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Chapter 49

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, in the highest level VIP area room number three, the Emperor Team’s members were waiting for the team battle to arrive. At that time, the door swung open, and a person entered from outside.

This person’s appearance made all the Emperor Team members spread out over the room perform the same action, even captain Yu Tian-Heng sitting in the sofa, even the Shi brothers sitting on the floor meditating opened their eyes. The seven people all stood up, making respectful salutes.


The person walking in from the door was a middle aged man, appearing thirty years old or so, ordinary appearance, simple black hair, simple and unadorned clothes, only his eyes were especially bright. He wasn’t as eye catching as the Emperor Team members, rather giving the impression of an entirely ordinary person. But, able to obtain the respect of all the Emperor Team members, how ordinary could he be?

The middle aged man’s complexion appeared somewhat strange, Emperor Team captain Yu Tian-Heng had never seen this kind of expression before, quietly stepping forward a few steps and lowering his voice:
“Teacher Qin, what’s going on?”

Light flashed in teacher Qin’s eyes, glittering black pupils displaying a deep lustre,
“This time, you will perhaps meet your match. I’ve just received the basic information on your opponents today from the city lord. This was determined just now by Suotuo Great Spirit Arena. Have a look.”

While speaking, he walked over to the sofa behind the crystal table and sat down, in his hand already holding shining cloth and silk, unfolding it on the tabletop.

The Emperor Team members all gathered round, looking at the cloth.

Vice captain Dugu Yan read:
“Shrek Seven Devils team, seven members, history unclear. Iron spirit fighter badge. Teacher, what’s with this iron spirit fighter Shrek Seven Devils team, are they qualified for a team spirit fight with us?”

Teacher Qin calmly said:
“That’s right. For the past month they indeed held iron spirit fighter badges. But, through spirit fights in this month, their total points have already reached the silver spirit fighter level. Although they still haven’t been calculated, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena has already decided to confer them silver spirit fighter qualifications in advance. Just in time to challenge you. According the the city lord, Shrek Seven Devils have participated in twenty seven team spirit fights. Twenty seven fights, twenty seven wins. How much time did you use to reach silver spirit fights? It wasn’t one month, but a whole year.”

To the side Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng somewhat unconvinced said:
“Then it’s because they haven’t met any formidable opponents. To so easily hold these victories. How can Suotuo City compare to our Imperial City?”

Shooting a glance at Yu Feng,
“According to the city lord’s investigation, Shrek Seven Devils’ first team spirit fight was against the Mad Battle Team you faced. You should clearly know the Mad Battle Team’s strength, their spirit power level wasn’t unlike yours, only somewhat lacking in spirit abilities and the spirits themselves to be able to defeat you.”

“Don’t tell me Shrek Seven Devils won?”
This time the speaker was the Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler.

Vice captain Dugu Yan gave him a look,
“Is there still a need to ask, teacher already pointed it out.”

Yu Tian-Heng continuously looked at the cloth information, suddenly saying:
“Teacher, their spirit power is so low, how are they able to beat the Mad Battle Team?”

Low? The Emperor Team members couldn’t help but again cast their glances to the cloth, carefully reading the material.

Shrek Seven Devils team.

Captain: Evil Eye White Tiger, spirit: White Tiger, thirty eighth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Vice captain: Thousand Hands Asura, spirit: Blue Silver Grass, thirty second ranked control system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Soft Bones Demon Rabbit, spirit: Jade Rabbit, thirty first ranked close quarters power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Evil Fire Phoenix, spirit: Evil Phoenix, twenty eighth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Member: Hell Civet, spirit: Hell Civet, twenty eighth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Member: Sausage Monopoly, spirit: Sausage, thirty first ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow, one purple.

Member: Seven Treasures Glazed Tile, spirit: Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, twenty seventh ranked auxiliary system Spirit Master. Spirit rings: Two yellow.

Underneath this team information was still an annotation: Shrek Seven Devils in this month obtained obtained a complete victory record in team battles, their true strength is not as simple as levels suggest. Among them, the control system Spirit Master Thousand Hands Asura is of particular note, this person’s control strength is extremely high, often capable of turning the tide.

Reading the material, Dugu Yan couldn’t help but giggle,
“Teacher Qin, who gave you this information, it could make the dead laugh. A Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master is unexpectedly of particular note, what ‘turning the tide’. I expect he probably can’t even stand up against my first spirit ability.”

Teacher Qin snorted coldly, the Emperor Team members simultaneously felt their hearts contract a moment, intense shock making their faces reveal somewhat aghast expressions.

