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Chapter 90: 90
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Satan lost his job today – Korean meme about human acts that are so evil and vicious that it makes Satan lose his job . This meme has a lot of variations and is not limited to ‘Satan lost his job today . ’

The Wild Fairy Queen, Eonelle, raised her head .

The beautiful light shone down from the colorful glass ceiling .

The sunlight was scattered and diffused according to precise calculations, giving off a sense of fantasy and mystery to the viewer .


A childlike voice came out of Eonelle’s mouth .

Surprised by her voice, Eonelle blinked and looked at herself, and she realized that her limbs were much shorter than usual .

She wasn’t a Fairy Queen .

She was now her younger self before she became the queen .

It was during the time when her mother was still alive .

Eonelle blinked her eyes and smiled .

She thought like a fairy, not a queen .

Whether she was in a dream or not now, she thought that she should enjoy this moment .

“How exciting . ”

Instead of an elegant smile, Eonelle had a cute and adorable smile before she looked around again .

And she soon remembered where she was now .

This was the greenhouse of the High Elves located deep in Endymion .

Besides magic, the High Elves of the magic kingdom Magellan also attained outstanding achievements in various fields of study .

They created a much more beautiful garden in the underground than the one they had above the ground, and the fairies who were fond of pretty and lovely things would visit their gardens with the permission of the High Elves .

“Pretty . ”

Flowers of numerous colors filled her sight . There were so many varieties that if it was a garden made by humans, it would have looked disordered because of the too many varieties, but this was the garden of the High Elves .

Numerous flowers and trees were arranged together, but there was harmony in their arrangement .

Far from looking disordered, the flowers and trees complemented each other, forming a very beautiful sight .

“It smells good . ”

Eonelle closed her eyes and enjoyed the garden’s fragrance . And then came into her ears a voice that she had long missed .

“Eonelle . ”


Eonelle reflexively shouted as she jumped from her position and turned around .

There stood her beautiful and caring mother, the previous Fairy Queen, with an elegant smile .


Eonelle ran like a child and hugged her mother’s waist .

“You’re still a child . ”

“Yes, that’s right . I’m a child . Hehehe . ”

How long had it been since she acted cutely like this?

It had been a while since she spoke and acted like a normal fairy .

The former Fairy Queen had a bit of a lonely smile when she looked at her daughter’s face .

Because in her eyes that could see beyond time and space, she saw the grown-up Eonelle, her daughter who had become the Fairy Queen .

The previous Fairy Queen caressed Eonelle’s cheek with emotions that could only be described as proud, regretful, and affectionate .

“Eonelle, do you like this place?”

“Yes, I like it . It’s very pretty . ”

“Yes, when Magellan’s High Elves left Endymion…they especially asked us to take good care of it . ”

The High Elves had already left Endymion when Eonelle was born .

However, the previous Fairy Queen remembered the time when the High Elves lived in Endymion .

“Mommy was a friend of the High Elves, right?”

“Yes, I was . The High Elves were friends of us wild fairies . They let us use the hot springs and the garden to our heart’s content . ”

“I like the hot springs too . ”

“You’re truly my daughter . ”

“Hehehe . ”

The previous Fairy Queen stroked Eonelle’s head, and Eonelle enjoyed her touch .

This moment was just a dream, but as a fairy, she didn’t care about distinguishing reality from the dream .

“Eonelle . ”

“Yes, mommy . ”

“This place…take good care of Endymion . Someday…on the day when the High Elves return, we can be proud…we can say that us fairies have never neglected our friendship with the High Elves . ”

It was impossible to manage the entire Endymion .

Even the High Elves had given up taking care of it .

So just the places where the High Elves and fairies shared their friendship, which were the hot springs and gardens, were what they could preserve well .

“Yes, mommy . I’ll definitely do it . ”

“Fufufu, that’s a good girl . ”

“I promise . Definitely . Pinky promise . ”

“All right, it’s a pinky promise . ”

“Yes, mommy . ”

Eonelle prettily smiled, and the previous Fairy Queen hugged her tightly . They shared each other’s warmth under the sunlight shining down from the colored glass ceiling .

“Mommy . ”

Eonelle opened her eyes .

And she realized that she was the Fairy Queen now .

But for a moment, she was engrossed in her dream . Instead of facing reality, she chose to escape it for a while .

Tick tock . Tick tock .

She suddenly stood up and left her room, with the hem of her dress trailing on the ground .

She faced the sight in front of her .


Didn’t they say that laughter sometimes comes out when one faces a very absurd situation?

The sight in front of her did not change .

The scene in her dream only remained in her dreams now .

It was completely ruined .

The site where the great collapse took place could only be described as ruins .

The Fairy Queen struggled to maintain her elegant smile .

She soon felt faint again but turned around and firmly stood . But she couldn’t stop her weak voice from coming out of her mouth .

“It wasn’t…a dream . ”

It would have been nice if it was a dream .

