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Chapter 47

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“What, don’t tell me you still think you can win? Don’t forget, right now you’re alone, and you’re facing us six.”
The spider woman Spirit Master showed no weakness in her words.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“But, perhaps only you still has the strength left to fight. Although I don’t know why you’re able to maintain a clear head and command your companions in that kind of state, you must all the same suffer the side effects of that kind of strengthening condition. Perhaps you still have a certain amount of spirit power left, but it can’t be at peak condition. Since it’s like this, this fight will have to come to decisive battle between you and me, isn’t that right?”

Mad Xi was by now already completely sober, his Spirit Body Enhancement had already faded away, but his powerful body let him to already shrug off the pain,
“Who says I don’t have fighting strength, even if I rely on muscle strength I can still crush this punk.”

Mad Xi’s anger hadn’t at all drained away along with his spirit power, he had never been as angry as today, his valiant strength unexpectedly hadn’t been able to display a bit of its effect under Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, putting him at a severe disadvantage. Without speaking further, he immediately dashed towards Tang San.

The spider woman Spirit Master didn’t block Mad Xi, she clearly understood that with Mad Xi’s strength, even if he didn’t have the support of spirit power, just relying on physical strength alone he was able to move a healthy bull.

The reason she was able to maintain consciousness under the Fanaticism condition was because of the side effect that thousand year spirit ring produced. Besides intense toxicity and supple toughness, her thousand year spirit ring was also able to weaken negative effects by fifty percent.

In other words, while she got Fanaticism’s full effect, she only had to endure half of the negative side effects.

As a result she was able to as much as possible maintain a clear head, and the drain only took away half her spirit power.

After the consumption of the previous battle and the drain after Fanaticism, right now the spirit power she had left only amounted to thirty percent.

Seeing Mad Xi charge at him, Tang San didn’t again use Blue Silver Grass, he had to preserve his spirit power to confront that strongest spider woman Spirit Master on the other side. Having lost his spirit power Mad Xi was like a toothless tiger. Dealing with this kind of opponent, who would still need the assistance of his spirit power?

Watching Mad Xi spread his arms wide as he charged, Tang San rather than retreating advanced, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he went to meet him light as a feather.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track moved Tang San erratically, and although he seemed to charge straight ahead, Mad Xi couldn’t catch his true form.

Ducking slightly, Tang San already passed close to Mad Xi’s body. Left foot deftly stepping under Mad Xi’s feet, left arm rising horizontally, elbow thumping into Mad Xi’s back.

Although Tang San didn’t appear as robust as Mad Xi, their strength wasn’t far apart.

Working as a smith from childhood, along with the body strengthening training this time, gave him an extremely powerful physique. Mad Xi’s feet were tangled by Tang San, only feeling a force at his back, he was already sent tumbling.

But at this time, the spider woman Spirit Master finally acted, since she didn’t have enough power for her third spirit ring’s ability it had already faded away, but countless spider threads in her palm took advantage of Tang San throwing Mad Xi, in a moment covering his front, enveloping the space Tang San could use to dodge.

Tang San frowned minutely,

This time, he didn’t dodge at all, rather letting the spider woman Spirit Master’s spider silk twine around his body. In practically just a moment’s work, he was already tied up like a dumpling, his whole body covered in a layer of pink spider silk.

The spider woman Spirit Master was exalted, loudly shouting:
“Quick, throw him off the ring, it’s our win!”

However, she very quickly discovered her mistake, as none of her teammates responded to her words. Looking to the side, she discovered to her shock that those teammates without spirit power were already tightly bound by blue purple Blue Silver Grass. Without the spirit power to resist the paralysis poison, one by one they had already even lost the ability to speak.

The spider woman Spirit Master suddenly felt her heart skip a beat, a kind of vague premonition welling up, immediately afterward, without waiting for her to pull the wrapped up Tang San off the ring, an incomparably powerful pressure abruptly released from Tang San.

That wasn’t the pressure of spirit power, rather a special atmosphere, but to her, this rising atmosphere was still incomparably dominant.

In a strange scene, the spider silk over Tang San, starting on his back, suddenly flowing like melting ice and snow, all the spider silk frenziedly gathered on his back, as if it already no longer was a material substance, but more like a kind of energy.

