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Chapter 59

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Generally speaking, this kind of ceremonial robes were very rarely worn by Spirit Douluo and Title Douluo. It represented not only their status, but also solemnity. This kind of exclusive custom made clothes would only appear when dueling an equally leveled opponent, or for extremely important occasions. And since these three elders wearing these robes right now naturally wasn’t for a fight, then, it could only prove one point: that they attached a great deal of importance to the Shrek Academy members. Moreover, these three elders were personally greeting them at the door.

Even if Flender was even more arrogant, confronting circumstances like these he still couldn’t have helped feeling overwhelmed. He always meant that ‘who gives me one chi of respect, I will give ten chi of respect.’ With the other side revealing such a respectful intent, how could he not also make a display.

Flender increased his pace, a few steps forward, as he stopped, he already held both hands clasped over shoulder level, slightly bowing,
“Shrek Academy, Flender, spirit: Owl, agility attack system seventy eighth rank seven ring Battle Spirit Emperor, I greet the seniors.”

In the Spirit Master world, this kind of action was the etiquette of a younger generation meeting seniors. Although Flender also was more than fifty years old, facing these three more than eighty year old elders, his courtesy of a junior didn’t count as much.

The elder in the center laughed out loud, coming forward to meet him with big strides, pulling down Flender’s raised hands,
“There is no need to be so polite, dean Flender, we have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, truly for a long time! Able to obtain the guidance of all the teachers of the monster academy in person, you bring light to our humble institution. I am the head of administration, Meng Shen-Ji[1], spirit: Black Goblin[2], control system eighty sixth ranked eight ring Battle Spirit Douluo. I’ll give you introductions.”

Meng Shen-Ji was medium height, very thin, as if he didn’t have any muscles, as he spoke his voice was somewhat crafty, but not at all unpleasant, giving people a kind of very familiar feeling, both his hair and beard white. Although he was thin, his spirit was hale and hearty, a red flush on his face.

While speaking, Meng Shen-Ji indicated the old man to his left, saying:
“This is the board of education’s second member, Spirit Douluo Bai Baoshan[3]. Spirit: Heaven Star Furnace[4], defense system eighty fifth ranked eight ring Battle Spirit Douluo.”

Bai Baoshan’s build was just the opposite of Meng Shen-Ji’s, not tall but extremely fat. Like four chi tall and four chi around.

He all along had a gently smiling expression, his fat trembling along with his smile. Hearing Meng Shen-Ji introduce him, he nodded smiling towards Flender.

Meng Shen-Ji indicated the other old man, saying:
“This is the board of education’s third member, Zhi Lin[5] Spirit Douluo, spirit: Sky Blue Vine[6], control system eighty third ranked eight ring Tool Spirit Douluo.”

This third member of the board of education’s senior staff Zhi Lin appeared the most normal at a glance, appearance very ordinary, only occasionally a bright light flashed in his eyes that gave people a somewhat unusual feeling.

Although Flender already knew that they were all eightieth ranked Spirit Douluo or higher, as Mang Shen-Ji did the introductions, he still felt awed. Especially as among these three Spirit Douluo were unexpectedly two control system Spirit Douluo.

While everyone in the Spirit Master world knew that power attack system had the fiercest attacks, control system was the most difficult to deal with, and also the least willing to confront the opponent. Unless one happened to counter their strength, in a one versus one situation, equally ranked Spirit Masters would find it very difficult to prevail over control system.

Flender also hastily introduced Shrek Academy’s teachers. As for the Shrek Seven Devils, they were after all students, and he didn’t say much. But Flender noticed that these three board of education senior staff were even more interested in the Shrek Seven Devils than in them.

Meng Shen-Ji said:
“No need to be polite, finally coming here, treat it like your own home. Please, come inside.”

The board of education wasn’t lavish. Just the opposite, the place where these three Spirit Douluo handled business and lived was exceptionally austere.

Only decorated with essentials and some simple green plants.

Host and guests took their seats across from each other, since there weren’t many chairs in the board of education, the Shrek Seven Devils could only stand behind the teachers. Right now everyone’s gazes were excited, after all, sitting in front of them were three Spirit Douluo level powers.

In the whole Spirit Master world, Spirit Masters able to cultivate to this degree were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, and they wouldn’t lack formidable strength. Even if they couldn’t challenge Heaven, they could still easily scatter a ten thousand man army.

