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Chapter 58

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Out of sympathy for the children, in addition to Flender’s good mood from the big profit, the following several days of travel all advanced at a normal pace, the Shrek Seven Devils also gradually struggled free from the fear after killing people. Able to become the Shrek Academy’s little monsters, as long as they could move past it, their hearts wouldn’t suffer so badly.

“Grandmaster, according to the map, once we reach Heaven Dou City, where in the city is Heaven Dou Imperial Academy?”
While Flender studied the map he asked Grandmaster. On the map was no indicator for Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Grandmaster looked at Flender,
“If you don’t know, how would I? How can you still be considered a dean.”

Flender snapped:
“What do you mean ‘still be considered’? I’ve always been one, okay? Since you also don’t know; Wuji, Shao Xin. Do you know?”

Zhao Wuji smiled wryly:
“You know we both aren’t regular academy fostered Spirit Masters, even less with backgrounds like this Imperial Academy’s nobles, how would we know. I’ve only visited Heaven Dou City once or twice, that’s all, I have no impression of the location of this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. They’re still all the same.”

The other three teachers by chance nodded at the same time, indicating their helplessness.

“Dean Flender, I know where Heaven Dou Imperial Academy is.”
At this moment, it was Ning Rongrong who settled Flender’s imminent problem.

“My family’s castle isn’t far from Heaven Dou City, I used to come play in Heaven Dou City with my clansmen, and we also went to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Even though directly related family members all study within the school, there were some branch members at the Imperial Academy. Actually, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy isn’t inside Heaven Dou City, but outside. Just like our Shrek Academy was outside Suotuo City.”

Flender smiled proudly:
“See, this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s dean thinks like me. The facts prove how discerning I am.”

Grandmaster to the side poured cold water on his pride:
“If I’m not mistaken, you didn’t place the Academy within the city since you were embarrassingly short of money. This Heaven Dou Imperial Academy being placed outside the capital city is out of fear the capital’s lavishness will affect the students’ cultivation, and even more importantly perhaps because there isn’t any sufficiently large space for an academy in Heaven Dou City. From what I know, even though Heaven Dou Imperial Academy isn’t considered as having a lot of students, having every kind of flawless facility requires a great deal of space.”

Zhao Wuji grinned:
“Grandmaster, you just speak frankly. Put down this guy’s delusions.”

“Delusions your head. Zhao Wuji, you’ve been very energetic lately. Come, come, we’ll exchange pointers, let the children have a look at what a Spirit Emperor level battle is like.”
While speaking, Flender gestured with his hands.

Zhao Wuji didn’t look at him, extending two arms, embracing Lu Ji-Bin and Li Yu-Song at his side,
“Flender, you want to bully me? Keep dreaming, I wouldn’t fight you. If you must fight me, I won’t retaliate. Let the children have a look at you bullying your juniors, setting an example.


“I’ve found that since Grandmaster came, you’ve become a lot more devious.”

“Stop fighting, don’t get me mixed up in your matters. How am I involved in this?”

“Don’t speak nonsense, let’s go quickly. Since Rongrong knows the way, we can reach the Imperial Academy today. It’s also good to let the children start cultivating in peace a bit earlier.”

Flender helplessly said:
“You really are a cultivation madman. With you here, I’ve become the gentle and soft representative.”

After eating some simple rations, everyone set out once again. At nightfall, lead by Ning Rongrong, they finally arrived at their destination: Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

“Rongrong, you’re sure it’s here?”
Flender asked with a somewhat strange voice.

Ning Rongrong nodded, saying:
“Yeah, no mistake. Heaven Dou Imperial Academy wouldn’t change places, I’m sure it’s here.”

“But this is a mountain!”

“This mountain all belongs to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Eh, and that forest behind it and that lake at the foot of the mountain too, they’re all under the Academy’s supervision. We’ll enter the Academy grounds at once.”

Seeing the dumbstruck Flender, Grandmaster contentedly said:
“Mountains on one side and water on the other, it really is a good place.”

The other teachers all nodded in admiration.

The scenery here was indeed beautiful, especially this moment as the sun was setting in the west. Under the contrast of the red colored clouds in the west, whether it was the lake at the foot or that thousand meter tall mountain covered in every kind of plant itself, all gave people a feeling like the garden of peaches of immortality.”

The distance from here to Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial capital Heaven Dou City was less than twenty kilometers, and with such beautiful surroundings, recalling that they would live here from here on, even Zhao Wuji and the other teachers all felt greatly satisfied.

