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Chapter 114: Confession And…

An endless parade of ghosts!

This was the scene around them now, and it was definitely not an exaggeration. There really were an uncountable number of ghosts following them. Due to the ghosts reports in Wellington, fewer and fewer people came here over time, so the ghosts felt extremely bored. Now that there was a melodramatic blood feud coming up, it was a good form of entertainment for these ghosts. However, even if these ghosts were curious, they didn’t recklessly approach Bai Yi’s team. After all, that large swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies wasn’t something to be taken lightly.

“More of you guys must die later!!” Anna followed beside Bai Yi and said something like this from time to time.

However, they completely ignored the curse-like harassment from Anna, because all of them were running rapidly toward Yu Han’s location. A fierce and desolate atmosphere surrounded a few of them and very quickly affected the ghosts around them. Even Anna shut her mouth after a while. This group of people, just what kind of hatred and resolution did they bring with them here?

“I feel great sorrow over Doss’ unfortunate passing!” Yu Han said with his eyes slightly red. At this time, they had just stored the Dead Soul Flower and had assembled together again. Yu Han’s feelings weren’t fake. Maybe he really wasn’t willing to be the subordinate of others, but he still had real feelings toward the teammates below him.

“Team leader, this isn’t your fault. Now that New Zealand is so dangerous, we have actually all mentally prepared ourselves for this before coming,” one of the teammates said.

“No, the responsibility lies largely with me! You guys only know that we are here for the Dead Soul Flower, but I actually have another selfish motive!” Yu Han clenched his fist.

“Selfish motive?” Everyone was shocked.

“That’s right, selfish motive!” Yu Han nodded. The people in Yu Han’s team went silent for a while and looked at him seriously as they waited for his explanation. Only Ning Xue stared at Yu Han. Was he really going to them everything?

“Actually, I have an enemy all along.”


“That’s right, enemy. At the very beginning of New Zealand’s change, we had some conflicts in our strive for survival. Eventually, we grew to become life and death enemies.” Yu Han nodded.

“This enemy must be very bad right. After all, he clashed with a good person like team leader,” Gaute said casually. His life was saved by Yu Han, so he trusted Yu Han a lot. He had followed Yu Han for more than half a year and found that Yu Han was a decent leader. He also thought that Yu Han was a good person who thought for all the evolved humans of New Zealand.

“No, the bad person is…me!” Yu Han said softly, and everyone was stunned on the spot.

“Don’t you guys want to know who exactly is chasing me? I think you guys won’t find this name unfamiliar.”


“Bai Yi!”

“Bai Yi? It’s actually him?”

“That’s right, it’s him. Due to my immaturity and jealousy before, it caused many things to happen between us. When you guys joined this team, I said that I don’t mind the things you did in your past because everybody makes mistakes. As long as we help each other and unite together after entering the team, then everything is good. Actually, I set this rule because I myself had done wrong things in the past, and I haven’t been able to make up for these mistakes yet.” Yu Han slowly told them everything that had happened between him and Bai Yi.

Of course, Yu Han had been planning these words for very long, and he was very skilled with his words. He did not deny the things that he did, such as trying to kill his teammates or killing Hong Qi Hua. However, the version that Yu Han told them had some slight differences. From the simple jealousy and resentment, it became about them competing over leadership in the team, which eventually resulted in their conflict.

Yu Han’s words seemed even more genuine precisely because he did not deny these wrongdoings!

“I admit, I did wrong in the past,” Yu Han raised his head and said, staring at the dark sky.

“Hence, as somebody who did wrong before, I have never asked you guys about your past. I think that what happened before isn’t important. To try and survive in this cruel world and still make sure that your actions do not go against morals or feelings is an extremely difficult thing to do. However, I…even after all this, I still can’t completely run away from what I did before,” Yu Han said softly, revealing his innermost feelings to his teammates.

At this time, Yu Han’s teammates listened to him silently, and nobody spoke for a while.

So their team leader was somebody like this in the past?

“I could never pluck up the courage to confess these things to you guys and speak of it. After all, I’m such a despicable person, if I told you guys these things, all of you would probably leave me,” Yu Han mocked himself.

“Yu Han, is everything you said true?” Athena asked with a cold face.

“It’s true.”

“I really didn’t imagine that you were somebody like this,” Athena said, wanting to stand up and leave.

“Wait, Athena, sit down first.” Adams stopped her. After Athena sat down again, Adams looked at Yu Han again. “Team leader, the selfish motive you talked about just now, can you clarify it?” Adams asked.

