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Chapter 60

Title Douluo, Title: Poison

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“Yellow Emperor Penetrating Meridian of stomach, heart and chest, Inner Pass Yin Link alike below the head;

Back Ravine Governing Meridian of inner eye and neck, Extending Vessel Yang Heel also connects the channels;
Broken Sequence Conception Meridian relates to lungs, Yin Heel Shining Sea of diaphragm and throat.[1]”

Each meridian corresponded to some significant place on the human body. Although the eight extraordinary meridians were innately connected, this connection was very minute, unable to channel internal strength. But in Tang San’s previous world, practically all internal strength experts broke open the eight extraordinary meridians to increase their capacity.

Among the eight extraordinary meridians, the most important were the Conception meridian, Governing meridian, Penetrating meridian and Girdling meridian channels. And Tang San determined by position that what his Mysterious Heaven Skill broke through under that enormous pressure should be the Penetrating meridian.

The Penetrating meridian parallelled the heart meridian, although its effect wasn’t as obvious as the Conception and Governing meridians, the benefits it gave to Tang San was difficult to put into words. Like how younger Spirit Masters cultivated more easily, breaking through these eight extraordinary meridians was also easier the younger one was, as one aged, the body would be influenced by the outside world, and the energy channels within the body would also become more and more rigid, and the difficulty of connecting them would naturally grow.

Breaking through the Penetrating meridian now would no doubt be of enormous benefit to Tang San’s later cultivation. Even now he already had a somewhat reserved exuberant feeling. Of course, this was all a coincidence. Grandmaster hoped he would fuse with the external spirit bone under these conditions, but how would he have known Tang San would connect an energy channel, obtaining even greater benefits.

The Tian Dou Imperial Academy party was naturally headed by Meng Shen-Ji, and on the Shrek Academy’s side was naturally Flender, as a result of the favorable terms Meng Shen-Ji offered, the two’s discussion became more and more congenial, even giving a feeling of long standing familiarity.

Meng Shen-Ji said:
“Then this matter is settled. Teacher Qin, we’ll trouble you to arrange it.”

Qin Ming hastily nodded in agreement. His gaze constantly followed Tang San; besides surprise, it was even more out of envy. They were both geniuses, but his brilliance was already eclipsed by Tang San’s external spirit bone.

Just as the Shrek Academy group was taking their leave to return to their own courtyard, footsteps suddenly echoed outside, seemingly from two people.

“Isn’t principal Meng Shen-Ji here?”
Before they arrived, a voice already rose from outside. This person’s voice was resonant, filled with confidence. But the voice gave a somewhat arrogant impression, although it wasn’t overbearing, it still didn’t have the intent of being polite.

Meng Shen-Ji looked distracted a moment, he naturally heard who the owner of this voice was, and wondered in his heart, ‘why would he come?’ Hurriedly standing up, walking out to greet him, ordering the two other board members to follow behind him. The expressions of the two seemed to change slightly.

Very quickly, three people entered from outside. The Shrek Academy group had met one of them before, it was that youth Dai Mubai had sent flying with a kick below the mountain yesterday.

Right now that youth stood on the left with an arrogant expression, his eyes revealing an intense resentment.

Walking in the middle was a magnificently dressed old man. This person wore a large yellow gown, crowded with embroidered brocade that didn’t seem messy in the least. Grizzled hair neatly combed back, medium height, a slightly heavy frame, and a majestic appearance.

Only his eyes seemed a bit small, breaking the harmonious feeling of the facial features. Standing upright with his hands clasped behind his back, even though he was confronting the three Spirit Douluo board members he wasn’t the slightest bit deferential, but rather had an attitude of looking down on them.

Seeing these three appear, the Shrek Academy group first felt surprise. Not because of their appearance, but rather because of the third person on the right.

Previously, whether it was the weakest of the Shrek Seven Devils Ning Rongrong, or Shrek Academy’s dean Flender, they had all heard only two sets of footsteps, but three people had entered.

