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Chapter 106: Dead Soul Flower

“Hey although I can’t see you, Momo can. Can your posture be a bit better? A small kid is looking at you, you know? Can you be a bit wary of your influence on her?” Bai Yi touched his back, but apparently, he couldn’t feel anything.

“Daddy, your hand passed through her head,” Momo said loudly.

“Oh, sorry!” Bai Yi apologized without any sincerity.

The spectre lying on Bai Yi’s back felt his heartbeat and helplessly drifted backward. Bai Yi’s heartbeat was very stable, so apparently, he really wasn’t scared at all. Being able to stay so calm even when a ghost was on you, what an abnormal man. However, the spectre knew that ever since New Zealand had changed, it became harder and harder to influence the humans that entered this place. It was almost as if their souls were continuously getting stronger…that’s right, their souls were getting stronger.

Especially this group of people, the connection between their bodies and souls were very tight. It was very difficult to actually affect them.

Initially, this spectre wanted to conceal itself and reappear when the lighting was darker to scare them again. However, when it saw that Momo’s line of sight was always on her, she knew that she would just be inviting humiliation if she did so. But this was really frustrating, there was actually a girl that could see ghosts, and most importantly this group of people wasn’t afraid at all.

“Ah…she left!” Momo said.

“Is it? It’s good that she left too. Honestly speaking, the feeling of a ghost hanging on you isn’t too comfortable,” Bai Yi said and rubbed his neck. At this time, Woolf came close to him and immediately made a mountain out of a molehill.

“Bai Yi, there’s a handprint on your neck!”

“It’s the ghost, what’s so strange about it?” Bai Yi said.

Just like Bai Yi had said, fear came from the unknown. If they didn’t have Momo, who could see ghosts, then they would probably be in another state now. They would definitely be frightened out of their wits by this thing. Events such as glass windows falling occasionally, blowing a breath of cold air on their necks from time to time, revealing a scary appearance and disappearing again would definitely cause everyone to be on their toes at all times.

Such as how Yu Han’s group was like now.

At this time, Yu Han’s group acted like they had met their greatest enemy. These small things obviously couldn’t harm them, but it was difficult to curb the fear of the unknown in their hearts.

“Calm down, even if it’s a ghost, from the looks of it, it’s just playing with us…” Yu Han just wanted to calm them down. Suddenly, he felt the back of his neck go cold as if something had wrapped around it. However, there wasn’t anything there. Although he said not to be worried, Yu Han still reacted subconsciously and the snake from his left arm fiercely bit behind him.


The snake was now as thick as a thigh. There was a small horn growing out from its head and it appeared to be very sinister. The snake head abruptly shot out and gave Ning Xue who stood behind him a fright. However, after the snake head realized that there was only Ning Xue behind him, it stopped in mid-air.

“What is it, Yu Han?”

Yu Han closed his eyes and slowly felt the changes in his body. Especially the eyes of his snake that gradually focused and stared behind him. After a while, through the shared vision with his snake, he vaguely found something lying on his back. Without a need to guess, Yu Han knew what it was – a ghost! The appearances of ghosts in Wellington wasn’t a secret. Normally, it would be very rare that people came here to seek a thrill.

“There’s something on my back,” Yu Han said, and instantly all the people in his team froze in fear.

“But so what? Other than making me feel slightly cold, there’s pretty much no other influence on me. Is it that after coming so far, you guys are frightened of some ghosts that can’t even be seen?” Yu Han said again. Putting it this way, these people who were initially quite nervous immediately blanked for a moment, and their minds gradually regained its calm. He was right, there were countless strange monsters in New Zealand now. Blood and death were just daily happenings. So what if there really were ghosts? The worst they could do was to kill them, just like what they had been facing all along.

“We will become ghosts too when we die, why the heck would we be scared of them,” a crude guy in the team said.

“You are right, if they really are ghosts, then we would become ghosts when we die as well. When that time comes, I really want to see which bastard dared to mess with us,” another guy rubbed his knuckles and said viciously. After their jesting, Yu Han’s group very quickly calmed down.

However, the moment Yu Han’s group calmed down, one of them suddenly looked toward the left. Seemingly, he could hear a faint buzzing sound.

“There seems to be a sound?”

After this guy spoke, the rest of them looked over as well. After a short while, their faces suddenly changed greatly. Giant Devil Mosquitos, enough of them to blot out the sky!

Giant Devil Mosquitos – evolved from mosquitos, there weren’t any major changes to their physical shape. They still looked like a mosquito, but they were extremely terrifying. Its size varied from the size of a normal mosquito and up to half a meter wide. They normally moved together in a giant swarm. Unless the person could defend all 360 degrees around him, he could say goodbye to the world once one of the mosquitos manage to plunge its sucker into him. The sucker of the Giant Devil Mosquito could secrete a powerful dissolution and numbing fluid. Once the sucker stabbed into the victim, they would turn into a big piece of skin within minutes.

