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Chapter 48

Part 1 (TL by Jax)

Coming to the registration point as usual, Grandmaster took out the Shrek Seven Devils’ battle badge and presented it battle group staff,
"Excuse me, I’m signing up for team battles.”

The staff took the badge like always, but when he saw the words engraved on the badge, his face paled and he gasped softly,

"Shrek Seven Devils?"

Grandmaster wrinkled his brow. The quality of staff of the Great spirit Battle arena was good, where their expression would not change much even if they met a high ranked Spirit Master.  However, at this moment, the performance of the staff was clearly not satisfactory .

“I’m sorry, Sir. If I may ask, are you the Shrek Seven Devils’ team leader?”

Grandmaster slowly nodded his head. “ I can be counted as one. Would you please hurry it up a bit.”

“Sir, please wait a moment.” The Staff, under Grandmaster’s surprised gaze, quickly left his post and ran toward the back, hands tightly clasping Shrek Seven Devils’ team battle badge.

Although Grandmaster was extremely dissatisfied. The staff had already taken the group’s battle badge used to register, and without it, he could not do anything even if he wanted to change districts and could only patiently wait there.

But what Grandmaster did not know was that as long as he appeared showing this badge in Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in no matter what district, he would have experience the exact same thing.

Without having to wait too long, the staff member brought back another person to the registration point.

“Sorry for having you wait so long.”

The staff member politely commented and presented the badge back to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster had an impression of the man that the staff brought along. At that point in time when Shrek’s Seven Devils participated in their first group battle in the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, he was their host and announcer. Tang San said before the fight, that he had, out of kindness, tipped Tang San off about the Mad team’s impressiveness, thus giving Grandmaster a relatively deeper impression.        

Manager Ao smiled,

“ Hello respected team leader sir, may I have a conversation with you. It will not take up too much of your time.”

Grandmaster cooly replied,

“Are you representing yourself or representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena?”

Manager Ao quickly replied,

“Of course, I’m representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.”

Grandmaster nodded his head. He had already expected this to happen, after all, Shrek Seven Devils had obtained outstanding results within this past month. Not being noticed was an impossibility. Especially the one who was the most outstanding this entire month, winning all his battles, Tang San was sure to have been at the centre of their attention.

Even though Grandmaster was very unwilling to deal with the Great Spirit Arena, their sphere of influence was simply too great, even countries would be afraid to offend them. He too, naturally wouldn’t voluntarily offend them, thus nodding his head. Following Manager Ao, Grandmaster was brought into a quiet back room behind the registration point.

“Mr leader, I’ll get straight to the point.”

Manager Ao managed with some dignity:

“I’m representing the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in hopes that today, Shrek Seven Devils will participate in the Central Spirit Arena on the main stage.”


Grandmaster was not surprised but instead maintained a plain voice,

“This doesn’t seem to follow the rules. According to the Arena’s rules, only Spirit Master of Silver rank or above can appear in the main stage, but the Shrek Seven Devils are only of Iron rank.”

“Manager Ao laughed bitterly,

”You don’t have to be modest, with the battle history of Shrek Seven Devils within just this past month, after today’s battle, they will all receive Silver battle badges. There is nothing wrong even if they are promoted to silver rank one day early.”

Grandmaster’s expression still had not changed.

“If that is so, then you wouldn’t mind one day later either would you.”

Manager Ao sighed.

“ I’ll just speak frankly then. Three days ago, a team of Spirit Masters came. They were an all Silver ranked Spirit Masters team, probably brought to this city by a few aristocrats. Because for two straight days, those more prestigious families have heavily betted on them, and they had won overwhelmingly, bringing a large loss to the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. Since you are familiar to the Arena, you should know that normally, to reach the Silver Rank would take at least fortieth rank Spirit Ancestor and above. But this team is one made up of entirely Spirit Elders. We can’t break our own rules and invite a level forty Spirit Ancestor team to fight against them, but if this situation persists, the Great Spirit Arena will not be able to continue handling these losses. Maybe because they tasted sweet success, today many aristocrats again increased their bets, if we continue to lose like this, I’m afraid… …”

Grandmaster’s doubts in his heart cleared like a clear mirror, he immediately understood Manager Ao’s words. His resolve shook, saying

“To have already reached Silver rank at only Spirit Elders, they must be quite strong. Then, for the past few days, what teams have the Spirit Arena matched them against?”

