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Chapter 87

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San calmly called out.

Flame blossomed, great puffs of phoenix flame engulfing Flender and Zhao Wuji, the spider web on the Flying God Claws immediately turning to ash. Fatty’s high temperature phoenix flame was the perfect nemesis for this kind of spider web. Although in strength he was far inferior to the Pit Demon Spider, the phoenix flame still wasn’t something the spider web the Pit Demon Spider had hurriedly sent out could resist.

Flender and Zhao Wuji were both furious, two Spirit Sages being toyed with by a just ten thousand year spirit beast, and in front of their students as well, this was absolutely a loss of face.

Flender grinned angrily,
“Want to run, it won’t be that easy.”

A resonant eagle cry echoed to the horizon, the Shrek Seven Devils only saw Flender leap up, instantly huddling up, floating in the air above Zhao Wuji’s arms. The next moment his body already shot out like a cannonball, thrown out with all of Zhao Wuji’s strength. In the blink of an eye he had already flown out of the poison formation’s range, passing over the heads of those formidable spirit beasts, and in another blink he was overhead of that slippery Pit Demon Spider.

In order to catch it, right now seven spirit rings flickered around Flender in midair, his body changing into an enormous owl with a five meter wingspan, unexpectedly he used his seventh spirit ability, Owl Avatar.

The Owl had the keenest strength, capable of seeing minute details at night, its ability to pounce and catch prey from the air not the slightest bit inferior to the goshawk. Watching Flender drop from the sky, sharp claws stretching out below, grabbing straight at the Pit Demon Spider. Before they had even touched, his enormous spirit power pressure made the swiftly escaping Pit Demon Spider shudder uncontrollably.

What spirit beast would save another? Let alone when the Pit Demon Spider was running away so swiftly, already having pulled open the distance to those spirit beasts outside the poison formation. In order to distract the spirit beasts from interfering with Flender catching the Pit Demon Spider, right now Tang San had taken out the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and handed it over to Xiao Wu at his side.

The muted fragrance immediately drew the gazes of those spirit beasts outside, each and every one drooling, staring rigidly.

Even though the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure was good, life was more important. Tang San had Xiao Wu stand just where it wouldn’t envelop the poison formation, so the spirit beasts couldn’t take advantage of its anti toxic effects.

With the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure handed over to Xiao Wu, Tang San used the same method Flender did, getting thrown out by Zhao Wuji. He of course wasn’t worried Flender couldn’t deal with that Pit Demon Spider, only with his help and his control capability, capturing it could only become even easier. After all, the crowd of spirit beasts outside the poison formation weren’t vegetarians, and even with the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure there to draw their attention, it still couldn’t be guaranteed not to get involved. If they let that Pit Demon Spider get away, then finding another suitable one definitely wouldn’t be so easy.

In a moment the Pit Demon Spider was unable to even dodge the pouncing Flender when faced with the tyrannical pressure, even Tang San who came soaring out of the poison formation soon after believed Flender would succeed. But it was also at this moment that the Pit Demon Spider revealed its devious side.

A yellow spider web suddenly sprayed out behind it, going straight for Flender. At the same time two yellow spider threads stretched out forward like lightning, twisting around a large tree ten meters away, using strength to pull made the Pit Demon Spider immediately change direction.

Flender beat his wings, a blast of wind blowing away the spider web, but with this brief delay his attack had already come to nothing. And at the moment Flender approached the ground, with a flash of yellow light, countless spider threads rushed out from underground, swiftly enveloping him, holding Flender within like a prison made out of spider web.

Compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider, the Pit Demon Spider’s spider thread was a bit thicker, and even though it wasn’t poisonous, its durability exceeded that of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spider thread. Moreover a thick liquid adhered to it, and the instant it came into contact with the air, the spider web hardened like steel, becoming a true spider cage.

This was precisely the Pit Demon Spider’s devious ability, Spider Web Prison. As long as the Pit Demon Spider had passed over the location once it could hide its spider thread in the ground, and this kind of spider thread could be controlled by its mental strength. As long as the enemy stepped into the range of this trap it would launch immediately, relying on its special spider thread characteristics to form a cage around the enemy. If the enemy was weak it would take advantage of it and attack, and if the enemy was strong it could take advantage of this ability to gain time to escape.

As a result of the spider web prison launching without any warning or energy fluctuations, it was possible for even stronger enemies to fall into the trap.

