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Chapter 89

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Hearing Flender’s words, Grandmaster heart beat, and he muttered:
“Is, is something like this really possible?”

Flender grandiosely said:
“Is there anything impossible? At least like this, both your hearts will feel a lot better. As long as you defend that last perimeter and keep apart every night, is there anything bad about being able to feel each other’s love? Let alone cousins, even if you were siblings, so what? You are only kind to and love each other, so outsiders will only see the affection of siblings, even that conservative heart of yours wouldn’t have any objections.”

Listening to Flender, Grandmaster stood there completely lifeless like a sculpture. After a very long time, a sentence fiercely leapt out of Grandmaster’s mouth,
“Flender, why didn’t you say so long ago.”

Leaving behind these words, Grandmaster sharply dashed away, dashing towards Liu Erlong as if flying. As a result of his speed, the teardrops he left in the air formed graceful strings of water.

‘Erlong, Erlong, I can finally love you fairly. As long as I can love you, what need is there for being physical? Spiritual love is already enough!’

Watching Grandmaster’s receding back, Flender’s face showed a heartfelt smile. ‘Xiao Gang, you idiot, being together rubbing heads day after day, don’t tell me you can truly hold back?’

Seeing Grandmaster madly dashing over, Liu Erlong’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

Grandmaster rushed over in front of Liu Erlong, staring at Liu Erlong’s somewhat perplexed beautiful eyes, suddenly he fiercely spread his arms and used all his strength to embrace Liu Erlong to his chest,
“Erlong, I’m sorry.”

Just these three words seemed to open a sluice gate for tears. Liu Erlong just felt everything before her eyes go fuzzy, and right now she couldn’t use even the slightest bit of her more than seventieth ranked spirit power. She completely softened in Grandmaster’s embrace, tears flooding down.

She had already waited far, far too long for these words. Twenty years, just like Flender said, it had already been twenty years! How had she dealt with these twenty years? Even if she was even stronger on the surface, in the end she was still a woman. What woman didn’t long to be cherished by her beloved? What woman didn’t long for her own happiness?

Perhaps it was because this happiness really arrived too suddenly, but Liu Erlong only felt her body flutter like in a dream, as if everything was imaginary.

Flender quietly waved his hand to Zhao Wuji, Xiao Wu and the others. Everyone slowly retreated to the side, setting aside a wide space for Grandmaster and Liu Erlong alone.

Outside of the poison formation, because the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure disappeared, the last remaining spirit beasts also unwillingly left, and along with their disappearance, the surroundings went quiet.

“Xiao Gang, Xiao Gang, do you know how long I’ve waited? More than seven thousand days and nights[1]. Do you know how I’ve endured? You really won’t escape, you really want to be with me?”
Liu Erlong lost her voice from crying, leaning over Grandmaster’s shoulder and mumbling.

Grandmaster nodded sharply,
“Erlong, I’m sorry, I swear, afterwards I will never again run from our feelings. Even if we perhaps can’t be like normal married couples, I will definitely always guard at your side and love you.”

Immediately, Grandmaster explained the idea Flender spoke about before. Liu Erlong constantly leaning against his chest listened quietly, and as she heard Grandmaster speak about having the love of a husband and wife but without the true time of a husband and wife, she understood. Grandmaster still couldn’t completely throw off that obstruction. But, after waiting for so many years, with great difficulty getting the man before her to agree not to run away, at least he agreed to stay at her side and love her, why would she force him for more?

Perhaps it was because of taking Xiao Wu as an adopted daughter had greatly influenced Liu Erlong’s emotions, but right now in her heart she only felt like letting nature take its course. Obediently within Grandmaster’s embrace, first being together with the person she loved was most important.

After an hour, Zhu Zhuqing had smoothly absorbed the Phantom Tiger’s spirit ring and returned together with Dai Mubai. It seemed that her aura had become even colder, her countenance with a bit of heroic spirit, and she was also a little bit taller. Even though she still didn’t have Xiao Wu’s height, only looking at external appearances she already felt like she had the grace of an adult beauty.

