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Chapter 113: Mad Ghost Anna

After simply communicating with the Spirit Devouring Butterflies, they understood their request and were willing to move with Bai Yi’s team.

From the simple communication between Momo and the Spirit Devouring Butterflies, they learned that these butterflies already had the habit of going out to hunt at a set time. The ghosts and vengeful spirits were just food to these butterflies. With just a big swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies opening the way for them, Bai Yi’s team didn’t have to fear vengeful spirits anymore. Momo was still the most popular with the butterflies. The rest of them were quite envious when they saw her smiling happily being surrounded by a big swarm of butterflies.

Bai Yi’s team walked out of the cathedral again, and beside Momo was a big swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies.

They walked back along the path that they ran from, and without walking too far they saw the old ghost Johnny and his granddaughter, Nessa, again. Apparently, the two ghosts were quite worried about them after they got split up from each other.

When Momo saw the two ghosts, they also saw Bai Yi’s group. However, once Johnny and Nessa saw the swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies next to them, they immediately revealed a look of terror. With a ‘sou!’, they started to fly away like green smoke. As ghosts who had lived here for more than half a year, how could they not know the power of these butterflies?

The Spirit Devouring Butterflies beside Bai Yi’s team immediately started chasing the ghosts as if they had seen their prey.

“Momo, tell the Spirit Devouring Butterflies not to harm them.” The rest of them couldn’t see ghosts, but after Momo said that the butterflies went to chase Johnny and Nessa, they immediately asked Momo to stop the butterfly swarm. Bai Yi did not know how Momo communicated with the butterflies. Although they had both fused with butterfly genes, Momo seemed to be comparatively closer and more intimate with animals.

When they finally caught up with Johnny and Nessa, these two ghosts were surrounded in the middle of the street by the butterflies. They were unable to even move an inch.

The bodies of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies were actually very fragile, not too different from a normal butterfly’s. If they were released outside, these butterflies would just be free food for other lifeforms. However, facing these simple ghosts and vengeful spirits who didn’t have any physical form of attacks, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies were their natural bane. It could only be said that every evolved lifeform countered another, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies were born with the activated cells as a catalyst and the special environment of Wellington.

Moreover, these ghosts seemingly couldn’t use their ability to go through physical objects when faced with these butterflies. Their bodies seemed to be restricted by some attractive force that rooted them to the spot.

“Oh, we meet again.” Bai Yi looked at the two vague ghostly figures in the middle of the street.

“Oh…!” Johnny couldn’t even make himself laugh bitterly when he heard Bai Yi’s words.

“Eh? You guys can speak?” Bai Yi’s team were all extremely surprised. Although the voice was quite muffled, they could still hear it.

“Can you get these butterflies to go away, I’ll explain to you guys,” Johnny said.

Bai Yi gestured for Momo to make the butterflies disperse. After the butterflies left Johnny and Nessa, they immediately disappeared into thin air. However, seeing that Momo still looked toward the same place, they knew that the two ghosts hadn’t left the place. It was just that they couldn’t see them anymore. Recalling the situation a while ago, Nessa had even suddenly revealed her appearance to Bai Yi’s team to scare them. They didn’t think of asking about this incident earlier, so they must get things clear now.

After Johnny and Nessa’s explanation, they finally understood what was going on.

The underworld was a special environment. In the underworld, these ghosts could maintain their existences for a long time. The stronger the energy field of the underworld, the more influence the ghosts could exert on the real world. If Bai Yi’s team entered the center of Wellington now, they could completely see those vengeful spirits with their own eyes. Another way to increase their influence on the outside world was to increase their personal strength. If the ghost was strong enough, then they could still reveal their bodies in places with weak energy in the underworld. They would also be able to communicate with other living lifeforms.

An example would be how Nessa revealed herself to frighten them earlier.

However, Nessa wasn’t powerful enough and she was simply releasing the power of her soul. This kind of state couldn’t be sustained for long, or she would cause great damage to herself.

So, it wasn’t that Johnny didn’t want to directly interact with them, it was just that they couldn’t do it at their current level.

After hearing Johnny’s explanation, Bai Yi didn’t blame them either. He just asked questions about any relevant information and clarified things, recording them all down for later.

‘Have you seen this person?’ While asking about the ability of ghosts to appear and disappear, Bai Yi finally asked about their true goal for coming to Wellington.

‘You guys came here to look for people? Is it a friend? It’s really dangerous to come to this place.’

‘Friend…absolutely not!’ Bai Yi’s expression turned cold.

Even if they couldn’t communicate directly, Johnny and Nessa could still see Bai Yi’s expression. Looking at his face, they immediately knew that the Yu Han they were looking for wasn’t their friend. The old ghost Johnny could read the situation better and told Bai Yi that they could inform the other ghosts. If any of them saw Yu Han, then they would tell him immediately. Afterward, Johnny brought Nessa and left the encirclement of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies as they continued to shiver in fear.

“Uncle Bai, you’re letting them go just like this?” Warner couldn’t understand it.

