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Chapter 107: Giant Devil Mosquito

Bai Yi shook his head!

As expected, he wouldn’t let Momo take this risk. Even though Momo’s eyes became strange after entering Wellington, he wouldn’t bet on this change that had happened for unknown reasons.

“Forget about it!”

“Daddy, I can do it.” Momo thought that Bai Yi was worried about her. The smaller the age, the more she wanted to prove herself.

“No need, there’s really no need to force yourself. Momo, I’m afraid even you yourself haven’t figured out what happened to your eyes, so we can’t place our hopes on this mysterious transformation. Moreover, we don’t really need this Dead Soul Flower either, or at least for now, we don’t need it. As such, we don’t need to take the risk to test the characteristics of this plant,” Bai Yi explained. A part of it was Bai Yi trying to protect Momo, but it wasn’t a mindless over-protection.

During this period of time, the whole of New Zealand had been developing and researching. This research ranged from the most basic medicinal properties to the characteristics of every single plant, to the powers and species of evolved animals. It even encompassed every single change in themselves, the method to regain their original human form yet retain their current powers…and many more.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the evolved humans but all the researchers from other countries were also looking into this. Just like Doctor Wang guessed at the start, the other countries did not try to control New Zealand but let it develop naturally, becoming a true natural ecosphere for researching activated cells.

No matter the things that the evolved humans were studying or the experiments of the humans in the outside world, they were all extremely dangerous. This was a completely new ecosphere, everything in it was unfamiliar to everyone.

The characteristics, medicinal properties, and attacking methods of every single plant or animal…were traded for in blood by evolved humans and animals.

Such as this Dead Soul Flower, Bai Yi did not think that they were the first to discover this plant. Despite this, there had been no wide-spread information regarding this plant, information such as the method to harvest it, store it, prepare it, or use it. This proved that this was an extremely dangerous plant. No matter if it were the humans outside or the evolved humans themselves, they all had to pay a huge price to truly understand and use these things.

“Maybe it’s a bit selfish, but let’s wait for others to figure out the way to use the Dead Soul Flower first. We aren’t the ones that need it the most.” Bai Yi stroked Momo’s little head.

Momo didn’t understand that much, but the rest of them all nodded their heads.

If the Dead Soul Flower really had the ability to nourish the soul, then it was really very useful to other people. The reason behind the Brutal Phase was the incongruence between body and soul. As long as this incongruence was rebalanced, then it could shorten the Brutal Phase and reduce its effect.

However, if it was just this usage, then it wasn’t really a necessity to Bai Yi’s group.

Right now, the balance between their bodies and souls were quite stable. After entering a deep-level sleep, their body and soul became even more harmonized. It was much better than using any calming drugs or practicing the mysterious Tai Ji Fist.

This was to the point that after they tried those new drugs that could calm and relax the mind, they immediately abandoned them.

It was like how some people could eat supplements every day and not be healthy, but other people could just eat normal food every day and still remain very healthy. The body of a living thing was a complete and harmonious whole from the start, and it had its own ability to adjust and balance itself. Even if it was something very different like the body and soul, the being would also continuously adjust itself automatically. Outside assistance was only one of the factors and not a necessity. On the contrary, there was an old saying that said ‘medicine is 30% poison’; as long as the body could adjust and recover itself, Bai Yi felt that it was best to not use these new plants that they had not fully understood yet.

The better sleep they got, the more it could smoothen the process of the lifeform’s self-adjustment.

Everyone knew this by now, but most of them still relied on these new drugs to fall asleep. After all, those with the ability to hypnotize were among the minority within the minority. So far, they had not met another person that had this kind of hypnotic ability like Bai Yi.

“If I’m not wrong, Yu Han’s goal in coming here should be this Dead Soul Flower,” Heloise said.

Bai Yi nodded. Along their journey—other than trying to help all the evolved humans in New Zealand by releasing information about the activated cells—they were also trying to track Yu Han down. Earlier, they had finally chanced upon the information that Yu Han wanted to head to Wellington. That was also why they decided to come him to this place.

Bai Yi’s eyes were very calm, but the killing intent hidden inside could freeze people’s hearts!

Yu Han naturally knew that Bai Yi was looking for him, and there was no need to explain why explicitly. However, Yu Han didn’t have the time to think about this now, because his team was miserably running away from the swarm of Giant Devil Mosquitos. The fatty who ran the slowest was left behind. Very quickly, they heard a pitiful scream.

Yu Han stopped, but a guy beside him immediately pulled him.

“Don’t go, even if you go now, you can’t save Doss!” The man said.