In just a few eyeblinks, the spider silk on Tang San had already disappeared. The spider woman Spirit Master discovered to her shock that he was looking at her with a monstrous gaze.

The spider silk’s starting point was the spider woman Spirit Master’s hands, and after the spider silk over Tang San was completely absorbed at his back, following the spider silk’s extension, a strong force abruptly pulled the spider woman Spirit Master swiftly towards Tang San, and by the time she could react she was already before him.

The spider woman Spirit Master wanted to resist, but that stifling pressure made her unable to even move.

The spider woman spirit master didn’t see it, but the audience behind Tang San could clearly see that the clothes on Tang San’s back were gone, and eight dark purple shining lumps were rising from his back. It was there that those spider threads were broken up and absorbed.

Raising his right hand, Tang San grasped the spider woman Spirit Master’s neck, blocking the spider woman Spirit Master from using her strength to strike at his body.

Right now in Tang San’s purple eyes flickered a demonic light. As he turned his head to look at the clamoring audience, each spectator that saw the light in his eyes couldn’t stop from lowering their heads, their bodies shivering, that was how sinister his atmosphere was!

Tang San’s left hand’s forefinger rose to the lips of his mask, making a silencing motion towards the audience.

The battle situation already couldn’t change. Apart from the spider woman Spirit Master, including the thrown out by Tang San Mad Xi, even that already unconscious auxiliary system Spirit Master, all were already covered in Blue Silver Grass, and the spider woman Spirit Master had her neck squeezed by Tang San, this spirit fight had now ended.

The eight lumps of purple black light at Tang San’s back quietly disappeared, the gathered up spider silk destroyed. That pressure stifling the spider woman Spirit Master also faded away.

Her expression was complex, somewhat challenging looking at Tang San,
“H-, how?”

Tang San naturally knew what she wanted to ask, squeezing her neck, pulling her closer, using a voice so low only the two could hear:
“Because, my third spirit ring is a thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider. Do you understand?”

The spider woman Spirit Master’s body suddenly shuddered,
“You clearly are a control system Spirit Master, why-, why can you absorb……”

“There’s nothing impossible about it, too many people have the wrong idea, that’s all. Plant system Spirit Masters are also members of the Tool Spirit Masters, since that Wishful Disk teammate of yours is able to absorb beast type spirit rings, why would my Blue Silver Grass be unable to?”

Seeing the announcer, that manager Ao, walk on stage, Tang San casually swung his hand, throwing the spider woman Spirit Master several meters.

This battle was already concluded.

Absorbing the spider woman Spirit Master’s spider silk, naturally it was Tang San’s bizarre external spirit bone. As an external spirit bone bearing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy, it possessed an incomparably intimidating effect to all types of arachnid spirits.

At the start of the fight Tang San still held back, without using the power it provided, but in the last moment his own spirit power was also insufficient, at the same time he also didn’t want to delay further, in the end still releasing the atmosphere of the external spirit bone. Of course, nobody would know that was the effect of an external spirit bone.

Over these days of training with his external spirit bone, Tang San discovered that every time he used his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, his mood would suffer a certain influence, as if he was infected by the ruthless atmosphere of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

When he stopped using Eight Spider Lances, the vicious tendencies would completely disappear. This was also why he made such an arrogant gesture towards the audience, in contrast to his normal self.

Tang San had asked Grandmaster about this kind of condition, and Grandmaster’s reply was very simple: since the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy was currently more powerful than Tang San’s spirit power, Tang San was still unable to completely master Eight Spider Lances, therefore he would suffer the remaining influence of the Man Faced Demon Spider from Eight Spider Lances. There was no need to worry about this, when Tang San’s spirit power was sufficient, this kind of negative influence would naturally also fade away.

But with Tang San’s steady willpower, even now he still wouldn’t lose his nature to Eight Spider Lances’ influence. At most his temperament would change.

“Shrek Seven Devils’ victory.”
The announcer manager Ao found it somewhat difficult to declare this result, his gaze with a somewhat particular meaning looking at the only person still standing on the stage Tang San, in his heart a kind of indescribable feeling.

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that these green masked Spirit Masters would not long after become the favorites of Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.

Part 2 (TL by Fraustarrow)

Tang San got his deserved result, turning around and walking off the platform. Just then, spider woman Spirit Master’s enchanting voice sounded with a terrified yet special tone.
“Can’t you tell me your name?”