“Yan, even if Yu Feng is a bit careless, you as vice captain would unexpectedly underestimate your opponent like this. With this kind of attitude in the ring, I can practically guarantee you will immediately suffer an enormous setback.”

Dugu Yan stuck out her tongue, but didn’t dare speak. Although these Emperor Team members were all a cruel and untamed generation, they only had deference and admiration for this teacher Qin before them, it was not only because this teacher Qin was their specially coaching teacher, at the same time it was also because of his strength. Teacher Qin’s full name was Qin Ming[1], thirty four years old this year, at the beginning of the year, he had just recently broken through the sixtieth ranked threshold, becoming a Spirit Emperor. Reportedly, in Spirit Hall’s records, he was the second youngest Spirit Emperor, second only to another gifted genius.

Spirit Emperor at thirty four, this was the goal of every member of the Emperor Team.

Yu Tian-Heng waved his hand at Dugu Yan behind his back, hinting that she mustn’t say more, himself speaking to Qin Ming:
“Teacher Qin, in this Shrek Seven Devils team, in the end what is there for us to pay attention to? Going by their spirits, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda is undoubtedly worth our attention, but the level difference between them and us is large, even if they have the support of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, at most they can only pull close the spirit power gap between them and us, that’s all. Perhaps this is the main reason they’ve been able to obtain a perfect record in their previous fights. Of the other six, their captain, Evil Eye White Tiger with the White Tiger Spirit should merit attention. Still the Evil Phoenix Spirit. I’ve never heard of such a spirit’s existence, perhaps this ‘Evil’ part should be due to variation. As for the control system Spirit Master mentioned in the material, Thousand Hands Asura, on this point my opinion is the same as Yan’s. Even if his spirit rings are remarkable, his spirit is after all only Blue Silver Grass. How powerful can it be?”

Qin Ming nodded faintly,
“Your analysis is cool headed. This is the only information we have on the Shrek Seven Devils, we’ll have to wait until actually fighting them before learning everything. Remember what I said, you must never underestimate any opponent. Since Suotuo Great Spirit Arena dares dispatch them, they will certainly have some confidence. Furthermore, I have a requirement for you. Whatever the outcome of this fight, nobody can kill anyone, you mustn’t even injure your opponents. Do you understand? Yan, you especially, if you poison the opponents, after the fight you must immediately treat them. You cannot delay.”

Dugu Yan said baffled:
“Why? Teacher, aren’t you always telling us that on the battlefield are no sons and fathers, one must use all one’s effort, if one doesn’t injure the opponent, perhaps one will suffer wounds in turn, and that we absolutely mustn’t start of leniently.”

Qin Ming’s face showed a wry smile,
“This time is different. You still don’t need to know. Wait until after this fight ends, I’ll give you the answer. Good, it’s time. Follow me.”

Finished speaking, he took the lead to leave the VIP lounge, while walking, Qin Ming secretly sighed, ‘children, I can’t tell you the reason, I hope that this time you can suffer a bit of a setback. Growing too smoothly will often lead to brittleness.’

Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s Central Main Spirit Arena.

This place wasn’t as large as those commoners who could only spectate in the sub arenas, in fact, if they came here, they would certainly believe that this was another sub field.

The entire area of the Central Main Spirit Arena was only a bit larger than the sub spirit arena fields. The most peculiar thing was that this Central Main Spirit Arena was exceedingly calm.

The reason was that the surroundings didn’t have any outdoor stands, but each was a completely sealed box, only viewing the scene from behind crystal glass, concealing the VIP audience from outside.

These people didn’t wish to easily reveal their identity here, even more they wouldn’t cheer like ordinary people. They had to be classified as having their own kind of arrogant and aloof feeling.

Even more, the stakes here were big, even all the bets in the sub-venues put together would fall far short, in order to avoid conflicts between the nobles due to bets, it was even more important to conceal their identities, at least then nobody would know who won their money and even if they wanted to make reprisals they still wouldn’t have any means.

Although the inside couldn’t be seen through the crystal glass windows, the Central main Spirit Arena’s golden spirit tool lanterns shone dazzlingly, and the spirit fighting ring here was especially huge, since without outdoors spectators, the spirit fighting ring was able to have a diameter of over seventy meters.

Let alone team spirit fights with less than ten people, even if both sides had a hundred people there was enough room and spare for close combat fights.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The Central Main Spirit Arena altogether had twelve high level VIP rooms, and three hundred twenty common VIP rooms. These rooms were practically never empty; the high level VIP rooms had permanent owners, while the common VIP rooms were booked ahead at the start of each year.

