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Chapter 46

Part 1

On the Shrek Seven Devils side, dazzlingly beautiful light already shone in Ning Rongrong’s hand. In her right palm was a more than one chi[1] tall seven colored pagoda.

Gem-like light twinkling, exuding a noble air, Ning Rongrong had a smile on her face, her entire body floating in the air like an immortal. Auxiliary system Spirit Master spirit incantations rose from her lips.

“Seven Treasure Words, first: Strength.”

“Seven Treasure Words, second: Speed.”

The two spirit rings circling around Ning Rongrong spiraled up simultaneously, enveloping the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, fourteen lines of light were released simultaneously, separately reaching out to her and her six companions.

Relaxation and warmth, these two kinds of feelings simultaneously spread through the bodies of the Shrek Seven Devils, physical strength and speed in a moment receiving a thirty percent boost.

This Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda was actually too familiar to many people, seeing their opponents unexpectedly had a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, the expressions of the Mad Battle Team’s members immediately became unsightly. Let alone the Seven Glazed Tile Pagoda’s effect on teammates being first among auxiliary system Spirit Masters, the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School background alone was already enough to give them pause.

The arrow was on the bow string, there was no choice but to let it fly. Right now Mad Xi already didn’t have the time to think too much, although in his heart he regretted the previous provocation to Dai Mubai, at this moment he could only finish the battle before him before talking about it again. Plotting this time’s victory, they absolutely couldn’t like before injure the opponent. They mustn’t offend the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School.

Mad Xi’s spirit was indeed Rhinoceros[2], after releasing his spirit, not only did his body grow one size, his skin growing a layer of horn[3] that was just like armor, what changed the most was his head, growing a more than half a chi[4] long horn that twinkled with light brown light. Along with his loud shout, light rushed out from his ten year spirit ring. With an imposing manner he charged towards Dai Mubai.

The two Spirit Masters by Mad Xi’s side were also classified in the power system, both were Beast Spirit Masters, using identical spirits, heads growing two horns, skin a layer of white fur, they were grand Sheep[5] Spirits. In concert with Mad Xi, they charged simultaneously.

As a team, coordination was extremely important. The Mad Battle Team’s auxiliary system Spirit Master gave them a five percent defense boost and ten percent offense boost. Compared to the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda’s amplification, the difference was really too far. Otherwise, how would the Seven Glazed Tile Pagoda be called the premier Support Spirit.

Behind Mad Xi’s trio, the two agility attack system Spirit Masters also moved swiftly, their spirits were Monkey[6], their bodies covered by yellow fur, with incomparable speed they detoured around either side of Dai Mubai’s trio, directly aiming for Ning Rongrong.

At the same time, that flirtatious young woman with the first rate spirit rings acted. She was also a Beast Spirit Master, able to hold the central position of the team, besides strength, it was her Spirit Master cultivation direction, the same as Tang San, she was also a control system Spirit Master. What amazed Tang San was that this flirtatious young woman’s Beast Spirit was unexpectedly Spider[7]. In the instant of her Spirit Body Enhancement, Tang San finally took note of her. As the flirtatious young woman’s spirit released, her whole body was covered by a layer of pink light, wavy long hair rising into eight locks, unexpectedly taking the shape of eight spider legs to the sides of her head. On her forehead was a spider web mark, her two eyes also became pink.

Along with the first spirit ring flaring, raising both hands, a line of spider silk shot out from her palm, aimed into the air where it began to weave together.

Seeing the opponent’s control system Spirit Master was a Spider, even Dai Mubai couldn’t help but smile. The Man Faced Demon Spider had a name among arachnid spirit beasts: that was Spider King. He didn’t even need to think about it, he already knew the other side’s spirit was restrained by their side.

Tang San coolly observed the situation. He shouted loudly,
“Fatty, midair, Phoenix Fire Wire, launch.”

Ma Hongjun was already prepared from long ago, purple red flames sprayed out, going straight for the spider web in the air.

It was also at just this moment that Tang San also acted. Several tens of Blue Silver Grass abruptly spread out from below him, not at all forward, but rather to the sides, the Binding ability activating doubly, directly blocking those two Monkey Spirit agility attack system young Spirit Masters.

Control system restrained agility attack system, this was something any Spirit Master knew. Seeing the Blue Silver Grass mill out, the two surprisingly fast Monkey Spirit Masters immediately came to a halt.

Tang San’s hand also rose, without even looking to either side, the round green light in his palm was already thrown with the Arrow Hand Throw technique, targeting Mad Xi furthest in front of the opponents.