The addition of the spirit ring’s properties would no doubt cause a certain change in the Spirit Master’s body. Even though the Shrek Seven Devils were still very young, they still had at least three spirit rings, and the additional energy from the spirit rings promoted their physical growth. Their faces still possessed the innocence of childhood, but by external appearances they were already close to adults. Compared to one year ago, everyone seemed to have grown several years. As long as they didn’t tell anyone, it would perhaps be very difficult for someone to imagine that the youngest of the Shrek Seven Devils still hadn’t turned fourteen.

The next to return was Ning Rongrong, and her face wasn’t as pale as Oscar’s. Previously when Liu Erlong butchered the Unicorn Armored Beast, Oscar had kept her company at her side the whole time, covering her eyes, constantly comforting her at her side. Once Ning Rongrong began to absorb the spirit ring, Oscar had run aside to vomit. After vomiting, he cleaned up the terrifying mess Liu Erlong had made. Consequently, after Ning Rongrong absorbed the spirit ring she hadn’t seen any nauseating scene, and her condition was instead much better than Oscar.

By now, of the Shrek Seven Devils only Tang San still didn’t return, and everyone quietly waited within the poison formation.

Liu Erlong nestled against Grandmaster’s chest, and with her eyes closed fell asleep. For twenty years she hadn’t slept as smoothly as she did right now. Seeing the contented smile she revealed as she slept, Grandmaster had a kind of indescribable satisfaction in his heart.

Flender and Zhao Wuji sat on the other side speaking about something in low voices. Watching Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s current appearances, Flender’s heart relaxed a lot, his face revealing a difficult to conceal smile.

Zhu Zhuqing silently sat together with Dai Mubai. Even though her expression was still cold, she didn’t oppose Dai Mubai sitting practically pasted to her.

Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s situation was about the same, only Ning Rongrong’s expression was instead tender, taking the initiative to lean on Oscar’s shoulder, talking to him about something with a smile on her face. Judging by her excited smile, she should have obtained no small benefit from the fourth spirit ring.

Fatty had consumed a lot of spirit power before and leaned alone against a big tree cultivating, condensing his spirit power. Xiao Wu wasn’t far away, and though with the condition of her injuries what she should do the most was harmonize her spirit power to heal, she couldn’t calm her heart.

The others had all returned, and they only lacked Tang San, how couldn’t she be anxious? Sitting and leaning back, she she constantly prayed silently for Tang San. And not just her, no matter the others’ expressions, deep in the corners of their eyes was some worry. Even though Tang San himself said he had absolute certainty, but, the spirit ring level gap was really too large.

Two hours passed, and Xiao Wu told herself that absorbing such a powerful spirit ring would definitely take time.

Four hours passed, and Xiao Wu told herself that it should still be a while.

Six hours passed, and Xiao Wu constantly told herself ‘hurry, hurry’.

Eight hours passed, and the sky gradually darkened. Xiao Wu stood there, looking at the distant mountain peak where Tang San disappeared, in her heart constantly shouting, ‘Ge, why are you still not back?’

Ten hours passed. Night gradually deepened. Tears constantly flowed from Xiao Wu’s eyes, not stopping no matter who came to console her. Right now, in her heart was only one thought, ‘Ge, as long as you can return alive, even if you don’t have the slightest bit of strength, even if you’ve become an ordinary person, or even handicapped, I’ll still be happy. As long as you’re alive.’

Waiting for ten hours was what kind of torture? Not just Xiao Wu, the others also became fretful. If not for Grandmaster stopping them, everyone would already have gone up the mountain to take a look.

Moonlight illuminated the ground, the shining clean brightness making long shadows of all the Shrek Academy people on the ground. Xiao Wu’s heart also gradually became ice cold and despairing, the expectation in her eyes changing in the deathly stillness.

At this moment, suddenly, a clear and resonant long whistle resounded. In the quiet night, the energy in that long whistle was completely clear.

Just like a fuse had been lit, the Shrek Seven Devils simultaneously stood up. A flaming excitement ignited frantically in Xiao Wu’s close to despairing eyes, and she ran recklessly with all her strength towards the mountain.

“Ge, Ge……”
She shouted. Her voice had already become hoarse from crying, she only wanted to be the first to see that fated man.

Yes, that long whistle was Tang San’s. At the mountaintop, Tang San’s slender figure made a long shadow in the moonlight. He didn’t rely on Eight Spider Lances to descend the mountain, but rather leapt up high, Blue Silver Grass forming an umbrella behind him to drop down the mountain.