Meng Shen-Ji let servants serve tea and pastries, his gaze sweeping across those Shrek Seven Devils, smiling saying:
“We heard from Qin Ming that these children defeated our institution’s Emperor Team. Truly astonishing, the monster academy sure enough is a place where monsters gather. Qin Ming’s accomplishments already amazed me, but I still didn’t expect your institution to cultivate this many geniuses.”

Flender smiled wryly, saying:
“The Shrek Academy has already ceased to exist.”

Meng Shen-Ji firmly said:
“No, take a look at these children behind you, their accomplishments hereafter, until successfully graduating the Shrek Academy, will all along belong to Shrek. Qin Ming already explained it very clearly to us. Everyone coming to our humble institution this time is our honor. Unless all you teachers wish for it, the Academy will not assign any teaching duties to you. Here you are all at your liberty, if there is anything you need then don’t hesitate to ask, as long as it’s within the limits of my authority, just say it.”

Flender was after all also a more than seventieth ranked power, and naturally saw that the sincerity these three Spirit Douluo showed absolutely wasn’t faked. From this it could be seen just how much they thirsted for talent. Even to the extent that they without any questions at once chose to completely trust Qin Ming.

On the side of the three board of education members, Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin suddenly asked:
“I heard from teacher Qin Ming that at your institution is an especially outstanding control system Spirit Master, who would that be?”

Grandmaster calmly smiled, saying:
“Talent isn’t enough. Tang San.”

Tang San responded, stepping forward from the Shrek Seven Devils, respectfully saluting the three Spirit Douluo,
“Greetings three teachers.”

Zhi Lin smiled faintly, the air around his body suddenly distorting.

The others didn’t feel anything, but Tang San clearly found the air around his body seemed to congeal, tremendous spirit power fluctuations rushing out, his body already completely unable to move.

This spirit power was somewhat similar to his Blue Silver Grass spirit power, and although his body was oppressed, Tang San could feel there was no malice within it.

He understood that this was the other side testing his strength. Without speaking, he silently urged his Mysterious Heaven Skill, resisting the unceasing invading force.

The Shrek Academy members naturally all knew what Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin was doing, but nobody said anything; Zhi Lin testing Tang San was like an enrollment exam. Flender had foreseen that this would happen, and also let these Heaven Dou Imperial Academy senior staff take a look at how outstanding the disciple he had fostered was.

Zhi Lin’s originally gentle gaze gradually became astounded. With his strength he immediately determined that Tang San’s spirit power was around the thirty third rank, proving that Qin Ming hadn’t been flattering his accomplishments.

But while his plant system spirit power also didn’t lack compatibility with his own, he just couldn’t understand how this only thirty third ranked spirit power could be so difficult to deal with.

Zhi Lin using his spirit power to probe felt that, even though Tang San’s spirit power was far from as formidable as his own, it had a kind of endless toughness. The more pressure he used, the more flexible it became.

Furthermore, Tang San’s body had an endurance that didn’t belong to a thirty third ranked Spirit Master. Faced with his pressure, he unexpectedly didn’t show any signs of pain.

As a matter of fact, the pressure he used was something that a thirtieth level Spirit Master should find somewhat difficult to endure.

What he didn’t know was that Tang San’s body constantly endured spirit ring and spirit power transformation, at the same time, unlike ordinary spirit masters he also had an external spirit bone. With the potency of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit bone, to his strength, endurance and agility, it had an extremely significant effect.

Otherwise, how could Tang San have led the Shrek Seven Devils to successive victories against powerful enemies.

Even Dai Mubai was resigned to not being his equal. This external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances didn’t just have its effect on the outside, its imperceptible influence was equally significant.

That symbolic black robe Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin wore didn’t shift, and although he simply sat there, Tang San still clearly felt the pressure around him increasing bit by bit.

This Spirit Douluo was extremely conscientious, afraid that Tang San would be unable to endure a sudden increase in strength, under his accurate control, his spirit power was only gradually increasing. Once Tang San showed any signs of being unable to endure, he would also immediately withdraw the force.

Tang San naturally also understood this control system Spirit Douluo was testing his strength. In front of Flender, Grandmaster and the other Shrek Academy members, he knew he wasn’t just representing himself, but rather the whole Shrek Academy. Therefore, even though the surrounding pressure grew greater and greater, and the Mysterious heaven skill pressure within his body also worked faster and faster, he didn’t display the slightest bit of a pained expression.

After many years of cultivation, adding countless training and ordeals, Tang San’s willpower wasn’t something a thirteen year old possessed. Originally he endured the enormous pain produced by that Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring, how would he easily surrender now.