Unfortunately, the enemy this Pit Demon Spider had come across was the seventy eighth ranked spirit power Spirit Sage Flender. Seeing he was caught in a trap, Flender immediately revealed his strength. A layer of pale yellow light released from his Owl Avatar form. Immediately afterward the light spread in a flash, as if a sun was trapped within the spider web prison.

An an ear piercing friction sound resounded, and crack after crack spread over the spider web prison. In just a few breaths, that spider web prison burst into a fine powder.

Flender wouldn’t give the Pit Demon Spider the chance for a second plot. Both wings unfolding, he flew directly into the air. Even though the spider web prison was sinister, it required the ground or a substantial foundation to work, a bit like Tang San’s second spirit ring ability Parasite, but it was also more tyrannical than Parasite. But now that Flender flew into the air, clearly he wasn’t afraid of this ability.

As Flender once again flew into the air he was secretly alarmed, because that Pit Demon Spider was even faster than he imagined. In the moment he had spent breaking out of the spider web prison, that fellow had already vanished without a trace in the forest, not even leaving a hint of its aura.

This was precisely the other ability of the Pit Demon Spider, concealment. It wasn’t an ability to hide, but rather relying on its control of its own aura to completely restrain it, making it even easier to hide to ambush the opponent or escape.

Having lost track of the Pit Demon Spider, Flender couldn’t help being angry. A sharp light at the tips of his wings, about to unleash it on this piece of forest.

“Dean, no need for that. It’s on this side.”
At this time Tang San’s voice came from ahead. With Flender’s speed of reaction, opening up he swiftly chased after the voice, just in time to see the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back releasing to catch him. Not far in front, that Pit Demon Spider was struggling with all its strength in Tang San’s spider web, in a moment already tearing open a gap.

Originally the Pit Demon Spider had caught Flender in the spider web prison, but following close behind him, Tang San had calmly chased after it. Relying on his keen judgement, the moment Flender was trapped in the spider web prison, Tang San had quickly used the peculiar mental attack of the Purple Demon Eye, making the fleeing Pit Demon Spider mind dizzy, sinking into a brief stunned condition.

‘You can use abilities, don’t tell me I can’t?’ Spider Web Restraint accurately hit the Pit Demon Spider, and this time, Tang San’s spider web held intense poison. As a result, despite the Pit Demon Spider’s ten thousand year cultivation, as it struggled its mind was affected by intense pain from the neurological poison that covered its whole body, while the corrosive poison eroded its carapace. The speed with which it threw off the spider web immediately slowed, winning enough time for Flender to arrive.

Flender smiled in spite of his anger,

A resonant eagle cry echoed with fury as Flender dropped from the sky. Both his wings beat twice in midair, sharp rays of light left four deep scores in the ground, just right to crowd the Pit Demon Spider in between. The ten meter deep ravines left its location completely isolated.

Right now the Pit Demon Spider had with great difficulty freed itself from Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, the sharp pain making it panic even more, but the sharp energy suddenly erupting right next to it made it flinch back, and at this moment Flender also dropped from the sky.

Pu——, yet again a yellow spider web flew up from below the Pit Demon Spider’s feet, but this time it wasn’t an attack at Flender, but rather enveloping itself in that spider web prison.

With a sonorous striking noise, Flender’s sharp claws tore up the cage, but taking advantage of his speed slowing down, the Pit Demon Spider leapt directly into the ravine in front of it. This Pit Demon Spider’s name wasn’t in vain, among arachnid spirit beasts it was the only one that dug holes. Its eight spider legs wouldn’t appear as powerful as the Man Faced Demon Spider, but its two front legs were especially robust and sharp, and if it hadn’t been chased too closely before, it would have already looked for an opportunity to drill away through the ground. Right now it was faced with the ravines made by Flender, and it took advantage of just these to run away.

“I won’t let you.”
The Flying God Claw shot down from the sky, accurately grabbing the Pit Demon Spider’s back carapace. It was powerful, and even though Tang San urged his full spirit power after releasing the Flying God Claw he was still rapidly pulled forward.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The spider web prison only stopped Flender briefly, and with Tang San delaying it the Pit Demon Spider lost its last chance to escape. A massive claw firmly gripped the back of its carapace, and even though it couldn’t directly penetrate the carapace it could still drag back the rigid Pit Demon Spider.

“Come up little San, let’s go back.”
Flender shouted.

