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Chapter 88: 88
What color is your blood? – a famous quote of the character Rei from the Japanese series Fist of the North Star .  Frequently used when criticizing villains for their evil deeds .

The day of destruction .

It was the last day of Endymion, the capital of the magic kingdom of Magellan, which did not collapse even in a direct confrontation with the mighty Demon Prince of Hell .


At first, it was a vibration .

Soon there was a tremendous roar, and the surrounding area – no, the whole underground shook .

Craaack! Craaack!

It was not an ordinary earthquake .

Dozens to hundreds of cracks appeared on the ground . The huge cracks spread, destroying the beautiful and elegant buildings built by the High Elves a long time ago .

Boooom! Craaaash!

Hundreds of buildings collapsed like dominoes .

It did not stop after that, as the reverberation on the ground grew stronger and countless debris began falling down from the ceiling .

Dragon vein .

A great stream of power that flowed in the underground of the wild lands .

A strong and unusual power that was the wild gods’ source of power .

A portion of it began to run out of control .

The dragon vein that the High Elves used as the city’s energy source in the past now exploded after having been stimulated by the Spear of Calamity .


Flames shot up through the torn ground .

And then there was a blinding light .

The terrifying power soared to the ceiling and destroyed everything it came across .

It only took a few seconds for all of these to happen .




The monsters from hell were screaming .

Even Bandaizel struggled in the midst of the fearsome natural disaster, so he couldn’t look back at Jude and Cordelia .

But not for Jude .

He opened his eyes and shouted, grasping Cordelia’s shoulders .

“Hey! You’re crazy!”

They were in an emergency and an extremely dangerous situation, but he couldn’t help but say those words to her .

And Cordelia struck back at such Jude .

“You said that you trusted me!”

“F*ck! Why did I trust you!”

“Ugh! You cursed! That’s too much!”

“You always do it!”

That was it .

They ran out of time to argue .

The ground shook and then collapsed as it began to sink, and the ceiling also fell down .

The rubble that crashed into the ground scattered in all directions .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“F*ck . ”

Jude cursed again .

It was a serious expression and not an exclamation, but Cordelia didn’t care . Cordelia suddenly hugged him and shouted .

“I trust in you too!”

And she activated the shield .

After using up most of her power to create the Spear of Calamity, she used her remaining power to activate Count Chase’s ring . A translucent blue shield appeared and covered the two .

“Fuuuck . ”

Jude swore again and then carried Cordelia .

He carried her with the so-called princess carry and then looked up at the ceiling .

“I trust you . ”

Cordelia’s voice sounded small when compared to the roaring sounds around them . But instead of responding to her, Jude immediately jumped up .

It was something that was seriously crazy to do, but if he didn’t, they would die .


He darted on the collapsing ground .

He grasped the location of the falling debris and computed his route in an instant .

Jude held his breath .

He created a whirlwind and used it to fly up like a gale .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The deafening roars continued .

In the midst of that, Jude continued to yell . He climbed up and up, kicking on the falling debris .


The wreckage hit their shield .

They were not injured because of the shield, but it caused Jude to fall down .

But it was only for a moment .

Jude spun around in the air and created a strong wind, and their fall stopped at that moment .

Cordelia hugged Jude’s neck, and supported him with magic .

“Let’s goooo!”

Cordelia cried and Jude turned himself around again .

He used the whirlwind to break through the debris .


The whirlwind blew away the debris .

The shield pushed away the small rubble .

Just a little further .

He avoided the wreckage .

He avoided the collapsing ceiling…


But it was too much .

The falling debris from the ceiling this time was too big .

As if it covered the sky .

However, Jude didn’t give up .

He strengthened his arms that held Cordelia and then shouted .



Jude removed the shield .

Cordelia threw a into the sky, which she had made by scraping up her remaining energy .


The Spear of Calamity rotated and pierced the ceiling like a drill . It didn’t completely destroy the debris, but it succeeded in making a hole .

Jude rushed through that hole .

After he passed through the hole that was 2 meters in diameter, he made another leap by using the large ceiling rubble as a foothold .


