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Chapter 88

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San glanced at Xiao Wu sitting there anxiously watching him. His expression was blank a moment, then the bloody light in his eyes gradually withdrew, and his mind also gradually recovered to normal.

Actually, even he himself didn’t know just what he did just now. Piercing the Man Faced Demon Spider with Eight Spider Lances was all something he did subconsciously while his mind was blanked out. Now, seeing Xiao Wu was still alive, Tang San’s heart also subsequently came back to life. Then he noticed his current situation.

The Man Faced Demon Spider still constantly twitched below him, pulse after pulse of powerful energy entering his body via Eight Spider Lances. What made him astonished was that after this ruthless energy had circulated one turn within him, it would again be transmitted to his Eight Spider Lances to coagulate at his vertebrae, and the vertebrae and eight ribs where Eight Spider Lances attached became incomparably hot, absorbing the energy like a deep abyss.

This was the first time Tang San truly used the Eight Spider Lances’ drain ability, and the target was a Man Faced Demon Spider.

Eight Spider Lances’ drain ability could originally only temporarily give him an immediate energy boost, and after a short term of use it would automatically disperse. But right now the target of the drain was the same as the source of Eight Spider Lances, another Man Faced Demon Spider, and Eight Spider Lances showed an autonomous reaction; or to say that it was transforming itself.

The energy sucked out of the Man Faced Demon Spider was absorbed and transformed by Tang San’s external spirit bone, becoming its own energy. This was also a chance coincidence. If Tang San hadn’t already reached the fortieth rank of spirit power, just the condition for evolving Eight Spider Lances, the energy now being absorbed from the Man Faced Demon Spider wouldn’t directly shift into the external spirit bone.

External spirit bones really were too rare, that’s why even Grandmaster didn’t have too much research into it. Actually, the evolution of external spirit bones didn’t stop because of different spirit rings. As long as a Spirit Master absorbed a new spirit ring, it would evolve together. The conditions for evolution were just the same as for obtaining a new spirit ring: the Spirit Master’s strength reaching the next stage.

Under the conditions that Tang San already had a full forty ranks, and the Eight Spider Lances had absorbed the energy most suitable to it, how would it still hesitate? Right now those originally three meter long Eight Spider Lances gradually extended to four meters, and on the surface orderly rows of small barbs began to grow, exactly the same as the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider below him. The difference was that right now Tang San’s Eight Spider Lanes completely appeared just as deathly pale as while draining, and under this pale white, red and white colored light roamed dizzyingly to create a dazzlingly beautiful pattern on the Eight Spider Lances.

Along with returning to consciousness, Tang San very quickly made a proper judgement about his own condition. He already inferred the reason from the circumstances of his body, and simply let the absorption continue. The benefits to his Eight Spider Lances from a similar Man Faced Demon Spider were clear and easy to see. Even though right now he didn’t know in what respect it would show, he still urged the spirit power within him to speed up the absorption. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider was immune to the similar to his own poison Tang San had, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances not only possessed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison but also the ice and fire poisons from those two immortal treasure herbs.

The two kinds of extreme ice and fire forces rising from the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot wreaked havoc within its body, and further adding the destruction from the previous dragon flame, right now this Man Faced Demon Spider didn’t have the slightest bit of strength to resist and could only let Tang San keep draining. Its vitality swiftly drained away, and the eight spider legs supporting its body gradually softened, its whole body starting to lie down on the ground, its outer shell gradually turning ash grey.

Xiao Wu carefully put the Yearning Heartbroken Red back in her chest. She also had her own grievances. There was a burst of lingering fear in her heart; if it wasn’t for the Yearning Heartbroken Red, perhaps she would have had to part with Tang San forever.

Liu Erlong stood at Xiao Wu’s side, stroking her head. Even though she didn’t say anything, the ominous energy in her eyes largely left, instead revealing a tender expression.

Xiao Wu raised her head, looking at Liu Erlong. She suddenly felt a kind of maternal brilliance from this brutish slaughtering corner. This kind of feeling was extremely cozy, and further adding her tiredness after sustaining injuries, she couldn’t keep from leaning her head against Liu Erlong’s soft thigh.

“Good child, with me here, I won’t let anyone or anything bully you again.”
Liu Erlong said softly.