“En, it doesn’t matter even if we let them go.” Bai Yi revealed a smile. Actually, what could they do even if they kept them here? They weren’t going to get any information about Yu Han either way.


“En?” Warner and Pupu looked at Bai Yi.

“Do you have any complaints?”


“I’m talking about how I brought everyone to this place because of the grudge in my heart. Yu Han would definitely not be alone. From the information we have gathered lately, we know that he has quite a few decent teammates with him. Coming here to find Yu Han this time, maybe we won’t succeed, and some of us may even die in this place. It might be you, it might be Woolf…In reality, even before seeing Yu Han, Heloise has already gone missing. Don’t you guys have any complaints?” Bai Yi said slowly. At the start, he was just talking to Warner, but toward the end, he looked at everyone else.

Everyone fell into silence!

“I believe that Heloise will be fine,” Woolf said seriously after a while.

“This isn’t just your business, don’t put all the responsibility on yourself. You must know, if we did not want to come, we wouldn’t have tried to accommodate and follow you to this place either,” Mavis said slowly, while the look in Sara’s eyes when she died appeared in Mavis’ mind. Similarly, the rest of them thought of their companions from before.

Martin, Sara…Hong Qi Hua!

A sharp murderous aura gradually rose from all of them. This murderous aura even displaced the surrounding energy field of the underworld, and the Spirit Devouring Butterflies on Momo’s body couldn’t endure it and flew away.

“Then, don’t regret!” An extraordinarily bewitching and cold light flashed in Bai Yi’s eyes.

“Of course!” All of them replied solemnly.

Only when the aura around them calmed down did the swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies return to Momo’s side. These bunch of butterflies couldn’t understand the changes in the people of Bai Yi’s team. They only naturally felt very close to Momo and could communicate with her. She felt just a companion that looked different from them.

“Momo, if we really see Yu Han’s team later, immediately make the Spirit Devouring Butterflies leave. These butterflies are the bane of spiritual type lifeforms, but they are actually very weak toward normal lifeforms. If Xiao’s team did not make an error in judgment just now, many of these butterflies would have definitely been killed.” Bai Yi started to instruct Momo.

“En en!” Momo did not want her newly-made friends to die like that either.

After waiting for half a day, just when they thought that Johnny and Nessa weren’t coming back anymore, they finally saw their figures. There were more than 10 other ghosts accompanying these two ghosts.

‘Johnny, what are you trying to do?! Why didn’t you say that there were so many butterflies here!’ One of the female ghosts with them immediately grabbed onto Johnny and scolded him after seeing the swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies. The other ghosts also couldn’t help but start to run away in the other direction.

“It’s fine, it’s really fine. These Spirit Devouring Butterflies won’t attack us, they listen to the words of that little girl called Momo.’

‘Spirit Devouring Butterflies?’

‘They will listen?’ The other ghosts were very curious as well.

Three ghosts shakily and very nervously came in front of Bai Yi’s team, while most of them looked on from afar without daring to approach. Seeing their natural bane dancing around in the sky around them, Anna couldn’t help but feel that she was serving herself on a platter to someone else.

“I heard that you guys are looking for some people!” The female ghost that scolded Johnny just now didn’t hide herself and revealed her appearance with a burst of spiritual power.

“That’s right, we are looking for some people.” Bai Yi nodded.


“En…Talking to us directly like this, aren’t you afraid that your body can’t take it?” Bai Yi looked at the female ghost sitting casually on the floor and asked.

“Hmph, don’t compare me to this bunch of idiots.”

‘Anna is more powerful than us.’ A row of words appeared on the sand beside them.

Bai Yi looked at Anna and couldn’t help but nod his head. Apparently, this female ghost called Anna was the top few among the ghosts. This wasn’t too surprising since there would definitely be differences between every ghost. As long as there was a large enough number of ghosts, then there would definitely be the so-called ‘most powerful’ group of ghosts after comparing all of them.

“I have seen the person you talked about!” Anna said to Bai Yi.

“Where is he!”

After talking to Anna for a while, Bai Yi’s team finally learned where Yu Han was. He was actually on the other side of the city. Although they weren’t directly opposite each other, it still wouldn’t be easy to meet him. In addition, Anna didn’t tell them the information about Yu Han so enthusiastically out of good-will.

“Ooohhhh, I’ve never seen something like a blood feud before! I tell you what, more of you guys must die later, it’s a super good bargain! If you die in the Wellington now, your soul won’t disappear quickly but become a ghost like us…” Anna said excitedly.

‘I knew it, I shouldn’t have brought her here.’

‘I actually didn’t think of coming back here in the first place, who knew that Anna woman would overhear our conversation.’ Johnny whispered to his granddaughter. Sure enough, after learning that the goal of Bai Yi’s team was to find people, Johnny didn’t have the intention of coming back anymore. However, this madwoman Anna actually heard them and forced them to come back here. The rest of the ghosts here also joined along the way to watch the show. One must know, not many people came to Wellington these days, so these ghosts felt quite bored normally as well.


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