“It’s the sky!”

It was as Cordelia said .

The chilly blue sky welcomed Jude and Cordelia .

The sunlight that poured down was so beautiful .

They finally saw the sky .

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The soaring Jude looked down at the ground, and unknowingly apologized to countless people .

A huge crater emerged, measuring hundreds of meters in diameter .

Hundreds and thousands of pieces of broken wreckage were messily piled upon the shattered ground .

“Crazy . ”

“Ehehe . ”

The last one was Cordelia . She had an awkward look as if she was ashamed, but she still stuck out her tongue .

And Jude landed on the ground .

Jude stared at Cordelia with a face full of mixed feelings, and Cordelia squeezed her lips once and tried to make an excuse .

But not yet .


It was quite silent at first .


But the sound grew louder .

It was not the sound of the already destroyed underground city .

The cracks continued to spread out .

The cracks stretched out as if it wanted to destroy not only the central underground city, but also the entire Endymion, and it eventually began to spread through the Raptor Canyon .


At the moment the dazed Cordelia said that…


The second major collapse began .

An avalanche occurred when parts of the Raptor Canyon collapsed, followed by a series of explosions and collapses across an area spanning hundreds of meters in diameter and several kilometers in length .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Unexpectedly, the time of the crashing itself was short .

Because everything shattered and crashed all at once .


It was the last sound they heard from afar .

Silence followed afterwards .

The canyon surrounding Endymion collapsed halfway down, and the direction of the wind changed, so the blowing wind struck Jude and Cordelia .

A few seconds passed .

Jude put Cordelia down on the ground, and as she stood, Cordelia hesitated for a moment before she awkwardly smiled and made a V-sign with her fingers .

“P-problem solved!”

Because in spite of what preceded, the Hell Gate was closed .

Because they achieved their goal .

Jude quietly stared at such Cordelia and moved .

He raised both of his hands and pinched Cordelia’s cheeks .

“Problem solved? Problem solved? What problem was solved?”

As he pulled her soft cheeks to the side, Cordelia became teary-eyed and immediately launched a counterattack .

“I sholved the froblem!”

As she said with a strange pronunciation, Cordelia pinched Jude’s cheeks too .

“Heyyyy? What are you doooing?!”

“Owww! It hurts! Schtapp!”

When Jude increased his pulling strength, Cordelia shouted almost as if she was crying, but she didn’t back down .

Cordelia pinched him harder when he didn’t let go of her cheeks .

“Let gwooo!”

“You leeet go firssst!”

It was the moment when they continued to pinch each other in the cheeks .

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White rings of light appeared in succession around Jude and Cordelia .

It came so quickly that it was hard to count, but it seemed to be close to ten .

“Revel-up! Level-up! Thanks to me!”

Because they had wiped out the monsters from hell who broke into Endymion .

The experienced was reduced because it was an indirect defeat and not a direct one, but the number of the monsters was so high that they leveled up a lot .

“Let gwo! Let gwoo!”

“Ugh . ”

At Cordelia’s insistence, Jude let go first as he grunted .

Then Cordelia took her hand off Jude’s cheek, not to keep their agreement, but to cover her own cheeks .

“Ack! It really hurts . It’s too much . You’re mean . ”

The sight of a beautiful girl crying as she covered her burning red cheeks was enough to make Jude a bad guy in the world’s eyes, but only Jude and Cordelia were here .

Jude said as his eyes narrowed .

“Think about what you did based on your conscience . ”

“Sob, sob .  You said that you trusted me . ”

At the time when Cordelia pretended to cry again…


With a loud noise, Lena broke through the debris and appeared .

Moreover, she was not alone . The pale-faced Kaplan and the Bellagio, Luke, also pushed their heads out of the ground .

“Jude? Cordelia?”

“Lena! I’m glad you’re okay!”

Cordelia ran straight to Lena and exclaimed, and Jude moved towards them after sighing .

Lena was strong, but he had been worried about Kaplan and Luke .

And after a few steps…

What Jude had expected happened .