Secretly tightening both fists in his sleeves, Tang San’s complexion didn’t vary, expression neither servile nor overbearing. Along with Mysterious Heaven skill working, around his body gradually appeared a faint layer of white mist, releasing a slight fragrance.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

As the internal strength circulated, it completely fused with the properties of Blue Silver Grass.

As the pressure grew greater and greater, Sky Blue Vine Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin grew more and more astonished; was this really just a thirteen year old child? How couldn’t he see Tang San was using willpower combined with his physical strength to withstand the spirit power pressure, but so far he unexpectedly hadn’t been able to get this child to release his spirit. Tang San by far already surpassed his expectations.

All people have a desire to win, and Spirit Douluo were no exception. Adding competitiveness to curiosity, when confronting this genius, Zhi Lin couldn’t help but want to see just how far this child’s limits could reach.

Seeing Tang San nod slightly, Zhi Lin’s robe no longer fluctuated with spirit power, rather quietly recovered to normal. Seeing this, the other two Spirit Douluo at his side also couldn’t help be astonished, the three of them had been together for a very long time, naturally they understood just how much spirit power Zhi Lin was using right now.

The two Spirit Douluo couldn’t help show a concerned expression, although they knew Zhi Lin was a person who would act appropriately, just the chance of injuring this kid was bad.

But very quickly, the two Spirit Douluo’s concern became amazement. Tang San simply stood there like a towering mountain, even though the pressure increased yet again, he didn’t move at all, only his expression gradually tightened.

Not even the spirit had been forced out? This was the thought the three Spirit Douluo all had at the same time.

How was it possible? Zhi Lin inwardly trembled a moment, he was only too clear on his own spirit power output, even a thirty fifth ranked Spirit Elder would definitely have been forced to release their spirit, moreover they wouldn’t be as calm as this youngster.

If speaking of showing an unvarying expression or firm willpower, as the pressure reached a certain degree, it wasn’t something willpower was capable of influencing.

Generally speaking, for inferior Spirit Masters enduring the direct spirit power pressure of high level Spirit Masters, Spirit Masters able to support two thirds of their own level was already outstanding, and if they were able to support even their own degree of spirit power, then, they had extraordinarily staunch willpower. But this was also on the conditions that they had released their spirit.

Moreover if they were Beast Spirit Masters.

The assistance to their own body was much greater for Beast Spirit Masters than Tool Spirit Masters, the advantage of Tool Spirit Masters lay in being able to make use of weapons.

From Qin Ming’s introduction, these three Spirit Douluo all knew Tang San certainly was a Tool Spirit Master, but a Tool Spirit Master able to support pressure exceeding his spirit power by ten percent, and moreover without even releasing his spirit? This was just too inconceivable.

Along with the spirit power fluctuations in the air gradually growing more intense, Flender, Zhao Wuji and the others gradually also grew nervous, sitting straight, staring fixedly at Tang San for fear that any accident would occur.

Only Grandmaster still leaned back in his chair, sipping tea, calmly observing the scene without the slightest hint of concern.

Nobody had a better understanding of Tang San’s strength than Grandmaster. Grandmaster was perfectly capable of calculating Tang San’s limit in the current circumstances. Right now he hadn’t even released his spirit, naturally he wasn’t close to his limits.

It could even be said that there was still a considerable distance to the limit. Grandmaster further knew that Tang San’s spirit power was exceptional, brimming with endurance just like his Blue Silver Grass. It wasn’t obvious in a fight, since endurance often increased the capability to prolong the fight. But confronting this kind of constantly growing pressure, this aspect of his spirit power had plenty of room to appear.

The spirit power pressure Zhi Lin released had already increased past thirty fifth rank to thirty sixth rank, immediately followed by thirty seventh, thirty eighth, thirty ninth. As the power of his spirit power pressure finally increased to around the fortieth rank or so, Tang San finally revealed a trace of suffering. His face showed a slight change, and he with some effort raised his right hand.

Blue light flickered, and Blue Silver grass burst from his palm like a blossoming flower, drifting in the air, forming an enormous cage, enveloping Tang San within. Blue purple luster flourished, all the Blue Silver Grass swaying in the air. With each swaying motion the air produced a kind of peculiar feeling, as if even the air moved along rhythmically.

Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin felt it the most clearly. The moment Tang San released Blue Silver Grass, he had a kind of feeling like being relieved of a burden. Just as he prepared to withdraw his spirit power, finishing this test, Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass staged this bizarre scene before him.