Tang San stopped walking, but didn’t turn his head.

“Third of Shrek’s Seven Devils, Thousand Hands Asura.”

This time, Tang San didn’t hide his voice. Not only did the spider woman Spirit Master hear it, Manager Ao and the closer audience all heard it.

When Tang San walked off the platform, the first to welcome him was Xiao Wu’s passionate hug.
“Little San, you are so handsome.”

Xiao Wu’s way of hugging may have been affected by her spirit abilities. Her slim body wrapped around Tang San like a squid, her legs coiled around Tang San, her arms around his neck, and her face red from excitement.

It looked like it was just Xiao Wu’s impulsive actions, but Tang San’s real age was after all already over thirty. Looking at the other’s playful smiles, his face couldn’t help but burn red. “Xiao Wu, quickly get off.”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud.
“Today we seized total victory. Let’s go brothers and sisters, I’ll pay for the meal. Let’s go drink!”

The seven people, still wearing their masks, registered their points under the loud cheering, retrieved their rewards and left Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena.

When the audience bit by bit leaving Spirit Arena Thirteen saw them, many of them were whispering, especially when they saw the simply dressed Tang San, who drew the most gazes.

In the previous team fight, Tang San immediately controlled the enemy’s defensive Spirit Master Mad Xi, and also controlled the entire stage. In the dangerous situation, he also led his teammates out of danger and won the match single handedly.

In the audience’s eyes, they naturally couldn’t see Mad Battle Team was actually inflicted with side effects from Fanaticism. All they saw was Tang San’s amazing win.

In the crowd, there were already quite a few people shouting his nickname, Thousand Hands Asura.

The seven did not linger, quickly moving away from the crowd. Regrouping with Grandmaster, Flender, and Zhao Wuji, they quickly left the area of the Great Spirit Battle Arena.

When no one was paying attention to them anymore, the seven finally took off their masks. Looking at each other, they couldn’t help but start laughing.

In usual training they always fought together, but they never knew how it felt to fight real people on a platform like the Great Spirit Battle Arena.

The people who felt it the most were Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu who were pulled back by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. At that moment the power of teamwork avoided injuries.

Their understanding of the importance of teamwork that Grandmaster spoke of instantly grew deeper.

Back at the hotel, Grandmaster once again told everyone to come to Tang San’s room, including Flender and Zhao Wuji. Looking at their tired, but high-spirited students, he calmly asked:
“Tell me, what are your impressions of today’s fights?”

Dai Mubai:
“In the individual battles, it was still fine. However, in the team battle we were evidently not well coordinated enough. After all, this was the first time we faced this much pressure.”

Oscar, slightly pained, said,
“In the team fight I became everyone’s burden. With one less fighting power, it is hard to win against strong opponents.”

The others also wanted to say something, but Grandmaster raised his hand to stop them.

A small smile gradually expanded on Grandmaster’s face. Other than Tang San, the others couldn’t help but rub their eyes, thinking their fatigue was giving them hallucinations.

“You are all wrong. What I wanted to say is, you all did well today. I am very satisfied. Yes, you are not well coordinated with each other yet, but this is after all your first time fighting together. And what you faced was a team of rank thirty fives and above with a seven win streak and a complete team. In the enemy team, the spider woman Spirit Master’s controlling power,  Mad Xi’s defense and that Support Type Spirit Master all excelled their own rank. But under the uncoordinated situation you were in, you still won. Thank you for giving me this surprise.”

Getting praise from a perpetually smiling person might not feel like much. However, getting a sincere praise from the stiff-faced devilish teacher made Shrek’s Seven Monsters feel even more excited than the wins today.

The smiles on Shrek’s Seven Monsters vanished, but their eyes were all blazing with excitement. Even the steadiest Tang San and the cold Zhu Zhuqing were not excluded.

Grandmaster looked towards Oscar,
“Little Ao, you don’t need to be too humble. Yes, in real combat you can’t fight with them. But you never stopped helping the team. If I am correct, you were the only one that used all your spirit power. Because of your Soaring Mushroom Sausages, everyone was safe. Tang San admittedly controlled the situation, but if not for your support, this fight would not have been ours. More correctly, every one of you had a key role in today’s fight. Since you are a team, then, not a single one of you can be taken out. Let alone, as a Food System Spirit Master, your real use isn’t on the Spirit Battle Arena. If you went to the frontlines of a war, the continuous fighting capability that you can give to everyone would be way more than those in Mad Battle Team.

