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Chapter 117: Right And Wrong?

As of now, although the lifeforms on Devil Island were strange, they just had powerful strength in addition to the special energy. To normal humans, these lifeforms would be incomparably dangerous. Although these lifeforms were very strong, most of their strength came from abilities that they already had. Examples included their tentacles, venom, spider silk, sharp fangs and claws, immense physical strength, or other parts of their bodies. Only a very small portion evolved based on their initial abilities and acquired special abilities.

Such as Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes!

Although his Reverse Flower Eyes seemed to be very powerful, it had not completely exceeded the range of transformation possible to living things.

Yu Han’s Xuan Wu arm was the same. Although he named his own arm as Xuan Wu, in reality, it had nothing to do with the mythological Xuan Wu. In the end, it was just him fusing with the genes of a golden python and a tortoise; his arm had transformed into this form by chance.

However, just like the changes in Bai Yi’s eyes, Yu Han’s left arm was a little different as well.


Yu Han had been injured several times. Although the changes in his left arm weren’t as obvious as Bai Yi’s, he still had more or less figured out some of the principles behind it. Decomposition, this was the power that Yu Han’s left arm had now.

This couldn’t be considered to be some special ability either as every lifeform possessed the ability to regulate their bodies. For example, after a normal human gets bitten by a mosquito, a slight toxin would invade their body. A bump may appear on the spot where the person was bitten but he definitely wouldn’t die because the body is capable of breaking down that toxin. However, if the person was bitten by something more deadly like a venomous snake, then a normal human would be in big trouble.

Yu Han’s Xuan Wu Arm magnified this decomposition to the utmost. Any random thing that invaded his left arm would seemingly be completely broken down. An example would be the reddish-black beetle that bit his left arm. This allowed him to be fine after that. Yu Han had even thought about the mythology behind the Xuan Wu.

Xuan Wu, also known as Xuan Ming, was a combination of a snake and a tortoise. It was a Water God that lived in the Eastern Seas. It possessed unfathomable power and contained the Four Directions and Yin Yang within it.

This was the reason for Yu Han’s internalt pride and arrogance. He himself knew that his left arm had nothing to do with the so-called Xuan Wu, but he just couldn’t help but feel pleased about it. Who knew if his Xuan Wu Arm would evolve to really become able to break down anything. Perhaps not just toxins, but maybe even various forms of special energy could be absorbed for his own use in the future. It could be just like the Eastern Underworld Divine Techniques in those novels.

When Yu Han was hypnotized by Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes just now, his Xuan Wu Arm had sent out a warm flow thatt circulated around his body instantly. This woke him up from the dazed state. It wasn’t the first time that Yu Han had experienced this kind of situation either Apparently, this uncontrollable warm flow was the special energy inside his body. Whenever any fatal compounds accidentally entered his body, this warm flow would appear.

Unfortunately, it could only appear passively. If he could actively manipulate it, then maybe he wouldn’t have to be worried about Bai Yi’s eyes anymore.

However, he still felt very dissatisfied. Bai Yi had only fused with butterfly genes, how did it change to become such a demonic pair of eyes?

This was Yu Han’s attitude at the bottom of his heart. He just couldn’t bear to see other people being better off than him. In this twisted world now, this attitude of his became even more obvious. He didn’t think about how his left arm had already helped him be a step ahead of so many other people. This world wasn’t one that only revolved around one person. Why was it that only he could gain good things while others must be inferior to him?

Including himself, there were a total of 10 people in Yu Han’s team. The Giant Devil Mosquitos ate one, the aquatic monster drowned another, and Bai Yi killed the third one. Leaving aside Yu Han and Ning Xue, the 5 remaining people just happened to coincide with the number of people that Bai Yi had on his team. Apparently, these teammates of Yu Han weren’t randomly picked, they all seemed to have decent strength.

“Are you ready to receive your death!” Bai Yi didn’t care about the battles of other people. He only stretched out his left hand and gestured invitingly. It was an invitation of death.

“The person to die will be you, Bai Yi!”

Yu Han roared viciously and abruptly charged at him. He raised his left arm and the golden python pounced at Bai Yi ferociously. At the same time, Ning Xue hesitated for a moment but charged toward Bai Yi too. At this point in time, even Ning Xue couldn’t keep herself out of this the moment she resolutely decided to stick with Yu Han.

Bai Yi opened his eyes wide and raised his fang sword slightly!

They had already imagined that they would have a difficult battle with Bai Yi earlier on. However, they didn’t expect that it would be tough to this extent. The two of them didn’t dare to meet Bai Yi’s eyes at all. Doing so would leave them wide open and almost certainly invited death. However, how could it be easy to not look at the other person? 99% of the lifeforms on Earth were used to employing their eyes to look at this world. They couldn’t just suddenly choose to avoid using their eyes anymore.

When they crossed each other, the python on Yu Han’s left arm bit toward Bai Yi.

At this moment, Bai Yi’s fang sword shot out, cutting through the air and slicing into the python’s body. Because they didn’t dare to cross their gazes with Bai Yi, neither Yu Han or Ning Xue saw the way Bai Yi’s sword moved. Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes was indeed his most useful ability, but that didn’t mean that Bai Yi would only rely on this.