Two silhouettes, one falling from the sky, one scrambling as if it meant her life, came closer in the radiance of that full moon, closer…...

At last, those two silhouettes met one third of the way up the mountain, two becoming one, tightly clinging to each other on the mountainside, witnessed by the bright moon.

Tang San had become taller, and his muscles also more sturdy. That warm embrace was like a perfect nest, and the moment Xiao Wu threw herself inside, she already completely lost consciousness in satisfaction.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Even though Xiao Wu had been dosed with Oscar’s recovery sausage and Tang San’s Dragon Zoysia leaf, she still hadn’t harmonized her breath. Ten hours of bitter waiting, if she hadn’t been supported by that last conviction, she would long ago have been unable to endure.

Finally letting her awaited Tang San return, the relaxation of her taut heartstrings finally let her body bring her into unconsciousness out of self preservation.

Folding his arms around Xiao Wu’s slender legs, Tang San held her close. Even though Xiao Wu hadn’t had time to say anything, at this moment how couldn’t he understand what Xiao Wu endured?

This night Tang San held Xiao Wu as she slept, not only didn’t he escape out of embarrassment this time, but he moreover let Xiao Wu rest at his chest all along.

This night Tang San didn’t sleep, his hand from beginning to end massaging the blood flow at Xiao Wu’s back.

This night nobody went to disturb them, just like nobody went to disturb Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

To the eleven members of the Shrek Academy party, this night wasn’t tranquil. From this night on, the Shrek Seven Devils truly started to transform into powers.

Even though there were twists and turns, at long last they accomplished their objective this time. Early the next morning, after everyone woke from sleep, Flender perhaps afraid of new branches growing from old knots[2], urged everyone to leave the Sunset Forest as soon as possible.

As dean, the heaviest responsibility clearly rested on Flender’s shoulders. Let alone several of these Shrek Seven Devil children having profound backgrounds, even if they didn’t, as dean he still didn’t want to see any one of them suffer any injuries in this dangerous place. Everyone had already obtained their spirit rings, so he would naturally be urgent to immediately leave.

After being treated by Tang San for a night, Xiao Wu had already recovered for the most part. After waking early she didn’t say anything about the events of last night, but her gaze at Tang San was even more reluctant to part.

“Little San, what is your fourth spirit ability? Let us see.”
While leaving the forest, Oscar bumped Tang San’s shoulder with his own.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“It’s nothing much, it’s more or less the same as the ability the Pit Demon Spider used yesterday, with some variations. You really want to see?”

“Of course. You’re the first of us to get a ten thousand year spirit ring, show us.”

Their dialogue also attracted the others’ attention, not just the Shrek Seven Devils, but Grandmaster and Flender and the others also wanted to see just what kind of spirit ability Tang San had received from that Pit Demon Spider.

Tang San’s eyes revealed a trace of an evil smile. Raising his right hand, deep blue light rushed out from the palm of his hand.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass appeared in Tang San’s palm. Apparently, its thickness wasn’t much different than before, the only difference was its color: the current Blue Silver Grass had unexpectedly turned completely black, giving people a kind of stifling feeling. Most shocking was still those simultaneously appearing four spirit rings.

Two yellow, one purple, one black. Two hundred year, one thousand year, one ten thousand year, four spirit rings revolved around Tang San moving up and down. The spirit rings came out with an incorporeal pressure that immediately made Oscar take several steps back, the expression on Tang San’s body giving people a feeling of impenetrable mystery.

In a moment, that black spirit ring quietly brightened. Compared to the dazzlingly beautiful thousand year spirit ring, the feeling the ten thousand year spirit ring gave was grave and reserved.

Without the slightest warning, sixteen strands of pitch black Blue Silver Grass suddenly rushed out from the ground around Oscar, converging above his head to form a prisoner cage.

As a result of not having made any energy fluctuations, Oscar basically didn’t have any thought of dodging, and further adding the speed with which these sixteen strands of Blue Silver Grass appeared, by the time he reacted this Blue Silver Grass pen was already strong like refined steel.

“This is my fourth spirit ability. Born from the Pit Demon Spider’s spiderweb prisoner cage, since my cage uses Blue Silver Grass, I call it Blue Silver Prison[3].”