Suddenly, in the Central Main Spirit Arena the already extremely bright golden lanterns once again increased in brightness, and their brightness was no longer spread in every direction but focused on the spirit ring, as if a an enormous golden spotlight shone down from the sky, just right to envelop the entire spirit fighting stage. It was from the use of this kind of lantern type spirit tool that it could be seen how wealthy the Spirit Arena was.

In the middle of the spirit ring, the ground suddenly buckled upwards in a two meter in diameter circle, the section slowly rising up from the stage could be seen supported by a thick golden pillar, and rising with the golden pillar right now was a young woman.

The young woman only appeared eighteen or nineteen, wearing a dignified beautiful white dress, brown long hair in a large wave, well rounded chest and an excitingly slender waist, an incarnation of astonishing beauty. In her hand she held a conical sound amplifying spirit tool, on her charming face a professional smile.

“We are very honored to once again see such distinguished guests.”
The young woman in the white dress after rising to the intended location stepped out on the stage, turning in place and waving out at the surroundings. That platform that delivered her to the stage quietly withdrew back down, very quickly restoring to its original location, unexpectedly without leaving behind any trace.

“Able to once again before all distinguished guests preside over the main Spirit Arena’s great team spirit fight is Doudou’s[2] great honor. We hope all distinguished guests will be able to enjoy yourselves this evening. Today we have one highlight, we have tonight also only arranged this one spirit fight. Although both sides battling are only Spirit Elder level, they both already possess silver spirit fighter badges. If one absolutely had to give them a title, I think the word ‘genius’ would be exceedingly suitable. Doudou will from beginning to end conduct commentary for all distinguished guests. Next, I would like to introduce to all distinguished guests the sides ready for battle.”

“Emperor Team, captain: Yu Tian-Heng, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master……”

“Shrek Seven Devils team, captain: Evil Eye White Tiger, White Tiger Spirit Master……”

This white dressed young announcer Doudou very skillfully introduced both the competing teams, the purpose very simple, precisely to raise the expectations of each VIP spectator.

“Well, Doudou has no more to say. Next, will the team members of both sides please take the field. Doudou is also a Spirit Elder level Spirit Master, and is truly very eager to see what brilliant display these Spirit Masters on the same level as Doudou will show us.”

While she spoke, white light suddenly burst out from this presenter Doudou, immediately following, in her brown long wavy hair suddenly appeared a lock of white, and behind her back extended a pair of pure white wings. Three yellow spirit rings simultaneously appeared around her, the third spirit ring flaring, wings lightly beating, unexpectedly bringing her soaring into the air with the sound amplification tool. Just like what Doudou said herself, she was also a Spirit Elder level Spirit Master, although her third spirit ring wasn’t an ideal thousand year level, the ability bestowed on her by this spirit ring was clearly flight. To a flying type spirit’s Spirit Master, this was extremely significant. Doudou’s spirit was a kind of adorable and gentle animal symbolizing peace: White Dove.

On either side of the spirit ring, two sliding doors silently opened wide, both sides’ team members simultaneously entering the venue, walking into the center of the spirit fighting stage.

On the left side was Emperor Team. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Yu Tian-Heng walked at the front of the team, Dugu Yan customarily snuggled up to his side. Following closely behind the two were the Shi brothers. After came Black Leopard Osler and Wind Chime Bird Yu Feng. Walking last was that mysterious Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master Xiu Lingling.

Compared to the all uniquely dressed Emperor Team members, Shrek Seven Devils’ side appeared much more uniform. The same black tight fitting clothing, the same green masks. Although their height varied, with one look could be seen this was a group in orderly formation.

These clothes were specifically made to order for them by Grandmaster, to change into for spirit fights. One reason was to hide their appearance, the other was also to let them feel even more like a team.

The clothes could conceal the body, the masks could conceal their features, but there was still no way to conceal their eyes.

As both sides’ team members just started to appear, the gazes of Dai Mubai walking at the front of Shrek Seven Devils and Emperor Team’s captain Yu Tian-Heng met resolutely.

Their expressions seemed to congeal for a brief moment, the whole Spirit Arena seeming to echo with a dragon’s howl and a tiger’s roar.

Yu Tian-Heng’s heart trembled, looking face to face with those double pupil evil eyes of Dai Mubai, he immediately felt an immense pressure hit him. He immediately understood that this opponent only one rank lower than him wasn’t easy to deal with.

