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Chapter 42

“…There are still lots of things that I would like to ask Lilensama . Liese, will you let me redo the proposal later?”
Liselotte sulked but still nodded to what I had proclaimed to break the silence .

I have a feeling that the Goddess, Lilena’s story cannot be encapsulated that easily . Let’s get to the bottom of it right this instant .
“So, what exactly is this “Majikoi”? Why does this so-called Kuon try to harm Miss Finne using it? And how did it end up making Endow and Coebayashay help us?”
Despite me asking in a distasteful and impolite tone, Lilena replied while keeping her prostrating posture .
“Kuon made a game called “Majikoi” . Then, through “Majikoi”, he’s trying to let a lot of people know about this world, especially, about Miss Finne… .
By doing so, the connection between the two worlds will become stronger . Thus, creating a path for him to Miss Finne…”
So it’s like someone walked in the snow . Soon after, another one walked along his trails and this process goes on and on until it gradually becomes a path, huh… . ?
Kuon spread the story about this world where Finne lives and accumulated the trails (thoughts) of many people that had piled up .
My awareness was bolstered thanks to what I could gather from hearing Goddess Lilena’s explanation .

“Kuon, who had a lot of ties with her, will then gather power from the thoughts of every maiden (player) over there to make said path which yearns for Miss Finne to appear in front of him, or so it was supposed to go in his scenario . ”

“…God route, huh?”

Coebayashay murmured in response to Goddess Lilena’s simple words .
Glancing up to the sky, Lilena nodded .
“Yes . However, in reality, there were similar yet stronger ties than that of Kuon and Miss Finne…, so it didn’t go as he had planned . In other words…, umm… is it really okay to say this?”
Lilena tried to say something but stopped and bowed her head .
For the time being, I nodded and bowed my head after she glanced at me .

“In short, there was a similar passionate unrequited love between here and at that side . That love between the pure young people, Mr . Endo and Ms . Kobayashi resonated which led them getting the Voice of God position instead of Kuon who had carefully prepared himself for it, or so I think…”
Unrequited, Love .
Whether it’s Endow’s or Coebayashay’s, it might not be a good thing to expose .
Liselotte who’s standing right beside me glared at the Goddess with nothing but pure hatred .

“No! There’s also another possibility! One of you could have a very similar personality to the two of them! Or there could be a soul so similar they might as well be twins! Or you might have a high affinity with the power obtained from maidens’ thoughts! Or, or, Ms . Kobayashi and Mr . Endo’s feelings for this world were extremely strong and such!”

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“Clumsy Goddess, you’re getting off-track again . ”

Endow threw a sighed, clear and angry voice towards Goddess Lilena who was making her excuses in a panic .
“Uh . . ah… I-I’m sorry . Well, anyway, the two of you become gods because Kuon’s position was taken over . Because of that, I was able to somewhat regain my former power and get closer to omnipotence again . That’s why, if both of you can give your voices here, then surely you should be able to bring back Kuon’s soul that is possessing Kuon Kirisato . ”
Saying so, Goddess Lilena suddenly stretches her spine .

“So Ms . Kobayashi and Mr . Endo, please let me give my love to you both . ”
Right after Goddess Lilena said so, a golden light rose from her towards the sky .


The light that rose higher and higher, straight to the heavens, has surely reached the gods of another world .

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“With this, both of you are now my relatives . The next time you face Kuon, I will pull his soul through you, and the victim, Kuon Kirisato will be saved . Then, I will seal his soul in this world, so he won’t bother Miss Finne or anyone else . It will be the end of this “game” that Kuon started . I’m very sorry to trouble both of you until the end, but could you pay a visit to Kuon if you can?”
Goddess Lilena pleads while smoothly bringing her forehead to the ground .


“Ok~ or rather, you’ve sent your affection to us already and it’s pitiful for Kuon Kirisato to be possessed like that . ”

Coebayashay took over the intense light .

“I don’t have any objection too~
Still, in the end, I haven’t understood what’s this “affection” is? Did we transfer a part of “Kuon’s collected maiden power” to Liselotte and Baldur back then?”

Goddess Lilena quickly raised her head to Endow’s words and lifted her chest with a proud face .
“That’s exactly what it is . There’s no magic in that world, so there is no immediate effect, but oh my! Both of you now have an incredible amount of luck!”

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She said so with her hands on her hips and annoyingly proud look . Al applauded to praise her without a moment of delay, but no one followed .
It looks like her forehead and hair that are still covered with soil, is damaging her dignity even further…

“Luck…, specifically speaking, what kind of feeeling is that?”

Coebayashay asked with a calm voice .
“It will still be impossible to win a lot of money in a lottery, but if it’s a raffle, you can easily get the special prize! Both of you are also students, right? To put it more simply, in the future, the two of you will be faced with exams… with that, the amount of questions that both of you have studied well or it’s around your area of expertise will mostly appear!”

“It’s not to the point of it being easy even if we don’t study?”

Endow asked with a blatant disappointment that the effect is unexpectedly small .
“That will be beyond the range of it being a good luck anymore, right? Rather than that, it’s a level of luck that can be consider as “Oh, lucky!” . But that will be your whole life from now on, you know? You’re infinitely lucky! Isn’t it great? Aren’t I amazing?”

“Waaah, amaaaazing . ”

Coebayashay muttered with a plain voice without any emotion .

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