Everyone couldn’t keep from looking at Liu Erlong with astonished gazes. Was this still that slaughtering corner that was just brimming with killing intent and seemingly looking to massacre everything?

“Teacher Erlong……”
Xiao Wu’s eyes revealed a grateful light, even so much that they had a somewhat teary brilliance. At this moment she recalled her own mother. Wouldn’t her mother also frequently look at her with this kind of gaze? But, she was already gone.

“Xiao Wu, do you want to become my direct disciple?”
Liu Erlong asked.

Xiao Wu nodded without the slightest hesitation,

She was clever, and while speaking she knelt and bowed to Liu Erlong as a student formally becoming apprenticed.

Liu Erlong pulled Xiao Wu from the ground, letting her lean against her chest,
“I don’t need those clichéd courtesies. Xiao Wu, teacher hasn’t married all her life, right now I still don’t have any close relatives. I don’t want you to call me Teacher. If you don’t dislike it, I would like you to call me mom.”

Hearting Liu Erlong say this, Flender to the side couldn’t keep from sadly lowering his head, and Grandmaster’s gaze was already stupid. Looking at her, for a moment all sorts of feelings welled up, lips quivering about to speak, but not a word came out.

Xiao Wu was equally shocked. Looking at Liu Erlong’s hopeful eyes, her already reddened beautiful eyes began to grow misty, and weeping held Liu Erlong tightly,
“Mom, mom……”

‘Mom’, this word was held such a significant place in Xiao Wu’s heart. It had already been eight years since her own mother left her, how much she wanted to call out this word! Right now Liu Erlong not only gave her a feeling of a replacement mother, but at the same time Xiao Wu found the comfort of maternal love. For a moment her heart surged, and she immediately revealed her true feelings.

Liu Erlong softly caressed Xiao Wu’s long scorpion braid, a faint smile on her pretty face, teardrops uncontrollably rolling down her face.

She loved Grandmaster, but he never dared accept this taboo love. For all these years Liu Erlong’s heart had been empty, but this moment it was like she found someone to entrust with her heart, placing her hopes on her just now accepted daughter. This moment it was as if Grandmaster’s shadow over her heart rocked a little. While Liu Erlong sensed the pure feelings Xiao Wu released, in her heart she secretly vowed that even if she had to spend her life to protect her, she would still be willing.

“Erlong, congratulations.”
Flender suppressed his dashing heart with difficulty, speaking to Liu Erlong who was smiling from ear to ear.

Liu Erlong looked at Flender, a sentimental light in her eyes,
“Boss Fu, I have a daughter. Did you know? I have a daughter.”

“Yes, I know. From hereon, you won’t be lonely, you have a daughter.”
Hearing Liu Erlong’s words, Flender couldn’t control the tears in his eyes. Didn’t he also love Liu Erlong? For Liu Erlong’s sake he had never married, for Liu Erlong and Grandmaster’s sake he had buried that love deep within his heart. But, he had never seen his beloved live happily. Could this be blamed on Grandmaster? No, it couldn’t, it could only be blamed on how fate toys with people.

At this moment, when he could feel Liu Erlong’s current mood, how couldn’t he be happy for her?

Everyone stepped forward to congratulate her one after the other, only Grandmaster stood there, unable to take even a step, his heart aching as he looked at Liu Erlong. He knew that he really owed her far too much. But between him and her it was as if a tight knot was tied, and no matter what it couldn’t be undone. He was happy that Liu Erlong had obtained a daughter, but at the same time how couldn’t he be sad for his and Liu Erlong’s fate? How much didn’t he want to hold Liu Erlong in his arms and declare his love for her? But, it was impossible. That shadow of ‘bloodline’, that haze, always hung between them.

Tang San finally finished draining, and a faint halo of light began to release from that six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider. As long as he wished, right now he could already absorb this spirit ring.

But right now Tang San wasn’t even slightly in the mood to absorb spirit rings. Withdrawing Eight Spider Lances, he rushed over to Xiao Wu and Liu Erlong.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu……”
There were no tears in Tang San’s eyes, but his voice was somewhat distorted, what kind of emotions would get his voice to change like this?

Xiao Wu raised her head from Liu Erlong’s bosom, and seeing Tang San almost within reach her tears flowed even more uncontrollably.

