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Chapter 40

“…Well, to put it simply, Kuon and I had a huge marital quarrel . As a result, he as a god disappeared from this world just like what he wanted, and I became the ancient witch . ”

We all kept silent as we don’t know what to say after hearing Lilena’s story .

It was a very precious experience to hear the story of this world’s origin, our roots, and such mythical world from the goddess herself .

“Attempting world destruction because of mere jealousy…”

Such a gentle whisper from Finne reverberates greatly in the midst of silence, creating an atmosphere that is hard to describe .

That’s exactly it . Even though the scale was quite large, the reason was too ridiculous to digest .

“Well, that’s about it . The husband cheated and ran away, so the wife turned extremely hysterical that she eventually became the ‘Ancient Witch’ . ”

I didn’t want to accept the truth that the goddess, Lilena admitted easily .

No, it shouldn’t be just me . Everyone in the courtyard is casting their eyes downward with difficult expressions .

“Well, umm, how should I say this… I’m sorry…”

Lilena who felt the complex atmosphere, prostrated again several times .

This time, Al didn’t try to calm her as he’s also having a complexed look while gazing at her hair whorl . I think that’s fine for him to do so .

“But, you see, umm, the worthy gods who stopped me appeared . Although I and Kuon are incompetent, the world that we made isn’t so bad… . right!?”

Al turned his head to the words quoted by Lilena who just took a glance at us .

“Now that you mention it, umm… Who exactly are the gods that we are worshiping in the chapel currently other than Goddess Lilena?”

I was also curious about that as well . Lilena then looked up and silently stared at us .

“Aah, uhh… where do I start… Hmm, let’s see… do you know what exactly magic is?”

We all raised our heads to Lilena’s question .

“’Magic’ directly interferes with this world which also influences what the user desires . Although there are various scales on how big it is, there’s no mistake that it’s our, the Gods’ power . In other words, the ability of this world administrator, that is Kuon and me . ”

The fact that the origin of magic came from the goddess of creation herself spread the commotion even more .

Despite our turmoil, Lilena still continues indifferently .

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“I fought with Kuon until he lost his power as God, and that power was scattered all over the world . And by chance, it was stranded and taken into humanity due to having a similar disposition with us . It seems that in this kingdom, those who have the knowledge gathered, named themselves as nobles, repeated the marriage within the nobles and gradually strengthened their disposition… well, I do think that their disposition is just strong by chance, even if we are their first ancestor . ”

The commotion and unrest became even bigger . Every glance pierced and went straight at me who is a royalty and Al, who is a priest as if they’re judging us .

“And among them, talented and hard-working ones came out and succeeded in gathering a lot of God’s power . To the extent of being able to defeat me, or should I say, reaching the God’s territory .

Souls who have mastered magic, gained enlightenment, understood the mechanism of this world, and awakened as managers of this world’s after death . Those are the gods of the new era which are now being worshiped by you people .

…even there are… some people here… who could reach that domain as well depending on their efforts . ”

Lilena sighed after having to talk up until that point .

“At first, I never have imagined that the children, who we just wanted to have a conversation with would awaken to our abilities and take responsibility for managing the world as Gods . Truly, you can’t take your eyes off your own children…”

Saying so, she put on her motherly smile .

『Then, what is this Voice of God system? How come our voice can reach your world and moreover, how are we able to give out our blessing?』

“The other world’s god, Endow, asked about the ‘Voice of God’ . ”

I briefly conveyed to those who couldn’t hear the voices of the gods from another world .

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“Well, first of all, the Voice of God system is, umm… to put it bluntly, a cheating system . When you modeled that world and you also want to follow its civilization, it’s definitely important to give the people from this world the detailed knowledge, but it’s too troub-…, no, it’s irrit-…that’s not it! You see, umm, the exact information might not be communicated easily by me who is not an expert on that, yeeees! That! Is what I thought!”

It seems that our royal abilities were given to us because of Goddess Lilena’s laziness . Everyone’s stares which turned into a sympathetic look were really painful now . Hence, I showed my best forced smile .

“So, umm, that’s why I made sure that the voices of sages’ souls from Coebayashay and Endow’s world can reach here!

But when Mr . Siegwald’s Fitzenhagen family and the other noble families were given that privilege which I wanted them to tell the others around them in the first place so that they could create splendid kingdoms, it was misunderstood as something like the ‘Voice of God . ”

Is there still something else?

We readied our ears to hear her next words whilst feeling weary to a certain extent .

“Somehow, no, this is just a guess as the other god was the one who did this, but, umm, my thought is that did the new god of this world take this chance to pass the prophecy(?) while thinking 『Uwaah, won’t this world turn into chaos if so? I want to tell them but how should I do it? Ah! There’s this Voice of God so let’s use it so that they can hear those two’s voices! Do your best, Fitzenhagen~!』”


A strangely young and cheerful voice suddenly resonated . Was it the new god?

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『Wait a sec! We are not dead nor this so-called sage though!? That’s completely off from what we’re dealing right now!!』

In response to Coebayashay’s angry voice, Lilena only returned with an “Ah” .

I wanted to ask whose young voice was that, but I’ll keep quiet for now .

“That’s because, umm, how do I say this, it’s because of my idiot husband, Kuon who is an Eeve stalker…”

Lilena changed her position and was already prostrating while saying so .

I no longer feel any sense of discomfort with her beautiful hair spreading on the ground now .

“First, Kuon is trying to reincarnate as a person, but this world has my curse sprinkled on it . Therefore, it seems he has possessed someone in that world as he can’t become a human in this world . ”

『Not reincarnated but possessed, you said?』

『Someone-… hold on! you mean he’s occupying Kuon Kirisato’s body!?』

After hearing Endow and Coebayashay’s surprised voice, I took a glance at Goddess Lilena just to see that she’s pressing her forehead to the ground without saying anything .

It’s the same prostrate stance as when entering the chapel . The Goddess Lilena sculpture in the chapel has even felt that it would be better to recreate this stance .

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