Honestly speaking, the reputation of the Giant Devil Mosquitos outside was even more terrifying than any ghosts or spectres.

“Move!” At this time, none of them cared about any ghosts anymore. They only wished to have two more legs so that they could run faster now.

Luckily, there were no mediocre people in Yu Han’s team. They were all the cream of the crop that Yu Han had gathered, so they wouldn’t have to worry about safety for now. However, Yu Han looked at the city shrouded in shadows and his eyes became more and more solemn.

Dead Soul Flower…Just where did it grow here?

“What did Yu Han come here for?” Heloise asked again.

“Who knows what he came here for.”

“Pupu, don’t run about!” Warner shouted at Pupu. Pupu now was getting even fatter. He was 2 meters tall when he stood on his four legs, appearing to be very strong. However, his lazy and gluttonous personality hadn’t changed at all. Pupu ran toward the shadows, and after a while, Warner finally managed to drag Pupu back. At this time, Pupu was still struggling, his eyes looking in that direction.

Bai Yi felt slightly curious and looked in the direction that Pupu was gazing.

Bai Yi had realized long ago that Pupu had an unimaginable intuition toward many things. He didn’t know where Pupu’s intuition came from, but this guy always seemed to be able to discover danger a step ahead of others. Don’t tell me that Pupu has discovered something again?

The group walked into an alleyway, and after a while, they found two small white flowers in a collapsed building. At this time, Bai Yi didn’t look at the flowers but where they were growing from.


Although they were buried by the soil and heavily worn away, it was still very obvious that there were more than 10 skeletons of animals and humans in the concave part of the ground. This small white flower grew on top of one of the giant thigh bones. It was unclear what had happened in Wellington at the start, but many people seemed to have died in this ex-capital of New Zealand. It was a very ominous place, and that was probably why there were ghosts appearing here.

“Pupu you really are so curious about everything, aren’t you afraid of getting cursed coming to a place with so many skeletons?” Woolf saw the pile of skeletons and couldn’t help but jibe at Pupu.

“No.” Bai Yi’s eyes changed slightly and immediately refuted Woolf’s words.

“Do you guys remember that piece of information we chanced upon last time, someone seemingly found a plant that could nourish the soul,” Bai Yi suddenly turned his head and said to everyone.

“A plant that can nourish the soul!” Everyone was incredibly taken aback.

Based on the information they had obtained from the research facility, humans and animals do have souls, and they could clearly sense it once they entered the LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage. Other than that, Wellington had become a ghost city and there were frequent reports of ghosts. The spectre that they had seen before could also prove the existence of the soul. If the soul really existed, then the other hypothesis should be valid as well – the world was a harmonious whole. Since the soul really existed, then there must be something that could nourish it, regardless if it was a plant or animal.

Unfortunately, even if this was the case, the evolved lifeforms in New Zealand were still unable to sense the existence of something like a soul. As such, they were unable to ascertain if something that could nourish the soul really existed or not.

However, they had heard a rumor before this – Dead Soul Flower!

Dead Soul Flower – It was rumored to grow in places where a great number of living things had died and where the space was weak and strange. That place was also known as the mythical underworld, where the flower absorbed souls to grow. These flowers had the ability to nourish the soul.

This was originally a rumor that came from nowhere, but now Bai Yi suddenly felt that this thing could very likely be the rumored Dead Soul Flower. No matter the eerie location where the flower grew, or the environment of Wellington now, it both seemed to prove that this was the rumored flower. Bai Yi wanted to stretch out his hand to pluck the Dead Soul Flower, but Momo suddenly drew her short sword and blocked in front of Bai Yi.

“Daddy be careful!”

“What happened?”

“There’s a crying face on this flower,” Momo said.

When they looked over, they only saw a big and a small flower swaying lonelily in the wind. Where was the crying human face? However, from the situation just now, all of them knew that something changed in Momo’s eyes as well. She could see things that they couldn’t. Moreover, the place where these two flowers grew was really too strange. This was really an underworld where ghosts appeared, and there was a pile of skeletons below as well.

“Be careful Bai Yi, I seemed to remember that everyone that plucked this flower died for mysterious reasons,” Mavis reminded.

“There really was such a saying along with the rumors about the Dead Soul Flower.” Heloise nodded as well.

The few of them looked at each other, then at Momo. If there was somebody who was more special and more suitable for picking the Dead Soul Flower, then that person could only be Momo. After all, she had changed only when she entered Wellington. However, would Bai Yi let Momo take this risk?

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