What did this indicate?

The person standing on the magnificently dressed old man’s right side was another old man, but distinctly different from the magnificently dressed old man. This person was slim like a spear, both hair and beard unexpectedly deep green, with a pair of eyes even more like flickering beryl.

Everyone had a kind of illusory feeling towards this man, as if he was a mirage. He followed at the side of the magnificently dressed man, seemingly without moving his feet.

This man’s face was expressionless, or perhaps it should be said his expression was completely rigid. Sunken cheeks, the green hair disheveled, wearing only simple and unadorned gray robes, forming a clear cut contrast to the magnificently dressed man at his side.

This man’s hands were both tucked into his sleeves. On entering the hall he simply closed his eyes, without even glancing at anyone.

“Lord prince, why have you come?”
Meng Shen-Ji stepped forward and bowed slightly, saluting the magnificently dressed old man. But whether it was him or the other two Spirit Douluo, their gazes were all fixed on that green haired man.

This was a person even they couldn’t see the limits of.

The magnificently dressed old man smiled calmly, his gaze sweeping across the Shrek Academy group. Xue Beng at his side hastily said something in a low voice next to the magnificently dressed man’s ear.

The magnificently dressed old man then said:
“What? Does the board members have visitors? Won’t you introduce Us[2]?”

Meng Shen-Ji frowned minutely. Even though this was a prince, with their position in the Spirit Master world, even a prince shouldn’t be so unreasonable. But this person was the person in charge of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they couldn’t offend him.

Meng Shen-Ji smiled slightly, inviting the three into the hall. By now, the Shrek Academy group had all already stood up.

Meng Shen-Ji said:
“Your highness, I will introduce you. This is Shrek Academy’s dean, Flender. Here this time to consult on collaborating on a matter. Dean Flender, this is his highness the Heaven Dou Empire’s prince Xue Xing[3], the Imperial Academy is currently under his highness’ administration.”

Although Flender wasn’t too interested in this arrogant prince, he still slightly bowed:
“Greetings, your highness.”

Prince Xue Xing didn’t even glance at him, only coldly said:
“Shrek Academy? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. It should be some mediocre school. Principal Meng Shen-Ji, how could you allow people of such unknown origin into our Academy?”

On hearing this, the Shrek Academy group couldn’t help but be fiercely indignant. Zhao Wuji at Flender’s side was about to flare up, but was hindered by Flender.

Meng Shen-Ji’s expression changed,
“Your highness, such words can’t be used. Shrek Academy has fostered countless outstanding Spirit Masters, our Academy’s teacher Qin was also from Shrek Academy. This time dean Flender and all the Shrek Academy teachers are willing to teach at our institution, they are all rare talents.”


“Principal Meng Shen-Ji, according to Academy regulations, new teachers should be subject to review. I haven’t been informed whether these people have already passed?”

Zhi Lin at Meng Shen-Ji’s side couldn’t help saying:

His words were already clearly somewhat blunt.

Prince Xie Xing snorted,
“The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy is a pillar of the Empire. As one of the pillars of the Empire, the teachers all have enormous influence on the students. I cannot wish for the Academy to hire some arrogant and despotic seniors. Xue Beng told me that yesterday as these guests just arrived at the Academy they beat him up. Xue Beng is the fourth imperial prince, representing the dignity of the imperial family. How could he be insulted so?”

At this Meng Shen-Ji’s trio clearly understood why prince Xue Xing was here. Seeing the rancor on fourth prince Xue Beng’s face as he stared rigidly at Dai Mubai, the three couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. It was just because of brain-dead nobles like these that the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was unable to foster more talents.

Flender calmly said:
“Then how does your highness want to settle this matter? I don’t know if you have asked his highness prince Xue Beng just why he was hit?”