Only Flender was still unconvinced:
“The setting is good, but is the area really so amazing? Does it foster strength? It doesn’t compare to our Shrek Academy. Even though our place was small, there were a lot of monsters.”

Grandmaster nodded thoughtfully,
“Flender, honestly, up till now I’ve never been too clear on how so many children with outstanding potential could be duped into entering your Shrek Academy. What method did you use to swindle them into enrolling?”

“I used…… That’s rubbish, what are you calling swindle, it’s called my charisma!”

“We can go up the mountain just in time for dinner. Let’s have a look at the treatment here. If it’s not good, I’m still not staying.”

Right now Flender appeared more like a rash child, even the Shrek Seven Devils to the side couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. Right now, they could also understand Flender’s mood. After all, the crystallisation of his heart’s blood, the Shrek Academy, had already ended, to his eyes this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy more resembled a rival opponent.

Before walking more than a few steps, trouble arrived.

“Who are you to stand around here?”
Ten eighteen or nineteen year old Spirit Masters were barring the way. Although they hadn’t summoned their spirits, from their goose yellow uniforms it was apparent these were all students of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Flender grandly said:
“We’re Shrek Academy. Complying with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s invitation, specially here for the exchange. Lead the way.”

The leader of the youth’s looked Flender up and down several times, again taking a look at the others’ clothes, wearing a disdainful expression,
“You country bumpkins have come for an exchange at our Academy? To me, you look like beggars from somewhere. Hurry up and get lost. Otherwise, we’ll have to use force.”

After travelling for close to ten days, everyone from the Shrek Academy were indeed somewhat travel worn, but not as extreme as he said, this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy student leader clearly was one to judge by appearance. Seeing the Shrek Academy group’s simple clothes, and adding Flender’s haughty and austere words left him out of sorts, making him say this.

There were truly very few with the ability to enter Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, the majority relied on connections and noble titles to gain admittance. This was also always Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s biggest issue, otherwise, how would they have the reputation of the number one academy without the number one strength?

Let alone the Shrek Academy teachers who were originally all haughty contemporaries, renouncing the opportunity to join Spirit Master clans or other influential powers in order to found Shrek Academy, right now, even the Shrek Seven Devils’ anger reached the heavens from the other side’s arrogant words.

Dai Mubai’s figure flickered, at once already standing before Flender, ice cold air bursting out in a flash, ever since childhood this was the first time anyone had insulted him like this, and still with such a loathful tone. He was never a good tempered person, and furthermore they had even insulted his teacher. If the Evil Eye White Tiger could endure this, then he wouldn’t be a tiger, but a sickly cat.

Hong——, Dai Mubai kicked the speaking youth into the air, directly afterward, he unleashed his spirit.

At the sudden change, these Heaven Dou Academy noble children immediately lost their heads out of fear, how could they have expected that the other side would actually dare fight them at the gate of their Academy. Besides a few thinking fast enough to release their spirits, the majority unexpectedly quickly retreated, for fear they would be involved. But even if it was those few students with spirits released, with one look at the three spirit rings sparkling over Dai Mubai, how would they still dare fight, and swiftly retreated. In their minds the concept of ‘winning from a position of weakness’ didn’t exist, spirit rings were an absolute gap, and among them wasn’t even one who had reached the thirtieth rank.

With Dai Mubai’s abundant battle experience, by the ‘strike first and ask questions later’ principle, he didn’t even give the other Shrek Seven Devils the chance to act. Tiger paw swinging, he already sent flying a few individuals who were slow to retreat.

Watching Dai Mubai fight, Flender and the others couldn’t help but frown. Naturally they wouldn’t be dissatisfied because Dai Mubai beat up the other side, but rather because these Heaven Dou Imperial Academy students really were too lacking in inner qualities.

Part 2 (TL by Josh)

Flender once said, its alright to be arrogant, but you must be able to back up your arrogance. Otherwise there’s a problem with your brain. Yet, each and everyone of these young people, were unexpectedly unable to take a single blow. One must know, although their spirit power was very far from Dai Mubai’s, they had the absolute numerical advantage. If they were to combine their powers and stand up to Dai Mubai’s attack, they would at least be able to resist him. However, in front of them was an unexpected situation: none of them retaliated. They looked like deserters who threw away their helmet and ran away from a battle. There were even some crying for their mom and dad, completely lacking the appearance of Spirit Masters.