Flender, who was aside, heard this and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Grandmaster, you didn’t come back just to praise them, right?”

Grandmaster smiled,
“Of course not, I just wanted to tell them they are the best, but not perfect. Tomorrow I allow you to stop fighting at the Spirit Battle Arena for one day. But, other than resting, you have to reflect on today’s gains and losses. The day after tomorrow, you each have to tell me what you learned. Ok, I need to go now. Remember, when we aren’t here, don’t cause trouble, especially not with any Spirit Master. It is very likely you will meet a Spirit Master that belongs to a giant family.”

Flender said,
“Grandmaster is correct, don’t cause any trouble. However, if bullies you, don’t lose face for our academy either.”

Ma Hongjun stuck out his tongue secretly and looked at Oscar, laughing out loud. A few days ago, they just provoked a Spirit Ancestor and Ma Hongjun even fried a certain part of that person.

Grandmaster and the others walked out of the hotel. Flender said,
“Xiao Gang, These children bring me more and more surprises. Looks like it was a good idea to give them all to you to train.”

Grandmaster replied,
“This is also due to their talent. Against a team that is five levels higher than them and three more spirit rings, they still won. This isn’t only because of their spirits’ or spirit rings’ quality anymore. Their cooperation is also crucial.”

Flender sighed,
“But I still lost. Compared to Tang San, Ma Hongjun is way behind. After teaching this many years, I’m still worse than you.”

Hearing Flender surrender, Grandmaster smiled again.
“That’s obvious, but its rare that you admitted it.”

Flender said grumpily,
“Do I look like I don’t admit losses?”

Zhao Wuji, who was beside them, aptly interrupted,
“It seems so. Last time we made a bet, you lost ten golden spirit coins, and you never admitted it.”


Grandmaster laughed.
“Flender, I suddenly want to drink beer. Since you admitted your loss, then be our host.”

“Ok, let’s see how I drink you all to death[1].”
Flender said fiercely, but the joy in his eyes exposed his real emotions. Seeing Grandmaster again, for some reason, the long lost emotion of happiness came back.

Because all the teachers left, Shrek’s Seven Monsters naturally lost their restrictions. Dai Mubai hasn’t forgotten what he said previously, and he didn’t go far either. In a close restaurant, he ordered a full table of good dishes paired with two kegs of good wheat beer, inviting everyone to eat with him.

“Little San, I salute to you. Thank you for your prompt support earlier.”
Dai Mubai picked up his wheat beer and raised it towards Tang San.

Tang San smiled and raised his beer towards Dai Mubai as well, and they both drained their cups. Of course he knew that Dai Mubai wasn’t saying thank you for himself. Though he was pulled away, he wasn’t in any real danger.

He was thanking Tang San for pulling Zhu Zhuqing back in her dangerous situation.

“Little San, I salute you as well. Though I’m not as strong as you, but I’m afraid you aren’t as good in drinking.”
Oscar said slyly while raising his cup.

Before Tang San raised his cup, Xiao Wu blocked it.

Saying that, Xiao Wu showed her “big sister” persona, draining her own cup in one gulp.

Oscar grudgingly drank his as well, but in the corner of his eyes he saw Tang San drink as well.

“Good, A good taste for wine means a good moral standing. I salute everyone.”
This time the person who stood up was Ning Rongrong.

Part 3 (TL by Jax)

She didn’t hurry and drink, standing there and looking around her, her eyes reddening,

“When I first came to the school, I gave everyone a lot of trouble. What third brother and little Ao said then wasn’t wrong, if I had continued as I was, perhaps I truly never would have been able to understand what a “friend” really is. After so many days, after training together with everyone, fighting together, together experiencing trials of life and death. Thank you all, my companions. This cup, I drink to you all, at the same time, to say to all of you what I have always not managed to say. I’m sorry.”

After saying that last word, Ning Rongrong finished the cup in one mouthful. As she drank, two sparkling tears flowed down her soft white cheeks.