Spirit Master was the grandest vocation on the Douluo Continent, to a high level Spirit Master nobility basically wouldn’t enter their eyes.

Flender himself was an untamable senior, if it wasn’t for the sake of finding a home for these old brothers who had followed him for years, he would have flared up long ago when prince Xue Xing first insulted the Shrek Academy.

Xue Xing snorted coldly,
“We always treat talent well. Since everyone has come to look for our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s cooperation, yesterday Xue Beng was also the first to make a mistake. Let’s forget this matter. However……”

At this, his gaze swept across Flender and the Shrek Academy teachers,

Xue Beng standing at prince Xue Xing’s side by now already had a pleased expression.

Flender forcefully suppressed his anger,
“Fine, then how does the lord prince wish for us to prove it.”

Prince Xue Xing smiled calmly, saying:
“Very simple, you only have to hold out against mister Dugu for five minutes, and We will at once recognize you as talents. All treatment will be most favorable. If not, like what Xue Beng said yesterday, immediately get out of here.”

Dai Mubai’s anger stirred, wanting to dash forward. But at this moment, the green haired old man at prince Xue Xing’s side opened his eyes. His gaze fell on Dai Mubai.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The moment he opened his eyes, it seemed like the temperature in the entire hall dropped at once. Those deep green eyes didn’t hold the slightest bit of life, displaying ice cold and something grim and nefarious.

Dai Mubai trembled all over with a muffled groan, then quietly fell motionless on the ground.

A blue vine shot out like lightning, twisting around Dai Mubai’s waist, forcefully pulling him back. Precisely the actions of third seat Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin.

“Your highness, you mustn’t be too excessive.”
Meng Shen-Ji said angrily.

Prince Xue Xing said calmly:
“How am I excessive? Principal Meng Shen-Ji, you mustn’t forget, the Academy belongs to the imperial household. As the direct supervisor, I have the authority to decide on personnel matters. If you disagree, you can complain to His Majesty. But until His Majesty says otherwise, I am still in charge here.”

Meng Shen-Ji was speechless with anger.

Blue light flickered, enveloping Dai Mubai within. Wrapped up in the blue light, Dai Mubai woke up, his eyes filled with terrified blankness.

In that split second he had only felt his body go cold, without knowing the cause. Let alone attacking, he basically didn’t have the slightest opportunity to resist.

Prince Xue Xing turned to his right, unlike the total arrogance when he confronted the three board members and the Shrek Academy group, to this green haired old man at his side he was unexpectedly extremely respectful,
“Mister Dugu, please.”

The green haired old man looked at the Shrek Academy people,

While speaking, a layer of intense green light suddenly released from his body, immediately following, rings rose from below one after another. But his own body didn’t show any change.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. Altogether nine spirit rings spiralled up, their brilliant light making the entire hall dazzling.

The Shrek Academy group’s faces changed, the three board members’ complexions also changed. Who would have thought that this seemingly slovenly green haired old man would actually be one of the peak powers on the current Continent, a spirit power over ninetieth rank Title Douluo.

Let alone the Shrek Academy’s people, even the three eightieth level Spirit Douluo, nobody had the confidence to confront him. Spirit Douluo and Title Douluo, even though it was only a difference of one title, their actual strength was as far apart as heaven and earth.

The higher the level, the higher the gap from rank to rank. Although that green haired old man’s last five spirit rings were all black, everyone knew that the later the spirit ring, the closer they got to one hundred thousand years. By a conservative estimate his last spirit ring should be from an over seventy thousand year spirit beast.

From the atmosphere around that green haired old man could be felt he was a Beast Spirit Title Douluo, but just now when he released his spirit his body hadn’t changed at all, this proved even more how terrifying he was. This degree of spirit control was only possible at the later stages of the Title Douluo level.