Flender faced Zhao Wuji and said,
“This is Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s students? They are all trash. I’ve already started to suspect coming here was a mistake.”

Zhao Wuji smiled wryly,
“Don’t ask me, how would I know? Last time the little monsters fought the Heaven Dou team, they weren’t like this. It could be that there are trash in all places.”

Even Grandmaster who had strongly advocated coming here, was lost for words at that moment.

“Alright, Mubai.”
Flender called out to Dai Mubai. If they kept of fighting, it wouldn’t be a beating anymore; there might be serious injuries.

Dai Mubai finally stopped fighting, demonic light flickering in his evil eye double pupils,
“Lets see who really gets lost”

“You-, you guys have the impertinence to cause trouble in our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. This is a provocation to the empire. You just wait…You just wait.”

Flender said in a cold voice,
“That’s a fine accusation, too bad you’re trash. Call out your Academy teachers.”

At this moment, a bold voice was suddenly heard,

From the shady trail on hillside forest, a figure quickly appeared in a silver coloured tight suit and he appeared to be around the same age as Flender. His face was like a silver plate, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, both his hands behind his back. He seemed like an expert.

“Excellent. Teacher Sun has arrived.”
The youth from before acted like he saw a saving grace, and he practically crawled over to welcome him.

“Teacher Sun, they actually dared cause trouble here. They even hit us. You must support us!”

Teacher Sun looked at the student in front of him as if at a stray dog. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows,
“Xue Beng[1], do you know what you look like right now?”

In front of strangers, he did not reprimand his student further as his gaze swept across Shrek Academy’s party.

Teachers and students, after all, were not the same. When Teacher Sun made eye contact with Flender, his heart could not help but secretly tremble as he hurriedly advanced a few steps, faintly saluting
“If you please, this one is Sun Buyu[2], may I know what business you have with our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy?” He didn’t even mention the fact that his students were beaten. When he stood there, an unflustered aura emanated from him.

As the man was being very courteous, Flender naturally wouldn’t dwell on the earlier events as he calmly said,
“We are here to find Qin Ming. Earlier your noble institution’s students said we were beggars, telling us to get lost. Thus we had a conflict.”

“You are here to see teacher Qin?”

“Could it be that everybody is from Balak Kingdom’s Shrek Academy.”

Flender nodded his head,
“It’s true.”

Sun Buyu was shocked as his expressions suddenly became extremely polite,

He said as he extended an inviting gesture while glaring at those Heaven Dou Imperial Academy student as if to say he would deal with them later.

The Shrek Academy party, then followed this teacher Sun Buyu as he guided them along a mountain path, towards the school in the heart of the mountain.

Watching them gradually disappear in the distance, previously kicked flying by Dai Mubai, Xue Beng couldn’t help but display a poisonous light in his eyes,
“Shrek Academy? What Shrek Academy, still haven’t come to our Academy to work for food. Hmph, just wait. With me here, you won’t want to stay.”

“Your majesty, this isn’t good.”
The student next to him cautiously said.

“What isn’t good? Even this empire is owned by my family. Let’s go, I won’t go to class today. I will first look for justice as royalty cannot take a beating. If we don’t drive them away, I won’t be able to rest easy.”

Entering the middle of the mountain, one is finally able to understand the extent of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. The stone steps used to climb the mountain were created by sculpting white marble as every stone step all had different designs of various spirit beasts; exquisite craftsmanship. The glow of the setting sun on the white marble left behind jagged shadows of dancing red trees, further adding a unique and tranquil feeling.  

Breathing in this fresh air, it was as if everyone had walked into a botanical world. The one whose thoughts were stirred the most was Tang San. His Mysterious Heaven Skill’s inner strength grasped onto his Blue Silver Grass aura. In this mountain range full of plants, it seemed to be extremely lively. This feeling was also felt when they entered Star Dou Great Forest, but not as obvious as now. Tang San knew that this was due to him breaking through the thirtieth level bottleneck.

After breaking through rank thirty, spirit masters would have an even more acute sense of energy when near things of the same attribute. Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass spirit was a botanical spirit, thus, surrounded by this botanical world, his spirit power would naturally become much more sensitive. 

Among the reasons why Grandmaster wanted to bring the Shrek Seven Devils, the most important one was because this advanced Spirit Master academy was built by the Heavenly Dou imperialfamily, thus all equipment here would naturally be the most outstanding. However, regarding spirit training methods, although external facilities weren’t decisive, their assisting effect couldn’t be ignored.