The round cage surrounded Tang San, between each strand of Blue Silver Grass was only slight cracks. Along with each of their gentle oscillations, Zhi Lin was amazed to discover that the pressure he issued seemed as if it was pushing against something elastic; along with Blue Silver Grass light movements, the pressure he put on Tang San weakened a lot.

To be precise, it was the pressure he put on Tang San that was reduced.

This child unexpectedly had so many surprises, the three Spirit Douluo’s amazed expressions gradually grew pleased.

Actually, even Tang San himself didn’t know why Blue Silver Grass would act like this. On the surface he might appear exceptionally resolute, but in fact, confronted with the fortieth rank spirit power pressure he already even had difficulties breathing, only supported by his unwillingness to let Shrek Academy lose face.

Blue Silver Grass had been released when he was completely unable to endure.

Blue Silver Grass current shape and movements were both completely involuntary, but with those rhythmical motions, Tang San immediately felt the pressure drop considerably. In his mind immediately rose a kind of exceptionally formidable force leveraging technique: four liang pushing a thousand jin.

Four liang pushing a thousand jin was a commonly used martial skill in Tang San’s previous world, and naturally he knew it. But he didn’t quite understand why his Blue Spirit Grass would suddenly on its own display his martial skills without his meticulous control.

Sensing this, Tang San suddenly discovered that there were a lot of parts to his spirit that he didn’t understand.

With the pressure eased, Tang San’s expression naturally also recovered to normal. But these circumstances made Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin withdraw his intent to stop the test. The spirit power pressure increased another step, and this time it also grew stronger at a faster pace than before.

Four liang pushing a thousand jin was admittedly possible, but what about ten thousand jin? How would it be pushed? With the sharply increasing pressure, Tang San was conscious of how the outer edges of the energy channels within his body seemed to explode, his entire body in extreme pain, his skin gradually filling with blood. As Mysterious Heaven Skill worked faster and faster, the energy channels in his body would bring extreme pain with each collision.

The motions of the Blue Silver Grass surrounding him also grew faster and faster, but in the end their ability to disperse spirit power was limited. However, cut off by Blue Silver Grass, everyone outside were unable to see Tang San, only thinking Tang San was still staunchly resisting.

They didn’t know right now his face was already deep red, finally reaching a dangerous level. The current pressure had already reached the level of forty fifth ranked spirit power.

‘Endure, I can still endure.’ Tang San constantly told himself, straightening his back

As the spirit power still increased, Tang San’s body also finally reached its limit. By now it was already difficult for him to move a finger.

But at this moment, Tang San suddenly felt as if something shattered within him, immediately afterward, the originally rapidly circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill suddenly slowed, and in that moment all the pressure seemed to gush out from his back in a split second, draining away in a moment.

Pu——, the Blue Silver Grass surrounding him scattered outward, Tang San’s whole body shivering a moment. His appearance was once again visible to everyone. However, as they saw at him, they all couldn’t help but start with alarm.

Right now Tang San’s body had unexpectedly swollen one size, and on his back the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances already released excitedly, the purple lustrous Eight Spider Lances softly moving rhythmically behind Tang San’s back like wings, that spider web like pattern had appeared on Tang San’s forehead, and this time was especially clear.

Tang San’s expression was relaxed, breathing in that layer of white mist around him through his nose like rivers flowing into the sea, again breathing it out through his mouth. With each repetition, the white mist seemed to increase somewhat, and Tang San’s body would also expand even more.

“Spirit bone?”
The three Heaven Dou Imperial Academy Spirit Douluo practically simultaneously cried out in alarm, Zhi Lin immediately stopped pressuring Tang San, they naturally saw that Tang San had now already hit his limit. Increasing the pressure might even kill him.

The tips of Eight Spider Lances gradually turned white, this white color was seeping out from within Eight Spider Lances. Tang San’s body didn’t change at all from the disappearance of the external pressure, still constantly inhaling and exhaling that white vapor.

“Many thanks for helping with the completion, Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin.”
Grandmaster stood up with a smile on his face, bowing to Zhi Lin.

Zhi Lin stared blankly,

Even as a Spirit Douluo level formidable Spirit Master he didn’t understand what the problem was with Tang San’s body right now, and was still inwardly nervous.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:
“Since Tang San this child obtained this external spirit bone, even though his strength has increased a lot, he has never been able to truly harmonize with it. Under Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin’s pressure, I think that this time he is finally fusing with his external spirit bone, leaving no separation, the external spirit bone becoming a part of his body, and no longer ‘external’.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Hearing the words ‘external spirit bone’, the three Spirit Douluo practically simultaneously stood up from their seats, and Qin Ming leapt up as if he’d burned his buttocks.