“With the distinguished name Dugu, and the fishy oppressive smell. If I’m not mistaken, your distinguished self should be the poison titled senior Poison Douluo Dugu Bo[4].”
Grandmaster stepped forward, obstructing the Shrek Academy teachers whose eyes burned with fury, speaking to the green haired old man.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

“I didn’t expect there would actually be someone who remembered me. Correct, I’m Dugu Bo. Since you know my name, will you still not get lost?”

Grandmaster’s expression was still calm. He unexpectedly nodded earnestly,

Having said this, he raised a hand to pull Flender away.

Flender tore himself free, throwing off Grandmaster’s hand, a cold harsh light in his eyes,
“Xiao Gang, I can’t let Shrek suffer disgrace like this.”

Grandmaster angrily said:
“Even if you don’t fear death, don’t tell me you think everyone wants to follow you to die together? Title Douluo, how are you capable of contending against that? If you were also a Title Douluo, you could also casually have people get lost. But you’re not. Even if we old creatures didn’t fear death, don’t tell me you would let the children run off to be destroyed together with you? Poison Douluo is the most malicious under heaven. Do you think his attack would only be directed at you alone?”

Having said this, Grandmaster turned to the three Spirit Douluo board members,
“I’m sorry, seniors. Let’s drop the matter from today on. But we will never forget the enthusiastic feelings of the seniors’ reception. I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

“Wait a moment.”

“Dugu Bo, let us three old fellows experience your poison.”

Heaven Star Furnace Spirit Douluo Bai Baoshan and Sky Blue Vine Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin separately stepped up behind Meng Shen-Ji. The three simultaneously released a tyrannical pressure.

Meng Shen-Ji’s body in a flash became unreal, the entire person transforming into a pitch black empty shadow, with black mist rising from below, two yellow, three purple and three black, eight spirit rings blossomed simultaneously.

From the spirit rings could be seen the gap between both sides, Poison Douluo Dugu Bo’s fifth spirit ring was already on the ten thousand year level, but Meng Shen-Ji’s fifth spirit ring was still a thousand year one.

In Heaven Star Furnace Spirit Douluo Bai Baoshan’s palm appeared an ancient stove shining with golden light, on the surface were altogether seven silver stars, releasing flickering light. Spirit rings of the same quality as Meng Shen-Ji glittered, congealing into a thick atmosphere covering his whole body.

Over Sky Blue Vine Spirit Douluo Zhi Lin appeared only one Sky Blue Vine, but that vine’s color sparkled like emerald, faint blue gas released from him, pervading his whole body.

Right now, on the Shrek Academy’s side, everyone’s expressions were very unsightly. However, nobody noticed, right now Xiao Wu standing in the back was doing her utmost to restrain herself, her complexion already somewhat pale.

She’d started doing this ever since prince Xue Xing’s trio had entered, just that nobody had noticed her. Unconsciously both her eyes had already turned red.

With a confrontation between three Spirit Douluo and one Title Douluo, the air in the board of education hall became extremely heavy.

The three Spirit Douluo shielded the Shrek Academy group behind them, and Poison Douluo Dugu Bo also automatically protected prince Xue Xing and fourth prince Xue Beng from the assault of the pressure. In a moment, the great battle was on the verge of starting.

Even though Dugu Yan’s strength was matchless, confronting three Spirit Douluo together he still didn’t dare be careless. His dark green eyes finally revealed a somewhat serious stare.

“Board members, what are you doing?”
Prince Xue Xing’s angry voice hid his fear. Right now he was inwardly already regretful. These three board members were after all eightieth level powers, in no small measure valued by the Heaven Dou Emperor. On the off chance they were truly struck down, he wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for the fallout.

“Prince Xue Xing, you obstinately cling to your course, after today, we three elders will definitely impeach you before His Majesty, and have him render judgement.”
Meng Shen-Ji was truly furious.

The Shrek Academy group gave him a very good impression, especially that Tang San who had made them extremely pleasantly surprised, right now watching this chance for enormous benefit to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy about to turn into soap bubbles, how could he not be angry?