Mad Xi naturally saw the green light released by Tang San, he also understood this person on the other side was a control system Spirit Master, and without thinking launched his second spirit ring. Along with his enormous body rushing forward, he simultaneously swung his fists, a dazzling black light shone from the fists, the two unexpectedly collided in midair, becoming an enormous black light wave, rushing straight for the yellow green light Tang San sent out.

It had to be said that Mad Xi’s actual combat experience was unusually rich, the target of his black light wave wasn’t just the green light Tang San launched, once it smashed the green light, then, its next target was Dai Mubai.

But, could he truly stop that green light?

Mad Xi in the end still overlooked one thing: when Tang San released the green light, it was his third spirit ring that shone, just that purple thousand year spirit ring.

The green light wasn’t destroyed by the black light, it also didn’t clash with the black light. The black light’s attack swept down, but at this moment, a Blue Silver Grass quietly stretched out from a tricky angle, just enough to nudge behind the green light, at the soft touch, originally about to meet with the black light the green light floated up into the air and again back down.

“Mad Xi, careful!”
The flirtatious young woman’s face changed, hurriedly shouting a loud warning. Right now, in midair that not fully formed spider web was already completely changed before Ma Hongjun’s Evil Fire, without reaching half its original effect. With Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda amplification, the originally not inconsiderable spirit power difference had been substantially pulled closer. This artillery-like attack of Ma Hongjun’s could display the full might of his Evil Fire.

Mad Xi of course knew he had to be careful, but speed was after all not his area of expertise. The black light his fists threw out was now already impacting the second spirit ability White Tiger Light Wave Dai Mubai unleashed, the white and black colors colliding immediately caused an enormous boom. This time, Mad Xi didn’t have any advantage, at the same time as Dai Mubai came to a stop, he swayed once.

The green light finally revealed its true nature, in a flash spreading out into a large net dropping from the sky, completely enveloping Mad Xi’s body within. The spider web abruptly tightened, closely twisting Mad Xi’s body together.

With Spider Web Restraint having double the toughness of Blue Silver Grass, Mad Xi wanting to break free from within the large net became practically an impossible matter.

A burst of smoke simultaneously appeared under the spider web, the spider web’s additional corrosive and paralysing types of poison unleashed simultaneously, starting to erode the horn layer on Mad Xi’s skin.

“Little San, well done.”
Dai Mubai seeing mad Xi successfully contained by Tang San, immediately roused his spirit, stomping down forcefully, he shot forward like an arrow, his target the leftmost Sheep Spirit Master. Confronting the opponent’s charge, he basically lazily side stepped. Just what is called ‘a lamb in a tiger’s den’, with their spirits’ innate contrast, the atmosphere around Dai Mubai already had a not inconsiderable effect on the opponent.

Xiao Wu’s figure flashed, meeting the other Sheep Spirit Master, and Zhu Zhuqing accelerated with all her strength, flanking from the side, regardless of that control system Spirit Master, directly targeting the rearmost Wishful Disk Support Spirit Master.

The fight was now already in full swing, in the first exchange, it was clearly the Mad Battle Team that had suffered greatly, their principal fighting strength Mad Xi was twisted up in Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, making their frontline situation immediately disadvantageous.

At this moment, the Mad Battle Team revealed the strength of their seven successive victories. Among any one Spirit Master team, regardless of the number of people, the control system Spirit Master was the soul of the team.

The flirtatious young woman seeing Mad Xi trapped didn’t reveal any impatience, instead swiftly advancing, pouncing towards Mad Xi, at the same time shouting in a loud voice:
“Both Monkeys withdraw, protect Wishful Disk! Both Sheep hold fast!”

The two Monkey Spirit Masters previously blocked by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass were already swiftly retreating to their side, now hearing the flirtatious young woman’s orders, they pounced at Zhu Zhuqing without the slightest hesitation.

Mad Xi in his violent struggle had now already fallen down, he wanted to rely on his physical strength to struggle free of Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, but that corrosive poison constantly coming from the spider web was swiftly eroding his horn layer. His defensive power was admittedly very high, but this didn’t at all mean he was immune to poison. The outermost horn layer had already been corroded, and the more violently he struggled, the tighter the spider web became. Right now it was already gradually deepening.

When the flirtatious young woman saw Tang San in an instant shooting the spider web she was already greatly shocked, although Tang San’s spider web was constituted of Blue Silver Grass, she clearly understood that the opponent’s third spirit ring certainly came from an arachnid spirit beast. But she with a spider spirit confronting this kind of opponent didn’t have any confidence. Right now her goal was very simple, first she had to dissolve the spider web over Mad Xi.