Manager Ao replied,

“Because the Spirit Arena has no Spirit Elder teams that are in the Silver rank, with no choice, we could only send out Spirit Elder teams of copper rank to fight against them. One of which was the recently promoted to copper ranked Spirit Master team, the Mad team, who had once fought against Shrek Seven Devils. But they completely lost.”

Grandmaster raised his eyebrow,

“Among the Spirit Elder ranked teams, Mad Team’s ranks were already considerable. Can it be, that the Silver ranked team members are of a higher rank than them?”

Ao director shook his head and said,

"No, its not a problem of the spirit rank. Mainly, it’s the gap the soul rings bring. This only silver ranked team like the Shrek Seven Devil, have the best soul rings. Spirit ability wise, giving them a great advantage over the Mad Team, giving them not even the ghost of a chance. "

After listening to these words, Grandmaster’s face finally showed some changes. As the Spirit Master world’s most famous theoretical Master, he certainly knew what the so-called best rings refers to. Meaning that the first ring has the soul of a hundred years old, the second ring being older than five hundred years, and the third soul ring should straight away be a thousand year one. Appearing around a Spirit Master should be two yellow and one purple rings, like Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu.

“Even so, why does the Great Spirit Arena think our Shrek Seven Devils will be able to win? After all, we only have more than four, over thirty ranked spirit power, while none of the remaining three have even reached the thirtieth rank. "

Director Ao smiled and said:

"Now you’re being modest again. Who doesn’t know that the Shrek Seven Devils can be counted as one of the best out of the all Spirit Elder teams. But even still, in the previous twenty seven groups Spirit battles they fought in, they achieved complete victory. This record can be said to be unprecedented in the history of our Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. As the saying goes, if it exist means it must be reasonable. I believe that the Shrek Seven Devils will have the ability to compete evenly with that Silver Spirit fighting team."

The light in Grandmasters eyes flashed, after thinking for a moment, he said:

"If I remember correctly, when participating in the center of the main Spirit Fighting Arena, there should be an added bonus."

When Manager Ao saw that Grandmaster seemed to have a change of heart, he was secretly pleased, quickly adding,

 "Of course, when participating in competitions of the main Spirit Arena, every Spirit Master will receive a direct reward of five hundred gold coins and if your party accepts our invitation and win this Spirit battle, the Spirit Arena would also like to pay an extra ten thousand gold coins as a reward. However, because Shrek Seven Devils, after all, hasn't gotten a Silver spirit fighting badge, the accumulation will be unaffected. Fortunately they have been always been winning consecutive battles, thus the accumulation is not little. "

Not giving Grandmaster a chance to open his mouth, Ao director continued.

 "For this spirit battle, please allow the Shrek Seven Devil’s members to not participate in their individual and dual spirit battles today. Although we can not break the rules and give them extra points, within the limits of our influence, the Spirit Arena can count their individual and dual spirit battles today's as victories, by showing that their registered opponents surrendered on their own. Thus, Shrek Seven Devils would be able to go all out when facing the opponent. "

Grandmasters had never been a calculating person, not to mention the other side was already being very generous. Most importantly, he agreed to this fight, not for the accumulating points or money, but the experience for his disciples. For Suotuo Great Spirit Arena to treat this silver ranked team so seriously, in addition to the entire team having the best soul ring arrangement, this kind of honing could only bring the Shrek Seven Devils benefits.

Master nodded slowly,

 "Well, I’ll accept your conditions. Please ready the opponent's information, I’ll first recall my disciples."