If it was just a dream…

If it was just a lie…

“Mommy, I’m sorry . ”

Eonelle couldn’t keep her promise .

I’m a bad child .

I’m sorry .

When tears streaked down the Fairy Queen’s cheeks, there were some who were watching the scene secretly .

“Ju-Jude . What should we do? She’s crying . ”

“…Then should she not cry?”

Endymion was completely destroyed .

When Jude spoke with narrowed eyes, Cordelia pouted her lips, timidly pushing her index fingers against each other .

Jude sighed again when he saw her with that appearance and then said .

“Haa…in addition to that…are you a real demon? How could you say that?”


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“Endymion is gone, so no more demons will appear on Endymion… Such words made Satan lose his job today . ”

It was such a diabolical idea .

No, apart from having such an idea, she put it out of her mouth and said it . And with such a lovely face and expression .


Jude’s remarks made Cordelia shrink even further, but she had something to say in her defense .

“Y-you taught me . ”


“I mean, that…when we broke the bridge…”

Cordelia was talking about the time when they broke the bridge to defeat Lacto .

Jude was the one who originally said that statement, not Cordelia .

However, Jude clicked his tongue at Cordelia’s timid rebuttal and said with narrowed eyes .

“Is this the same as that? And isn’t there something like a time and place?”

He was correct .

Cordelia shrank even more, and Jude pulled the cheeks of such Cordelia with both of his hands .


Cordelia would normally be angry and resist it, but this time, she didn’t .

She just accepted her punishment with a bleak face .

But that did not last long .

“I know you’re watching . Come forward . ”

At the Fairy Queen’s call, Jude and Cordelia flinched at the same time before they cleared their throats and stepped forward .

“Jude, Cordelia . ”

“Your Majesty . ”

Jude answered in a small voice, and Cordelia bowed her head after looking at the Fairy Queen’s eyes .

The Fairy Queen graciously smiled at their appearance .

“It’s all right . You don’t have to make such a dejected face . To defend Endymion…no, to save…no, it was for the world anyway . ”

Though she was a bit unsettled in the middle, the Fairy Queen still kept her elegant smile until the end of her words .

“To close the Hell Gate, right?”

“Yes, if the Hell Gate had just grown like that…there would have been a terrible tragedy . Cordelia’s actions were rather excessive, but there was no other way back then . Because of Cordelia’s decision on behalf of everyone, she was able to save my life too . If you punish her, let me receive it instead . ”

When Jude didn’t just stop defending her and even went as far as to say that he would be willing to receive the punishment instead, Cordelia was startled and blinked, and the Fairy Queen shook her head .

“No, it’s not fair to punish you . As you said, Cordelia saved everyone . And…I think I’m at fault too for neglecting the management of other areas besides the original areas we maintained . Because I didn’t even know of the fact that the Hell Gate opened here . ”

The Fairy Queen was also well aware of the Hell Gate’s dangers .

If the Hell Gate had grown just as Jude had said, the fairies would be the first to be at risk .

“So Cordelia, straighten your chest . Although Endymion is gone…isn’t it clear that you saved the world and us fairies?”

“Your Majesty…”

Cordelia was deeply moved and began to tear up .

The Fairy Queen laughed a bit at Cordelia’s response before she continued .

“I know of the name Lena . Holy Angel Lena, one of the five heroes who ended the tragedy of the Paragon Kingdom . But looking at her now, it seems she got the Demon Syndrome . ”

“Yes, that’s right . We have to treat Lena . ”

Cordelia quickly spoke without thinking, and the Fairy Queen also nodded her head .

“Yes, you are right . She is also our benefactor, so she deserves to be helped . ”

“Your Majesty…”

Cordelia’s face was flushed with deep emotions again .

Jude also expressed his admiration of her in his thoughts .

‘She’s a real queen . ’

It was unbelievable that the benevolent woman in front of him was of the same race as the fairies he knew .

In any case, the truly gracious Fairy Queen turned around and said .

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“Demon Syndrome is a disease caused by the accumulation of hell’s aura in the body . So if you wash away hell’s aura with holy aura, you’ll be able to cure the Demon Syndrome . ”

What she said was the truth .

In fact, the quickest way to treat the Demon Syndrome in the game was to go a large temple, give as much donation money as possible, and listen to choir’s hymns while bathing in holy water .

“There is a sacred place not far away . It’s the place where the golden dragon, the king of the wild gods, interacted with Solari, the ancient sun god . ”


Jude unknowingly expressed his surprise .

Because according to the Fairy Queen’s story, it was a land where two gods temporarily stayed together .

It was literally a sacred place among the sacred places .

“I’ll tell you the location, so take Lena there to cure the Demon Syndrome . ”


“Yes, really . ”

“Wow! Her Majesty is the best! Thank you very much!”

Cordelia was ready to embrace the Fairy Queen at that moment, but their absolute difference in heights prevented her from doing so .