Part 2

“Your opponent is me.”
Tang San’s calm and steady voice echoed next to the flirtatious young woman’s ear, Blue Silver Grass milled out, going straight for entwining her body. He absolutely wouldn’t give Mad Xi the opportunity to recover his fighting strength.

Dai Mubai confronting the Sheep Spirit Master already held the absolute advantage, even though the opponent’s spirit power wasn’t weaker than his, his spirit’s advantage was really too big, before his berserk tiger claw attack, the opponent could only retreat step by step. But neither side had used their third spirit ring, that was a last resort - only for when absolutely necessary, no one would use it lightly.

Different from Dai Mubai’s relaxation, Xiao Wu ran into some trouble. Her opponent was equally a Sheep Spirit Master, and besides clashing with spirit abilities, this Sheep Spirit Master’s second spirit ability was unexpectedly a rare Trampling[8]. Even though Trampling didn’t have much range, whenever Xiao Wu was about to get close, he unleashed the Trampling ability, and basically didn’t give Xiao Wu the opportunity to close in. At the same time, after Xiao Wu was shaken by the Trampling ability, she still had to face the opponent’s charge, several times narrowly escaping injury, for the moment she still didn’t dare press the attack. Her Teleportation ability was unexpectedly sealed by a second spirit ring Trampling ability. Although the opponent’s ability could only restrain her for a second, this second still left Xiao Wu largely helpless. To say nothing of the opponent’s spirit power being higher than hers, for the moment, they could still only tangle up each other, neither of them had a method to deal with their opponent.

Zhu Zhuqing’s speed was matchless, under the effect of Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, by practically only dodging sideways a few time she had already reached the other side’s Wishful Disk Spirit Master. Right now, those two Monkey Spirit Masters were still a short distance away from her.

The first spirit ability Hell Rush Stab, activated. With the help of her spirit ability, Zhu Zhuqing’s speed redoubled. The sharp claws on her fingertips already extending, directly targeting the opposing Spirit Master’s neck. As long as she could successfully down the opponent, his support capability would disappear and her goal would be achieved.

Blue Silver Grass rushed out frantically, tangling towards the flirtatious young woman.

Facing Tang San’s attack, the flirtatious young woman didn’t dare take any chances. As the linchpins of both sides, they at last collided. The flirtatious young woman’s second spirit ring flared, both simultaneously lifted their heads. This time, she was no longer squirting spider thread from her palms, rather spider silk welled out from her whole body. Although the spider silk was more delicate than Blue Silver Grass, it won out in quantity, forming a protective screen in front of her, able to rigidly block the Blue Silver Grass.

Where the spider silk came into contact with Blue Silver Grass they constantly made a popping sound, that was the confrontation of poison. With a spider spirit, how could the flirtatious young woman’s spirit ability not contain poison?

The flirtatious young woman’s spider silk apparently had an identical development direction as Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. Spider silk was tough, Blue Silver Grass itself also relied on flexible strength, both sides were deadlocked in midair, nobody able to deal with the opponent. They could only rely on poison to attack each other. In this respect, Blue Silver Grass with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s toxicity clearly held the advantage, the supplemental corrosive poison constantly corroding the spider silk.

Although the flirtatious young woman was inwardly shocked, right now her goal was already attained. As long as she could use this opportunity to release Mad Xi, then, the chance for victory still lay on their side.

At this time, with a pu sound, a flame as thick as an arm passed through a small opening in the Blue Silver Grass, directly bombarding the flirtatious young woman’s woven together spider web. The purple red flame not only directly opened a gap in the spider web, but at the same time adhered to it, quickly spreading to the sides. It was the arrival of Ma Hongjun’s support.

Tang San praised him inwardly, and with a flick of his wrist, again launched a round green light, just right to thread its way through the hole in the opponent’s spider web, going straight for that flirtatious young woman. As long as he was able to restrain the other side’s control system Spirit Master, this fight would lose any suspense.

If the flirtatious young woman didn’t duck quickly, she would have been injured by Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire. Phoenix Fire Wire when Ma Hongjun had already released Bathing Fire Phoenix greatly increased its attack power, its temperature incomparably high. Most terrifying, his Phoenix Fire Wire didn’t just attack in a straight line, but under Ma Hongjun’s control it moved like a long whip of flame, able to destroy her spider web in a few waves.

