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Chapter 118: Death Battle

Yu Han slowly stood up as his body swayed. He suddenly raised his head and stared at Bai Yi with incredible malevolence in his eyes.

At this time, Bai Yi reopened his eyes. In those eyes, there was no sympathy or pity!

Bai Yi wouldn’t continue to make mistakes again. Nobody could tolerate making mistakes over and over. Just like what Ning Xue had sensed just now, the Bai Yi who had buried his kindness and gentleness was incredibly terrifying. It wasn’t just about strength, but also a change in his mental state.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Just when Yu Han looked at Bai Yi malevolently, Bai Yi’s eyes widened again and blood continued to flow down from his eyes. It was still okay to use the Reverse Flower Eyes at the first and second level, but once he used the third level that was coupled with the assistance of the special energy, Bai Yi’s eyes would bleed. After much research and studying by all of them, they thought that this was because Bai Yi’s eyes hadn’t changed gradually. The few sudden mutations and evolutions had caused his eyes to have some hidden injury.

Anything is fine, even if my eyes goes blind, I must kill this guy!

Bai Yi walked toward Yu Han. Yu Han just stood there blankly on the spot, seemingly not seeing Bai Yi walking toward him. While walking, a small willow leaf knife appeared in Bai Yi’s hand. This wasn’t the one that he gave to Hong Qi Hua but it was the same type. In reality, Bai Yi didn’t even get the chance to retrieve the willow leaf knife he gave to Hong Qi Hua, so he could only choose another identical one as a replacement.

“Yu Han! Yu Han wake up! Shit!” Gaute shouted loudly, charging toward Bai Yi immediately. However, Woolf immediately stopped him and the two of them went into a deadlock.

“Don’t even think of going over!” Woolf’s body was stained with blood, and a baleful aura emitted from his body.

“Bastard!” Gaute looked at Woolf viciously, and gritted his teeth so hard that they almost broke.

Yu Han said that everything was his fault, but from what Gaute saw it was clearly Bai Yi’s team being overly aggressive and forceful. Just look at their cruel way of killing. Evelynn got beheaded in one strike, and Ning Xue, who should be considered their friend, also got her heart pierced mercilessly. Yu Han said that it was his fault before, but they didn’t know all the history between them. However, from the looks of it now, Bai Yi seemed more like the murderer, the devil!

It’s like that! It’s definitely like that!

Gaute looked at Woolf who blocked his path and roared ferociously. He ripped off his clothes, and the muscles on his left arm that were partially ripped before suddenly wriggled. A giant tentacle rapidly grew out just like that. The other 4 of them were not too different from Gaute. They also saw Bai Yi’s team as evil people who were wicked beyond redemption. Not looking at anything else, just from the things that had happened since they met, their team were definitely not the ones in the wrong.

Who was right and who was wrong?

Bai Yi held the willow leaf knife as he walked toward Yu Han, his eyes never breaking away from Yu Han’s as they bled continuously. All the shouting and screaming around them seemed to be completely unrelated to the pair. Even if the other 5 teammates of Yu Han had now fallen into the berserk state, they couldn’t help but feel their heart pause. They wanted to scream and awaken him.

Yu Han!

It ends here!

Bai Yi said this in his heart as he stabbed the willow leaf knife forward. However, at this time, Bai Yi suddenly noticed the python that was still bleeding profusely. At this time, the eyes of the python that laid on Yu Han’s left arm were almost closed, but a cold light could be seen from it in a few instances.

Bai Yi suddenly shot backward; the moment his body started moving, Yu Han moved as well viciously. The python shot toward Bai Yi at an unimaginable speed. ‘Sou!’, Bai Yi threw the willow leaf knife out immediately. Although the python avoided getting pierced in its mouth, the willow leaf knife still stabbed into its original wound.

At this moment, Yu Han had already stepped forward forcefully and smashed his tortoise shield brutally toward Bai Yi’s face.

‘DANG!’, a heavy and dull collision sounded; Bai Yi’s hands heavily slammed against Yu Han’s tortoise shield, hitting the shield away.

Body Parrying Blow!

One of the movements in the Tai Ji Fist.

However, Yu Han similarly used a strange movement to dissipate the strength and counterattacked toward Bai Yi mercilessly. Inside the research facility, Yu Han had spent a lot of time in the upper section as well, so the information he had acquired wasn’t less than Bai Yi’s. While Bai Yi’s team was practicing the Tai Ji Fist, Yu Han was also practicing it. Moreover, he had combined it with his special left arm and made some unique adjustments to it.

The Xuan Wu Arm and his now sorrowful and hysterical emotions helped him resist Bai Yi’s hypnosis. Bai Yi had determined this from the moment he saw the state of the python on Yu Han’s left arm. This was because, Bai Yi understood his Reverse Flower Eyes very deeply. Hypnosis wasn’t some magical power. The more on guard and alert the other person was, the harder it was for it to be effective.