Blade Force!

‘Puchi!’, Yu Han felt through the python a heart-piercing pain, and the python also screamed pitifully in a high-pitched tone. This strike was completely different from the clash before, it directly hacked into the hard scales of the python and almost split the python into half.

Suddenly suffering from this immense pain, Yu Han instinctually turned his head slightly to look at that side.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

The Reverse Flower Eyes this time was different from before, and blood instantly started flowing down from Bai Yi’s eyes. It was clear that the Reverse Flower Eyes this time had reached the third stage, and the special energy rapidly moved inside his body.


The moment Yu Han turned around, he saw Bai Yi’s bewitching eyes, and a word arose in his mind. As their gazes crossed, Yu Han immediately felt like he had descended into a kaleidoscopic world and lost himself in a short while. Even if he had just experienced something like this moments before, Yu Han still couldn’t react properly. Yu Han screamed crazily in his heart, hoping that his Xuan Wu Arm would send out the special energy and break through the hypnosis like it had done so previously.

However, this time, the more panicked Yu Han became, the more he couldn’t wake up. It was just like having a nightmare while experiencing a sleep paralysis. He clearly felt terrified, but he just couldn’t wake up.

Suddenly, a warm drop of liquid fell onto Yu Han’s face. In addition to the rolling of special energy in his body, Yu Han’s eyes regained their clarity again.

However, what Yu Han saw utterly stunned him.

Ning Xue was blocking in front of him with Bai Yi’s sword pierced through the center of her chest. She had used all her might to grab onto the sword with her hard claws and did not let it move. Warm blood spurted out continuously from the front and back of Ning Xue’s body, splattering onto Yu Han’s face.


Bai Yi’s eyes shook for a moment as well, and a word rose in his heart. However, Bai Yi still didn’t stop and slowly tried to pull his fang sword out from her body. However, Ning Xue grabbed onto the fang sword tightly and refused to let go. At the same time, her right hand shot out and 3 sharp black nails aimed at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi had witnessed before how powerful her sharp nails were. Since he couldn’t pull his fang sword out at the moment, he had no choice but to release his right hand and jump backward.

Seeing Bai Yi let go of the fang sword, Ning Xue didn’t continue to shoot her nails out either. Instead, she snuggled against Yu Han’s body just like that and slowly fell.

“Doctor, where’s the doctor?! Athena!!” Yu Han hugged Ning Xue tightly, watching as her blood gushed out continuously. Bai Yi’s sword had really pierced through the center of her heart, this was evident just from looking at the gushing blood. However, when Yu Han looked around in panic, he realized that all his teammates were engaged in their own difficult battles. The Athena he was calling for was being chased brutally by Sharpei. Her clothes were all ripped to shreds and there was blood everywhere on her body. She appeared to be incomparably miserable.

“Yu, Yu Han…Our child.” Ning Xue’s right hand slowly caressed her lower abdomen.

“En, en, our child.” Yu Han held Ning Xue close, his tears flowing down profusely from his eyes.

Yu Han knew that he had done many wrongs, and many people couldn’t accept the things that he did. But Ning Xue still followed him all the while, precisely because she carried his child in her tummy. Maybe it was due to the activated cells, but this child didn’t have many changes even after 9 months. They didn’t know when the child would be born either. Precisely because of Ning Xue, Yu Han wanted to change. If he couldn’t be a hero then a ruthless character was fine too, but…but…!!!

Bai Yi stopped on the spot as the blood from his eyes flowed profusely down his cheeks as it left two bright-red lines on his face.


Ning Xue was actually pregnant? Then it must be Yu Han’s, so it was like that. This was the reason why Ning Xue would never leave Yu Han.

Bai Yi looked at the life slowly departing from Ning Xue’s face. He did not know how to describe his feelings now. The kindness and gentleness that he had buried deep inside his heart gradually started to float back up again. In the past, they were all actually good friends. Bai Yi thought of the times back in Waikato University, and the lively scenes of these youths playing together.

However now…How many of them were still alive, and how many of them died in each other’s hands?

Bai Yi looked at his hands, and closed his eyes.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….!!!!!” Yu Han suddenly roared toward this sky, his voice containing a heart-rending sorrow. He was apparently hurt to the limit. The intense soundwaves rippled across the air surrounding them, resonating in everyone’s hearts. The two sides that were initially battling with each other immediately looked over, and saw the scene of Yu Han hugging Ning Xue on the floor.


The eyes of Yu Han’s teammates immediately turned red, and their expressions gradually turned berserk. The reason they came to Wellington to search for the Dead Soul Flower was precisely to nourish their soul. After all, nobody else had a hypnotic ability like Bai Yi’s that could help to balance the body and the soul yet. After suffering through so much shock and agitation, Yu Han’s team all started to fall into the berserk state.

Yu Han slowly stood up as his body swayed. He suddenly raised his head and stared at Bai Yi with incredible malevolence in his eyes.

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