"No need to trouble yourself. Let our staff recall the Shrek Seven Devils. I have the opponents’ information already. You can discuss with them first. Later I'll take you into the main stage of the Spirit Arena to prepare. "

Manager Ao quickly turned away, obviously to report the matter of Shrek Seven Devils having agreed to participate in the spirit battle to his higher-ups and at the same time, to make the appropriate arrangements. There was an hour from now to the beginning of the group spirit battle, long enough for Suotuo Spirit Arena to make a lot of arrangements.

After a short while, not only did the staff bring all Shrek Seven Devils to the room, even Flender and Zhao Wuji were also invited over, clearly showing that Suotuo Great Spirit Arena had been observing their entire group for more than just one or two days.

Grandmaster calmly repeated what Manager Ao previously mentioned, at the same time, putting the recently received information flat on a table in the room.

While standing at the side Tang San suddenly understood something when he saw the eyes of Grandmaster. His gaze which seems to be burning with brilliance, but also the flames of war. Even for him, this is the first time he saw such strong fighting intent in the eyes of the Grandmaster.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Flender said a little helplessly:
“I say Xiao Gang, you shouldn’t have promised them so quickly, and at least waited for us to rush over. They say there are great nobles repeatedly betting, the stakes clearly are enormous, if discussing it properly, they should pay even more.”

Grandmaster unhappily said:
“When did you become such a profiteer?”

Flender smiled wryly:
“One cent confounds the hero, you believe I think about it.”

Grandmaster said:
“If this time is a victory, our earnings will already not be inconsiderable. Ten thousand gold coins is a very large sum, I’ve already thought it through, one thousand for each of the children, the remaining three thousand set aside for the Academy. A good match with my third stage training for them. Do you have any objections?”

The last line wasn’t for Flender and Zhao Wuji, but directed at the Shrek Seven Devils members.

The seven practically simultaneously shook their heads, they all knew about the Academy’s financial situation, furthermore none of them still lacked money. After this month of spirit fights, not only did their points go up, they still obtained the corresponding rewards. After more than five successive victories, each successive victory was one hundred gold spirit coins, surpassing ten successive victories it was two hundred gold spirit coins.[1] Flender the day before yesterday even mentioned that right now these children were all wealthier than the Academy.

Grandmaster raised his hand to tap the cloth and silk materials spread out on the table, saying with a serious expression:
“Good, these matters can wait for later. First we’ll research your enemy. For you, this will be an exceedingly challenging spirit fight.”

The white cloth and silk was lined with gold lace, both sides embroidered with Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s emblem, on it was recorded a team’s information. Everyone bowed their heads to read, even if it was the unyielding Dai Mubai, he still couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. Each person’s heart had a kind of spasming feeling.

According to the spirit arena regulations, each team could at most have ten people, the smallest must not be less than seven people. In a spirit fight, the number of people on the smaller side decided how many people both sides would field. The team before their eyes appeared the same as Shrek Seven Devils, only seven people, material as follows:

Emperor Team, seven members, all silver spirit fighter badge holders.

Captain: Yu Tian-Heng, spirit: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon,[2] thirty ninth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Vice captain: Dugu Yan, spirit: Jade Phosphor Serpent,[3] Thirty eighth ranked control system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Shi Mò, spirit: Black Tortoise,[4] thirty eighth ranked defensive system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Shi Mó, spirit: Black Tortoise,[5] thirty seventh ranked defense system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Yu Feng, spirit: Wind Chime Bird,[6] thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Osler, spirit: Ghost Leopard,[7] thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Xie Lingling, spirit: Nine Heart Flowering Apple,[8] thirty fifth ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

In all the material there was no mention of the opponents’ spirit abilities, regarding this, Grandmaster understood that it wasn’t that Great Spirit Arena didn’t want to supply them, but that they couldn’t. Who could be sure that the other side hadn’t held back in their previous two spirit fights? If the spirit abilities were determined incorrectly, it very likely would lead to disaster. Therefore, Great Spirit Arena let Shrek Seven Devils figure it out on their own.