Liu Erlong sighed lightly, releasing her embrace and sending Xiao Wu towards Tang San.

Despite all the people around them, and further the few spirit beasts glaring like tigers outside, Tang San didn’t pay them any attention and fiercely spread his arms, burying Xiao Wu’s delicate body deep in his own embrace. He didn’t say anything about being sorry, but his teeth had already broken his lip. How couldn’t he regret handing the Fragrant Beautiful Silk Immortal Treasure to Xiao Wu? If not for that, how would Xiao Wu have been ambushed? This wasn’t the first time Xiao Wu had been hurt for him. Tang San hated himself, hated his inability to protect Xiao Wu.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Liu Erlong raised her head to gaze at the sky, serenely saying:

“You must never let me hear you let her down. Otherwise, no matter whose disciple you are, or what your background is, the Giant Earth King from that day will be your example.”

Even though she didn’t mention any names, everyone knew her words were aimed at Tang San.

Softly patting Xiao Wu’s back, Tang San released his embrace, the light in his eyes suddenly turning stubborn. From the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse he pulled out a dark green leaf and stuffed it into Xiao Wu’s mouth. At the same time he took the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure from Xiao Wu’s hand and returned it to the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

That was a Dragon Zoysia leaf with strong healing efficacy. It was also something he originally took from around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Xiao Wu swallowed the leaf, and a refreshing feeling immediately spread through her whole body, the tightness in her chest growing a lot better.

Tang San gazed at the mountain peak to the side,

“Senior Dugu’s secret cultivation grounds is in this mountain, here there’s an Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well rich in resources. If people or animals approach they will definitely be influenced by the extreme cold and hot energies, and die suddenly after a short time. But this place is also where many heavenly treasures are born. The herbs I currently possess were all taken from here. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well is harmful to others, but because I once took two kinds of herbs it’s instead beneficial to me. Absorbing the spirit ring here is bound to be twice the effect for half the effort. I’ll trouble everyone to wait for me here. I’ll finish absorbing the spirit ring as soon as possible. You must also by no means approach the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, to avoid being harmed by its energies.”

Giving a simple explanation, Tang San didn’t pause. With that stubborn heart, in a few leaps he reached the side of that Pit Demon Spider. Weaving Blue Silver Grass around that sinister spirit beast, the Eight Spider Lances on his back released and brought him towards the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well with astonishing speed.

Tang San’s explanation soothed everyone. But his stubbornness was because of strength. Everything that happened just now proved that his strength was insufficient. The only thing he wanted right now was to become even stronger, gaining the strength to protect his companions and beloved.

Watching Tang San pick the Pit Demon Spider without a second thought, Xiao Wu was just about to say something but was stopped by Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong’s low voice rose next to her ear,

“This kind of man is a true man. Relying on that stubbornness he will definitely succeed. As a woman, no matter what your man decides is right or wrong, you should always support him unconditionally. When he’s right, you should be happy for him. Even if he’s wrong, let him make his mistake. At worst, follow him to make it.”

Liu Erlong’s words were nothing special, but her voice was brimming with sorrow, that sadness of the helpless.

Xiao Wu muttered:

“At worst, follow him to make it. Mom, you’re right. I should support him in all things.”

Liu Erlong’s words seemed like a wide open door for her, a realization. Xiao Wu suddenly felt a burst of relief.

But on the other side Grandmaster had an entirely different kind of feeling. Standing behind Liu Erlong and looking at her, right now Grandmaster was unable to speak a single word. He resembled nothing more than a wooden statue, standing there dumbly without speaking for a long time.

Flender looked at Grandmaster with a gloomy expression,

“Xiao Gang, come with me, I need to talk to you.”

Speaking, Flender walked to the side, followed by the expressionless Grandmaster giving people the impression of a walking corpse.

Her eyes following Grandmaster following Flender walking into the distance, Liu Erlong sighed to herself, ‘Oh, Xiao Gang, in all my life I can never love a second man. If you truly will not accept me, then I will only spend my last years like this. Fortunately, now I have a daughter. Now I somewhat understand what you feel for Tang San. At least, we can entrust our hearts to the children.’