Dai Mubai raised his hand to flick that pitch black Blue Silver Grass, causing a sonorous clang. The soft Blue Silver Grass unexpectedly became as solid as steel under the effect of the spirit ability.

Dai Mubai drew a deep breath and released his own spirit with a great roar. White light surging from his right fist, condensed spirit power bombarding one of the sixteen strands of Blue Silver Grass.

With a peng sound, that strand of Blue Silver Grass immediately showed a fine crack, and under Dai Mubai’s next blow it shattered, becoming faint black light and disappearing.

Ma Hongjun frowned:
“This seems very ordinary, apparently it’s not as durable as the Spider Web Restraint. Third brother, is this all there is to a ten thousand year spirit ability?”

“Is that so?”
Tang San’s eyes revealed a strange smile. Black light once again sprung up around him, and in practically a split second, besides he and Xiao Wu, black light appeared underfoot of even Flender, Liu Erlong, Grandmaster and Zhao Wuji. In just the blink of an eye, another eight Blue Silver Prisons appeared, trapping everyone inside.

Even powers like Flender and Liu Erlong couldn’t dodge when faced with the completely warningless suddenly appearing black Blue Silver Grass, and were instantly trapped. Flender couldn’t keep his expression from changing and involuntarily cried out:
“It’s a crowd control ability. But this isn’t something a control system Spirit Master under the fiftieth rank can possess?”

The capability to control the battlefield with poison the poison Spirit Master Dugu Yan originally showed could also be called a crowd control ability, but compared to the Blue Silver Prison Tang San used, it was practically comparing heaven to underground. What was true crowd control? Only leaving the opponent completely without chance of dodging, instantly locking down each opponent, this could be called crowd control.

One Blue Silver Prison might not count for much when a forty something ranked power attack system Spirit Master like Dai Mubai could rely on his strength to break it. But, breaking through the cage required time, and that time was enough to let the control system Spirit Master’s companions cause a great deal of trouble. Even more, this ten thousand year spirit ability of Tang San’s was a crowd control ability in the true sense of the word. Perhaps its power wasn’t as awesome as the Spider Web Restraint, and also didn’t have the adherence and intense poison, but, the spirit power consumed by each Blue Silver Prison was only a tenth of that of the Spider Web Restraint.

Tang San waved his right hand, and the light of the fourth spirit ring vanished. All the black Blue Silver Grass instantly entered the ground and disappeared unseen, as if they had never been.

In this time’s spirit beast hunt, the one with the greatest bounty was no doubt Tang San. Not only did he obtain this ideal crowd control ability, but at the same time his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances also obtained its ideal evolution. Relying on a lowest end spirit, not only didn’t he fall behind his companions, but his strength even kept slightly ahead of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Fatty now also came to himself,
“Third brother, can this ability of yours coordinate with mine?”

Tang San smiled:
“Of course it can. Blue Silver Prison can be considered a first move control ability, while that Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike of yours contains a finishing move control ability. As long as they can be used flexibly, they can naturally display our most powerful attack power.”

Flender somewhat pondering said:
“I think, giving them the assignment to become champions was a bit easy. Even as the founder of Shrek Academy, I feel the power of this group of little monsters is a bit abnormal.”

Liu Erlong let a laugh escape, saying:
“Come on, you’re sighing too hard. Are you still bragging about yourself?”

Flender feigned anger:
“Well, Erlong. I just helped you fulfill your wishes and you at once answer me like that. You’re lucky your old brother is good to you.”

Liu Erlong smiled without speaking, hugging Grandmaster’s arm tightly.

After obtaining the fourth spirit abilities, the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength had once again made a qualitative leap.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, forty fourth rank power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Light Wave, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Sausage Monopoly Oscar, forty first rank food system Tool Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Big Recovery Sausage, Small Detoxifying Sausage, Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage, Stimulating Pink Sausage.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, forty first ranked control system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow, one purple and one black spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Binding, Parasite, Spider Web Restraint, Blue Silver Prison.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, forty first ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Phoenix Fire Wire, Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.