Coldly opposing, bright light flared in the eyes of both sides, the spirit fight had not yet begun, but both sides spirit already clashed with each other.

“Both sides participating in the team spirit fight please take note, you have one minute to begin summoning your spirits. As I declare the beginning, both sides can attack, until one side concedes, all have collapsed or been thrown off the spirit stage.”

Doudou hovering in midair while flapping her white dove wings, used her gentle and beautiful voice to speak to both teams.

That gentle and beautiful voice in the ears of the VIP guests was a kind of pleasure, but to the ears of Shrek Seven Devils and Emperor Team’s members, it was the sign the spirit fight was about to start.

As the two spirit fighter teams appeared, at the mouths of the passages stood the two sides’ leaders. As the team members took their places, they naturally also observed the counterpart.

The leaders on the Shrek Seven Devils’ side were Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji. They didn’t have VIP qualifications, and naturally could only observe from the side. On the other side, the Emperor Team’s leader was that teacher Qin.

Flender glanced at Qin Ming a hundred meters away on the other side, his expression suddenly changing, then immediately gradually relaxing, his originally nervous mood seemed to ease up a lot,
“Look, this time we don’t need to be anxious. Wuji, you see who is on the other side?”

Zhao Wuji also looked at Qin Ming, his eyes immediately widening,
“Why, isn’t he……”

Grandmaster gave the two a puzzled look,
“You know the other side’s leader? What’s going on?”

Flender smiled mischievously, saying:
“Secret, wait until after this spirit fight is over.”

In the center of the spirit ring, practically simultaneously, both sides with altogether fourteen people completely released their spirit power, their intense battle lust surging out, scaring the White Dove Spirit Master Doudou in the air to once again increase her altitude. It’s not like she hadn’t seen more powerful team spirit fights than these people below her, but both sides with such powerful battle lust as right now was still a rare sight.

To Doudou’s eyes, the fourteen people below her could only be described with one word: ‘Power’.

As the arena announcer and commentator, right now she didn’t know what words to use to describe this competition. She knew right away that an extremely fierce spirit fight was about to begin.

A tiger’s roar issued from Dai Mubai’s throat, worked up, somewhat scorching air surged out from his body, his bones making cracking sounds just like bursting peas, the muscles all over his body swelling in a flash, sharp claws ejecting from his hands, although wearing a mask, his knife sharp eyes were brimming with wild atmosphere.

At Dai Mubai’s lead, the Shrek Seven Devils all released their spirits, Oscar’s three kinds of sausage had already been divided out between everyone before the fight, still standing with Ning Rongrong at the very rear of the formation, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing respectively at Dai Mubai’s left and right sides, Tang San standing behind the three.

Ma Hongjun actually stood a bit further ahead than Ning Rongrong and Oscar, purple red flame constantly throbbing in his palms.

Blue purple Blue Silver Grass quietly roamed out into the surroundings from Tang San, along with spirit power rising, after entering the Spirit Elder realm, the quantity of Blue Silver Grass he could release was much more than before, blue light constantly flickered in his palm, Blue Silver Grass surging out like it was limitless, while occupying the floor next to him, simultaneously, six Blue Silver Grass quietly rose up, twisting around the waists of the other six Shrek Seven Devils.

Under the effect of Blue Silver Grass, the seven people immediately formed a single entity with Tang San at its heart.

As the Shrek Seven Devils side released their spirits, the other side naturally wouldn’t stay idle.

The Emperor Team’s formation was entirely different from the Shrek Seven Devils. Standing furthest ahead wasn’t at all their captain Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng, rather the two Black Tortoise Spirit Master Shi brothers. One left and one right, as Doudou announced the start of the spirit fight, simultaneously shouted loudly, earthen yellow light rose from under their feet, their bodies issuing sounds even more fierce than Dai Mubai’s bones.

Before releasing their spirits, the Shi brothers threw off their jackets, revealing muscles like solid granite, following the release of their spirits, the pair’s shoulders slowly stretched out, their entire backs half curving, all their spirit power condensing into earthen yellow light gathering and coagulating at their backs, actually forming an immense dark yellow tortoiseshell.

The pattern on the tortoiseshells was pale yellow, the Shi brothers’ bones appeared to also transform somewhat along with this tortoiseshell appearing.

Not only did the tortoiseshells appear at their backs, the same appeared on their fronts, and their four limbs all also became somewhat shorter. At the center of their front tortoiseshells was an enormous symbol.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

With faint flickering blue light, two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings rose from bottom to top twining around their bodies, on account of their bodies swelling from growing tortoiseshells, the spirit rings coiling around them also appeared to have changed somewhat.