“Damn it…!” Yu Han’s body trembled, and he gripped his left fist very tightly. From the looks of it, he seemed like he was in great pain over not being able to save his companion. There was indeed some pain in his heart. After all, the fatty was a very capable subordinate, but it definitely did not reach the level of being sad over it.

At this time, the fatty being surrounded by the Great Devil Mosquitos waved his limbs around continuously. He shouted powerfully as he fought back. However, his powerful strength, tough skin, and armored shell were really not too useful now. The Great Devil Mosquitos were really unable to pierce his shell, but they didn’t need to attack these hard places. In a few seconds, the fatty felt a numb pain coming from his eyelid. Apparently, a small mosquito had already plunged its sucker into his body.

The fatty killed more than 10 small mosquitos with a slap to his face, but many more came flying to him continuously. Most importantly, the hemolytic poison had already invaded his body.

Very quickly, at an unimaginable speed!

The poison contained a numbing agent, and in a few minutes, the fatty lost his ability to move. The hemolytic poison also rapidly dissolved all his flesh and blood into juice, causing his body to twitch rapidly from the immense pain. However, due to the numbing agent, he couldn’t scream even if he wanted to. Just from the look of despair in the fatty’s eyes, everyone knew just how painful and terrible this way of dying was to any lifeform.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just his blood, but even his bones rapidly dissolved. Fortunately, this dissolution was very rapid as well, so the fatty didn’t suffer for too long.

The other Giant Devil Mosquitos surrounded him. Within a few minutes, this fatty that was more than 4 meters tall and even bulkier than Woolf started to deflate. The only parts that remained of him were a hard armored shell, his claws, and the human skin sticking to the harder bones that had yet to dissolve.

Yu Han’s team were looking back as they ran, and they instantly shivered inside when they saw this scene.

Giant Devil Mosquitos!

They definitely did not let down the name of a ‘devil’. They were definitely many times more terrifying than those nonsensical ghosts or spectres. After all, this kind of terror could be seen right in front of them; it was much crueler and direct than those intangible ghosts.

“Yu Han, over here! There’s a sealed hall beneath this lake!” A hoarse voice came from one of his teammates in front. The head of this guy seemed just like an octopus, and gills grew from the sides of his neck as well. Apparently, he had fused with the genes from some sort of aquatic animal.

“Go in!” Yu Han immediately said as they saw how the Giant Devil Mosquitos were getting closer and closer; they didn’t have the time to think so much now.

The group dived into the lake and swam inside through the ruined aqueduct. They all climbed out from the ruined aqueduct after they swam for half a minute. They looked at the hall, at the exit of this aqueduct. This hall was apparently the building they saw submerged in the lake earlier on. Wellington was a port city, it was close to the sea and this lake was the relatively famous Oriental Bay Lake.

All of them panted heavily after they entered the hall. That desperate run for their lives just now didn’t just tire their bodies but the pressure on their minds was the most severe.

Everyone was dripping wet, and the lake water dripped onto the floor from the bodies. None of them spoke as they were all in a lousy mood. The scene of the Giant Devil Mosquitos feeding just now still shook their hearts.

“It’s my fault, if only I didn’t make everyone come here, Yu Han lowered his head and said in a voice full of remorse.

“No, it isn’t your fault. You already told us from the start that it was going to be very dangerous to come here. In reality, is there still any safe place in New Zealand? Even if it was us, we are still facing various threats to our lives at every moment. Doss just left a step earlier than everyone else.” Sinclair patted Yu Han’s shoulders and consoled him.

“That’s just how it is, all of us here have that level of awareness about the situation we are in. The reason we are here is not just because of you. On the contrary, all of us wanted to come to this place. If we don’t find a solution for the Brutal Phase, we would all become mindless monsters sooner or later. I really don’t want to become a monster, so even if I knew that searching for the Dead Soul Flower would be very dangerous…” Another man said as well.

“Wait…what is that?” Suddenly, a woman interrupted him and pointed toward a palm-sized white flower in the middle of the hall.

Everyone instantly turned their heads and found that there was a pile of corpses at the center of the hall. Even underneath their feet were countless human bones scattered around. After getting a clear look at the scene inside the hall, all of their hearts involuntarily skipped a beat. Nobody knew what had happened at Wellington initially, but it didn’t seem to be as simple the outbreak of the activated cells. In brief, a huge number of people had died in Wellington.

However, there was no meaning in searching for the cause of this abnormality in Wellington now. Everyone stared at the white flower growing from the eye socket of a skull – Dead Soul Flower!

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