The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back bent and straightened, throwing him into the air to land on the back of the owl incarnated Flender. Carrying Tang San on his back, claws gripping the Pit Demon Spider, Flender’s wings beat fiercely once sending him into the air. This time even if the Pit Demon Spider was even more cunning, it still wouldn’t have had any chance. The acute spirit power transmitted into its body from the claws paralysed it completely, making it unable to use any more abilities.

Tang San and Flender flew out of the forest, and with a few beats of Flender’s wings they had already reached the poison formation. Flender shifted his wings, and they slowly descended towards the ground.

By now Liu Erlong and Oscar had already returned. Ning Rongrong wasn’t here, clearly she was absorbing the Unicorn Armored Beast’s spirit ring in the forest. Oscar’s complexion seemed very unsightly, white as a sheet of paper, and even somewhat green. There were some stains left over at the corner of his mouth, evidently he had vomited heavily. Liu Erlong didn’t give the impression of anything being wrong, and standing with her hands behind her back she looked at Flender dropping from the sky with the Pit Demon Spider in his claws.

At this moment Tang San suddenly shouted,
“Xiao Wu, watch out!”

As a result of Flender dropping from the sky with Tang San on his back, and the spirit beasts outside not daring to enter the poison formation, right now everyone’s eyes were on the two of them. But at this moment a sinister silhouette entered the poison formation from the side, swiftly pouncing towards Xiao Wu. The place it attacked from was extremely crafty, just in a blindspot for everyone, but just right to be caught by Tang San on Flender’s back.

This sudden attack wasn’t launched by a stranger, but precisely the Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San and Grandmaster had paid attention to before. This six thousand year or so cultivated Man Faced Demon Spider had constantly waited for its chance. It could of course sense the strength of those humans in the poison formation, and the moment Flender and Tang San dropping from the sky drew their attention, it got the perfect moment to strike.

As one of the peak poison attribute spirit beasts, and with six thousand years of cultivation, even though the Poison Douluo’s poison formation held a certain danger to it, it wasn’t to the extent of being fatal. Relying on its poison resisting physique, this Man Faced Demon Spider had confidence in surviving in the poison formation, and with the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, leaving the poison formation didn’t pose any problem. Therefore it chose this moment to mount a sneak attack the other spirit beasts didn’t dare attempt.

The place the Man Faced Demon Spider chose was closest to Xiao Wu. Right now, the strongest in the Shrek Academy party, Flender, was in the air, Liu Erlong was also standing together with Zhao Wuji furthest away from Xiao Wu. Dai Mubai had gone to help protect Zhu Zhuqing while she absorbed the Phantom Tiger’s spirit ring. Oscar also stood next to Liu Erlong. Closest to Xiao Wu were only Grandmaster and Ma Hongjun.

The first to react was unexpectedly Grandmaster. In a flicker he already blocked in front of Xiao Wu, Luo San Pao releasing. The figure soaring directly into the air and turning, a farting noise echoing towards the charging opponent. Precisely that ‘fart like thunder, shake the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao.’

Although Luo San Pao already had three spirit rings, and Grandmaster’s spirit power had also reached the thirty fifth rank, compared to a six thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider, the strength gap was still too large.

That smelly attack only made the Man Faced Demon Spider slow its advance, and it kept dashing at Grandmaster and Xiao Wu as if it basically didn’t smell the stench of that fart, one forelimb swinging to and fro, whipping out to strike Luo San Pao from the air.

If it wasn’t for the Man Faced Demon Spider already having entered the range of the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, the poison supplemented to its spider legs would have been enough to leave Luo San Pao barely alive.

Another three limbs stretched forward simultaneously, the legs sharp like spear tips thrusting straight at Grandmaster’s chest. Its target was of course not only Grandmaster, but at the same time Xiao Wu behind him, and with the length of its spider legs it completely held the capability of piercing both of them together.

A dazzling red column of flame shot out from the side, heavily bombarding the Man Faced Demon Spider. The flames adhered directly to it, issuing an unpleasant stink. Fatty in impatience was unable to launch more powerful spirit abilities, and could only spit out the Phoenix Fire Wire to injure the opponent as much as possible.

Originally a two thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider put Tang San at risk of dying, to say nothing of this six thousand year existence in front of them. Even a ten thousand year spirit beast wouldn’t easily want to provoke this butcher. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s ice cold little eyes didn’t reveal any emotions over Fatty’s attack, and was still so sinister and unfeeling, as if its body wasn’t burning at all. The position its spider legs aimed for didn’t vary in the slightest, still thrusting at Grandmaster’s chest.