“En, actually Bai Yi and I are both relatively famous people, so our whereabouts aren’t a secret. When Bai Yi knew that I was nearby, I naturally knew that he was nearby as well. So, I decided to have a final closure with Bai Yi in Wellington. Because this is something between Bai Yi and me, I chose to do it in Wellington so as to not implicate you guys.”

“Why did you choose Wellington?”

“Because Wellington is a ghost city!” A bottle of solution appeared in Yu Han’s hands. This bottle of solution and the solution that purified the Dead Soul Flower came from the same source, and both could purge spiritual lifeforms.

“We learned from Cook that Wellington really had ghosts in it, and we even got the juice from the Soul Purifying Tree. However, Bai Yi’s group probably doesn’t know that. As such, with the power of this ghost city, we might be able to finish him off without directly battling with him. This way, you guys can avoid battling with Bai Yi’s group and there wouldn’t be any casualties either,” Yu Han explained.

“Yu Han, even at this time you are still scheming against Bai Yi?” Athena said in anger.

“Ah, that’s right. Because I’m not willing to just give my life up like that.” Yu Han nodded frankly.

Yu Han was also gambling now, gambling whether his teammates would abandon him because of this. If there was any basis to his gamble, it would be the half a year of friendship with these people, and the cruel environment of New Zealand now. Other than a few lucky people, nobody could remain completely kind and pure in this place.

“Yu Han, you are really hopeless…”

“Enough Athena, you shut up.” Evelynn who hadn’t said a single word so far suddenly shouted at Athena.

“Evelynn, you!” Athena looked at Evelynn in disbelief. Why, why was she the one told to shut up? Moreover, looking at the expressions of the other people, they didn’t seem to think that Yu Han did anything wrong.

“Let me share my past then. Before I became a monster, I got captured by a group of guys because of my decent looks and was treated as a plaything by them. In a lucky opportunity, I killed them and escaped. After that, while trying to survive, I stole food from others and even killed other people, I…my hands are stained with blood too,” Evelynn looked at her hands and slowly said.

“Me too…I used to follow another team. We preyed on and killed other humans for survival, we only did it once but…” Adams said too.

“Me too…” The rest of them slowly shared their stories as well.

“Does it count if I stole a bone from a dog before? But it chased and bit me for a few streets after that,” Ah De said. Their initially low mood was suddenly interrupted by Ah De and they laughed out loud, but this laughter disappeared very quickly.

“Athena, I believe that you really did not do anything that went against your conscience before. But you must know, from the beginning of the change until now, the world has turned so cruel. People like you who never had to make a moral choice is really in the tiny minority. I think a lot of people probably made a choice that went against their conscience just so they could survive.”

“I don’t think that what team leader did was right. In truth, team leader doesn’t think that what he did was right either. However, in the New Zealand now, how many people dare to say that they didn’t do any wrong things, that they have a completely clear conscience?!”

“I…don’t dare,” Evelynn slowly said.

“I agree with Evelynn, at least from this period of time that I spent with team leader, I can tell that he isn’t a bad person. I believe my own eyes,” Adams said as well.

“But he’s still trying to scheme against Bai Yi now.”

“That isn’t a mistake either, I don’t think that he is doing something wrong. At least, I’m not able to just give my life up either. As for the selfish motive team leader talked about, I don’t think that it was all selfishness. To look for the Dead Soul Flower, we had to come to Wellington in the first place. Bai Yi definitely doesn’t have an undeserved reputation. If we battle with his team somewhere else, at least some of us would definitely die. Although team leader is scheming by setting the battle here, part of it is still in consideration of trying to protect us,” Adams said and looked toward Yu Han.

“Team leader, I want to ask, what are you planning to do to Bai Yi!”

“I’m sorry, I plan to face Bai Yi directly and ask for a peaceful resolution. If he doesn’t agree, then I will battle with him until one of us falls,” Yu Han said seriously.

“This world no longer has absolute good or evil anymore, maybe team leader’s actions are…Forget about it. Anyway, I’m following team leader,” Adams said to Yu Han and stood on Yu Han’s side.

“Me too.”

“Me too, I don’t know how that Bai Yi is like, but at least the Yu Han I know is definitely not a bad person,” Evelynn said.


A word rose from Yu Han’s heart. From this moment onward, he had truly captured the hearts of this bunch of subordinates.

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