The three Spirit Douluo looked at each other, their insight was of course incomparable to what Qin Ming was capable of, and they had instantly realized that the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back was a spirit bone instead of a spirit. But they still hadn’t expected it would actually be an external spirit bone.

They could feel its power just from the atmosphere released by Eight Spider Lances.

A just thirteen year old child, had not only reached beyond the thirtieth rank of spirit power, but even possessed an external spirit bone, that object ranked only second to a hundred thousand year spirit ring on the wishlists of all Spirit Masters. What did this signify? What kind of potential was this? Even though his spirit was only Blue Silver Grass?

“This-, is this really an external spirit bone?”
Meng Shen-Ji’s voice trembled severely.

Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“I’m certain. However, I’ll ask the board to keep it secret. Although the external spirit bone is already fused with Tang San’s body and won’t be released after his death like other spirit bones, but treasuring a jade ring may become a crime even for innocent men. I still don’t wish for him to face too formidable opponents as he matures.”

“We understand, don’t worry, we swear on our spirits, we absolutely will not divulge this to anyone.”
The expression in Meng Shen-Ji’s eyes was gratitude.

The reason was very simple: the Shrek group hadn’t concealed the matter of Tang San’s external spirit bone from them, this point alone proved how much they valued Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

An external spirit bone really was too precious. Should some vicious formidable Spirit Masters learn of it, they absolutely wouldn’t leave Tang San room to grow.

In fact, how was Grandmaster such a careless person; he had long before even coming here made meticulous investigations about Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. These three Spirit Douluo were all revered in the Spirit World as kind hearted seniors, otherwise he wouldn’t so easily have exposed Tang San’s secret.

Heat, that was all Tang San felt right now. The uncomfortable feeling from the pressure had already completely disappeared, right now he only felt as if he was roasting in a blast furnace, somewhat similar to the feeling of absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, but compared to that time this suffering was a lot less. Only the burning heat, and without the pain.

Although the circulation of Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength had slowed down considerably, with each revolution it became thicker, and seemed to constantly attack some particular energy channels.

That shattering feeling Tang San had before seemed to be the result of an energy channel connecting.

The moment the pressure was the greatest, Tang San hadn’t realized a black light shone in his left palm, but he still had a feeling of great strength bursting forth from within his heart. Were it not for that feeling of the energy channel connecting, perhaps his other spirit would have appeared.

Right now Tang San didn’t have the capability to think it over, and was only enduring the shock of that flowing heat. Within him Mysterious Heaven Skill seemed to absorb it, with each revolution Tang San would feel a bit more comfortable. Therefore he could only keep going.

After a brief moment of shock the three Spirit Douluo gradually calmed, but Qin Ming clearly lacked a bit in inner qualities, and was still extremely agitated.

Meng Shen-Ji loosed a long breath,
“I didn’t expect, I truly didn’t expect, that in our Spirit Master world there would be such a genius. I truly am happy to have met all of you here today.”

Flender equally loosed a breath, shooting Grandmaster an inquisitive look. Grandmaster lightly nodded to him, hinting there would be no problems with Tang San.

Flender then said to Meng Shen-Ji:
“We dare not take credit for this child’s capabilities, he’s Grandmaster’s direct disciple. Moreover, his own innate talent is exceptionally outstanding. In our Shrek Academy’s history, these seven children are all the most gifted by heaven. Not only Tang San, but each of the others also have their own talent. The reason we chose to come to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy wasn’t to let their talents be buried, but in the hopes that here they would be able to fully develop their talent with the best cultivation environments. They are the last class of Shrek Academy, and as dean, I truly hope to one day see their capabilities as Title Douluo, far surpassing my own achievements.”

Right now Flender’s eyes didn’t hold a hint of deviousness, filled with sincerity. And the Shrek Six Devils behind him hearing Flender’s words got a somewhat strange feeling; they found that Flender seemed to become even older, the silhouette of his back giving off a lonely feeling.

Yes, as a dean, having to bring disciples to another academy for cultivation, to an arrogant person like Flender, how could his heart truly be at ease?

Even if he never showed it, how could his inner world be serene?