In age, even that Title Douluo Dugu Bo wasn’t older than him, right now this board principal was burning with agitation, no longer paying any attention to the consequences. To him, these situation was no longer about the Shrek Academy staying or leaving, it related even more to the honor of them three Spirit Douluo. Of course, Tang San’s previous demonstration also served as a significant catalyst.

“Let it be.”

“I didn’t expect it coming here this time, but we’ve brought the seniors this kind of trouble, Flender is ashamed. Since Heaven Dou Imperial Academy is unwilling to keep us, how can we ask for it? Even if it didn’t work out today, perhaps I cannot be free from worries. Seniors, Flender will come visit some at some later time.”

Flender had long ago lost the impulsiveness of youth and he naturally understood an arm couldn’t match a leg in strength. Since that prince Xue Xing was already hostile, he wouldn’t stay behind to cause more trouble.

Even though Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was nice, it wasn’t a place to retire.

This time they’d also made a lot of profit in the Great Spirit Arena, sufficient to return to reopen the Shrek Academy and support it for a very long time.

“Dean Flender.”
Meng Shen-Ji somewhat anxiously called out.

Flender didn’t turn back, leading the Shrek Academy people towards the outside with big strides.

As the Shrek Seven Devils passed that fourth prince Xue Beng, they clearly saw the look of schadenfreude in his eyes. But that prince Xue Xing’s head was raised high, as if he didn’t even see the Flender’s party passing. The three Spirit Douluo’s faces all changed between red and white, clearly on the extreme point of anger, but right now what could they do? This place still belonged to the Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family.

At this moment, a charming young lady stepped in from outside,

On entering, she at once threw herself at Dugu Bo standing there with nine glittering spirit rings.

As the cold faced Dugu Bo saw her, his expression immediately softened, holding out his hands to pull the young lady into a hug, laughing loudly,
“Yan-yan, en, good, you’ve grown a bit stronger again.”

The Shrek Seven Devils were familiar with this young lady, it was precisely the control system Spirit Master of the Emperor Team they fought last time in Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, Dugu Yan.

Part 3 (TL by Josh)

When they saw Dugu Yan throw herself into her grandfather’s bosom, she naturally saw them as well. When her gaze fell on Tang San, her face clearly changed as she hugged Dugu Bo’s neck and whispered a few sentences into his ear.

When Qin Ming came back, he told them the Shrek seven devil’s ages to provoke them to train. Dugu Yan asked in great detail what Tang San was like to clearly see who the aggressive guy who beat her was. However, she did not expect to see her grandfather. Thus with the Shrek seven devils present, although Tang San was very ordinary, his figure and expression in his eyes did not change and she immediately recognized him.

When Dugu Bo raised his head again, the entire Shrek Academy delegation had already walked out of the hall. His gaze though rested briefly on Tang San’s back as a small smile appeared on his mouth. Apparently what Dugu Yan had said made her break out into a smile, like a spoiled child in Dugu Bo’s bosom.

“I’m sorry board members, I’m afraid that I also have to leave the Academy.”

It was Qin Ming who said this. At the moments, his face was full of indignation and was feeling extremely insulted. Not having the strength to erase this disgrace was an extremely painful matter. No matter what, he could not stay here. Regardless of the treatment here, in his heart, it could not compare to his origin, Shrek Academy.

The three board members became alarmed simultaneously, even that prince Xue Xing staring with a blank expression. Qin Ming’s position at the Imperial Academy was actually much greater than what Flender and the others had imagined. It could be said that it was second only to the three members of the board. After all, his current position, within the Spirit Master hall records, he was one of the youngest to reach the sixtieth rank. As he absolutely was a rare genius, the three board members were absolutely sure that at 60 years old, Qin Ming would become a Title Douluo.

A Title Douluo appearing wasn’t just of importance to an academy, it would be an extremely important event even to the whole Heaven Dou Empire.