The two of them fought at close quarters. Yu Han was missing a left arm, but he had an additional agile python with him. Moreover, honestly speaking, the butterfly genes that Bai Yi had fused with didn’t give him any bonuses other than in vision. Very quickly, Bai Yi fell to a disadvantage in this close quarters battle. However, Bai Yi did not retreat. Instead, he ferociously continued his battle with Yu Han.

You think this is painful?! Do you finally understand pain?! Do you understand what feelings I held back then, how it feels to bury my true self inside, and how I felt when I pierced Ning Xue with the fang sword! Do you think I wanted to do this! WHO DO YOU THINK IT WAS THAT CAUSED THINGS TO BECOME LIKE THIS!

Bai Yi gripped onto the neck of the python tightly with his left hand, as his right hand mercilessly stabbed inside the wound caused by the fang sword, viciously tearing into it.

“HISSSS…!!!” The python cried out loudly, and Yu Han roared violently as well. Sharing the same body as the python now was really inconvenient, and Bai Yi locked him down with his body at this point in time. However, Yu Han did not give up and used his mouth to crunch down on Bai Yi’s left arm, brutally using all the force he could muster to bite off his left arm first.


Not just Yu Han, but all Bai Yi thought of now was this.

The two of them completely gave up on using any techniques. Instead, they just tore away at each other based on their instincts. This wild battle was even crueler and bloodier. The ghosts who came to watch the show were completely stunned, and even Anna was shocked for a long while. Not just Bai Yi and Yu Han were battling like this, the battles of the others weren’t any lesser in intensity as well. Even the small kid Momo had a look of viciousness and cruelty.

“AHHHHH…!!” Bai Yi brutally pulled and roared subconsciously, his hand grabbing onto the wound of the python. He pulled forcefully and directly tore the upper half of the python’s body off.

“ARGHHHH!!” At the same time, Yu Han similarly bit down with all his strength. A tearing sound likewise came from Bai Yi’s left arm, and a more than 20 centimeters piece of flesh was torn off from his lower arm. Bai Yi’s shattered bones could be seen in his arm.

The instant he tore the python’s body off, Bai Yi twisted his body and brutally kicked toward Yu Han.

Gathering Whip Kick!

In the exact same way, Yu Han kicked at Bai Yi with the same posture and movements. It was not only Bai Yi who had learned to used Tai Ji Fist in battle. Two powerful forces collided, and a ‘kacha!’ sound came from both their legs. Their legs broke at the same time. The immense force from the collision then sent both of them flying backward at the same time.

Both of them fell heavily on the ground and slowly climbed again. It wasn’t going to end until one of them died!

Yu Han roared loudly at the sky, and blood gushed out from the lower body of the torn python profusely. Suddenly, on the back of Yu Han’s left arm, the flesh and bones quickly closed on itself. It formed a new head, the head of a tortoise. The mythical Xuan Wu had two heads all along, and the tortoise had always been the main body. It was just that Yu Han had always thought that the transformation in his body stopped there. Unexpectedly, a new tortoise head actually grew out in a situation like this.

Bai Yi’s left arm hung by his body, blood dripping down continuously from the wound to the floor. All the flesh on a side of his arm was gone, going all the way until the back of his palm.


A metallic grinding sound other rang out. Bai Yi happened to be standing beside Ning Xue at this moment, and his right hand grabbed onto the fang sword again and he slowly pulled it out from her body. The blade and Ning Xue’s sharp nails grinded against each other, giving off a slow and prolonged grinding sound. However, this time, Ning Xue didn’t grab onto the blade anymore and silently laid on the ground.

“You are not allowed to hurt Ning Xue!”

“Not allowed, DID YOU HEAR ME!!” A trace of clarity appeared in Yu Han’s savage eyes, but in the next instant he became even more furious.

At this time, the other people around them fell into bloody battles too. At this point in time, nobody cared about who was right and right. There was only one notion in everyone’s hearts…Kill! Kill them! This desperate and cruel atmosphere made all the ghosts nearby retreat backward involuntarily. They initially thought that this was just a melodramatic revenge show, but the scene in front of them had long exceeded their imaginations.

At this time, Anna also subconsciously retreated backward, but she suddenly turned to the east, then to the southwest direction.


This sound meant that they had alarmed all the Giant Devil Mosquitos and vengeful spirits in the city. Their bloody and desperate battle, their furious roars, and the stench of blood had spread very far through this quiet ghost city.

In reality, it wasn’t just the Giant Devil Mosquitos and the vengeful spirits that were alarmed, just that these two groups were the largest here. The other various lifeforms and humans in the ghost city of Wellington also gathered toward this location.

“Bai Yi, the Giant Devil Mosquitos and vengeful spirits are heading here!” Anna immediately showed herself and shouted at Bai Yi. One must know, those who were killed by the vengeful spirits wouldn’t even have their souls left. Unfortunately, Bai Yi didn’t care about Anna at all but pointed his fang sword at Yu Han in front of him.

At this moment, none of the others had any intentions to stop. This battle wouldn’t stop unless one side was killed off completely!

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