Meng Shen-Ji nodded to Flender,
“Dean Flender, be at ease. We three guarantee you that we will provide these children with the best cultivation facilities here, to the best of our ability. The best cultivation facilities, and anything else you ask for. Even if in the future they don’t want to fight on behalf of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, it still doesn’t matter. Just imagine, one day, as they stand at the summit of the Spirit Master world, if their records would hold the name Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, this is already enough to satisfy us.”

Flender stood up, bowing courteously to the three Spirit Douluo,
“Thank you seniors.”

Watching this scene, Grandmaster finally showed a smile, inwardly saying, ‘Flender, oh, Flender, if I hadn’t already clearly grasped the natures of these three board members, would I have brought you here? Whatever happened in the past, in my heart, you are still my big brother, of course I hope to see you spend your later years comfortably.’ 

At this moment, a long groan attracted everyone’s attention.

Just in time to see Tang San spit out a dense white mist, no longer as faint as before, as if it had congealed. Breathing out from the mouth, again inhaling through the nose, the red tone of Tang San’s skin had already completely vanished, as had the swelling. It seemed he had entirely recovered to normal.

As the white mist was completely inhaled, Tang San gradually opened his eyes. In this moment, to everyone in the board hall they seemed like a pair of cold stars.

Even though that bright cold light only flickered for a moment and was gone, everyone saw that Tang San was different from before.

Eight Spider Lances withdrew into Tang San’s back in practically the space of a breath, compared to before, this speed was several times faster.

Unfortunately, the clothes on his back were shredded. This was perhaps the one fault of Eight Spider Lances. Someone as frugal as Tang San still regretted the loss of the clothes.

Tang San noticed everyone’s attention on him, and first calmly bowed to the three Spirit Douluo, and without saying anything, with a guileless expression walked over behind Grandmaster.

Right now, Tang San basically didn’t have the mental capacity to spare for any chatter, his entire mind was focused on his body. When that shattering sound appeared, he was under enormous spirit power pressure and naturally didn’t know what had changed. But right now, after sobering, he immediately recognized the difference.

First of all, his spirit power had leapt up by one rank, and even more importantly, all his physical attributes seemed to have increased.

That increase wasn’t something one rank of spirit power could result in.

Basically, it was because under that tremendous pressure he had broken open an energy channel. This energy channel didn’t just let Eight Spirit Lances perfectly fuse with him, but at the same time, it caused a not insignificant change in his body.

Spirit power at thirty fourth rank, yet his physical attributes should surpass the level of the fortieth rank.

Regarding the breaking open of this energy channel, perhaps even Grandmaster would be unable to explain the reason why, but Tang San understood it very clearly on his own. Because, that was what was described in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record as the eight extraordinary meridians[7].

Explicitly stated in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record was that if the eight extraordinary meridians connected into one path, Mysterious Heaven Skill would benefit greatly, and one of Mysterious Heaven Skill’s great criteria for completion, besides reaching the eighth tier, was to break open all eight extraordinary meridians. Described in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record was that, a person who had connected the eight extraordinary meridians, whether in heaven or hell, would be omnipotent.

Although these were just simple words, it amply proved just how enormous the effect might be from completely breaking open the eight extraordinary meridians.

Tang San’s understanding of the eight extraordinary meridians came from the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, where it was described extremely detailed.

The four limbs had the eight acupuncture points Broken Sequence, Back Ravine, Inner Pass, Outer Pass, Shining Sea, Extending Vessel, Yellow Emperor and Foot Overlooking Tears separately leading to the eight Conception, Governing, Yin linking, Yang linking, Yin Heel, Yang Heel, Penetrating and Girdle meridians. Meaning these acupuncture points separately could connect the head, face and torso to the eight extraordinary meridians.[8]

[1] (梦神机) “Dream God Machine”

[2] (黑妖) Or Black Witch/Phantom/Demon/Monster

[3] (白宝山) “White Jewel Mountain”

[4] (天星炉)

[5] (智林) “Wisdom Forest”

[6] (天青藤)

[7] (奇经八脉) I’ll just link to Wikipedia for tthis one: 

[8] I’m not personally familiar with Chinese medicine, so all this TCM stuff is somewhat tentative. I’ve referenced all the points and meridians with whatever online resources I could find, but if you want to do further fact checking, the full paragraph is (四肢部列缺、后溪、内关、外关、照海、申脉、公孙、足临泣八穴分别通向任、督、阴维、阳维、阴跷、阳跷、冲、带八脉。意指这些穴位分别能沟通头面躯干部有关奇经八脉。)

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