Seeing Tang San’s attack already arriving, the flirtatious young woman could no longer manage to help Mad Xi, by falling down she managed to avoid Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint.

Spider Web Restraint spread out in the air, how could its five meter diameter range be so easy to escape. At this moment, the third spirit ring over the flirtatious young woman finally flared. On either side of her head, the eight locks of hair extended, enveloped by pink light, becoming eight two meter whips, swinging simultaneously, they unexpectedly halted Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint. Most peculiarly, these pink whips weren’t affected by the adhesive on the spider web, rolling her body, she escaped the covering range of the spider web.

Peng——, the Wishful Disk Spirit Master confronting the agility attack system Zhu Zhuqing basically didn’t stand a chance. Just like control system subdued agility attack system, agility attack system also especially subdued auxiliary system. Zhu Zhuqing’s one hand sliced at the opponent’s neck, the Wishful Disk Spirit Master didn’t even groan, collapsing unconscious to the ground.

But, the moment Zhu Zhuqing appeared before him, he knew he was unable to escape, and also released his third spirit ability. That Wishful Silver Disk discharged a layer of strange silvery light, immediately afterward, at the same time as Zhu Zhuqing hit him, that silvery light already successfully transformed into six parts, and simultaneously infused into the other six members of the team.

And this moment was also just when that flirtatious young woman escaped from Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint.

The silvery light entering them, the Mad Battle Team’s bodies trembled once, the next moment, their eyes unexpectedly simultaneously reddened, their bodies also expanding a full size. Even Mad Xi on the ground still in the Spider Web Restraint, relied on his waist strength to leap up from the ground.

Dai Mubai originally already held the complete advantage, but after his opponent was infused with the silvery light, he unexpectedly suddenly became frenzied, not only greatly increasing spirit power, but at the same time both eyes turning deep red, firmly forcing Dai Mubai to retreat, and moreover frantically charging at him.

Xiao Wu’s circumstances were still worse than Dai Mubai’s, that silvery light infusing her opponent more than increasing spirit power and becoming frenzied, at the same time, that Trampling ability’s range also became much greater. Along with the intense shaking, Xiao Wu’s body immediately grew stiff, unable to dodge the opponent’s charge.

In this key moment, team coordination at once showed its effects, a Blue Silver Grass quietly twisted around Xiao Wu’s waist, forcefully pulling back her body, getting her out of the way of the opponent’s attack.

The two Monkey Spirit Masters’ speed suddenly increased, unexpectedly catching up to Zhu Zhuqing and pressuring her. And the flirtatious young woman’s long pink hair in front of Tang San grew longer in a flash, diverting four to directly strike at the Spider Web on Mad Xi’s body, tearing with all their might, adding to Mad Xi using all his strength, that Spider Web Restraint on his body unexpectedly gave way slightly. Although Mad Xi’s body had a large web of scars, as long as he was able to break away from the Spider Web Restraint, then, with him joining the opponents, the situation would immediately change.

The other four locks rapidly extended, whipping straight for Tang San.

Right now Tang San was a bit empty, successively releasing two Spider Web Restraints had already consumed two thirds of his spirit power. Confronting the opponent’s fanatical attack, Blue Silver Grass was already insufficient to obstruct it, helplessly, he had no choice but to use Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to swiftly withdraw. Fortunately he had Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire cover blocking the other side’s attack. Among the seven of the Mad Battle Team, besides the Wishful Disk Spirit Master unconscious on the ground, the majority had already sunk into a kind of special state, apparently only that spider woman Spirit Master still kept her head clear. Although Phoenix Evil Fire was her nemesis, she used Mad Xi’s body as a shield in front of her. Ma Hongjun’s burning Phoenix Fire Wire, although it made Mad Xi bellow repeatedly, was still insufficient to injure him, but Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint was equally affected by the Evil Fire, under the utmost efforts of Mad Xi and the spider woman Spirit Master, the Spider Web Restraint was finally removed.

Originally in a vastly superior position, the situation completely transformed under the Wishful Disk Spirit Master’s spirit ability. A thousand year spirit ring’s ability indeed wasn’t common. What the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know was that the reason the opponents were called Mad Battle Team was their relationship with the current condition. That Wishful Disk Spirit Master’s third spirit ring ability was obtained from a Fanatic Devil Lizard[9], when used, this thousand year spirit ring’s ability was able to grant a fanatical condition for three minutes.