With a flicker of light and shadow, Xiao Wu quietly appeared in front of Grandmaster. Her one hand borrowed leverage by pushing at Grandmaster’s shoulder, both legs flying out simultaneously, accurately kicking below two of those spider legs. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs rose slightly, practically brushing the top of her head.

In order to fight for time, Xiao Wu couldn’t help the mental backlash she would suffer, and the light of Demon Confusion stung the little eyes on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen, making it delay for a short moment. At the same time Xiao Wu once again stepped on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs, using the rebound as leverage to forcefully push away Grandmaster behind her, just right to meet the hastily dashing over Liu Erlong.

At this very moment, the Man Faced Demon Spider and Xiao Wu were practically pasted to each other while attacking. Grandmaster had been pushed away from the danger zone, Fatty’s spirit power had just now congregated, and the others basically didn’t have enough time to strike away that Man Faced Demon Spider.

In an instant, Tang San’s heart had already leapt into his throat. Nobody understood the terror of the Man Faced Demon Spider more clearly than him. At that time, if it wasn’t for him acting when least expected and the potency of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, he would already have died in the Star Dou Great Forest. The pain absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider gave him he would never forget for a lifetime. Right now, Xiao Wu and the Man Faced Demon Spider in close combat, that was a six thousand year butcher, and Xiao Wu had the weakest spirit power among the Shrek Seven Devils.

Each of the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs had orderly rows of small barbs, and even though the toxin on its body was unable to cause any harm to Xiao Wu under the effect of the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, if it pierced Xiao Wu’s skin, the toxin would still spread through her veins. That was in no way something Xiao Wu could resist. Moreover, just because of these barbs Xiao Wu didn’t dare use her Soft Skill on the Man Faced Demon Spider.

The use of Teleportation had a cooldown period. Xiao Wu had use it once just now, and right now in close combat with the Man Faced Demon Spider she couldn’t rely on it to dodge again. The only thing she could do was endure, endure until her companions arrived to help her.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was clearly completely infuriated, its rear legs propping it up, its four lance-like forelegs thrust at Xiao Wu from four different directions, deathly pale light erupting from its body. This time, it clearly used its full strength.

Just the opposite from Xiao Wu, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s only chance was to take advantage of nobody else having reached attack range to grab the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and escape. It had seen with its own eyes what happened to the Unicorn Armored Beast and the Pit Demon Spider, so how couldn’t it know how frightening these humans in front of it were?

Xiao Wu moved extremely quickly, and also had abundant combat experience. When doing her utmost she wouldn’t stint on her spirit power in any way, and pouring strength into her legs, while escaping danger by a hair’s breadth, she kicked out four times, separately striking the weakest points of each of those four stinging spider legs. She knew that as long as she was able to get out of this attack, the help of her comrades would arrive.

The moment Xiao Wu’s legs kicked at the four spider leg pikes with full strength, her heart was already ice cold. That instant, she clearly felt that her kicks at those spider legs was like a butterfly shaking a stone tower, fundamentally unable to alter their attack power, and even more unable to change their direction.

Xiao Wu after all only had thirty seventh ranked spirit power, the gap to the six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider attacking with all its strength the gap was really too large.

The little eyes under the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen revealed a malevolent light. It had long ago planned ahead: as long as it could kill this human girl in front of it and snatch the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, it would immediately spray out several spider webs at the people around to obstruct their attacks. In speed, relying on those four meter long spider legs, its running speed wasn’t something the Pit Demon Spider could compare to.

When Xiao Wu’s for kicks accurately struck the spider legs, all the Shrek Academy group almost cheered, but as they saw those four spider legs didn’t change direction, their hearts went completely cold.

In this extreme crisis, Xiao Wu could only curl up as much as possible, making herself the smallest possible target. However, even if she curled up even more, it would still be impossible to evade all the attacks. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s four spider lances perfectly sealed all her possible routes of escape.

Three spider lances thrust past, practically pasted to Xiao Wu’s body, but that final spider leg in the end couldn’t be dodged, and ruthlessly ran into Xiao Wu’s chest.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Instantly, everyone’s brains blanked out. Even though the piercing blow should hit the right side of Xiao Wu’s chest, how powerful was the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison? Xiao Wu would inevitably be run through, and such an injury combined with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison wasn’t something Xiao Wu could possibly survive.