At this moment, prince Xue Xing finally had some regret in his heart and his eyebrows furrowed. However at this time, he naturally couldn’t say anything otherwise wouldn’t it be a slap to his own face?

Meng Shen-Ji immediately stepped forward to stop Qin Ming,
“Teacher Qin, how could this be, we will carefully talk about this situation later. We will definitely bring this up to his majesty and let his majesty fairly judge this situation.”

Qin Ming shook his head; his eyes already expressed a determined look as he indifferently said,
“This is Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, in the end belonging to the Imperial family. Since the Imperial family loathes my fellow Shrek Academy members, how can I have any face if I stay here? Members of the board, I appreciate your kindness. In those years, when I came here, I came alone.  Today I leave alone. Members of the board please take care of yourselves, these past years that you have taken care of me have already been engraved in my heart. I will definitely return the favor. Goodbye.”

He didn’t give the three board members the opportunity to stop him as he used his spirit power to leave; his figure became nothing more than a flash already chasing after the footsteps everyone from Shrek academy as they left the Board of Education hall. Meng Shen-Ji fiercely stamped his foot. Facing prince Xue Xing, he bellowed,

He had promised Shrek Academy to not divulge Tang San’s external spirit bone secret. Now he had lost his temper, the spirit power on his body unsteadily undulating.

Prince Xue Xing indifferently said,

Finished, he took Xue Beng and walked out. But he did not call out for Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo also didn’t wish to leave immediately. Looking at the three members of the board, he said,
“A group of spirit masters that have yet to reach the 80th level, yet you still want them to stay. You three really are old.”

Meng Shen-Ji angrily said,
“You don’t understand anything. You are correct in that they have yet to reach the 80th level, but do you know how big their potential is? Perhaps in a decade, within that group of people there will be many Title Douluo. Prince Xue Xing’s actions today were pushing the empire towards an abyss. Don’t tell me you believe that the incident today won’t cause them to bear grudges?”

Dugu Bo snorted,
“This is unrelated to me. Yan-Yan, grandpa has to leave; you stay here and study hard.”

Prince Xue Xing took Xue Beng away from the Board hall. While walking, it was clear that he was troubled,
“Xue Beng, this time you gave your Uncle many problems. I’m afraid that those three old fellows will not leave the matter alone.”

Xue Beng smiled,
“Uncle, thank you very much for today. Did you see how aggressive Shrek Academy was? If they stayed at the Academy, sooner or later they would have caused trouble.”

Prince Xue Xing indifferently said,
“Forget it, things have not been beneficial so far. You must remember, if your father the Emperor asks, you must say that they attacked you first. If it wasn’t in order to weaken your older brother, do you think I would rashly insult so many Spirit Masters? Xue Beng, you must work hard. If not, in the future even if I wish to help you, I’m afraid I will not be able to. Those three board members are extremely important to your father the Emperor. Its a pity that they are all your brother’s people.”

As if it was a play, within was contained multiple deep meanings, how would this Prince Xue Xing be an impulsive person? (Don’t think I translated this right)

After going through all that, at the base of the mountain, no one in Shrek Academy’s party said anything. Qin Ming quickly followed them, also only walking behind Flender, not saying a word. But from his ashen face, one could see how poor his current mood was. (Help)

Reaching the bottom of the mountain, they once again saw the clear lake at the foot of the mountain. However this time, no one in Shrek Academy’s party was in the mood to appreciate the scenery.

“Dean, it would be better if we made Shrek academy big again.”
The one who said this was Dai Mubai.

Flender stopped walking, raised his head towards the sky. Despite the glare of the sun, his heart was feeling cold.

Dai Mubai said,
“You always refuse to receive help from the students, I can understand. However, right now, even if we were struggling for breath we still can’t just drop this subject. Be at ease, I will not use money from my home to help the school. Us seven are Shrek Seven Devils, and naturally should help our Shrek Academy. We can go participate in Spirit fight competitions. As we are a gold level Spirit fighter team, we can absolutely make enough profit for the school. If you let us represent the school, there will be a day when we make Heaven Dou Imperial Academy regret their actions today.”