Among the most effective activities for a spirit master was mimicry cultivation for their attributes. So called mimicry cultivation, refers to letting Spirit Masters Cultivate their spirits in the most fitting environment. Although doing it this way would not use twice the effort for half the result, it was able to provide a considerable assisting effect.

For example, a forest or place full of plants would be the most suitable place for Tang San to cultivate, with his plant type spirit.Thus being in the kitchen of restaurant would fit Oscar, whose Spirit was food related. Additionally beast spirit masters according to their spirits have increased spirit cultivation effects when cultivating with similar animals. Specific bonus effects would be dependant on the Spirit master’s own attribute. In summary, the stronger a spirit was in itself, the more potential he would have and in a mimicry environment, training would be even more beneficial.

Due to Shrek academy’s conditions, it was only natural that cultivation in a mimicry environment was impossible. However, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy wasn’t like this; The main reason why it occupied a large area and was built outside Heaven Dou City was the building of the mimicry environments. As a comprehensive Spirit Master advanced academy, they needed every kind of mimicry cultivation ground. Plant system spirit masters and food system spirit masters were still easy to handle, but various beast spirit master’s mimicry cultivation ground would not be easy to build. Consequently, it was impossible to build a mimicry cultivation ground for every form of beast spirit masters. Despite this, inside Heaven Dou Imperial Academy there were still close to a hundred various types of mimicry cultivation grounds. Using the saying Heaven Dou Imperial Academy uses for enrolling students,, one would always be able to find one that fits him.

        In the mountains, not only was the air fresh, but it was also extremely moist. A relaxing feeling came over the Shrek Academy party causing them to forget what happened earlier.

Sun Buyu obviously did not want to talk about those students, and on the way he gave the Shrek Academy party a presentation on the scenery.

“This Academy’s main campus is situated halfway up the mountain. The mimicry regions are separated into the mountain top, all the places below the mountain, and the lakeside.”

Grandmaster asked,
“Teacher Sun, how many students does Heaven Dou Imperial Academy have right now?”

Sun Buyu said,

When he reached this point, he helplessly shook his head.

Everyone knew not to ask. As they were all Spirit Masters, this mountain path was nothing and they soon reached the middle of the mountain.

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s main campus was consisted entirely of single story houses, and it gave off the feeling of a fortress. The surrounding courtyard walls were all 5 meters high. The walls were all bright yellow, making it look extremely pretty despite the top of the courtyard wall covering being a glazed roof tile. In the sunset, it was even more beautiful.

As soon as Tang San saw the buildings here, his heart could not help but contract a little as the building arrangement was so similar to Tang Sect’s . Filled with all senses of nostalgia, for a long time he let couldn’t control himself.

At this moment, the color of the sky had already started to darken, along with distant clouds in the sunset starting to fade away. Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was already brightly lit by lanterns.

Entering the school, there were actually no students to be seen, according to Sun Buyu, the majority of them were distributed among the various mimicry cultivation regions so the main campus consequently did not have any people. He then brought the Shrek Academy party directly into a parlor, letting everyone to wait a bit as he hurriedly ran off to find Qing Min.

“What do you think of this place?”
Flender asked his fellow teachers.

Sweet Pea Spirit Master Shao Xin smiled as he said,
“It’s not bad, compared to my imagination, it’s even better. I really do like the air here.”

Zhao Wuji said,
“Grandmaster’s proposal really wasn’t bad. Although the students are a bit trash, retiring here isn’t bad a bad option, Heaven Dou city is also very close. Everything is very convenient.”

 Flender laughed in spite of himself as he said,
“It seems that we really will retire here.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

After a moment, following a burst of hurried footsteps, Qin Ming quickly stepped inside with a cheerful expression.

“Dean Flender, you’re finally here. I’ve anxiously awaited you!”
While speaking, he hastily stepped forward to give Flender and the other Shrek Academy teachers his salute.

Flender pulled him up, smiling:
“Don’t be so overly courteous, as for arriving, later we will still be relying on you to get along. Have you arranged things on this end?”

Qin Ming hurriedly nodded,
“Don’t worry dean, I’ve arranged it already. I’ve notified Heaven Dou Academy’s senior staff to greet you, they’re exceptionally happy to have the teachers join, although they’re not convinced the juniors are actually so powerful. But the children from Emperor Team also attested to it. There are no problems. Like this, all the teachers and juniors have travelled far, for today why don’t you first rest, I’ll give everyone places to stay. Tomorrow I’ll bring you to meet the senior staff. We’ll consider this matter decided.”