After gaining the fanatical condition, one would lose the sense of pain, and if one’s mental strength was too weak, one would also simultaneously lose consciousness. In exchange it would boost all attributes by fifty percent. And once gained the auxiliary system spirit ability also lasted independently for one minute. In other words, even if that Wishful Disk Spirit Master was now already unconscious, the effect of his efforts on the Mad Battle Team members would still be sustained for one minute under Fanaticisms own power.

It was also just like this that they could reverse the situation in an instant.

Of course, the Fanaticism ability being this tyrannical, it naturally also had flaws. The flaws were very straightforward: the Fanaticism ability only had a duration of three minutes, and after three minutes the ones affected by the Fanaticism ability would be unable to use or condense spirit power for one double hour. In other words, if they couldn’t defeat the opponent under the effects of Fanaticism, they would die themselves. This was an all-in spirit ability, but its effects were also absolutely beyond the ordinary, capable of reversing Heaven and Earth in a key moment.

Part 3

At this key moment, it displayed Tang San’s importance as a Control System Spirit Master and the soul of the team. He gave up attacking up front. Blue Silver Grass quickly shot out, and following Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, who was being chased by the enemy team’s two monkey Spirit Masters, was pulled back beside Tang San. Who also came back was Dai Mubai, who just got forced away by his opponent. In a short time, he gathered the seven people on his team.

Control System Spirit Masters not only have to control the enemy, they also have to control their own team. What Tang San did showed how well he knew his job.

Surprisingly, Mad Battle Team’s six people with spiked strength did not attack. With a shrill scream, the flirtatious young woman gathered her team up as well.

“Surrender. Or else, even I can’t control what damage we might do.”The flirtatious young lady’s voice was very pleasing, yet her tone was full of helplessness.

Yet the members of the Mad Battle Team beside her were breathing heavily, their surging spirit power fluctuations formed an assaulting pressure.

Dai Mubai coldly shouted: “You want me to surrender? Quit dreaming. Beat us first and then we’ll talk.”

The flirtatious spider woman Spirit Master disdainfully twitched her mouth. “If not for the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, you think I would waste time talking? If so, I can only say sorry for the damage soon to be caused by us.”

A shrill scream sounded from her again. Fanaticism only lasted for three minutes, so she couldn’t afford to delay any longer. Mad Battle Team already earned seven consecutive wins. If they continued winning, then their income would be incalculable. Even if the enemy had a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master, they wouldn’t give up.

In the previous spirit battles, the reason Mad Battle Team could repeatedly beat stronger enemies was the support ability Fanaticism. And it was also because of it that their members lost their consciousness and often ended matches with crippled or even dead enemies.

As the commander, Tang San promptly shouted, “Everyone levitate.”

Shrek’s Seven Monsters almost simultaneously ate a peculiar mushroom sausage. As the Mad Battle Team neared, the seven of them suddenly sprouted wings of light and shadow, levitating twenty meters into the air.

The opponent suddenly disappeared, so the members of the Mad Battle team lost their targets. As the only clear minded one, spider woman spirit master turned pale. She never thought her enemies all had the ability to fly.

In the air, Shrek’s Seven Monsters each ate another Recovering Sausage, recovering their spirit power and strength. Tang San didn’t mind the enemies below. Mad Battle Team didn’t have a single flying Spirit Master, and wasn’t adept at long range attacks either. Even the Control System Spirit Master of theirs couldn’t control people over twenty meters away.

“Little San, what do we do now? The mushroom sausage only allows us to fly for one minute. Oscar can only fly for half a minute.” Though Dai Mubai wasn’t afraid, seeing the people with rank thirty five and above all grow even stronger made him feel helpless.

Tang San didn’t panic. “If I guess correctly, the reason their power suddenly increased was because of the thousand year spirit ability that Support System Spirit Master used before he fainted, instantly increasing all their strength. But have you noticed that other than the spider woman Spirit master, all of them have lost their consciousness. According to Teacher’s knowledge of Support System Spirit Masters, this situation won’t last very long, just like Oscar’s mushroom sausages. Also, after the effect, they must have great side effects, or else wouldn’t that Support Type Spirit Master’s spirit be as strong as Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda?”

Ma Hongjun said: “But what if we fall down and they still haven’t lost their buff?”

Tang San said heavily: “Then we can only bet. Victory is what we want, but everyone’s safety is more important. In their current state, Mad Battle Team is already beyond what we can go against. Little Ao, how many more mushroom sausages can you make?”

Oscar first passed a sausage to Tang San. “I do not have much spirit power left. I gave one to Boss Dai when we were doing two versus two battles. After, I made one for each one of us and this is the ninth one. I can at most make one more.”