“E-Endymion! Endymion, the capital of the magic kingdom of Magellan…!”

Kaplan was an archeologist, and he knew the value of Endymion better than anyone else here .

“Aaah…aah… . ”

As he grabbed the back of his neck and staggered, Kaplan fell down because of his internal distress, and Jude understood why it made him like that .

The ancient ruins had been intact for over a thousand years . The city of the High Elves that survived the battle against the mighty Demon Prince, was now destroyed to the point where it was hard to find any traces of it… It was a complete tragedy .

“Hahaa . Woof-woof!”

Luke barked as it licked the distressed Kaplan’s cheek .

Unlike Cordelia, Jude couldn’t understand the animal’s words, but it seemed like Luke was saying to Kaplan that it was okay .

And in the midst of this, Cordelia embraced Lena and asked with a big smile .

“Lena! The Hell Gate is gone, right?”

“Yes? Uh…yes . It must have disappeared . Probably…no, absolutely…”

It was not an exaggeration to say that Endymion itself was gone .

With her mouth wide open, Lena stared blankly at the surrounding area after the great destruction, but Cordelia was pleased with her answer .

She turned to Jude and brightly smiled, flashing a V-sign again .

“I solved the problem after all! Whaach?!”

The strange sound at the end of her words was because Jude pinched her cheeks again .

“It hurts!”

“I’m pinching you so that you’ll feel the pain . ”

Though his thoughts were slightly different this time .

‘It’s soft and smooth . ’

Her rebellious side when she was being pinched was also cute .

With a bit of an ulterior motive, Jude continued to punish Cordelia .


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A fearsome roar came from afar .

No, it was clearly an angry voice .


The huge demon flew out of the wreckage .

Bandaizel .

The leader of the Lactos soared from the rubble and spread out its huge bat wings .

After all, it was a named demon .

He managed to stay alive while the other monsters from hell were being wiped out .


Tension spread over Lena’s face .

But not for Jude and Cordelia .

Cordelia turned while her cheeks were still being pinched, and Jude gently removed his hands on her cheeks before turning around .

Bandaizel .

The demon released its power in its rage .

“He’s covered in blood . ”

“He’s hurt a lot . ”

“His head is bleeding . ”

“If you look closely, his horns are a bit broken . ”

Bandaizel was not able to easily avoid the debris because of his large size .

He had felt like he was buried alive under the rubble .

“So Jude . Isn’t this situation familiar?”

“It’s happened before . ”

“Isn’t it? It’s the same as then, right?”

The stage boss who was half dead because the stage itself was destroyed .

A smile spread over Jude and Cordelia’s faces .

And from afar, Bandaizel finally caught sight of Jude and Cordelia and then burst into an angry roar again .

“Aaaaah! What color is your blood!”

He couldn’t believe that they destroyed the city itself .

If the ancient High Elves knew about this, they would cry tears of blood!

But Jude and Cordelia didn’t think that way .

Cordelia said as her eyes sparkled .

“They’re the same . ”

“It looks like they’re teaching cliché lines in hell . ”

“Yeah . It’s getting frequent . ”

Jude and Cordelia began talking nonsense as usual before they looked at each other and took out potion bottles .

And they gulped it down .

Bandaizel was enraged again .

Lena alternately looked at Jude, Cordelia and Bandaizel with a mixture of tension and confusion . After they had emptied the potion bottles at once, Jude and Cordelia turned at the same time . They simultaneously threw the potion bottles and then stepped forward as they talked .

“Shall we start the boss fight?”

“This time, it’s not phase 3…it’s around phase 2 . ”

Bandaizel’s condition was better than the mid-ranking demonic human whom they had faced before .

Even if his condition had worsened, he was still a named demon .

But Cordelia wasn’t worried .

She said as her teeth shone .

“It’s all right . Because we have Lena . ”

“Shall we ask for help?”

“It’s time to repay us . ”

The dazed Lena blinked her eyes because she didn’t understand what they were talking about .

Jude and Cordelia stared back at each other . They exchanged glances, and at the same time, the two spurred on the ground .

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