Flender was very satisfied with Qin Ming’s arrangements. Qin Ming immediately brought them to a courtyard on the west side of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s main campus, here everything was already arranged cleanly and neatly. Not only did each person have their own room, but there was also a big parlor, all the articles for daily use were brand new, the whole courtyard was like its own world, everything was far better than at Shrek Academy.

Not only were the teachers satisfied, the Shrek Seven Devils were also pleasantly surprised, thinking to themselves that this senior Qin Ming’s ability to handle matters was truly powerful. Everything was arranged so appropriately.

With everything arranged to their satisfaction, everyone gathered in the parlor. Qin Ming sat next to Flender, earnestly asking the teachers:
“I hope all the teachers and juniors satisfied? After I returned to the Academy to arrange this matter, I looked around and found this to be the best location. Leaving the courtyard you can see the mountain scenery outside, and moreover you can see the lake below. From this side there’s a road that leads directly to the foot of the mountain, leaving for Heaven Dou City is also very convenient.”

Zhao Wuji smiled:
“Qin Ming, you’re really quite something. You’ve arranged things very well.”

Qin Ming said:
“It’s no more than I should. The time is getting late. Originally I wanted to invite all the teachers and juniors to Heaven Dou City to find a good place to hold a welcoming dinner and wash off the dust, but at this time of night, we can casually eat something in the Academy. Once tomorrow’s matters are settled, I think the Academy will specially entertain all the teachers.”

Flender said:
“Qin Ming, you know we don’t care much for worldly ceremonies, you don’t have to go to any trouble.”

Qin Ming looked at Flender,his eyes colored with heartfelt emotion,
“Dean Flender, without you and all the other teachers, there wouldn’t be a Qin Ming today. This time I finally have the opportunity to reciprocate, how couldn’t I do it with all my heart?”

The dinner was even more sumptuous than imagined. Although it was hastily arranged, Qin Ming had still done his utmost to have the best dishes prepared for everyone, and by the time the meal was finished the stars hung high overhead.

The Shrek Academy members had travelled hard for several days to arrive here and, all somewhat tired, each retired to their rooms.

After an eventless night, on the next morning, Tang San had just finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eye when Qin Ming arrived, even having the Academy specially engage a chef to bring steaming hot breakfast dishes.

“Little San, you’re up so early?”
Qin Ming just saw Tang San jump down from the roof, and smiling went to meet him.

Tang San laughed, saying:
“Senior, you’re also up very early!”

Qin Ming clapped Tang San’s shoulder, saying:
“Among you Shrek Seven Devils, you gave me the deepest impression. I don’t know how you have cultivated this ability at such a young age. You are more outstanding than I was in those days.”

Hearing Qin Ming’s compliments, Tang San somewhat embarrassed said:
“Senior is too kind.”

Qin Ming resolutely said:
“I’m speaking from the heart. I’ve been at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy for a few years, and there aren’t a lot of students with outstanding talent. Like Yu Tian-Heng and Dugu Yan, who are both exceptionally talented. But, compared to you they lack a characteristic quality. You gave me the deepest impression, and it’s not even because of your variation Blue Silver Grass spirit, but rather your calm mind. That spirit battle with Tian-Heng’s Emperor Team, rather than saying they lost to you all in strength, it should be said they lost to your intelligence and local battle control ability. In time, you will definitely become one of the world’s top control system Spirit Masters.”

Pausing, Qin Ming’s gaze became scorching hot,
“Being able to let teammates display their full strength is already the one requirement for a control system Spirit Master, but being able to control the circumstances of the battlefield, winning from a position of weakness, that is the potential of a first rate control system Spirit Master. You are Grandmaster’s disciple, and while I can by far not be compared to Grandmaster’s instruction, what I can teach you is the word ‘confidence’. Whatever the situation, when you confront the enemy always maintain belief in victory, then, you will be able to display the greatest level of your strength.”

Saying this, Qin Ming once again patted Tang San’s shoulder,
“Junior brother, make the effort. To tell the truth, I truly want to see, when you are thirty years old, just what level you are able to reach. I believe you will definitely surpass mine.”

Shrek Academy’s members got out of bed one after another, as everyone ate breakfast, Qin Ming introduced them to the staff structure of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy in simple terms.