Having read the opponents’ data, the seven raised their heads and looked at each other, all saw that everyones’ expressions were amazed. Although they all anticipated that an opponent that could reach silver spirit fights certainly wasn’t weak, but they also didn’t expect they would be just this powerful.

Flender pushed up the crystal glasses on his nose,
“If I guess correctly, this team certainly has a great deal of fame in some city. Why would they suddenly come to Suotuo City? Xiao Gang, you really shouldn’t have committed to a spirit fight with them. Perhaps, we won’t be their match.”

Grandmaster calmly said:
“Pressure pushes you forward. Shrinking back when facing challenges, one will also always be unable to truly become a power. Flender, where is your youthful spirit?”

Flender’s expression was somewhat unsightly from Grandmaster’s words, to the side Zhao Wuji didn’t neglect to fan the flames, taking joy in calamity:
“Grandmaster really is strict, what you say is right. Only meeting and overcoming difficulties will have any rewards.”

“Fine, but the main thing is safety.”
Flender glared at Zhao Wuji, then faced Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded,
“I’ve already guessed this Emperor Team’s origins. If my conjecture is correct, then, there won’t be the slightest amount of danger. Tang San.”

Tang San hurriedly stepped forward.

Grandmaster said:
“Although this time I still ask you not to use your hidden weapons, I will permit you to use Eight Spider Lances. Before the last moment, you can’t admit defeat.”

Seeing Grandmaster wasn’t optimistic about the outcome, Tang San frowned, saying:
“Teacher, are we really unable to overcome the opponent?”

Grandmaster looked deeply at him,
“The chance is only thirty percent. And the chance mainly relies on you, Mubai and Zhuqing.”

Raising his hand to point towards the materials on the table,
“The other side’s seven people, as shown by the materials, are a kind of unusually perfect combination. You must pay most attention to two individuals: their captains. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master and Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master.”

“Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, Xiao Gang……”
Flender seemed to suddenly think of something, but his words were prevented by Grandmaster’s expression.

Grandmaster continued:

At Grandmaster’s reminder, Flender’s expression abruptly changed,
“You’re not saying it could be him?”

Grandmaster nodded,
“I’m saying it’s him.”

Dai Mubai couldn’t help but say:
“Dean, Grandmaster, don’t speak in riddles, what are you actually talking about?”

Grandmaster sternly said:
“On the Continent the Jade Phosphor Serpent is just like several Great Clans, classified as a rare spirit. But since the beginning of history there has only ever been one famous Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master. He is considered an extraordinary control system Spirit Master. To be precise, he should be called Jade Phosphor Douluo. I think some of you should have heard the name.”

Hearing the words ‘Jade Phosphor Douluo’, Dai Mubai’s complexion immediately changed greatly, urgently saying:
“You’re saying it’s that most unreasonable Jade Phosphor Douluo, known as the world’s king of poison?”

Grandmaster breathed in deeply, slowly nodding,
“Besides him, there’s no other Jade Phosphor Douluo. According to what I know, apart from him, Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Masters are a rare existence, even if it was, it still wouldn’t be a control system Spirit Master. Since the other side’s vice captain is a control system Jade Phosphor Serpent, I can be certain that she is closely linked to Jade Phosphor Douluo. Others might not be aware, but I know the Jade Phosphor Douluo is also named Dugu.”

Ning Rongrong suddenly spoke up:
“Then don’t tell me that captain of theirs is from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan?”

Flender smiled wryly:
“Besides the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan, at least I’ve never heard of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragons existing anywhere else. This Emperor Team’s background is terrifying. Not only these two, Black Tortoise is equally as famous as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Only the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters are considerably fewer and don’t have an intact school, therefore they’re not as well known as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Although it’s like this, among defense type spirits the Black Tortoise is the number one existence.”

Tang San seemed to suddenly realize something, as a control system Spirit Master, his biggest concern was naturally the other side’s control system Spirit Master, asking Grandmaster:
“Teacher, in the end what does that Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master use for control? As a snake spirit, it doesn’t seem like it would be expert in control.”