“Little San, let me do it.” Dai Mubai already understood Tang San’s meaning. He wanted to rely on the longer flying time to bet that the Fanaticism will run out first, and also bet that Fanaticism would have severe side effects.

Tang San said: “No, let me do it. Right now everyone has used quite a bit of spirit power. In close combat techniques, you aren’t as skilled as I am. Also, I have techniques that can keep me alive, even if their Fanaticism really lasts longer than I expect, I can still leave. Since you let me command, then just listen to me.”

A minute’s time passed quickly, soon the minute was going to end, yet the Fanaticism effect on the members of the Mad Battle Team didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon.

Spider women Spirit Master also calmed down from the starting panic. As a fellow Control System Spirit Master, her real combat experience was plentiful. If only a few people flew up they might have Flying Spirit Masters, but if all seven flew up at the same time, then it could only be a spirit ability. Tang San was betting, but wasn’t she betting that their flying lasted shorter than their Fanaticism as well?

Oscar gave his last mushroom sausage to Tang San and immediately flew off stage. He was almost entirely depleted of spirit power, his face pale. His entire body was feeling the side effects of the emptiness within him. At this time, the three months of devilish training was paying off. Though it felt very painful, he was still very awake, not unlike a normal person. The major side effects of using excessive amounts of spirit power wasn’t showing that much.

Another half minute passed, and Shrek’s Seven Monsters, other than Tang San, all flew off the Spirit Battle Platform.

Spider women Spirit Master saw them all fly down one by one. Especially after seeing the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Spirit Master leaving, she let out a pent up breath.

But when everyone left except Tang San, her expression changed again. At this time Tang San already ate his second mushroom sausage.

“You’re not going to leave” Spider women Spirit Master beamed an enchanting smile at Tang San.

Tang San calmly laughed, “Though I’m the only one left, who can say the last winner isn’t us?”

At this moment, all the spectators started an uproar.

When they saw the entire Shrek’s Seven Monster fly upwards, they were already surprised. Seeing the checkmate happening, both screams of delight and anger sounded. Screams of delight were for the unique sight of everyone flying, and the anger was naturally from the lack of action. And all the anger was of course pointed at Tang San.

Tang San didn’t mind the audience’s attitude. Right now he put all his attention on observing Mad Battle Team. His eyes shined purple. Purple Demon Eyes were activated.

When Dai Mubai and the others left the stage, Tang San clearly saw the Mad Battle Team members shiver once, their vigor decreasing and their spirit power fluctuations not as great as before. Of course he didn’t know it was actually Mad Battle Team’s two previous buffs that disappeared. In his eyes, this was a sign that their Fanaticism was about to end, and he was a lot more confident in his own judgement.

Mad Battle Team’s unconscious members were continuously roaring under him. Spider lady Spirit Master’s gaze was also fixed on Tang San. Both sides were waiting, waiting for the situation both sides yearned for.

The last laugh was, in the end, Tang San’s. After eating the third mushroom sausage, just when he was about to give up, Mad Battle Team’s members all shuddered at once. Other than Spider lady Spirit Master, the others Fanaticism slowly faded, revealing confused expressions, their gaze becoming clearer while their spirit power fluctuations rapidly decreasing.

Success. Tang San’s heart leapt with joy, but he couldn’t afford to be careless right now. He didn’t want to get tricked by the enemy and lose.

Spider lady Spirit Master’s face changed. Though her body was still shaking, it wasn’t shaking as much as her teammates. Her spirit power still decreased majorly, causing her to look clearly weaker.

Mushroom sausage’s flying effect finally wore off. Tang San slowly floated to the ground. With Oscar’s recovering sausages, his strength has recovered to its max already. His spirit power was also recovered to about forty percent.

“Just as I thought. You couldn’t keep on flying.” Spider lady Spirit Master displayed her calm, not even glancing at the pale and pained teammates, Still staring at Tang San, as if she recovered her sharpness.

Tang San laughed calmly. “Are you not the same? The status after all couldn’t last that long either. If I’m correct, even if your Support System Spirit Master did not faint, he could only use this ability once.”

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[2] (犀牛)

[3] Stratum corneum, or “horny layer”

[4] ½ 尺 = ⅙ m

[5] (羊) Alternatively “goat”

[6] (猴)

[7] (蜘蛛)

[8] (践踏)

[9] (狂热魔蜥) “Mad Fervent Devil/Magic Lizard”

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