After the Shi brothers released their spirits, the intense pressure Dai Mubai emitted was unexpectedly blocked in front of them, entirely unable to pressure the other Emperor Team members behind them.

From a small crack between the Shi brothers, Yu Tian-Heng could be seen. With the one of the first rate spirits Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, just at the beginning, ignited all the VIP spectators’ mood.

A dazzling blue light suddenly shone between Yu Tian-Heng’s eyebrows, immediately following, the blue light spread in a flash, from his eyebrows falling into his body, streams of blue purple violent lightning erupted all over him like small snakes, migrating around his body. On the surface, Yu Tian-Heng’s change didn’t seem very large, besides a blue lightning symbol on his forehead, on his whole body there was only one change from Spirit Body Enhancement.

But, the one change was even more thorough than all Beast Spirit Masters present.

The change that appeared was his right arm. The sleeve that originally covered his right arm swelled up and completely burst to ashes, the arm’s length increasing by half a chi[3], the entire arm extremely bulky, covered with blue purple scales, the hand becoming a claw, covered by the same scales, each of the joints in the hand becoming extremely bulky, the blue purple snakes of lightning revolving around his body constantly coagulating or scattering on his arm, two yellow and one purple spirit ring did not revolve around his body like other Spirit Masters, rather spiralling around this arm.

Tang San’s gaze carefully watched the change in Yu Tian-Heng’s body past Dai Mubai. Grandmaster once explained this first rate spirit Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon to him in detail. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon and his own spirit were somewhat different, first of all, as a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master, all spirit rings had to be obtained from dragon subspecies spirit beasts, similar to Oscar obtaining spirit rings from types like that Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Masters starting from thirtieth rank, with each obtained spirit ring, when using the spirit would have a part of their body replaced with a dragon analogue. Like Yu Tian-Heng’s right arm just now was his first limb to change. Up until the seventieth rank, when Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Masters were truly incarnations of dragons, bursting with extremely terrifying strength. Among equally ranked they were the most terrifying power attack system Spirit Master. Put simply, if Yu Tian-Heng was the same rank as Zhao Wuji, then, Zhao Wuji’s spirit Vigorous Vajra Bear incarnation would in no way be the match of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s incarnation. How could Bear and Dragon be on the same level?

Thus, Yu Tian-Heng’s current right arm was already completely not classified as human but rather a dragon arm, with dragon scales adhering to the skin, the right hand also becoming a dragon claw.

Behind Yu Tian-Heng was a dark green color. Red hair and green eyed Dugu Yan’s body right now seemed to become soft, lightly swaying, pressing close to Yu Tian-Heng’s back, a pair of green eyes becoming especially sharp. Her ice cold atmosphere couldn’t in any way be classified as human.

Between her brows was a rhombic green scale, when looking close, all the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help but be shocked, since right now Dugu Yan already had no legs, no, it should be said that both legs had fused together, becoming a thick serpent tail, relying on the serpent tail to prop up her upper body, it was no wonder she would be swaying.

Black Leopard Spirit Master Osler’s change wasn’t large. He was basically entirely dressed in black, and now even the hair on his head turned black. His elegant like a woman kind of face seemed somewhat pale, but his pupils already became vertical slits, his whole body brimmed with danger waiting to be released. He equally had two yellow and one purple spirit ring, this kind of spirit ring configuration was for the entire Emperor Team apparently nothing out of the ordinary.

Among all the Emperor Team, the last Spirit Body Enhancement and also the biggest, perhaps had to be the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng. A pair of medium sized wings stretched open from his back, different from that White Dove Spirit Master Doudou in the air, his wings were light brown, and the feathers on the wings would appear to lack any kind of softness, but had a solid texture.

These wings of Yu Feng’s weren’t at all baseless, rather were actually his two arms transformed, right now beating the two wings, he already rose into the air, attentively observing the movements of the Shrek Seven Devils from up high, still not forgetting to take a look at the beautiful Doudou in the air overhead, even so much that he whistled at Doudou’s long legs. Of course, he basically didn’t take the opposing Seven Shrek Devils seriously.

As a result of the team members crowded together, from Shrek Seven Devils’ angle the opponent’s auxiliary system Spirit Master couldn’t be seen, Nine Heart Flowering Apple Xie Lingling.