The Fairy Queen laughed a little at the appearance of Cordelia hesitating when she tried to hug her, and she soon looked back at Jude and said .

“Jude . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

“I’m saying this out of concern…”

The Fairy Queen’s words trailed off at the end before she suddenly cleared her throat and said while looking elsewhere .

“You can’t destroy that place . ”

The sacred place .

Especially the sacred place .

“Of course . I’ll try to prevent the worst situation from happening . ”

Cordelia’s face turned red at the moment Jude spoke with a determined look as if he was swearing an oath .

After she struggled in that state, she spoke to the Fairy Queen in an urgent tone .

“I-I promise! I’ll just go quietly! Really!”

“Yes, I believe in you . Truly . Really . Please . Please…”

Her elegant smile remained the same, but at the end, there was some desperation in the Fairy Queen’s words .

It wasn’t really just a sacred place .

Because they had to protect that sacred place .

Especially that sacred place!

“I-I promise . Really…”

The dispirited Cordelia shrank her shoulders as she made a promise, Jude stepped forward again .

“Your Majesty, I will take responsibility and protect the sacred place from Cordelia . ”

“Yes, I believe in you . ”

“I’m not a demon…”

Cordelia timidly murmured shortly after the Fairy Queen’s worried face and Jude’s determined oath .

The Fairy Queen turned to Cordelia again and spoke .

“I’m sorry . I’ve made you dispirited . As I said earlier, it’s true that you saved us . You can be proud of that . You’re a warrior who made a decision that couldn’t be easily made . ”

“Sob, sob, Your Majesty . ”

She (Fairy Queen) did a grievous harm to someone and then pretended to help her (Cordelia) .

The Fairy Queen smiled a little mischievously at Cordelia whose thoughts were clearly revealed in her face, and Jude also smiled .


“Ah, thank goodness . There’s a way to cure Lena . ”

“You’re right . ”

The fairies’ residence, which differed in time and space from ordinary places, wasn’t a very good place to take a proper rest .

For this reason, Lena and Kaplan were staying in a bathhouse in the outskirts of Endymion, which did not collapse .

“Ufufu, I’m excited . If we go to the sacred place, Lena will be cured from the Demon Syndrome, then Lena will regain the power of an angel, and we’ll be able to obtain Lena’s blood . Isn’t that right?”

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On the road to the bathhouse, Cordelia energetically walked and laughed, and she even began to sing .

“Le~na’s blood~ doo doo doo doo doo~

Sacred place~ doo doo doo doo doo~

Angel mode~ doo doo doo doo doo~

Lena’s blood~ . ”

Her singing and gestures were seriously cute and adorable, and Jude tried to distance himself from her . And Cordelia having caught such Jude, glared at him .


“No, are you asking because you don’t know? Look at yourself . ”

A beautiful girl was smiling brightly while singing about blood .


“Isn’t it weird?”

“Hmph . It’s not strange though?”

However, she seemed to be embarrassed as her face turned red .

Jude smiled and continued his words .

“Moving on, it’s good . We saved Lena, and if we go on like this, we’ll obtain the angel’s blood . ”

“Yes, I’ll be able to use Ancestral Regression…then it’ll be possible to use this too!”

Cordelia spoke out loud as she took out the Heavenly Judgment, which she had worn on her back throughout their entire trip .

It was one of the hundred swords that the Archangel Auriel himself forged, and a powerful magic item that could use ‘Day of Judgment . ’

It was currently sealed, so it was more of a club than a sword, but once she gained the power of an angel, she would be able to remove the seal .

“It’s a happy event, a happy occasion . ”

“Yes, I especially like that we saved Lena . ”

She had seen her die a lonely death with a painful expression in the cinematic movie, and that scene still remained in her eyes .

But they had saved Lena .

They saved the hero from Legend of Heroes’ first episode, who should have died .

‘It means a lot . ’

Among the five main characters in the first episode of the Legend of Heroes, the Ghostblade Kamael was the only one who was active after the second episode .

So if that didn’t happen .

If all the five main characters survived and joined the fight to stop Armageddon…

‘We have to make it happen . ’

It wasn’t just Lena .

They somehow saved Iron Man Landius even though the cause of his death was still unknown .

‘The other two too . ’

Necromancer Velkian and Druid Fran too .

And furthermore, the heroes of the Legend of Heroes 2 too .

“What are you thinking about?”

“A good idea . ”

“You’re saying something strange again . ”

Jude grinned at Cordelia’s rebuke, and returned the topic to the sacred place .

“Anyway, I hope that there’s no dragon vein in the place we’re going this time . ”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, it’s nothing . ”

Jude shamelessly replied and pretended to be ignorant, while Cordelia pouted but it was only for a moment .

“Let’s hurry . I want to give Lena the good news . ”

“Okay . ”

The two who were walking together began to speed up their pace .

And under the feet of those two .

Deep underground .

The runaway of the dragon veins were continuously causing abnormalities .

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