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Chapter 116: Voice Hypnosis

“Understood!” Yu Han didn’t try to be long-winded. In truth, he knew long ago that there was zero possibility of a peaceful resolution. He only said this to complete his acting in front of his teammates. This clearly told them that it wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to resolve things peacefully, but it was Bai Yi who was being too overbearing and aggressive.

“What about you guys? Are you guys really going to fight for a person like Yu Han?” Bai Yi looked at the people around Yu Han.

“Bai Yi team leader, is it really not possible to resolve this peacefully?” Adams asked.

“It’s too bad then!”

“Then we are very sorry too. No matter what, Yu Han is still our leader now. Moreover, I don’t think that he should give up his life as well. If Bai Yi team leader wants to be so overbearing, then don’t blame us for what’s about to come,” Adams said.

“Don’t blame me if you die.” Bai Yi’s voice was like a low mutter.

Hypnosis – Using actions, colors, sounds, and so on…to transmit erroneous signals to the five senses. Through such influence, the user befuddles their opponent’s perception and judgment.

Bai Yi drew the fang sword from its sheath. The edge of the sword and the sheath ground against each other, releasing a clear ring!

Almost as if the sound came from the bottom of their hearts, the metallic cry rippled through the air from Bai Yi’s sword!

“Come!” Bai Yi’s eyes focused as he said a single word viciously.

The moment Bai Yi said this word, 3 people from Yu Han’s team immediately burst out from their spots toward the lake shore without being cautious that it was easy to get attacked while in the air. The metallic ring of Bai Yi’s sword just now had caused an intense battle lust to grow from their hearts. At the same time, they understood that a peaceful resolution was just a complete joke. Of the two teams standing here today, only one will make it out alive.

Woolf’s mouth cracked open into a mocking smile, Idiots, you guys got influenced by Bai Yi’s sword ring so easily and jumped out at us. 

One must know, that there were more than 100 meters of water between the two groups.

“Be careful, Kremer, Gaute…!” Yu Han’s emotions were still quite calm; he didn’t impulsively jump out like the 3 of them. After all, Bai Yi was still in the process of developing the method of using sound to influence his opponents’ emotions. It could only be considered a shallow-level hypnosis that he had figured out how to apply recently.

The jumping power of humans now was really incomparable to the normal humans before. From high up, the three of them jumped fiercely. They had really jumped across the 100 meters separating them and the shore, landing toward the ground.

Bai Yi’s eyes widened slightly as he held his fang sword diagonally. Terrifying killing intent rumbled in his eyes. Even if Bai Yi didn’t know these people before, he had already passed the death sentence on them the moment they chose to side with Yu Han. After going through so many things, Yu Han was not the only one who changed and Bai Yi was changing as well. However, the difference between him and Yu Han was that Bai Yi had buried his kindness and gentleness deeply in his heart.


Not just Bai Yi, but Woolf and rest also made their preparations to attack. These 3 people were fated to be the first to die in this place.

The people in Yu Han’s team couldn’t understand why their 3 teammates were so impulsive, but they could tell anyway that the situation wasn’t good. They immediately sprinted rapidly from the two sides of the bridge, rushing to intercept the 3 of them. Adams also spread the wings on his back and immediately chased after them but none of them expected…

Suddenly, sounds of water splashing came the dark surface of the lake.

Two giant tentacles more than 10 meters in length abruptly burst out from the depths of the lake. They wrapped themselves around Kremer who was still in the air and dragged him down viciously. Both groups got a fright, nobody thought that something unexpected like this would happen.

However, in the blink of an eye, all of them reacted. The New Zealand now wasn’t the New Zealand in the past, the name of this place was – Devil Island!

There was an uncountable number of twisted and powerful monsters on Devil Island and this was just on land. It was ever scarier closer to the sea. Unfortunately, this inner lake of Wellington actually connected to the seaport. Only heaven would know what type of aquatic monster this lifeform hiding under the water surface was. Without waiting for Bai Yi’s team to act, the unlucky Kremer was already locked on by this monster.

‘Putong!’, this guy that was as large as Woolf got dragged into the bottom of the lake.

Yu Han’s team instantly stunned for a moment, and after that, they saw a scene that rendered them speechless. Their eyes became wide open in shock.

Gaute and Evelynn charged toward Bai Yi’s team. Gaute was fine, but when Evelynn charged toward Bai Yi, his Reverse Flower Eyes suddenly appeared and caused a momentary lapse in Evelynn’s consciousness. In that short lapse, Evelynn lost any chance that she had.

‘Puchi!’, Evelynn’s head flew up, and bright red blood sprayed into the sky.

Yu Han’s left hand slowly paused in the air. He looked at Evelynn’s head as it flew along with the bright red blood falling down. Beside Evelynn’s corpse that had yet to fall down was Bai Yi’s bewitching eyes. They looked like a flower blooming in reverse and Yu Han’s team felt like it was seemingly sucking all of their minds into it. Yu Han’s team completely blanked out as they looked at his eyes.

Yu Han’s team were not the only ones stunned, even Woolf and the rest were stunned for a moment. Why was Bai Yi so ruthless from the start? The few of them had ganged up on Gaute and only crippled one of his arms. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the ability to kill him but it just wasn’t necessary. However, Bai Yi had immediately killed that woman with his first strike.

Don’t blame me if you die!

At this time, Yu Han’s team suddenly recalled Bai Yi’s words before the start of the battle. He wasn’t joking when he said that. This was true revenge, a life and death battle.