Grandmaster replied very simply, only using one word,

Using poison to control the battle, Tang San’s pupils involuntarily contracted, but his mood was steady. Poison, what a familiar and dear word. Slightly nodding, saying:
“If it’s like this, then we still truly have a chance to defeat them.”

What was Tang Sect’s most prominent in? Lightness skill, hidden weapons, and also their famous poisons.

Although since coming to this world Tang San hadn’t had time to gather the required poisonous substances, let alone extracting Tang Sect toxins, he still had knowledge and understanding of poison, the essence of Tang Sect. A person using superior poison, naturally also had outstanding knowledge of and methods to resist poison.

Grandmaster misunderstood Tang San’s meaning,
“Oscar’s small sausage is only a second spirit ring ability, I’m afraid that when repeatedly resisting the Jade Phosphor Serpent’s poison it will only be able to restrain it for a short time, that’s all.”

Ning Rongrong said:
“Grandmaster, can I make a suggestion?”

Grandmaster nodded,
“Go ahead.”

Ning Rongrong said:
“In the spirit fight, our most important objective must be that auxiliary system Spirit Master.”

“Eh? Why?”
Hearing Ning Rongrong’s words, even Grandmaster couldn’t help but feel somewhat astonished. Even he hadn’t heard of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple spirit, such circumstances were extremely rare, but considering the two sides’ auxiliary system Spirit Masters, with Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, he had no concern this side would be weaker than the opponent.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Ning Rongrong said:
“I know of the Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit. Different from other spirits, this spirit is inherited in a single line, each generation can only have one successor. There can also only be two Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Masters alive at the same time. Only when one dies is it possible for another to appear. It can be said to be the rarest spirit. My dad once said that the Nine Heart Flowering Apple is a marvel among spirits.”

Who Ning Rongrong’s father was, let alone Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji, even the other Shrek Seven Devils knew: the master of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Representing the authority of auxiliary system Spirit Masters, if even he described a spirit like this, then, the scale of this spirit’s effect could well be imagined.

Regarding new and odd spirits, Grandmaster was always even more curious than ordinary people, immediately asking for details:
“Then what is this Nine Heart Flowering Apple’s effect? In what respect does its support effect appear?”

Ning Rongrong lowered her voice:
“The Nine Heart Flowering Apple only has one kind of effect. No matter how many spirit rings it has, it only has one spirit ability. This is also where it’s frightening. Its effect is in the scope of healing. The degree of healing is controlled by the Spirit Master’s intentions. The higher the rank, the more spirit rings, the more its healing can be used. My father said, with a Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master, even if you wanted to die it wouldn’t be easy. Therefore, after the fight starts, we have to first separate her from the stage, otherwise, until she runs out of spirit power, we will basically be unable to cause any injury to the opponents.”

Listening to Ning Rongrong, Grandmaster’s complexion seemed to become rigid, blankly standing for a long time, then slowly saying:
“This really is a close to perfect combination.”

“We can win.”

At this low point of morale, everyone falling silent, Tang San suddenly loudly spoke up, brimming with confidence. Everyone’s gazes turned to him.

“I say, we can win. Mubai, little Ao, Fatty, Xiao Wu, Rongrong, Zhuqing. Have you forgotten, we already possess a record of twenty seven successive victories. The opponent is admittedly powerful, but, we’re also not weak. We have Mubai as a first rate domination system Spirit Master. We have little Ao’s support to sustain out battle capability, we have Fatty’s top notch variation Battle Spirit and Xiao Wu’s mysterious Soft Skill, Rongrong, don’t tell me you believe your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda can’t compare with Nine Heart Flowering Apple? Still Zhuqing, your speed is the fastest of any agility attack system Spirit Master I’ve ever seen. Although the opponents are powerful, don’t tell me we’re small and weak? No, we are certainly able to prove we’re even stronger than them. Even more, you mustn’t forget our age. I dare say, they’re older than us, even if we really lose then what about it? Failure is the mother of success, even if we aren’t their match today, inevitably there will be one day when we certainly will beat them. Victory inevitably belongs to us Shrek Seven Devils. If our confidence from successive victories is already lost, then, why should we still participate in spirit fights?”

