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Chapter 89: 89
Bandaizel was strong .

Although he didn’t have a title, he was still a Named Demon .

“Very powerful physical abilities . ”

“Weak magic abilities . ”

“But his magic is strong . ”

“His true name is unknown . ”

While they were talking at a distance, Bandaizel clenched his fists and cursed .

“I’ll drag you two to hell . I’ll make you realize how merciful death is!”

There was power in the demon’s words .

Bandaizel’s declaration was like an oath, so if they really lost to him, Jude and Cordelia would be dragged to hell and suffer all kinds of hardships .

But instead of being afraid, Jude and Cordelia clicked their tongues .

“As expected of Bandaizel . His vocabulary is lacking . ”

“A musclehead . ”

Fortunately, the voices of the two did not reach Bandaizel .

Bandaizel cursed again, while Jude looked back at Cordelia and said .

“Cordelia, you’re over level 50, right?”

“Eh? Yeah . I must have gone beyond that, I think?”

Her level was originally in the 40s, but because she leveled up around 10 times, her level was now around the 50s .

“Let’s do this then . ”

As Jude quickly explained the operation, Cordelia’s eyes widely opened, and she brightly smiled as she listened to him .

“Wow, it’s really evil . ”

“Do you like it then?”

“Yes, I love it . ”

Jude had a faint smile when he saw Cordelia’s smiling face before he turned his gaze back to Bandaizel and said .

“I ask of you . ”

“Yes . Be careful too . ”

Because they needed someone to buy them time .

Jude took a deep breath before he activated the Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors and used the Black Wind’s Advent .

Using the black wind, he became like a gale and rushed towards Bandaizel .


The wind wildly blew .

The cold wind surrounded his whole body as the pitch-black wind danced together with the golden whirlwind .

Cordelia didn’t watch him for long . She turned around and ran towards Lena .


“Cordelia! We have to help Jude!”

Having taken Kaplan and Luke to a safe place, Lena ran and shouted at Cordelia .

Cordelia immediately nodded .

“We need your help . So Lena, please listen to our plan . ”


At that very moment, a roar burst out .

It was the sound of Bandaizel smashing the ground with his giant warhammer .

Cordelia flinched for a moment, but she didn’t look back .

He was Jude .

His Cheonmujiche made him extremely good in moving his body .

So he was going to be fine .

No, he would be fine .

The important thing now was to properly spend every second of time that Jude bought for them .


Cordelia grabbed Lena’s wrist . Lena was about to run straight towards Jude, but she stopped and looked at Cordelia, and then nodded .

‘Lena is not in her normal state now . ’

It was Jude’s words .

‘She can’t use her angel powers . ’

In the first episode of Legend of Heroes, Lena could already use the powers of an angel .

In short, most of Lena’s fighting power came from her angel powers .

But even so, she was Lena .

She was a powerful grand wizard before she became an angel .

‘So she can do it . ’

Lena had used different kinds of magic in Legend of Heroes .

Jude and Cordelia remembered all the kinds of magic she had used, so Jude informed Cordelia of the magic they needed for this battle, and in turn, she told Lena about that .

“Can you do it?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Cordelia asked amidst the loud noises behind her .

Lena nodded right away .

“I can do it . ”

“Then let’s get started!”


She could hear the ground collapsing from afar .

Cordelia turned around and was relieved . The black wind was still moving beautifully with the golden whirlwind .

“Haa . ”

Cordelia unconsciously sighed in relief before she immediately got serious . At the same time that she used the Witch Transformation, she opened the witch’s spell book with a chant .


The witch’s spell book could be opened by a simple command .

It was usually small and hung from Cordelia’s waist, but at her invocation, the book floated in the air and opened as it became several times larger than her upper body .


At the touch of Cordelia’s hand, the pages of the spell book began to flip quickly .

What she wanted to read was the last page that she could open now .

New spells were opened when her level exceeded 50 .

Cordelia quickly recited the spell . Through the witch’s spell book, she crammed the new magic into her head .

And at that moment, Lena ran to the place where Cordelia had pointed earlier and invoked a spell .


It was a spell that created a golem .

Not many people knew about it since she gained the powers of a Holy Angel through Ancestral Regression, but Lena’s specialty was originally the production of magical objects, which included the creation of golems .

“Rise! Rise and fight, my child!”

Lena had already used up a lot of mana when she fought alone the monsters from hell who flocked to the tower .

But she did not hesitate .

She poured her remaining mana to help in realizing Cordelia’s plan .


The ground shot up .

It had looked like that .

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The ground that had collapsed in the great collapse caused by Cordelia had now taken shape and stood up .

It was a huge stone golem created from the countless debris .


It was huge and colossal . Perhaps it was around 30 to 40 meters – no, it was a giant that was almost 50 meters .

Moreover, it wasn’t just tall . Its whole body was made of rock, and it resembled a knight wrapped in massive and heavy armor .


The ground shook as it took a step .

Bandaizel reflexively turned after lifting his warhammer that he used when he tried to smash Jude, while Jude smiled in admiration .


The golem roared and charged towards Bandaizel .

Its rush was slow perhaps because of its big build .

An enormous pressure restrained Bandaizel .


Bandaizel yelled as he crushed his fear, and then tightly gripped his warhammer and rushed towards the golem . He moved in order to smash the head of that slow-moving golem .

It was literally a monster showdown .

But Jude didn’t just watch it . He turned his gaze to confirm Cordelia’s location, and Cordelia also turned to Jude as if their minds were connected .

‘Are you ready?’

‘I’m ready!’

Shortly after exchanging glances, Jude saw Bandaizel again .

It was a Named Demon after all .

The sight of him jumping high and wielding the warhammer to hit the golem’s head was like a scene from myths and legends .


