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Chapter 39

I was only one at first .

But then, I realized that one thing has power when divided in two in the middle of chaos .

I was there .

And I had an obligation to nurture this world .

Yes, I realized my existence and mission the moment I was born and the next thing I felt was, loneliness .

I understood that I’m absolute . I knew that I’m God and I fully realized that I’m living in solitude .

That’s why, I divided myself into two . The pair decided to support each other and create a world together .

“This world is boring . I want someone who can talk to us . ”

“Do you want intelligent beings? But it’s very difficult to create it, you know? It will take a lot of time . Besides, it’s not always possible either . ”

“If that’s the case, we should imitate something else . Let’s make a creature similar to it . ”

This world was made according to these two intentions .

This world is the result of trying to create the same thing by creating the land, the sea, the sky, and human beings, using some place elsewhere as a model .

“Let’s be the father and mother of this world . ”

The moment they decided to create a human, they regarded themselves as two human beings, the Goddess Lilena and the God Kuon, who looked like humans from some place .

They turned into a beautiful man and woman with platinum hair and golden eyes, like the light itself .

Then the pair made love and thus, various lives were born as their children .

Beings that can live without eating other beings, beings that can fly in the sky, beings that are powerful, beings that have claws, beings that have poison, beings that can multiply quickly…

A lot of beings were born, only those with strength survived, and eventually ‘Human’ was born .

“Ohh, it’s very similar . ”

The same look as them who has a similarity as a human . Both were supposed to have the same feeling, that is affection .

However, Kuon made a mistake .

When he saw the first man and woman were in love with each other, he had hoped that he could be loved like this .

And he wanted to make the first human woman, EfiaEeve, as his own .

(TL Note: Changing Efia to Eeve due to the context)

“The other one is in the way, I guess . ”

The god arrogantly killed the first human man, Aadam, who is her beloved .

However, the god couldn’t have what was once there .

Eeve did not forget him . She grieved about her late beloved and no matter how much Kuon gave his affection, she never loved him, nor even laughed with him .

Eeve only loved her late husband and her two children for the rest of her life and died .

“I just wanted to be loved . ”

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Kuon mourned and grieved about her, and his other half, Lilena, came closer to him .

“I love you . I love you more than anyone . ”

However, no matter how much the goddess tells she loves him, Kuon refused it .

“Lilena is me and I am Lilena . We were originally one . What’s the point in saying that you love me? I wanted to be chosen . I wanted to be chosen by Eeve . I wanted to be chosen from a myriad of choices . Chosen… . and be loved . ”

Was Kuon’s love affection, or just attachment to the feelings of people who couldn’t stay with the power of God?

Eeve’s soul which the god has directed a strong feeling to, was supposed to be destined to reincarnate in this world .

Born, raised, loved, and died . But no matter how many times he tried again and again, she still didn’t love the god .

They loved the humans who are their pair, but only the god that they didn’t love .

Was it because the god killed her pair at the beginning? Was it because the god was arrogant? Or was it simply because of the difference in feeling between a god and human? He, who was never loved by Eeve, eventually decided .

“That’s why, I’ll become a human being . Becoming a human being and be loved by her next time . ”

Kuon chose to cease himself as a god .

However, Lilena could not forgive it . She cannot accept to lose her sole partner who is equivalent with her .

Hence, the two argued .

The two who were originally one and had been together all this time were hostile towards each other while yelling each other’s love .

“Thank you… for killing me . ”

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The result was probably Kuon’s victory, who died while smiling .

Kuon, the god who created the world, disappeared from the history of this world, while the goddess, Lilena, lost her mind .


No .

Don’t hate me .

Like .

Don’t look at someone else .

I despise that child .

Don’t steal my ray of hope .

Like .

Even though you’re mine .

Despise .

I love you .


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That’s why .






You threw me away, ■■■■■ .


Lilena was swallowed by the pain she had endured for the emotions she had suppressed when Kuon was there .

She, who should have been like the light itself, was dyed black and hostile with the world that she created .

Like the sadness of losing Kuon, she cursed upon this world so that she can wipe out everything that are connected to Eeve who had taken Kuon’s heart .

She created monsters that attack people, caused disasters, manipulated human minds, and she became known as ‘The Great Disaster’ and ‘The Purest of Evil’ .

She, who has lost her power due to the fight with her other half, could be defeated if humankind joined together .

However, she is the mother of this world .

She gained and sometimes robbed the power from the world itself, revived, and brought chaos to the world many times . Then, over the years, she eventually became known as the ‘Ancient Witch’ .

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