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy sorted all the students into three administrative level. Students who had just entered the Academy or had strength below the twenty fifth rank were level one, dubbed the Tiny Heaven level[3], the level with twenty fifth to thirtieth rank was the Reaching Heaven level[4], thirtieth rank and above subsequently entered the highest Heaven Dou level[5]. Like the Emperor Team’s seven members were all well known figure of the Heaven Dou level, and yesterday at the foot of the mountain the Shrek Academy group encountered those Tiny Heaven level students.

The teachers were sorted into levels the same as students, only the requirements were even higher. Spirit power reaching the fortieth rank was the general admittance threshold for Heaven Dou Imperial Academy and and all advanced Spirit Master academy teachers. At Heaven Dou Academy, teachers over fortieth rank and under fiftieth rank were Tiny Heaven level teachers. Within the fiftieth to sixtieth ranks, they were Reaching Heaven level teachers, surpassing sixtieth rank, they were Heaven Dou level teachers. Sun Buyu they met yesterday was a fifty third rank Reaching Heaven level teacher, and Qin Ming had just recently become a Heaven Dou level teacher.

Since Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was affiliated with Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, the dean was nominally the present Heaven Dou Empire’s emperor, consequently, within the Academy there was no office of dean. As a result the highest seniority fell to the three strongest Heaven Dou teachers who formed a board of education, the senior staff Qin Ming had mentioned were them.

The majority of the Academy’s affairs was handled by the board of education, only for some important matters were instructions from the Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial household required.

Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family attached extreme importance to the Academy, although the Heaven Dou Emperor was too busy to attend personally, he would commonly also assign an imperial family member to take responsibility for affairs on the Academy’s side. For some important decisions, the board of education also had to ask for instructions.

The present Heaven Dou Academy’s board of education three chief teachers were all over eightieth rank Spirit Douluo, teachers with exceedingly robust strength. There were more than eight Heaven Dou level teachers, extremely rare in the entire Heaven Dou Empire.

Listening to Qin Ming, Flender smiled:
“Then you’re saying we will also be the same as Heaven Dou level teachers?”

Qin Ming smiled:
“But of course. Heaven Dou level teachers have a very high standing at the Academy, commonly only teaching Heaven Dou level students. And Heaven Dou level students only account for a tenth of all the students. The education work is exceptionally relaxed, but the payment is very high. Besides the Academy taking responsibility for everything required to live in the Academy, each month there is a remuneration of three thousand gold spirit coins. If there are special circumstances, there will still be other income as well.”

“Three thousand? Really extravagant.”
Flender was still used to being the dean, although he was extremely concerned with the issue of income, he never had the cheek to ask. Right now hearing Qin Ming mention the figure ‘three thousand’, he couldn’t help but be greatly satisfied, the smile on his face widening even more. His satisfaction with this Heaven Dou Imperial Academy naturally also rose sharply.

“Qin Ming, lead the way. We’ll go see those three board of education seniors.”


Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s board of education was located at the heart of the main campus, in the entire main campus, it was the largest building. Although it was still a single story construction, it was still ten meters at its highest point, giving somewhat of a Spirit Hall feeling.

Being newcomers, whether it was the Shrek Academy teachers or the Shrek Seven Devils, they were all led here by Qin Ming. Regardless of the good conditions, this was after all not Shrek Academy, not considered their place, naturally they couldn’t be as unconstrained as before.

Although Flender all along had a smiling expression, after so many years of freedom, in his heart he was still somewhat bitter. While Shrek Academy was small, he was still its dean. While Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was even better, it still didn’t have that kind of familiarity like home.

However, Flender’s mood very quickly eased a lot. As their party entered the gate to the board of education’s courtyard, the three elders already waited there since earlier.

Although the three elders simply stood there, they gave people a kind of exceedingly strange feeling, as if they were the core of this Heaven Dou Academy’s main campus, and even of the whole Academy. Even if they wore gently smiling expressions, they were still unable to hide that special temperament that belonged to great powers.

The three elders were all attired in black robes, on which were embroidered some fantastic designs in golden thread. This kind of robe wasn’t exclusive to them, but rather were received from Spirit Hall by eightieth rank and over Spirit Douluo title Spirit Masters, custom made formal robes representing their status. Second only to Title Douluo’s red ceremonial robes.

[1] (雪崩) Literally “Avalanche”

[2] (孙不语) “Descendant Not Speak”

[3] (天微级) Or “Micro-Heaven”

[4] (天至级) Or “Until Heaven”

[5] (天斗级) The name of the Empire, city, Academy, etc.

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