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Chapter 41

“Because Kuon is a foreign object in that world, reincarnation is impossible… . However, because there’s this 【Majikoi】 thing exists and this world is now connected to it through that, Kuon took on someone’s body there and I guess he’s trying to take Finne along with Eeva’s soul into that world . ”
“W-W-W-W-Wait a moment! There’s too much information for me to handle!”
Finne swiftly stopped Lilena’s words, which still seem to have a lot more to explain .

Finne slowly asked the goddess, whose head is tilted and giving a dumbfounded look .
“Uhmm, first of all, I’m the first woman, Eeva?’s reincarnation? Was it?”
“That’s right, that’s why I tried to possess Miss Liselotte, who was jealous of you as a rival . ”
Is that the prerequisite? Finne seemed angry at the words from the goddess, but she managed to keep asking questions .

“So, what do you mean by taking me to Coebayashay’s world?”
“That’s what it is . Kuon will pull your soul out of your body, bring it to that world, toss it into a fresh corpse or a human whose soul is dead and become lovers, is what I think he will do . ”

“A fresh corpse or a dead soul… that’s really disturbing, though…”
“That’s what Kuon will prepare for Finne to ‘possess’, right?”

In addition, Finne’s body will be left in this world in a state of whether she would be dead or semi-dead if her soul got pulled out .
Finne, whose plan had been arbitrarily constructed, turned pale and fell one step back .
Both Liese and Baldur caught and hugged her, and the two glared at the Goddess Lilena .

“I-I’m very sorry…!”
Lilena bowed to Liselotte .
“There’s nothing to apologize for . I knew I was targeted because of my ugly heart . But what I’m angry with is your foolish half who is trying to get the love from the innocent Finne to the point of harming someone in that world…!!”
Lilena, who is scolded by Liselotte, dug her forehead even deeper .

“Truly! Both I as well as Kuon are stupid to the core! However, Miss Liselotte doesn’t have an ugly heart! Please let me refute just this one because it was the one that connected me and the one that has saved me!!”
Lilena shouted loudly and desperately, leaving Liselotte closing her mouth as if she was overawed .

“Certainly, my Liselotte is a very nice girl that everyone loves, but what do you mean by saved……?”
As her replacement, I stepped a step forward and asked so, the Goddess Lilena spoke while lowering her head .
“In the beginning, I thought that Miss Liselotte was the same as me . In addition, she’s strong and also physically trained, so I thought she’s a good prey and tried to take her . However, under the protection of Miss Coebayashay and Mr . Endow, loved by Mr . Siegward, Miss Liselotte herself has a strong and noble heart, and her brilliant and shining love is also beautiful…, it was, completely different from me . ”
Liselotte turned red and looked down while listening to the goddess who slowly put her words . Though, everyone on the spot is looking at her with gentle eyes .

“While interacting with Miss Liselotte, I also remembered my love for Kuon and the love for this world that I had created . Hence, I was able to return to the white me .
When I was the ancient witch, I was black and only consumed dark things, such as “Thanksgiving, but there’s no last dance partner”, “Riajuu go explode”, or “Don’t you dare be festive, society” . That’s why I couldn’t gather any power as I couldn’t do it at all .
But the white me has the warm power from everyone who worshiped Lilena even when I was the ancient witch, the prayers that everyone dedicated for their gratitude, the hope that was conveyed, love, wish, happiness, those lots of white things told me a lot…
Not only just my power which is certain to recover, my body got recovered as well, please look at this body! There’s even legs!
The Goddess of Creation, Lilena, is completely resurrected here!”

Saying so, she stood up bright and beautiful to the point of being divine .
The platinum hair which extend to the lower part of the waist, slender limbs, and even the dust that had adhered due to her prostrating, seemed to emit light .
“Resurrection of the Goddess Lilena…”
Al who is a priest, muttered so deeply that his eyes were moistened, but for the goddess, her forehead, her palms and knees, as well as her hair were covered with soil .
It’s wonderful to say that the goddess, Lilena has regained her power so that she can see through everything in here and that world, though .

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“Everything is thanks to Miss Liselotte! Thank you!! So, uhh, umm… Could the temple please give some kind of medal of honour to Miss Liselotte in exchange for me?”
However, seeing Lilena’s expression when asking Al while rubbing her hands along with her speech and conduct from before, makes her look exactly like a small fry .
……is she the real one?

“Of course! She naturally has the qualification of a saint… and, there might be some interruption from another kingdom, so get married as soon as possible, will you?
Let’s see, at the time of the ceremony, Goddess Lilena will appear with a bang, bless your marriage and announced that she’s a saint . It will be some kind of proclamation so that plan could work . ”
Al, however, told Lilena pliantly with a carefree attitude in front of us .