Tang San’s words were like a fuse igniting everyone’s confidence. No member of the Shrek Seven Devils team lacked talent. Monsters among monsters. How could they be resigned to defeat?

No one spoke, but their expressions all became steady, Dai Mubai took the lead to extend his right hand, immediately followed by Oscar, Shrek Seven Devils, seven people’s palms folded over each other. Everyone’s gazes burned. The lost confidence was already retrieved, right now, their hearts were already brimming with intense fighting spirit.

“Teacher, this spirit fight, can I have full authority to plan it?”
Tang San steadily looked towards Grandmaster. He knew that this fight was their most challenging trial, the reason why he said this wasn’t that he was unwilling to see his companions’ lifeless appearance. As a person of two lives, he knew that if you wanted something, then you could only rely on your own effort to win it.

Before all their previous spirit fights, Grandmaster would give out tactical directions. But this time Tang San actively asked to take over Grandmaster’s work. Although it appeared somewhat arrogant, seeing it, Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji all nodded inwardly.

A team required tactics, required unity, required coordination, but they also couldn’t lack another thing, that was bloodthirst. A team without bloodthirst would never be able to rouse their deepest potential. And right now, Tang San as the team’s soul, already accomplished this bit.

To the three teachers it already seemed like victory wasn’t important, these children’s growth already surpassed their expectations. Right now all they could do was watch these children give them even more surprises and miracles, looking at what level they could reach in the end.

Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, VIP resting area, VIP lounge number three.

The luxurious room was more than two hundred square meters, an immense leather sofa was more than fifteen meters, enough to let more than a dozen people rest comfortably. The room’s decorations were all gold; golden lanterns, golden wallpaper, and every kind of golden ornament, nothing detracting from a splendorous dazzling feeling. In front of the white leather sofa was a crystal side table, furnished with every kind of pastry and beverage. Most important, one wall of this room was a single transparent crystal, through which the outside clearly could be seen, but nobody could look in from the outside, and outside the crystal window was Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s most important Central Main Spirit Arena.

Right now there were only seven people in the room, all seven each possessed clear characteristics, appearing to be twenty years old.

Sitting in the middle of the sofa was a black-haired slender youth, not considered handsome, facial expression very lacking, like the muscles of his face were rigid. Wearing blue skin tight clothes without any decoration, giving people a kind of uncomplicated impression, but against expectations this kind of simplicity made people feel he was very dangerous. He was leaning back in the sofa with his eyes closed, resting. Sitting next to him was a woman, her posture certainly not as ordinary, not leaning against the back of the sofa, rather leaning against the shoulder of the blue clothed youth, face with a lazy appearance, deep purple short hair giving a strong impression of heroic spirit. Astonishingly, she possessed a pair of green eyes that gave people a somewhat strange feeling, unable to say just why, but with a kind of bewitching charm. Right now she was leaning against the shoulder of the closed eyed youth, playing with her green painted fingernails.

“Yan, don’t always be so affectionate with the boss in front of the rest of us. Our brothers are all still a group of virgins, it’s no good if it arouses any urges. Hey.”

The speaker was a handsome youth, not tall, moderate weight, short golden hair, a pair of extremely active eyes, leaning against that giant crystal window with a leisurely appearance.

The young woman in the sofa shot him a glance, green eyes exuding an enchanting smile,
“Then you come, let big sister teach you how to become a man?”

“Ah, I’ll pass, only boss can survive your Jade Phosphor poison. I unfortunately can’t enjoy it.”
The youth hurriedly declined, face alarmed, looking at the green eyed young woman with clear dread.