Everything happened too fast it was practically hard to catch it with the naked eye. Xiao Wu’s body was directly flung away close to twenty meters by the spider leg, but her hand still tightly gripped that Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure, refusing to let go no matter what.

As Xiao Wu was flung away, the Man Faced Demon Spider seemed to stare blankly a moment. Even though it’s goal in attacking Xiao Wu was attained, it still hadn’t obtained the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure.

“Go die!”
Fatty who was closest was the first to erupt, his Phoenix Ascension had now finally finished coalescing, and he struck that Man Faced Demon Spider with all his strength and burning hot flame in the side.

At the same time, having caught Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s eyes turned scarlet. Xiao Wu had pushed away Grandmaster while in a crisis herself, separating him from danger. Just this point made Liu Erlong full of gratitude towards her. Seeing her without a chance to survive under the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack made the ruthlessness in Liu Erlong’s heart practically reach a new peak.

With a close to frenzied dragon’s roar, her whole body emitted flames that directly formed into an enormous fire dragon, chasing after the Phoenix Ascension to strike away the Man Faced Demon Spider several meters, swallowing it up in a flash.

The six thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider struggled in the dragon shaped flame, but it was still unable to escape the tyrannical gravity within the flame.

Fire in itself possessed a restraining effect on poisonous things, whether it was Fatty’s phoenix flame or Liu Erlong’s dragon flame, they were both among the most potent existences among flames. Fatty’s flame possessed the even more powerful adherence property that was comparatively insidious, but Liu Erlong’s dragon flame only possessed one property: explosiveness. Under the simultaneous effect of these two kinds of flame, even the Man Faced Demon Spider’s solid outer shell softened, its entire body trembling violently.

The third to reach it wasn’t the flying Flender, but rather Tang San who dropped like a stone from the sky. Seeing Xiao Wu in danger, Tang San leapt from Flender’s back at the same time as he shouted. Blue Silver Grass condensed into wing shapes in midair, sending him gliding in that direction.

Unfortunately, all that was really far, far too late, even if he used all his power he still couldn’t reach the Man Faced Demon Spider before it speared Xiao Wu.

Watching Xiao Wu flung away, Tang San’s heart instantly froze like a ten thousand year glacier, as if it had already stopped beating, and he was even unable to breathe. Looking at the conflagration below, his gaze was completely lifeless, and just like a moth drawn to flame he still fell downwards.

“Get out of the way, do you want to die?”
Liu Erlong was shocked. She was only too clear on just how potent her dragon flame was, and even though Tang San could glide with the Blue Silver Grass wings on his back, he still fell downwards. Everyone understood Tang San’s place in Grandmaster’s heart, and Liu Erlong naturally wouldn’t want him to destroy his life in her dragon flame like this.

But Tang San didn’t even seem to hear anything, and still dropped towards the Man Faced Demon Spider. Helplessly, Liu Erlong had no choice but to stop sending out her dragon flame, but despite this that dragon shaped flame wasn’t extinguished immediately.

The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back thrust through the top of the dragon flame, and from the point of view of everyone, right now he seemed to be lying on his stomach on the back of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

The Eight Spider Lances were sharp, and right now that Man Faced Demon Spider’s carapace had been further softened by the heat of the phoenix flame and dragon flame. In an instant, Eight Spider Lances had pierced into the Man Faced Demon Spider’s carapace, the front half entering completely as white and red luster rose from Tang San. Strangely, Liu Erlong’s tyrannical dragon flame was unable to enter within a one chi[1] range of Tang San’s body.

The instant the Eight Spider Lances entered its body, that Man Faced Demon Spider shuddered violently, and seemed as if its entire body had frozen.

Immediately afterward, it no longer struggled, but started to tremble quickly. The Eight Spider Lances Tang San had stuck into its body began to turn pale white, as if pulse after pulse of light was constantly drawn into Tang San’s body via the Eight Spider Lances.

Nobody knew what was going on, and since Tang San lay prostrated, everyone was unable to see his facial expression. But with Xiao Wu’s survival unknown, they could understand the suffering in Tang San’s heart. Liu Erlong wanted to rush over and pull Tang San away, but was caught up to and stopped by Grandmaster.

“He’s alright, help Xiao Wu first.”
Grandmaster knew something of Eight Spider Lances’ drain capability. Further adding that the Man Faced Demon Spider was left barely alive after Liu Erlong’s dragon flame, and that Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had already pierced its vitals, this six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was essentially incapable of resisting further.

