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Chapter 108: Ghost City Wellington

All of them couldn’t help but stare at the plain white flower at the center of the hall. What used to be known as New Zealand and now known as Devil Island was extremely different from the peaceful outside world. Any plant that mutated and evolved was extremely unfamiliar to everyone. It was still okay if the plants were normal, but on Devil Island, more than a third of the new plants were immensely dangerous. Every time somebody tried to consume a new plant, that person would very likely die of mysterious and unknown reasons.

In addition, because of the inconveniences in circulating information on Devil Island and selfishness, any complete information wouldn’t be released and known by everyone so quickly. Many people still died today due to this lack of information.

Yu Han slowly walked toward the white colored flower.

“Be careful Yu Han!” Ning Xue immediately cautioned.

“I know.” Yu Han nodded. The group had already forgotten about the Giant Devil Mosquitos as they stared at the white flower blankly. Their goal was this Dead Soul Flower, so they naturally knew more about this plant. In reality, when Yu Han released the information about the activated cells and obtained great fame, he had also gained the trust of many people. From somebody that Yu Han saved, they got to know of the way to pick the Dead Soul Flower that the person had discovered by chance.

Yu Han stretched out his left hand, and another person beside him immediately took out a leather suitcase. Yu Han took out a small bottle from the suitcase and sucked a bit of solution from it using a pipette.

This solution contained the green fiber of some plant and apparently wasn’t something well-made. However, this was the thing extracted from a plant that could expel soul fragments. They had obtained this method from that person.

Dead Soul Flower, this flower grew by absorbing souls and could also nourish it. However, it was extremely dangerous if somebody recklessly used their hand to pick this flower. The soul fragments of the souls that the Dead Soul Flower absorbed would possess the person who picked it. Although there wouldn’t be any effects in the short term, all those who directly used their hands to pick this flower died of mysterious causes. Yu Han did not want to die so meaninglessly like that.

A thick drop of solution fell on the petals of the Dead Soul Flower. Everyone seemed to hear a clear jingle in their ears, just like a drop of morning dew falling.

All of them saw that drop of solution spreading on the Dead Soul Flower, and a black smoke started to appear from the bottom of the flower. What got released was probably the soul fragments that the Dead Soul Flower had yet to absorb. These soul fragments weren’t like those ghosts or spiritual bodies. If they had to describe it, then it was the pollutants in the soul.

All of them took a step back in fear of getting contaminated by this thing.

After a while, the black smoke dissipated, and the Dead Soul Flower suddenly appeared to be incredibly bright and alluring. It was almost as if the entire flower was enveloped in a layer of light. In this eerie and dim atmosphere, a white flower grew from the eye socket of a skull. It seemed to stand alone in this world as it gave off a faint glow. This initially plain and ordinary flower actually turned out to have an entirely different air to it now.

This was the Dead Soul Flower, the rumored plant that could nourish the soul.

Everyone stared at the flower dumbly. After a while, Yu Han finally stretched out his hand and lightly pinched the stem of the Dead Soul Flower.

The moment Yu Han lightly used force to pluck the Dead Soul Flower out from the eye socket, a black shadow suddenly shot out from within the skull. Everyone was caught off guard in that moment. Although the snake on Yu Han’s left arm shot out in a split-second, it was still too late. The black shadow still bit Yu Han’s hand in the blink of an eye. Yu Han’s hand instantly became numb, and the reddish-black beetle-like creature that was only about the size of a thumb flew out instantly.

One of the guys standing in that direction tilted his body slightly and drew his long sword from the sheath with a ‘shing!’. Instantaneously, he hacked toward this reddish-black beetle.

However, the beetle didn’t split in half like what everyone had expected. Instead, the reddish-black beetle was smacked away by the edge of the sword with a ‘dang!’. It flew out again and the rest of them reacted by now as well. They immediately focused their attention, preparing to capture this unknown beetle.

“Don’t smack it into the ground!” Ning Xue shouted when she saw the person closest to it preparing to smack the beetle to the ground. From the hardness of this beetle, smacking it into the ground would not only fail to kill it but also let it escape.

After a messy and chaotic chase, Ning Xue’s right index finger shot out instantaneously toward the beetle when it flew in her direction. Her nail was now a full 10 centimeters, and the tip was even sharper than the tip of a needle. In that instant, Ning Xue’s irises contracted like that of a cat and the sharp nail pierced outward.

‘Puchi!’, the incomparably sharp fingernail pierced through the mouth of this beetle and went all the way through it immediately.

The moment she pierced the beetle, Ning Xue fiercely swung her hand downward. Sure enough, even though it was pierced by the fingernail, the beetle was still alive. It desperately tried to gnaw on the metallic-black colored nail.

