t see clearly, all of them felt like they ran into wave of people, and countless black distorted figures appeared in the air as well. This was the center of Wellington, where the vengeful spirits congregrated, and where the energy field of the underworld was the densest. In this place, even normal people could see the vengeful spirits with the naked eye.

These mysterious and brutal vengeful spirits rushed past the two groups of people. Sounds of pained screams rang continuously around Yu Han’s team, and they could see black smoke rising from places where they had dripped the Soul Purifying Tree sap. Yu Han’s team immediately panicked, they couldn’t afford to care if the sap would harm their own souls and immediately dumped the remainder of the sap on their bodies.

Similarly, Bai Yi’s team weren’t without injuries either. Although they had the Spirit Devouring Butterflies surrounding them, these butterflies had never entered the center area either. Although they indeed fed on spiritual lifeforms, the number of vengeful spirits here was really too many. They only saw countless Spirit Devouring Butterflies flying around their bodies, mixing together with those black shadows. Despite the black vengeful spirits being continuously devoured, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies similarly fell down continuously and died.

There had never been a clear boundary between predator and prey!

Behind them, the vengeful spirits and Giant Devil Mosquitos clashed together, their collision rippling through the center of the city. Just like they had guessed, although the vengeful spirits and Giant Devil Mosquitos were completely different types of lifeforms, they treated each other with hostility for some reason. That was why they lived separately in the center and the outskirts of the city.

“This is!” The young girl writing in her notebook at the very start paused at the top of the skyscraper, looking at the Giant Devil Mosquitos and the vengeful spirits that clashed together. She couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Just who could have brought about this intense clash? The few people that she saw entering this city had probably all died long ago.

Similarly, the other lifeforms in the city also seemed to be curious about this huge commotion, but none of them dared to be too curious. If they got embroiled in this clash between the vengeful spirits and the Giant Devil Mosquitos, the only outcome for them could only be death.

At this time, both teams looked at the scene at the center simultaneously. They all stood stunned on the spot. This was probably the first time that humans had entered the center of the city ever since Wellington had turned into a ghost city. At this moment, what appeared before everyone’s eyes were corpses; there were corpses as far as the eyes could see.

These corpses hadn’t rotted but were dumped messily in every corner of the city. They were piled all the way until the hill at the center…a hill formed from corpses!

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