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Chapter 115: To Meet Again


A word rose from the bottom of his heart. From this moment onward, he had truly captured the hearts of this bunch of subordinates. Yu Han wanted to change. He clearly knew that heroes or ruthless people would be able to gain a following, but nobody would follow a despicable schemer. Regardless of whether he was one deep inside, he must at least convince them on the surface. But his past was just like a ticking time bomb, threatening to destroy this team at any time.

Yu Han had been planning all the while, looking for a suitable opportunity to tell them everything.

After his initial uneasiness, after hearing Adams, Evelynn and a few others supporting him, he knew that he had succeeded. As long as he didn’t do anything to make their hearts turn cold in the future, this team wouldn’t be in danger of breaking apart. As for whether Yu Han was a ruthless or despicable person?

Was this important?

Who never had dark thoughts in their hearts before? He just had to put on a convincing front to other people.

Athena was left speechless by her teammates words, so she was actually a lucky person? So, everybody went through so many difficult to bring up memories? At this time, Evelynn looked at her, “Athena, ask yourself. If you did not meet Yu Han, what kind of life would you be living now in that team on the edge of desperate straits? You could live so peacefully for this half a year, and everybody even managed to largely regain their human form. Who do we owe all of this to?”

“I…sorry. But, I will still observe you, I will not let you continue to do those despicable things,” Athena said to Yu Han.

“Of course, I welcome the supervision of everyone. I am not a saint. If you guys think anything I do is wrong then you guys must point it out to me.” Yu Han revealed a calm smile on his face.

From the start till the end, Ning Xue didn’t say anything. Ning Xue was smart to remain silent. With her relationship with Yu Han, anything she said would have probably been misunderstood by the rest. However, did Yu Han really change? Ning Xue looked at Yu Han blankly and finally revealed a smile. The storm brewing in the team had dissipated into nothingness just like this.

“Just like I said before, I admit that the things I did in the past were wrong, but I can’t possibly just let them kill me. So, I’m prepared to face Bai Yi and talk things out with him. If we can resolve things then that is for the best. But if not, then I will fight back.” Yu Han looked at the rest of his team solemnly.

“It doesn’t matter, I will support team leader. In New Zealand now, there is no absolute good or evil. If team leader just decides to give up his life like that, I would just think you are a coward. If that Bai Yi is really too overbearing, then let’s just battle. Since we decided to stand with team leader, then we will not go back on our words.” Adams nodded.

“Thank you!” Yu Han nodded seriously.

Ning Xue played with her nails absent-mindedly, peaceful resolution was obviously not possible. The faces of Khina, Hong Qi Hua, and everyone else slowly appeared in her mind. In slightly more than half a year, their faces had actually started to become a little blurry. Ning Xue turned her head and looked at the side of Yu Han’s face.

“Then, everyone take a bottle of Soul Purifying Tree sap. We didn’t use this before, but now that we’ve confirmed the existence of ghosts, this can be put to use now. Remember to use it sparingly, this thing is harmful to ourselves too.” Yu Han took out a sealed leather briefcase and took out the viscous liquid inside it.

Soul Purifying Tree – a plant found by a group of people who entered Wellington by chance. Due to the influence of the environment, the sap of this tree actually had the ability to purge spiritual lifeforms. It was probably similar to the saying, ‘Within 7 steps of the place where a venomous snake appears, there must be an antidote.’ Although there was probably some exaggeration, the natural world was indeed a harmonious body that complemented and countered each other. The kind of lifeform that stood at the peak above all other living things still hadn’t come into existence yet.

The sap of the Purifying Soul Tree could not only purge spirits, but it was also damaging to the soul of living things. Everyone got a small bottle of this liquid. After leaving this inner lake, they just had to put a drop on their clothes and it could keep the ghosts away.

“We’ll continue to look for the Dead Soul Flower, that is our main objective here. If Bai Yi’s team really appears, then I’ll talk to them,” Yu Han said to everyone.

The rest of them nodded as well.

Bai Yi gradually slowed down and the rest of them following him gradually slowed down as well. Anna wanted to ask why weren’t they running anymore, but suddenly felt that the aura around Bai Yi now was quite terrifying. Woolf was puzzled in his heart too, but similarly did not say anything and looked at Bai Yi.

Slow and gradual, Bai Yi’s actions weren’t hurried at all. His aura had gradually calmed down as the harsh aura around him disappeared completely. However, the Bai Yi now felt even more dangerous, as if a volcano was being suppressed at the bottom of his heart, gathering its power for the imminent eruption.

Even Woolf understood what Bai Yi was doing and learned from him, suppressing his own killing intent.

At this time, the ghosts around them were completely silent as well. They feared to provoke Bai Yi’s group. Although people normally felt that the ghosts inside the movies were terrifying, it was actually nothing much when people saw through it. The ghosts inside the movies were terrifying just because normal humans were too weak, and they had little resistance toward many things. Those accidents and disasters brought about by ghosts in the movies wouldn’t be able to kill Bai Yi’s group even if it were repeated dozens of times. Of course, this was also because the people in Bai Yi’s team were individually powerful, and had strong adaptability.