Thinking of this, Liu Erlong suddenly had a feeling of her heart opening up to a wide panorama, her depression easing, her body much more relaxed. As the expression on her face relaxed, she seemed to become even more beautiful. Softly drawing in Xiao Wu’s shoulder at her side, she gazed into the horizon.


Tang San climbed the mountain and very quickly reached that familiar place.

On returning to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he couldn’t help being stunned by the scene before his eyes. The treasure ground that had originally practically been plundered by him had by now already recovered to a verdant and lush green. Even if there weren’t such beautiful purples and brilliant reds as before, that full of vitality feeling made people feel comfortable.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was worthy of being called a treasure ground, those seeds Tang San left behind had already sprouted. Relying on that tenfold growth rate, after a brief half year, this place was already pregnant with life. Even though it was impossible for immortal treasure herbs to appear here again quickly, at least this was still a treasure ground. In a hundred or perhaps a few hundred years, it would restore its elegance again.

Tang San threw the Pit Demon Spider aside, the Eight Spider Lances without any restraint thrusting directly into its vitals. The vitality of this restrained sinister spirit beast constantly flowed out under the Eight Spider Lances’ drain.

Tang San’s way of dealing with the Pit Demon Spider was practically the same as when he killed the Man Faced Demon Spider just now, but he discovered that even though the energy being swallowed let him feel more powerful for a brief time, that energy would very quickly flow away, without being absorbed by the external spirit bone like before. He understood that this should be because the Eight Spider Lances already absorbed sufficient energy for this time’s evolution. This drain ability couldn’t use outside force to transform itself after all. As for the reasons, it was very simple. One was because Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill didn’t have the method to retain this energy, and another was because the attributes of this energy was different. Not only wouldn’t rashly absorbing it have any benefits, it would on the contrary be harmful.

In a moment the Pit Demon Spider was about to lose its life under the Eight Spider Lances, and the little eyes on its head were brimming with a fierce light. The corners of Tang San’s mouth showed a trace of a monstrous smile, and the golden purple light in his eyes suddenly intensified, just like two sharp swords piercing deep into the Pit Demon Spider’s eyes.

The Pit Demon Spider’s massive body shook, and Tang San used this chance to launch the poison and drain of Eight Spider Lances at full effect.

The violent struggling gradually faded, and the Pit Demon Spider’s life finally reached the end.

From what Xiao Wu said about soul shock, Tang San figured the way to resolve it was to use his Purple Demon Eye, suddenly shocking the Pit Demon Spider’s soul when it was on the verge of death, making its resentment dissipate in the moment before its death. Like this, the subconscious soul shock would naturally also subsequently fade, and absorbing the spirit ring would become a lot easier.

Faint black light began to release from the Pit Demon Spider’s body, condensing next to him. The spirit ring’s power appearing proved that this ten thousand year spirit beast had finally lost its life.

Tang San removed his clothes and, spreading his arms, directly leapt into that yang spring hot enough to melt gold, and afterwards swam to where the two kinds of spring water flowed together.

To other people, there was nothing about these two springs that wasn’t fatal, but to Tang San who had taken the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, the sensation being in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well gave him was only warm or refreshingly cool.

The two different energies simultaneously merged into him, conforming with the immortal treasure herbs within his body, quietly moving rhythmically. Tang San lay flat in the spring waters, slowly raising his right hand. Blue purple light emitted from his palm, and Blue Silver Grass issued a summons to the Pit Demon Spider’s spirit ring on the shore.

The black energy flow finally found a drainage channel, and rushed towards Tang San’s right hand like a river running into the sea.

The split second that black energy came into contact with the Blue Silver Grass in Tang San’s palm, intense ripples suddenly rose in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s waters with Tang San as the center.

Tang San choosing this place to absorb his spirit ring was the result of careful deliberation. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well would not only not be harmful to him thanks to the two immortal treasure herbs he took, but would on the contrary nourish him, imperceptibly forming a protective layer within his body. And because of the spring waters, the medicinal properties of the two immortal treasure herbs within him would also be completely roused, forming a second protective layer. Further adding the external spirit bone on his back, even though a ten thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring held tremendous energy, in order to harm him it would still have to pass these three protective layers first.

With Tang San’s strength he could absorb a six thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring. Right now with these three safeguards, he naturally had a very large chance of success when absorbing a Pit Demon Spider that had just entered the ten thousand year level. This was also an important reason why he dared make the attempt.