Oscar had already dashed over to Xiao Wu’s side, and while running he had already finished summoning a small sausage and a large sausage. After falling Xiao Wu’s body hadn’t stirred, and he hastily but cautiously supported her back.

Mouthful after mouthful of blood flowed from Xiao Wu’s mouth, but what astonished Oscar was that there wasn’t a trace of blood on her chest.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, how are you?”
Oscar rocked Xiao Wu gently, right now he also didn’t have any means of getting Xiao Wu to eat his big sausage.

By now Flender had also reached Xiao Wu’s side, and grabbing one of her hands he pressed at her wrist, slowly infusing his own spirit power into Xiao Wu.


“Why is it like this?”

Oscar’s heart tightened, the Shrek Seven Devils had been together so long that the feelings between each other were profound, nevermind Xiao Wu being Tang San’s little sister, their friendship alone made him extremely anxious about Xiao Wu,
“Dean, can Xiao Wu still be saved?”

A smiling expression suddenly appeared on Flender’s face, pulling up Xiao Wu he turned her over and gave her back seven quick slaps.

With a vomiting sound, Xiao Wu once again spouted out a mouthful of purple black blood. Supported in Flender’s hands, she unexpectedly slowly opened her eyes.

“What, what’s going on?”
Oscar looked dumbstruck at all this. He was unable to understand how Xiao Wu still wasn’t dead after that powerful blow from the Man Faced Demon Spider. When he first ran over he was with the expectation that Heaven didn’t listen to the plans of humans. But now it seemed that, although Xiao Wu’s complexion was pale, it was far from the expectations everyone had before.

Flender said:

While speaking, he slowly infused his spirit power into Xiao Wu, helping her calm her energy and pacify the roiling qi and blood.

Xiao Wu’s voice was somewhat hoarse,
“My chest is very tight, a bit constricted. Otherwise nothing. Don’t worry, I won’t die.”

While speaking, Xiao Wu slowly stretched a hand into her chest, and under Flender and Oscar’s attentive gazes, a brightly colored flower appeared in her hand. Precisely that Yearning Heartbroken Red.

Originally, when Xiao Wu saw she was unable to dodge the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack she curled up as far as possible. When she was finally still sent flying by a spider lance, that spider lance fortunately struck precisely the Yearning Heartbroken Red at her chest.

Before the Yearning Heartbroken Red recognized its master it couldn’t be plucked with force, and after it recognized Xiao Wu it gained even more unbreakable properties, more durable than anything. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack was powerful, it still couldn’t pierce this bizarre immortal treasure flower. Otherwise Xiao Wu wouldn’t be flung away, but rather directly run through, and the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure in her hand would naturally also end up in the Man Faced Demon Spider’s grasp.

Even Xiao Wu hadn’t expected that her life would actually be saved by her tenderness keeping her from eating the fantastic immortal treasure.

Under the assistance of Flender’s spirit power, Xiao Wu with difficulty roused her mind. After eating one of Oscar’s big recovery sausages, her mind was immediately much better. Now she also noticed Tang San and that Man Faced Demon Spider, and instantly changed color.

“My Ge, he……”

Grandmaster and the others also finally noticed the circumstances on Xiao Wu’s side, and they all understood Xiao Wu’s circumstances. Grandmaster said:
“Nothing will be wrong with little San. If I’m not mistaken, right now his Eight Spider Lances are ending the life of that Man Faced Demon Spider. I only don’t know if he’s prepared to absorb this spirit beast’s spirit ring, or if he still insists on that Pit Demon Spider.”

That treacherous Pit Demon Spider had been thrown to the side by Flender, right now it lay on its back facing upward. Flender knew it was cunning and had chopped off its legs, leaving it unable to run.

Perhaps it was because Liu Erlong’s dragon flame was too terrifying, but the spirit beasts outside of the poison formation had for the most part withdrawn, only a few especially powerful ones still watched the Fragrant Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure in Xiao Wu’s hand.

“Little San, Xiao Wu is alright.”
Flender shouted in Tang San’s direction.

Flender’s judgement here was extremely correct. Hearing the two words ‘Xiao Wu’, Tang San slowly raised his head from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s back, and everyone discovered that at some point his eyes had turned completely red. Within the red light roamed a purple radiance.

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

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