A loud noise erupted when the golem’s head was smashed in half from Bandaizel’s blow, and the golem stepped back .

Bandaizel continued pursuing the golem as he successively struck it .


A big golem couldn’t even be an opponent!

Every time Bandaizel swung his warhammer, a part of the golem broke down . At first, the golem tried to counterattack, but it later became beaten down as it continued to step back .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud blows continued in succession . The golem lost its head and both of its arms and shoulders, but it continued to step backwards and finally returned to the place where it was created .

“It’s over now . ”

When Bandaizel spoke in a cool manner and drew his warhammer…

Lena had been manipulating the abnormally huge golem with all her strength, and she suddenly stretched out her hand to Bandaizel .


It was the spell that was one of Cordelia’s specialties .

Their distance was quite far .

In addition, there was no direct contact .

Therefore, the duration of the spell was only a few seconds .

But that was enough .

When Lena stretched out her hand, Jude climbed on the golem .

He became a black gale, soaring into the sky before he fired it towards Bandaizel with all his strength .

Black Dragon Cross Strike!

The huge black cross from his fist struck Bandaizel .

But it was not enough . Defeating Bandaizel with just that blow was impossible .

Jude knew that too . So the purpose of his attack was not to defeat Bandaizel . The purpose was to push him away .

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The black cross pushed Bandaizel forward .

The paralyzed Bandaizel was helplessly pushed and thrown into the place where the golem had risen .


A loud roar broke out after he was blown nearly tens of meters and slammed onto the ground .

But Bandaizel’s body was unusually hard . Finishing him off with that kind of fall was impossible .

In fact, his paralyzed state immediately wore off after he fell so he tried to raise himself up .

Jude saw it . And he saw the others too .

“Cordelia . ”

She was standing . She added the Spell’s Echo to the she acquired at level 50 .

One spell invoked four magic spells at the same time .

“I’ve been waiting . ”

When Cordelia’s canines shone as she brightly smiled, the monsters from hell ran towards Bandaizel .

To be exact, they were the monsters of hell that Cordelia raised through necromancy .




Dozens of monsters ran and shrieked as they crushed Bandaizel’s body .

Cordelia’s necromancy was clumsy since charging was all that they could do, but in the first place, they had died from being crushed, so only a few of them had intact limbs .

But combat power was not important anyway .

“You scoundrels! No, you evil bastards!”

Bandaizel yelled as he tried to stand up .

The monsters from hell were just zombies in the end . It was possible to wipe them out with just one swing of his iron whip .

Cordelia knew that too . So she didn’t take her time . She snapped her fingers as she cast her new spell .

“ . ”

An explosion of corpses .

The monsters from hell that clung to Bandaizel caused a chain of explosions .

Dozens of monsters exploded in succession, and the explosive power was seriously tremendous .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bandaizel’s screams were heard in between the explosions . Then Cordelia looked back at Lena for the finishing blow .

“Lena . ”

Lena responded to her call .

She didn’t just create a giant golem that couldn’t properly fight so that Cordelia could excavate the monster corpses .


The golem stepped forward with a final roar . It moved its body just above Bandaizel’s head .

Despite the numerous explosions, Bandaizel saw it .

He instantly realized what Jude and Cordelia had planned .

So he couldn’t help but shout .

“Y-you demons!”

The noise of the corpse explosions buried Bandaizel’s voice . Lena chanted the final spell .

“ . ”

The golem dismantled .

Numerous debris that were used to form the body of the almost 50-meter giant golem fell over Bandaizel’s head .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions continued, and the rocks fell .

Bandaizel’s miserable screams rang in between that .


The huge rock that formed the golem’s head made the last noise .

Bandaizel was buried under that small rocky mountain and could no longer be seen .


Having cast that immense magic, Lena sat in place and tried to catch her breath .

Despite the extreme cold, her whole body was wet as if she had been hit by rain .

And Cordelia jumped from her spot . She joyfully shouted as the white ring appeared around her .

“We defeated him! Yahoo!”

She cheerfully shouted and hurried to the place where Lena sat down .

“We defeated him! We defeated him, Lena!”

She was refreshing, lively, and adorable .

So Lena unconsciously smiled, and Cordelia embraced Lena .

“I love you! Lena is the best!”

Lena was a bit embarrassed at her very friendly attitude, but she soon hugged Cordelia back .

She didn’t know why this girl liked her so much, but thanks to her, they crossed the big hurdle .

“Cordelia . ”


At Jude’s call, Cordelia suddenly jumped again before she hugged him too . He thought that she was just giggling, but she abruptly gave a sharp sideways glance and said .

“You’re really bad . You’re like a real demon . How could you be so evil?”

“Do you like it then?”


Cordelia promptly replied and brightly smiled again .

And as Lena watched the scene, she faintly smiled .

It hadn’t been that long since they met, but just looking at the lovely couple made her smile .

‘Yes, everything went well . ’

Not only did they close the Hell Gate, but they also wiped out a hundred or so demons that had already crossed over .

In addition, they defeated Bandaizel, a named demon .

So it was finally over .

It was enough .

The two saved the world .

No, it was something like that .

Endymion was completely destroyed, and half of Raptor Canyon had collapsed, so Lena tried hard to look away from that and just watched Jude and Cordelia again .

Lena smiled again as she gazed at the fantasy – no, the obviously crazy couple .


And in the evening of that same day…

At the outer part of the ruins that was formerly called Endymion .

Lena’s thoughts became like a prophecy .

“Uh…so you were saying…that the problem was solved?”

“Yes, we solved the problem . Endymion is gone, so no more demons will appear on Endymion!”

In front of that bright and lovely smile, the Fairy Queen couldn’t bear it any longer .

With an elegant smile, she held the back of her neck and collapsed .

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