The pressure brought by the opponents all having the optimal two yellow one purple spirit ring configuration was incomparable, whether it was in spirit quality or spirit ring configuration, this time the Shrek Seven Devils were in an all round disadvantageous position.

And these two areas were also where they had the advantage when confronting other spirit fighting teams.

Although this battle hadn’t yet begun, the faces hidden under the Shrek Seven Devils’ masks were already extremely serious.

To them, this would definitely be an unprecedentedly bitter struggle.

At this time, flying in the air Doudou’s charming face was already somewhat heated from Yu Feng’s stare after his Spirit Body Enhancement, but she still cultivated a great deal of professionalism, from her cherry red lips was uttered a very simple word, but still the fuse to an explosive substance.


With a tiger roar towards the sky, Dai Mubai used action to shake up his side’s vigor, taking the lead to charge at the opponents, fully using the White Tiger Body Barrier for his protection, whole body enveloped in golden light, again adding his indomitable manner, giving of an an extremely alarming impression.

The Shi brothers’ expressions were like the tortoiseshells on their bodies, from beginning to end without any change, watching Dai Mubai’s brazen charge, the pair hadn’t the slightest amount of fear, simultaneously drawing close to the center, obstructing Dai Mubai’s advancement from the front. The first spirit ring brightening, a stagnant air released from these two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters, filling the air around them with yellow light and again merging with their thick tortoiseshells, clearly already prepared to meet Dai Mubai’s attack.

Dai Mubai’s left foot stepped heavily on the floor, soaring into the air, the sharp tiger claw blades ejecting, both hands swiping left and right, going straight for the Shi brothers’ heads. And at this moment, Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda thirty percent boost reached him, immediately making Dai Mubai’s attack speed and tiger claw power rise yet again.

Although this would seem like a very common change, the power and speed boost very easily made the opponents’ defense suffer. The Shrek Seven Devils had spent this time rehearsing, and their coordination was already without the need for words.

With Dai Mubai’s spirit power and the sharpness of his tiger claws, let alone a human head, even solid rock would be cut. But, the Shi brothers used a very simple yet strange move, at once dispelling Dai Mubai’s attack.

The two brothers Shi Mò and Shi Mó when about to be struck by the tiger claws pulled back their heads, unexpectedly withdrawing into their chests, to be precise, withdrawing into those incomparably solid tortoiseshells. Dai Mubai’s tiger claws naturally could only scratch at those tortoiseshells.

Resounding through the entire audience, Dai Mubai’s tiger claws scratching the Shi brothers’ tortoiseshells unexpectedly created sparks.

Dai Mubai’s body right now soared into the air, both arms abruptly jolted high from the shock, despite having White Tiger Body Barrier to dispel a lot of the impulse, his tiger claws still suffered a moment of paralysis from the inherent intense counter force in the tortoiseshells. Black Tortoise, as one of the most powerful defensive spirits, couldn’t be so easy to break.

Also at this moment, a blue silhouette already appeared before Dai Mubai, the bulky dragon arm shone with a dazzling blue lustre under the lighting of the Central Spirit Arena, before the person even arrived, blue lightning already congealed in the air into the shape of a claw, swatting straight at Dai Mubai’s wide open chest in the air. All of this was already calculated long ago.

At the same time as Dai Mubai emitted force to rush forward, Emperor Team captain Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng already launched his assault, but at the same time the two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters drew together, completely sheltering Yu Tian-Heng’s actions behind them, making the Shrek Seven Devils’ side unable to see it.

And the moment Dai Mubai’s fruitless attack revealed a big opening, Yu Tian-Heng soared up, his first spirit ring flashing, condensed thunder dragon claw already swatting. This was all part of Emperor Team’s coordination.

The lightning was so fast that at the same time Dai Mubai saw the blue silhouette, the blue purple lightning had already reached his chest.

Even if Dai Mubai was right now capable of pulling back his splayed open arms, he could still only use his arms to block the opponent’s attack and would still be at a major disadvantage.

As a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master with the most powerful attack, as long as Yu Tian-Heng could pursue and attack, further coordinating with his team members, the scales of victory or defeat would immediately tilt in their direction. But at this time, Dai Mubai suddenly disappeared, at once disappearing from before Yu Tian-Heng without warning. Even with Yu Tian-Heng’s calm, soaring in midair he still couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Dai Mubai naturally couldn’t teleport, but one mustn’t forget, around his waist was still twisted one of Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

[1] (秦明)

[2] (兜兜) A doudou is an undergarment covering chest and stomach.

[3] ½尺 = 17cm

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