“Rongrong, don’t drink so fiercely.”
Oscar reminded kindly. Seeing Ning Rongrong’s current appearance, the happiest would probably be him. Since the first time he saw her, he had decided on his target[2], but instead ending up wounded. Now, Ning Rongrong had already become this cute. Its commonly known that children have the most flexible characters, and the just 12 year old Ning Rongrong had already become so different from what she was just a few months ago.

“Rongrong, we are companions, and even ‘brothers’, now, and forever. We had all already accepted you from when we were in the Star Dou Great Forest. In the future, don’t say such things. Come, everyone drink! But, because you are all too young, drink lesser.”

Oscar suddenly commented,
“Rongrong, why do you call Tang San, third brother, but only call me little Ao ? Don’t you think thats a little unfair?!”

Ning Rongrong’s whole face turned red, Glaring at him unhappily, but not replying.

To the side, Ma Hong Jun spotted some clue,

“ Little Ao, no wonder you’re the second oldest, you really are second rate[3]. I wish I had this kind of discriminatory treatment.”

Oscar was a smart person and immediately thought better of it, looking deeply at Ning Rongrong, so excited, he almost laughed and quickly said:
”Right, right,it’s my fault, I’ll drink as punishment.”

Wine is one of those types of drinks where the more you drink the more bonded you are to each other. But also, the more you drink, the less you’re in control. this included Dai Mubai, who shouted to drink less at the start, in the end, could only drink non-stop. Even though the seven of them were quite young, as Spirit Masters, their tolerance levels were already far beyond that of a normal person, in addition, after that period of training, their ability to digest alcohol was undoubtedly strong. This drinking session lasted a full four hours before ending.

The next day when everyone sobered up, they could barely remember anything. Only that, the person with the greatest drinking ability, was the one who was last to stay awake.

It was neither Dai Mubai with the greatest spirit power, nor was it Tang San with the greatest overall strength, but the one with the 7 Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, Ning Rongrong.

At that time, the first to collapse was Ma Hongjun, Fatty’s drinking limit was obviously nothing special, the second was Oscar. Closely following was Xiao Wu. Who would would have thought that the fourth to fall over would be the oldest, Dai Mubai. Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San fell at the same time, and in the end, the one who didn’t fall was Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong not only didn’t collaspe, but she also drank the most. While drinking, it was practically all one cup in one gulp, with the great vigor she had before as a delinquent. But according to Ning Rongrong herself, this was her first time drinking.

After that, whenever the other six people in Shrek Seven Devils recalled of this matter, there was only one word on their mind: “Genius”.

The spirit battles continued. Within the next month, Shrek Seven Devils’ battles in the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s fields could even be described as the wind creating the waves[4]. In that month, the Shrek Seven Devils participated in twenty seven team fights. Twenty seven battles and twenty seven victories. Within the thirtieth ranked range, they had no competition.

In the individual battles, Three Five Combination also attained a good record of twenty seven successive victories.. Tang San and Xiao Wu compatibility and teamwork was so strong that they left their opponents helpless.

Dai mubai and Oscar’s Dual Winged White Tiger combination attained a total of sixteen wins and eleven losses in twenty seven fights. This was mainly because Mubai was fighting alone. Oscar’s sausages, in the end, in a spirit fight type of battle arena, could only do so much after all.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing’s Seven Treasure Civet combination scored a little better than the Dual Winged White Tiger group, after all they participated in the twentieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster level two versus two spirit fights. They obtained a good record of twenty two wins and five losses in twenty seven fights. Of which eight were consecutive victories, earning them quite a bit of points.

For the individual competitions, Shrek Seven Devils were even more astounding. Dai Mubai in the thirtieth ranked range, besides meeting with control Spirit Masters twice and losing, won 25 rounds. Tang San’s luck was superb, and he never met a fire type[5] opponent, with his inferior thirty two ranks, in the thirtieth ranked Spirit Elder grade he unexpectedly maintained complete victory.

After all, against his Spider Web Restraint, without a way to conquer it, for those in his level range, it is very hard to escape. Xiao Wu was worse by a little bit. Although her teleportation was very extraordinary, several times she encountered opponents who just happened to restrain her ability, but still had twenty victories.