Soft Boned Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, thirty seventh ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Elder, two yellow and one purple spirit rings, three spirit abilities separately were: Waist Bow, Demon Confusion, Teleportation.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, forty first ranked auxiliary system Tool Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Strength Amplification, Agility Amplification, Spirit Power Amplification, Defense Amplification.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, forty first ranked agility attack system Spirit Ancestor, two yellow and two purple spirit rings, four great spirit abilities separately were: Hell Thrust, Hell Hundred Claws, Hell Decapitation, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger.

Besides Xiao Wu, the other six had completely climbed the fortieth rank threshold. Dai Mubai had even reached a terrifying forty fourth ranked spirit power at the age of seventeen.

There were no accidents on the return trip, and the party of eleven smoothly returned to Shrek Academy. By now there were only five days until the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament preliminaries.

Grandmaster gave the Shrek Seven Devils one day of rest, and early the next morning had them gather in the forest behind the teaching block for their final training.

Part 3 (TL by Fraustarrow)

What was worth mentioning was, to prevent Shrek’s Seven Devils from having not enough people due to injuries in future battles, Tai Long, who was rank thirty-eight and had the Vigorous Orangutan Spirit, was temporarily recruited into the team. Others that were recruited were three rank thirty five advanced class Spirit Masters as reserve team members for the Shrek Seven Devils.

The latter four recruits, other than Tai Long, were each:

Rank thirty five power attack system Battle Spirit Elder, Huang Yuan[4], Male, Spirit: Lone Wolf. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple.

Rank thirty five agility attack system Battle Spirit Elder, Jing Ling[5], Male, Spirit: Skeleton. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple

Rank thirty five healing system Tool Spirit Master, Jiang Zhu[6], Female, Spirit: Healing Scepter. Spirit Rings: Two yellow one purple

Before the Shrek Seven Devils came, or perhaps before the academy became Shrek Academy, Tai Long and those three were all part of the main force for this year’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament, educated by Liu Er Long herself, the elites of the academy. If not for this tournament, with their capabilities, they could’ve graduated ages ago.

As for being Shrek Seven Devil’s substitutes, none of them had any complaints. After seeing Tang San destroying rank fifty eight Strength Type Spirit King Tai Nuo, who would have complaints about them? Even though the youngest of the four, Jiang Zhu, was already nineteen.

Grandmaster, Flender, and Liu Er Long, after discussing, recruited those four into the academy team. Their plan was simple, to switch out the Shrek Seven Devils sometimes in the easier battles to lessen their exhaustion.

The Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament wasn’t only a fight between Spirit Master Academies. It is a major event in the entire Spirit Master world. From the preliminaries, to the promotion stage, and to the Final Stage, it would be three months in total. In this long period of time, who could say the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t accidentally get hurt and lose the ability to continue?

Because there had to be at least seven spirit master’s cooperating, every match the academy had to send at least seven people up, having a certain number of hands for the roster was essential.

“Everyone sit.”
Grandmaster waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to sit where they were. Possibly because of the solving of his dilemma, Grandmaster’s face was rosier than normal.

The Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitutes all sat in a circle around Grandmaster, quietly listening to his explanations.

“In a few more days, The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament will commence. I will tell you the rules today.”

“Don’t object, rules are rules, and they might be exploited for advantage. Strength is important in the competition, but you must also clearly understand the rules. Otherwise, it’s very possible that others might use them against you.”

After getting kicked by Grandmaster, Fatty stuck his tongue out and didn’t dare to be neglectful anymore. His little eyes brightened just as he saw Jiang Zhu on the opposite side of him.

Jiang Zhu, nineteen years old, was a few years older than the Shrek Seven Devils. One meter sixty five tall, her maroon hair was very unique. A soft look, though not as eye-catching as Zhu Zhuqinq, Xiao Wu, and Ning Rongrong, but was definitely still a beauty. What most attracted Fatty’s eyes was her ripe body. Everywhere that should be round wasn't flat. Fatty didn’t notice before, but now he instantly had a problem sitting still.

Though he solved his evil fire problems, he had been to the brothels already and was fully aware of the birds and the bees; he was more knowledgeable about it than some adults. Yet in Shrek Seven Devils, he was the only one by himself. The rest were all couples, so how could Fatty not be envious?

Jiang Zhu naturally noticed Ma Hongjun looking at her. She blinked her eyes and smiled warmly, examining the only one of Shrek’s Seven Devils with an abnormal body type.