Plan and practice will always be different. Right now this also went for Tang San’s circumstances. Without truly trying, he would never have been able to know just how tremendous the spirit power of a ten thousand year spirit ring was.

The split second that black energy flow reached his right hand and entered his body, Tang San only felt the surrounding light dim, as if he was submerged in a tidal wave that reached the sky.

This was in no way an exaggeration. The spirit ring’s energy that entered him filled every nook and corner of his body in a split second. There wasn’t even any need for him to circulate it himself, that enormous energy already forced the motion.

The Pit Demon Spider’s spirit power wasn’t as overbearing as the Man Faced Demon Spider’s, but it was brimming with a dark and cold feeling. Cold like that was different from the cold of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, it was a cold that evolved from the depths of the mind, a dark and cold attack on the psyche.

Part 3 (TL by Fraustarrow)

Tang San’s nerves seemed to have already grown numb in this cold. The three original spirit rings oscillated with frightening speeds over him, making him look like he was encased in a giant yellowish-purple cocoon.

The rank-bypassing absorption this time brought not only pain to Tang San, but also a horrifying feeling. His preparations were indeed perfect. The energy from the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well successfully filtered the impurities out of the Pit Demon Spider spirit ring. However, the energy was still too massive for Tang San at that moment. Every attack made Tang San feel like he was tossed around ruthlessly, as if his body wasn’t his anymore, and all he could do was watch detachedly. The feeling of no control was even more unbearable than the pain that came with the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring.

With last time’s experience, Tang San knew that he couldn’t do anything about it except wait and strengthen his resolve. No matter what happened to his body, he knew he couldn’t panic. Or else, in a moment, he would be engulfed by the massive energy.

A black current unceasingly flowed out of the ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider, constantly getting absorbed by Tang San. The glow on his three spirit rings slowly faded, replaced with a layer of black currents. Tang San’s bones continuously emitted bursts of cracking noises. The black current entered from every pore and into every energy channel.

Very soon, Tang San discovered every time the massive black energy passed through the broken open Yang Linking Meridian and Penetrating Meridian, the energy would weaken a bit, as if the two meridians were absorbing energy as well. This feeling made Tang San instantly elated. He vaguely understood that the existence and breaking open of the eight extraordinary meridians helped specially with absorbing foreign energy.

It was a pity he only had two meridians broken through. If he had more than four broken through, the absorption of this ten thousand year spirit ring might become a piece of cake.

Gradually, the pain appeared. It was a swollen pain. From the outside, Tang San’s body didn’t change, but in his senses, he clearly felt his entire body swell up like a giant balloon, as if it could explode any second.

Although the black current stored up within his body was absorbed continuously by Tang San’s Penetrating Meridian and the Yang Linking Meridian, the energy coming in was also getting greater and greater. Every bone and energy channel of his was tingling, as if innumerable ants were crawling over him.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and the two immortal herbs he once ate started to show their uses. After experiencing the process of Ice and Fire Alchemical Body, Tang San’s energy channels had become very durable. Though the black current kept expanding his energy channels, the elasticity of his energy channels meant there were no signs of rupturing.

The Pit Demon Spider’s spirit ring energy, though massive, wasn’t endless. When the output of energy reached it’s extreme, Tang San’s energy channels had been filled to a very horrifying degree. But even then, he still persevered. At that moment, no pain could waver his resolve. For himself, and also for Xiao Wu, he knew he couldn’t fail.

The Pit Demon Spider’s body silently shattered, the result of losing all its energy. The only thing it could do now was become fertilizer for the ground.

Pain started sliding down from its peak. Not only the Penetrating Meridian and the Yang Linking Meridian, but accompanying the circulation of spirit power, Tang San’s normal energy channels started absorbing the foreign energy as well, merging it into his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

The reason the energy within spirit rings could be absorbed is because after the energy of the spirit beast forms a spirit ring, it splits into two parts. One is pure and filtered energy to raise the spirit master’s rank, letting them gain the next title, and the other big half inherits the spirit beast’s characteristics. This different energy condenses into a spirit ring, becoming the spirit master’s spirit ability.