Moreover, Momo could even see ghosts now, so there was even less reason to be afraid.

“I tried to scare the people you were talking about before, and ended up luring the Giant Devil Mosquitos there…” Anna came close, wanting to say something, but Bai Yi stretched out his right hand. He gestured for her to stop talking. A mysterious and inexplicable feeling rose in him, and Bai Yi looked diagonally in front.

At this time, Yu Han’s team had also just exited the inner lake, preparing to search for the next Dead Soul Flower. Similarly, the snake on Yu Han’s left arm raised its head up and looked in Bai Yi’s direction.

“He’s here!”

The other people in Yu Han’s team blanked for a moment, before suddenly realizing with a jolt who Yu Han said was here. Was it Bai Yi? Not letting down Yu Han’s description of him, he really seemed like a man with great fortitude and strength. But what was this mysterious ability to sense each other they had, don’t tell me it’s the connection between archenemies?

Once their group heard Yu Han’s warning, they all stopped, standing on the huge crooked bridge on top of the Oriental Bay Lake.

Yu Han took out the sap of the Soul Purifying Tree and dripped a few drops on his shoulders and waist. After seeing his actions, his teammates followed him as well. No matter what, the most dangerous thing in Wellington now was still the ghosts that would appear out of nowhere.

Slowly, in the eyes of Yu Han’s team, a few figures slowly walked out from the dim street. Everyone in Bai Yi’s team seemed to be very calm, but they still had an intimidating aura around them. Without anybody noticing, a crescent moon appeared above the east side of Wellington Port. The dim and pale moonlight shone on everything, foreboding that this night wouldn't be quiet.

Momo stretched out her right hand, and two Spirit Devouring Butterflies landed on each of their shoulders. The other Spirit Devouring Butterflies danced in the pale moonlight, appearing exceedingly beautiful. Bai Yi’s team came to the grass patch by the shore of the lake. 100 meters away on the bridge stood Yu Han and his 8 other teammates, each with varying expressions.

The two sides stared at each other, a strange feeling arising in them.

“Long time no see!”

“It’s really been a long time.” Bai Yi didn’t spout any arrogant words like Yu Han had lived for too long, this wasn’t his personality.

“From the looks on your faces, you guys seem to know the conflict between Yu Han and I. Are you guys still supporting him?” Bai Yi looked at the other people beside Yu Han. Yu Han’s teammates stood there, appearing to be prepared for battle. If Bai Yi couldn’t even see this, then he would really be letting down all his past experiences.

“That’s right, I have already told them everything. Then, what if I say that I want to resolve this peacefully, and I can make reparations for everything?” Yu Han looked at Bai Yi.

“Ha!” Bai Yi sneered and pulled out his fang sword.

‘Shing!’, a clear and prolonged sound rang in everyone’s ears as the sword was drawn. All of them instantly tensed their bodies involuntarily. Yu Han’s team only felt that this sound was too clear as if it was ringing from the bottom of their hearts. However, they didn’t know that Bai Yi’s attack had already begun.


His fang sword wasn’t in the shape of a fang anymore but in the shape of a real sword. This was also a new technique that the evolved humans had discovered recently. A monster known as Corroding Fluid Beast contained a kind of fluid inside the meat lumps on its body that had very powerful corrosive properties. Metals would be corroded away and turned into scrap, but biological materials like teeth and bones would become softer after soaking in this corroding fluid for a certain period of time. After becoming softer, it became possible and easier to process these biological materials.

Some of the more talented people became the new ‘artificers’.

These ‘artificers’ were also known as Weapon Armor Makers or ‘WAM’ for short. Of course, the so-called ‘artificers’ weren’t like the ones in cultivation novels, but just used the claws, teeth, bones, or other materials of evolved lifeforms to create weapons or armors. No matter in which age, making use of tools had always been a strong point of humans.

Similarly, ‘healers’ had appeared during this period as well.

These ‘healers’ were known as Medicinal Makers or ‘MM’ for short. Similarly, they weren’t like the healers in the novels. The various evolved plants and animals in New Zealand were all incredibly dangerous and unfamiliar. Although many plants and animals had effective medicinal properties, there wasn’t any modern medicine production factory in New Zealand now. In the end, it was rare to see any two plants that were completely the same. Even if they were largely similar, there were still some differences between them. The assembly line processes of modern factories couldn’t work in New Zealand now.

Medicinal Makers were those with decent talent and proficiencies in extracting medicinal products from biological materials. They were people who to a certain extent, could extract useful components of different plants and further process them to produce medicinal products.

The naming for these new jobs was just because of familiarity. After all, these two jobs appeared frequently in novels and video games. However, there was no need to bring in these elements of novels and video games here.

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