“M-Married!? What are you talking about suddenly!?”
Liese shouted at Al with a red face .
“No, I’m serious . I mean, Liselotte-chan is the Marquis’ daughter, right? You’re your papa’s general too, right? You got the training to become a queen since childhood and moreover, you’re also beautiful, right? And not just that, you’re acknowledged to be a saint as you have resurrected Goddess Lilena as well, so other kingdoms will obviously want to have you, you know?
It might even occur a war between kingdoms just for taking you .
That’s why, quickly get married to Sieg . If we had a marriage blessed by the Goddess, as one would expect, there can be no one who would want to interrupt with it . ”

“Me too! I and Endo will bless their marriage!!”

As Liese’s marriage partner, I’m bewildered with what Al had nonchalantly said and the cheerful words from Coebayashay as well . Please hold on a moment .

“Then, I don’t need to be a saint!! I don’t look like a saint to begin with… if it’s from the temple or the likes, then won’t it just be fine to honor Arthur Richter who’s a priest in my replacement?”
“Nononono, that’s impossible, a priest can’t lieee . I can’t even do nothing when Goddess Lilena is already resurrected like this . There are temples outside our kingdom as well, and I don’t think I can hide it for so looong .
I mean, look, if you become a saint and have the Goddess bless your marriage at the same time, won’t your status as a queen be even more solid? You will almost have zero worry about being cheated, you know? Moreover, in diplomatic terms, it will be very useful for a queen to be recognized as a saint and good for the kingdom, right? That’s why, just be obedient and accept it, or rather, if you don’t accept it, I might be beaten up in the temple…”

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“Even if you say something like that, the time for His Highness’s marriage depends on the circumstances of the kingdom and, above all, his own will… . !”
Liese and Al were in a discussion, and I have no idea when to insert my opinion here . Please, hold on for a moment, I also have something called a plan…

“Eeh? Those kind of things depends on you, though? or rather, do you not want to marry Sieg, Liselotte-chan?”
“That’s…, umm… I want… but…”
I’m glad . I purposely made a quick footstep after Liselotte looked down with a bright red face .

“Liese . ”
When I called her name, Liselotte turned to me with a surprised look .
I kneeled in front of her and gently took her left hand .
“Looking like this and propose is somewhat sloven, but…”
Saying so, I smiled and Liese trembled while having wet eyes .
“I will graduate from this school but you will still have two more years being here and it can’t be helped that we will have an increased amount of time away from each other . So I’m honestly uneasy . I know that you’re not a person that could cheat, but I can’t stop the others from thinking about you .
I want to show the public that you are officially mine . I want to live in the same house as you and spend some time together .

Therefore, will you marry me as soon as I graduate?”
Saying so, I put out a ring from my pocket . The moment I tried to put it on her left ring finger, I realized that my hand was shaking unavoidably and I couldn’t do it . This is really uncool .

“…that’s what I wanted to tell you . My father, my mother, the Riefenstahl couple, and even my father’s aide had talked about this since a while back .
Though, I… wasn’t going to say it here and in such a way, you see…”
I have said everything that I wanted to say while being most likely uncool, and Liselotte nimbly turned to her father, the Marquis .

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“Yeah . I had heard that His Highness wants to propose before he graduated and arrange the ceremony next fall, but… somehow, could you, make it until spring instead…?”
Saying so, her father gave a weak smile while his face was looking seemingly lonely and could cry at any moment .

The Riefenstahl father and daughter stared at each other with complex expressions . There’s probably lots of emotions filled inside their purple crystal eyes, both of which are moistened with tears .
Soon enough, the father slowly nodded once in silence .

Liselotte turned her eyes away from her father to avoid crying and slowly and straightly faced me .

“……Is it, okay?”
I finally put the ring on her fingertip with my hand that has stopped quivering .
“……I’m… happy . ”
Saying so, Liese then put her right hand on my hand to support me, and I put the ring on her .


At that moment, the Goddess, Lilena glowed .
“I-I’m sorry, I’m, umm…, because I had received my power from Miss Liselotte, I have to link with her by all means, or rather, thank you for another good quality power, or rather, it’s the Goddess nature to glow when she had been given power, or rather, umm…, I-I didn’t plan to get in the way…”
The goddess then slowly kneeled and returned to her prostrate (default) position .

“…Read the mood . ”

The moment the goddess of the other world (Coebayashay) reprimanded her with a very low angry voice, this world goddess (Lilena) slammed her forehead onto the ground .

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