Ma Hongjun, in the twentieth ranked range was very successful and won twenty three battles of the twenty seven. Zhu Zhuqing’s individual competition record wasn’t inferior, winning only one less battle than Ma Hongjun.

Counting it like this, Tang San won the most out of everyone. Although the points scored in the three types of Great Spirit Arena battles were counted separately, relying on the many consecutive victories[6], his points increased very quickly.

If it wasn’t for the rules at the Great Spirit Arena, that the extra points earned from consecutive matches would only be added at the end of each month, right now they wouldn’t just be in iron rank spirit fights.  

Still, Shrek Seven Devils’ stunning performance already garnered the Great Spirit Arena’s attention, if not for their fighting spirit badge rank being too low, and thus not meeting the minimum requirements of the Central Spirit Battle Arena of at least a silver rank, perhaps they would already have been invited to participate in the Central Great Spirit Battle arena.

When the Shrek Seven Devils arrived at the Arena this time was just the second day of the month, this month’s altogether thirty days, with the exception a rest day, after today’s spirit battles, the one month period would be over. Then, they would get their points calculated. at that time, they would definitely not be in the current iron rank.

Even more praiseworthy, in the Shrek Seven Devils, their captain, Evil Eye White Tiger, Dai Mubai’s spirit power had broken through the 38th rank. This is not just because of his hard work in cultivation, but also because of these four months of body strengthening training and actual battles.

At the same time increasing spirit power were Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, reaching  the twenty eighth rank and twenty seventh rank respectively, rushing towards the thirtieth rank.

As night fell, in the heart of Suotuo City’s downtown area, Suotuo Great Spirit Battle arena was brightly lit.

The spectators came streaming in from all four corners of the city, from time to time one could even see luxurious carriages under the protection of retinues enter the Great Spirit Arena via VIP passages.

These were either from great clans or aristocrats. Naturally, the battles in the heart of Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena, caught their eyes.

Today was the last day of the month and also a weekend, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena would obviously become one of the greatest source of Suotuo city people’s entertainment. Here, not only would one be able to see spectacular spirit battles, one could also try their luck and place small bets, supporting their spirit master fighter.

Including grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji, Shrek Academy’s party all dispersed into the Suotuo Great Spirit Battle Arena.

This is not because they had to be careful to hide their identity but because it was necessary.

After this month of battling, the Shrek Seven Devils had made remarkable achievements, thus naturally becoming the focus of attention of the audience. Although they have not yet been to the center of the main Spirit Fighting Arena, but the audience in their surroundings were already very familiar to them. Shrek Seven Devils’ title has already become familiar with crowds, making them excited.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble and struggle. From ten days ago, the people of Shrek Academy started walking in as they were normally and completely change clothes once inside, then move to the designated place to sign up for a battle.

Thus trying to guess where the Shrek Seven Devils were going to compete had also become one of the crowds in the surrounding sections’ enjoyable customs.

Today, like the last few times, they specially wore a plain outfit into the Great Spirit Battle Arena, no one would notice a few teenage children. After these few months, Tang San and Ma Hongjun were already thirteen years old, in another few months, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing would also all be thirteen years old.

With age being their best disguise. the foresight of Grandmaster’s decision to let them wear masks was really praiseworthy.

Even though Group battles were the last to start, it would be the first to be registered, this was to ensure that it didn’t coincide with the individual and pair battles. Grandmaster instructed and dispersed all of them to fight in different districts, so as not to meet each other and avoid affecting their winning streak. Following which, Grandmaster handled the group battle registration as their broker.

Today, Grandmaster chose the eighth district and helped his disciples register. After a month of battles, the originally incredibly hard to attain silver rank, in everyone’s effort of consecutive victories have just about been confirmed. Now, they only need to wait for today’s spirit battle to be over and collate the extra points was all.

Grandmaster didn’t want to bring his disciples too much attention, once someone dug out the information about their age, then the attention from around the world would bring them a lot of trouble.

Thus he decided, after today, he would bring Shrek 7 monsters into his specially prepared 3rd stage of training.

[1]Both sides drink the same amount and see who falls first.

[2] *wink wink*

[3] Pun: Two (二) can mean stupid in the Beijing dialect.

[4] idiom for successful and prosperous

[5] pokemon

[6] Recall that in the arena, the number of points earned with each match multiplied every five wins for individual matches.

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