The Academy’s students didn’t have much time with Shrek’s Seven Devils, so in Jiang Zhu’s eyes, the only fourteen Ma Hongjun was but a chubby little brother, with a cute big head and ears. How would she know Fatty’s brain was full of vulgar thoughts. Grandmaster continued:
“The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is hosted by Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires’ royal families, assisted by Spirit Hall. It is the greatest Spirit Fight and the participants are only weaker than the Spirit Hall elite selection. In the rules, there are a few that still need obeying. First of all, all participants must be under twenty five and every team must ensure there are seven every match. Second, the matches are only friendly interactions, so try to refrain from hurting or crippling your opponents. Deaths are definitely not allowed, and once it happens, not only does the school have to pay for the losses, but they will also be disqualified.”

“Grandmaster, this one might not be appropriate.”

“Spirit abilities have no eyes, what if we accidentally kill people? If the two sides are of similar strength, fighting all out will inevitably cause incidents.”

Grandmaster looked towards Dai Mubai and said solemnly:
“What you say is correct. But, you need to know that the reason the two empires are hosting this tournament is not to let all the schools fight for a victory, but to find the best talented people to recruit. Including Spirit Palace and the kingdoms within the two empires, they all have similar thoughts. Those that can represent Advanced Spirit Master Academies are all people of outstanding talent as well as the future of the Spirit Master World. Nurturing a spirit master is very difficult, and the amount of spirit masters in the entire continent was never more than a million. Prohibiting killing might be a restriction, but it is also protection for you kids. From my perspective, this rule is very correct.”

Dai Mubai still disapproved of the rule. Though he didn’t like killing, he hated a sense of restriction when fighting even more.

Grandmaster continued:
“Other than these two strict rules, the others are standard. Everything is based on fairness. For example: During the match, no using food or medicine created by non participating spirit masters. Only Food or Healing System Spirit Masters on the stage can replenish their teammates. In other words, if you want to obtain supplements on the stage, then a Support Type Spirit Master must take up one stop. This is to prevent teams with Food System Spirit Masters from cheating. Also, you can’t use weapons other than your own spirit. Because of this, Tang San, the hidden weapons you make can’t be used in this tournament. You must remember this, or else we will be disqualified instantly.”

Getting to there, Grandmaster paused.
“The main rules are these. If anything else needs to be mentioned, I will tell you during the tournament. Now, lets talk about the system of this tournament.”

While he was talking, Grandmaster took a wooden stick he prepared and drew two connecting circles in the ground.

“These two circles represent the two empires.” He then drew a small circle that touched both large circles. “This one represents the Spirit Palace.”

“Within the two empires, there are almost a hundred Advanced Spirit Master Academies. Every academy has a chance to participate, and the two empires’ official Advanced Spirit Master Academies will have two slotsl. For example, Heaven Dou Empire has Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. These two official teams will be split into a main team and a secondary team. The main team will be advanced to the finals phase instantly, which is a guarantee for the two royal families. The secondary team will be with everyone else, participating in the preliminaries.”

Grandmaster then drew a few circles inside the two large circles.
“The preliminaries are split into areas. Within, with Heaven Dou City as the center, within Heaven Dou Empire’s bounds, all that do not belong to a kingdom or dukedom will come to this area for the preliminaries. All the academies of the kingdoms and dukedoms will be matched based on their areas. Heaven Dou Empire has four kingdoms and one dukedom. In other words, counting the Heaven Dou Area, there will be six preliminary areas. Other than the one team that is in the finals already, these six areas will be fighting over fifteen spots. Because our area has a lot of academies and is also directly subordinate to the empire, there will be five spots to fight over. Every other area has two spots. Star Luo Empire is almost identical to Heaven Dou Empire.”

“Which means, through the preliminaries, the amount of teams that go to the next stage will be thirty. These thirty teams will all participate in the finals. But before participating, there will be a promotion stage. This promotion stage is a ranking of the thirty teams to decide the order of matches in the finals.”

[1] RAW here is seventy thousand, but let’s take that as a typo.

[2] Idiom: New side issues arising.

[3] (蓝银囚笼) “Blue Silver Prisoner Cage”

[4] (黄远) “Yellow Distance”

[5] (京灵) “Capital Spirit”

[6] (绛珠) “Purple-Red Pearl”

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