“Yu Han, are you ok?” Ning Xue immediately ran toward Yu Han the moment she finished off the reddish-black beetle.

At this time, the doctor in Yu Han’s team, Purian, had already started doing an emergency checkup on Yu Han. Living at the stem of the Dead Soul Flower, it was easy to guess that this reddish-black beetle wasn’t some benign creature. There was a big bite on Yu Han’s left hand, and only the heavens knew what would happen to him. Of course, the biggest possibility was that Yu Han would die immediately.

However, when Purian checked Yu Han’s left hand, he did not see any signs of poisoning.

“Yu Han, do you feel unwell anywhere?” Purian asked.

“I think I’m fine now.” Yu Han moved his left hand, and the cold feeling from the wound rapidly receded. On the contrary, his entire left arm felt very warm now, and extremely comfortable. He moved his left hand around and gripped it, while the snake wrapped around the tortoise shield.

“You’re really ok now?”

“I’m really ok.” Yu Han nodded.

“You scared us to death! I really thought something had happened to you. I heard from Ning Xue that your left arm is the Xuan Wu from ancient Chinese mythology, it’s really different huh,” one of the men in the team said with some praise and envy.

“Nah, it just looks similar,” Yu Han said humbly but the pride in his heart couldn’t be hidden. His left arm didn’t just look like the Xuan Wu, its ability was also very strong in reality. Yu Han could be sure that the beetle definitely carried some poison but it wasn’t effective on him. That’s right, it wasn’t effective! On the contrary, Yu Han found that the power in his left arm seemed to be gradually growing stronger.

A blessing in disguise?

Only, was it really ineffective?

The rest of them saw that Yu Han was fine and let out a breath of relief. Then, they carefully stored that beetle and the Dead Soul Flower. Ning Xue finally relaxed after seeing that Yu Han was fine, and she snuggled up against Yu Han just like a little girl. There wasn’t a single trace of the persona she had when she pierced the beetle so sharply in an instant.

Seeing Ning Xue like this, Yu Han couldn’t help but feel a flow of warmth inside his heart. After so long, Yu Han had truly fallen in love with the Ning Xue that had followed him all along. Over such a long period of time, Ning Xue had undergone great changes as well. She was no longer the weak little white flower from before but was now extremely calm and sharp in battle. However, after the battle ended, Ning Xue would turn back into her warm and submissive self. This was what Yu Han loved the most.

“Hey, can you guys get a room.” Somebody by the side immediately teased.

“Ha, if you guys aren’t happy then find a wife of your own.” Yu Han smiled with a hint of arrogance. Not only did the others not find Yu Han to be arrogant, they actually felt that he had the bearing of a team leader now.


Bai Yi’s group was different from Yu Han’s group that had complete information on the Dead Soul Flower. They had no idea how to pluck the Dead Soul Flower, so they abandoned the two big and small flowers. To speak of it, their goal wasn’t this flower but to kill Yu Han.

However, even though they knew that Yu Han had come to Wellington, this place really had some paranormal activity going on. Although Momo could see ghosts and helped them remain composed, the atmosphere in this place was still really uncomfortable. Not only was it eerily cold and creepy, they felt indescribably tense the more they walked toward the center of this place.

“I’ll go take a look up in the sky.”

“En.” Bai Yi nodded.

Heloise spread her wings out and flew into the sky. She flew higher and higher. Initially, she thought that the higher she flew, the further she could see. However, after reaching the sky, the ground became extremely blurry. The dark clouds seemed to be everchanging while the sun couldn’t be seen at all.

How ominous!

Wellington was previously the capital of New Zealand! No matter what, its appearance shouldn’t turn this ominous? Unless the activated cells could even affect the climate? Only the heavens know what happened here… Heloise said in her heart and flew back down. However, Heloise stared blankly when she landed…She had flown straight up just now, so where was Bai Yi and the rest of her teammates?

Something was wrong, the scenery here was totally different from before! Did she fly to the wrong place?

Bai Yi and the rest waited for a while, but Heloise still didn’t come back. They realized that something was wrong. Bai Yi’s eyes squinted for a moment and guessed what had probably happened. Seemingly in ghost stories, things like this happened too. It seemed to be called ghost hitting the wall? (TN: It means to lose your way for mysterious reasons in Chinese culture, though I’m not too sure of the origin.)

“Momo, tell us if you see any ghosts later. We must ask them what exactly happened in Wellington, and where did Heloise go,” Bai Yi said to Momo.


“What happened to Heloise?” Woolf asked.

“Wellington is a ghost city, so maybe Heloise encountered something and accidentally split apart from us. We must be careful from now on as well, luckily Momo can see ghosts so it's not the worst case scenario yet,” Bai Yi slowly explained.

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