Accompanying the gradual decrease in swelling, pain decreased as well. The feeling of relaxation lulled Tang San’s weary mind. It was in the last part of the absorption that he slowly fell into slumber, letting the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well nourish his body.

If anyone could see Tang San’s face, they would discover his face was continuously changing colors. A moment white, a moment red, a moment black. And other than the original two yellow and one purple spirit rings, a black spirit ring was slowly appearing from the misty currents.

Perhaps Tang San wasn’t the only one that had a ten thousand year spirit ring for his fourth spirit ring, but undeniably, he was one of the more gifted ones. Blue Silver Grass had evolved once again. So what if it was Blue Silver Grass? So what if it was a trash spirit? Under Tang San’s effort, it still held the same power as formidable spirits of equal rank.


“Xiao Gang, tell me the truth. How are you going to manage your relationship with Erlong?”

Flender stared at Grandmaster, his gaze very angry.

Grandmaster stared blankly back at Flender,

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Twenty years. Tell me, how many twenty years does a person have? A woman’s youth was wasted in vain just because of your ‘I don’t know’. Though I’m your brother, I still really want to slap you.”

Grandmaster smiled bitterly:

“Slap then, but leave me a breath to stay alive. I don’t want to make Erlong sad if I die. In reality, even I want to slap myself. This is all my fault, but Erlong bears the same amount of pain, if not more, than me.”

Looking at Grandmaster’s smile that looked worse than crying, Flender went silent. He also knew that Grandmaster didn’t do anything wrong. If he really took in Liu Erlong, then it would be incest. Grandmaster rejected Liu Erlong not because of himself, but for Erlong’s reputation. He didn’t want Erlong to take up such a heavy shame  because of himself. At that time Grandmaster chose to leave because of that very reason. However, he didn’t anticipate that Liu Erlong loved him that deeply, always painfully waiting for him until now.

Flender sighed,

“Xiao Gang, is there really no way? If it keeps going like this, though you guys haven’t had incest, you guys will spend the rest of your lives in pain! You should be able to see, other than you, Erlong can’t love any other man. If you really must keep hurting her like that, then why don’t you just leave. At least, she won’t be able to see you, and she might feel better.”

Grandmaster silently nodded his head,

“I’ll leave after we go back. You’re right, I shouldn’t stay with her and let her feel this pain. Flender, it’s been this many years and I never said thank you. For our relationship, you’ve also borne pain. Sorry, Flender.”

Flender’s eyes moistened,

“What silliness are you spouting. I’m your big brother. I was before, I am now, and I will be, forever. I don’t need you to say thanks, I just want to see you happy with Erlong. Do you understand? Xiao Gang, you bastard, why are you so obstinate? Don’t tell me you can’t go live in seclusion after you join with Erlong? If you don’t tell anyone, who will know of your sibling relationship?”

Grandmaster raised his right fist and hammered his left chest,

“But, I can’t lie to my heart. I really can’t.”

Flender suddenly had a flash of intuition and thought of a possibility.

“Xiao Gang, tell me, do you love Erlong?”

Grandmaster stared unexpectedly,

“Boss Fu, are questions like that still meaningful? If I didn’t love her, then would it still be this way?”

Flender suddenly had a devious smile,

“Then good, I’m sure Erlong loves you deeply as well. Then, spiritually you guys have had incest already, I can say as much.”


Grandmaster was furious. That was all he was trying to protect, but when he looked at Flender’s eyes, he couldn’t think of a single rebuttal. He was right, they were in love, so spiritually they have gone off track already. If it wasn’t incest then what was it?

“Flender, I know you mean well. But, spiritual is spiritual. At least, our bodies are both still pure.”

Flender smiled slightly and said,

“As long as you admit you’ve had spiritual incest. And also, I believe, it will stay that way. Since you’ve already had incest spiritually, why don’t you merge with her spiritually? No need for real titles, just the recognition from each other. You can totally be a couple spiritually!”

Grandmaster this time really blanked out.

“Flender, I don’t get what you mean.”

Flender said exasperated,

“You’re that smart, what don’t you understand? My idea is simple. You can merge still and become a couple, just don’t change your titles. According to your current idea, as long as there isn’t a bodily relationship, it isn’t called incest. You can start at emotions and stop at motions. Then, as long as you are in love spiritually and keep pure bodies, then who can gossip about you?”

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