“Serves you right. Who asked you to tease Yan.”
Directly across the room from the crystal window, dressed entirely in black, was an equally blonde person, appearing more elegant and younger than the woman, enjoying the spectacle while waving a drink in his hand.

The handsome youth angrily said:
“Leopard, what’s your meaning, wait until today’s team spirit fight is over, we’ll settle it one versus one. Watch me teach you a lesson.”

The black clothed youth snorted disdainfully,
“One versus one with me? You have some nerve. You, a flying Spirit Master, wants to go one versus one with a ground Spirit Master like me? Clearly it’s bullying. With skill, you try for a one versus one with the boss, let alone winning, as long as you can last three minutes, I’ll admire you.”

Although the youth didn’t want to accept it, he had no choice but to concede. He was indeed unable to stand up to the captain for three minutes.

“Fine, be a bit quiet. Can’t you be as quiet and focused as the Shi brothers?”
The blue clothed youth sitting motionless in the sofa finally spoke up. The Shi brothers he spoke of sat on the floor by the wall, meditating cross-legged. Both were straight nosed and square jawed, built large and sturdy. Just sitting there they gave people a kind of heavy and unflustered feeling.

The handsome youth said:
“Boss, what do we still have to focus for? With us reaching silver spirit fight rank before fortieth rank, I dare say this Suotuo Great Spirit Arena absolutely can’t find us opponents. Let alone here, even if it was in the number one Imperial City Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, there still wouldn’t be anyone that could stand up to us.”

The blue clothed youth calmly said:
“Even if that’s the case, you still can’t cultivate bad habits. The Spirit Master world’s powers come forth in great numbers, who can say for certain if even greater powers will appear before us. Lingling, you can sit on the sofa. Always standing like that will use up strength.”

His last words were directed at another woman standing in the room, that woman stood in the absolutely darkest corner of the room, not only entirely dressed in black, even her face was covered by a layer of black muslin. A graceful figure, long blue hair draped across her shoulders and back like a waterfall, eyes the same color as her hair not revealing any feelings. From her body could only be sensed loneliness and solitude.

“No need, I’m fine here.”
Xie Lingling’s voice was very pleasant, but completely empty, giving people a kind of unreal feeling.

The seven people in this room were precisely the members of the Emperor Team in Tang San’s group’s material. Sitting in the sofa was captain Yu Tian-Heng and vice captain Dugu Yan. The handsome youth was Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng. The black clothed man arguing with him was Ghost Leopard Spirit Master Osler. The two brothers sitting on the floor meditating were naturally the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters. And standing in the corner was Emperor Team’s auxiliary system Spirit Master, Nine Heart Flowering Apple Xie Lingling.

[1] So even assuming that the rewards don’t increase further after the tenth successive victory, Tang San has earned almost 4000G in his singles fights alone.

[2] (玉天恒) “Jade Sky Constant”, spirit: (蓝电霸王龙) or “Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex”. When they were getting Tang San’s first spirit ring, Grandmaster named this as one of the six great clans.

[3] (独孤雁) “Only Lonely Goose”, spirit: (碧磷蛇) “Green Phosphorous Snake”

[4] (石墨) “Rock Ink Stick”, (玄武龟) “Black Tortoise Tortoise” the divine beast of the north, not quite same spelling as teacher Ye Zhi-Qiu in ch 27 (玄龟).

[5] (石磨) “Rock Grindstone”, spirit: (玄武龟) “Black Tortoise Tortoise”. Good luck tracking the accents. In fact, the names can have identical pronunciation.

[6] (御风) “Resist Wind”, (风铃鸟) “Wind Small Bell Bird”

[7] (奥斯罗) Only the last character away from “Oscar”. Spirit: (鬼豹) or “Sly Panther”.

[8] (叶泠泠) “Leaf [sound of flowing water]”, spirit: (九心海棠) “Nine Heart Ocean Cherry-Apple”, but the last two characters (海棠) refers to Malus spectabilis a.k.a Asiatic apple or Chinese flowering apple.

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