Dai Mubai was Shrek Seven Devil’s oldest, and once he spoke those words, the rest of Shrek Seven Devils all nodded their heads, expressing approval.

Grandmaster sighed, and grabbed Flender’s shoulder,
“Flender, I’m sorry. This is my fault.”

Flender shook his head,
“This has nothing to do with you. It is our unceasing bad luck. I don’t know why, but right now I don’t even have the slightest feeling of punishing the school. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve grown tired over the years.” (Help)

Zhao Wuji asked,
“Then what should we do now?”

Ning Rongrong said,
“It would be better to go to my family’s castle. From here our Seven Treasure Glazed Tiles Castle isn’t far.”

Flender shook his head,
“Forget it, I don’t feel like relying on other people’s charity. Rongrong, thank you for your good intentions.”

Ning Rongrong pressed on,
“Dean, don’t worry, my family is in no way like Heaven Dou Academy. As you know, our Seven Treasure Glazed Tiles school is very welcoming towards any Spirit Master. If anyone says anything to you, I definitely will not let them go. Even if it is a Poison Douluo, heng, wait until I go tell Uncle Jian and Uncle Gu Tou to come out and beat his teeth out.”

Flender’s eyes gradually softened. He knew that his decision right now didn’t just impact  himself, but also these Shrek Academy teachers and students. After collecting his thoughts, he once again took on the spirit of a dean,
“How about this; since we’ve already come this far, we can try resting at that Heaven Dou Empire capital. As for what we do next, we can talk about it later.”

Just then, Qin Ming suddenly stepped forward and with a ‘pu tong’ sound, he kneeled in front of Flender,
“Dean, this is my fault; punish me.”

Flender hastily pulled him up,
“Qin Ming, what are you doing? How could I not know what you feelings towards Shrek Academy are? For you to follow us is enough proof that you hold Shrek Academy in the most important regard. It should be us saying sorry for ruining your future prospects.”

Qin Ming bitterly laughed,
“Future prospects? If it was not for the teaching I received, how would I have a future? I have hands and feet so don’t tell me that I won’t be able to survive if I leave Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. I will bring everyone to Heaven Dou city. What junior Dai said earlier I approve of; I really do believe in reopening Shrek Academy again. Dean, Shrek Academy will forever be my home, and if one of us does not wish for that, they can leave. If you really are tired, we can help you rebuild the school.”

“Let’s go, we will go to Heaven Dou City and look for a place to stay first.

From Heaven Dou Imperial Academy to Heaven Dou City really was close. A group of people carrying heavy hearts after walking for a short period of time had already reached this Heaven Dou Empire Capital.

From a distance, it was already possible to see the flag fluttering on top of the city, and because this empire was the most influential on the continent, it was also one of the most flourishing cities. The city walls were a hundred meters tall and made of the hardest granite. At the top and bottom, fully armoured sentries equipped with pikes were standing guard and patrolling the wall. Their bodies emitted an austere aura that allowed one to see their heroic spirit.

[1] Acupuncture points, meridians and associated functions were traditionally arranged in songs to make them easier to remember, like a mnemonic device. Just like any other poetry, it doesn’t do well in translation. This is one such, called (八脉交会八穴歌) or roughly Eight meridians converging on eight points song. While I think I got which parts go where right after some cross referencing, the whole translation is extremely tentative, and if anyone knows of a more official translation let me know.

[2] He sometimes refers to himself as (本王), which I can’t find a direct translation for, but would assume as a pronoun has the meaning “of the king” or similar. I’ll translate it as the royal “We” when applicable.

[3] (雪星) “Snow Star”

[4] (独孤博) “Only lonely plenty”

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