Yu Han’s eyes suddenly bulged wide open and he roared ferociously. At this instant, Yu Han’s heart even paused for a moment. At this moment, he could finally understand the pain that Bai Yi felt back then.

Looking at the Bai Yi that stood there silently, only Ning Xue could feel that…Bai Yi had changed! This was definitely not that warm-hearted Uncle Bai that was always gentle and smiling.

The Bai Yi that had buried all the kindness and gentleness in his heart was damn frightening!

“Be careful of Bai Yi’s eyes!” Ning Xue saw Yu Han charging toward Bai Yi and immediately reminded him. In reality, the rest of them were already on guard against Bai Yi’s eyes and did not need this reminder. Evelynn wasn’t considered weak in the team, but even she had no ability to fight back in front of Bai Yi. In addition to Bai Yi’s unique eyes, a phrase rose in all of their minds…Eye Techniques!

Bai Yi tilted his head, abruptly putting power on his feet and bursting out with a ‘sou!’ toward Yu Han.

The bunch of ghosts that watched the show by the side were quite shocked as well. Wasn’t this too intense? To speak of it, this bunch of ghosts had died at the beginning of New Zealand’s change, and they were just a bunch of normal people. They had never seen such a bitter and intense battle.

Only Anna drifted around the battlefield excitedly, only hoping that more blood would fly.

“Oooh, OH…well done! Awesome Bai Yi! You killed one right from the start!” Anna was extremely excited as if she had eaten some aphrodisiacs. Her spiritual form changed constantly, and she revealed half her head beside Bai Yi. Yu Han got a fright the moment Anna appeared. This half a head that appeared out of nowhere would give anybody mentally sound a jump.

After hearing Anna’s words, other than feeling pain in his heart, he also felt a ball of resentment and jealousy rise inside.

That is a ghost right!

Why could these ghosts actually communicate with Bai Yi!

“It’s always like this, it’s always like this! You always meet with all the good things!” However, Yu Han never stopped and thought about how the number of fortunate encounters he had wasn’t necessarily lesser than Bai Yi’s. Yu Han’s heart hurt crazily and he burned with jealousy at the same time. At the same time, the eyes of the snake on his left arm released a frightening light.

I get all the good things?

Bai Yi laughed mockingly and his face turned malevolent instantly. Even joking has to have a limit! He wasn’t like the protagonist people commonly saw in novels where good things always gathered around him. Every bit of power that he and his friends obtained had been earned through their own efforts and struggles! Or was it that you were always having these kinds of fantasies? That’s why you were always so jealous of others, that’s why you schemed against others, and that’s why you were so despicable?!

This pair of eyes, do you know under what kind of circumstances I awakened them?! Do you know?!

Reverse Flower Eyes!

The reversed flower in Bai Yi’s eyes instantly bloomed. Even though Yu Han knew long ago that Bai Yi’s eyes were very suspicious, he still subconsciously looked into it. This was because an overwhelming majority of lifeforms on Earth relied too heavily on their vision. Naturally, humans were also among these. In this moment, Bai Yi swung his fang sword at Yu Han viciously.

“Yu Han!” Ning Xue saw that something bad was about to happen to Yu Han by the side and instantaneously shot out two fingernails. Her fingernails were about 10 centimeters in length. They were black and sharp and shot toward Bai Yi’s face with a ‘sou!’. Right behind her fingernails, Ning Xue was already dashing toward Yu Han.

Bai Yi lifted his fang sword slightly, and with two ‘dangs!’ he parried the fingernails. In that split second of pause, the snake on Yu Han’s left arm hissed and he immediately awoke from the hypnosis.

In the moment he regained consciousness, Yu Han rapidly stepped back twice and pulled Ning Xue away at the same time.

“Your eyes, what is its name?” Yu Han had a dark look on his face, his eyes looking diagonally away. He did not dare to look into Bai Yi’s eyes. Yu Han didn’t ask about the principle behind his eyes because he knew that it was impossible for Bai Yi to tell him. However, if it was just the name, Bai Yi shouldn’t reject him.

“Reverse Flower Eyes!”

“So it’s like that!” Yu Han raised his left arm, and the python slowly wrapped around the tortoise shield and flicked its tongue. “My left arm is now called Xuan Wu Arm.” Yu Han wasn’t shaken by Bai Yi’s eyes and raised his left arm toward Bai Yi as he thought, But this is really so infuriating, Bai Yi, this guy clearly only fused with butterfly genes, so how did he get such a powerful ability!

“Be careful, don’t look into his eyes. It seems to be a hypnosis ability, and not an illusion like we imagined. As long as we focus our attention the influence on us should be much smaller,” Yu Han said after retreating backward and pausing for a while.

Illusions, Yu Han had apparently thought of the ability in Bai Yi’s eyes like the special abilities in animes. However, Yu Han was right. A notable characteristic of hypnosis was that the effect on people with strong wills was very small. Bai Yi had discovered this point long ago as well. Bai Yi’s eyes now were indeed very powerful, but it wasn’t unbeatable. In reality, it was very simple to resist Bai Yi’s eyes; they just had to have a strong will. The first time people encountered Bai Yi’s eyes would always be the time when it was the easiest to fall under his hypnosis.

The effect of the Reverse Flower Eyes would indeed be reduced by a lot on those with strong wills but it wouldn’t be completely ineffective!

Even if the individual’s will was strong and they could wake up from the hypnosis very quickly, a momentary lapse in concentration during battle was fatal. If not for Ning Xue just now, even if Yu Han hadn’t died, he would at least be heavily injured.

“Are you prepared to receive your death!”

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