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Chapter 45

Part 1

The thin cat young lady clearly did not hope to beat the enemy with her first attack. Just when Tang San diverted her silver claw flurry, she already pushed close to Tang San, her third spirit ring lighting up.

On the other side, Xiao Wu pounced from above, straight towards the fat rat. The fat rat also looked upwards to see her, but wasn’t panicked. His spherical body suddenly bounced upwards, his first two spirit rings simultaneously lighting up, his claws popping out. With a speed unlike his size, he approached Xiao Wu. His speed was surprisingly even faster than the thin cat.

Fat Rat’s stature was confusing to any type of enemy. Tang San’s first guess was right, they were both Agility System Spirit Masters. However, thin cat’s first spirit ring was Speed Boost, and that was a ten year spirit ring. Fat rat’s second spirit ring was Speed boost.

Hundred year spirit rings cannot be compared to ten year spirit rings, so actually Fat Rat’s speed was even faster than thin cat’s, but his strength was weaker than skinny cat’s in the first two spirit rings.

The two sides both started their confrontations. The flames of spirit fighting were also released at this moment.

When thin cat pushed near Tang San’s body, her third spirit ring had already released it’s ability. Her goal was to take down Tang San with the speed of ten thousand tons of lightning [1]and then go back to help Fat Rat. When seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu with superior spirit rings, the experienced thin cat already decided to use this extreme method to fight. In normal fights, both sides do a bit of probing to find out the enemy’s spirit abilities before going all in. She did this because she was forced by their strong spirit rings. If she succeeded, the win would be theirs. Four wins in a row isn’t easy to get, and they don’t want to waste the five win streak. If that happens, the points and the money earned are tenfolded.

“Miaoo----” A shrill meow suddenly sounded. Thin cat young lady’s body changed in midair, her claws suddenly becoming ten times longer, changing into ten sharp swords aiming for Tang San. The spirit power on the claws made whistled through the air. The very air bended as it went through.

This obviously wasn’t her own strength anymore, but the powers that come with her third spirit abilities. Now, she was already right in front of Tang San, the elongated claws thrusted for many spots on Tang San. Her attack was also doubled by her thousand year spirit ring and was now undefendable for a same ranked Spirit Master.

If the enemy was any other Spirit Master, they might have actually been defeated by the courageous advancements of her. Locking down their front, the only option was to back off to dodge her attack, but Tang San had already backed off slightly, so he was very near the Spirit Fighting Stage’s edge. If he backed up right now, thin cat was sure she could push him off the stage.

Unfortunately, thin cat’s plans[2] failed. Her enemy Tang San once went through a life and death situation, how would he be easily beaten back?

As the sharp claws almost pierced through his body, suddenly, Tang San’s upper body disappeared without any warning.

Thin cat young lady blanked a little. Her movements were way too quick, so even she didn’t see how Tang San did it.

In reality Tang San’s actions were simple. All he did was bend backwards, letting his entire upper body fall back. Though he wasn’t as flexible as Xiao Wu, doing this was still within his ability. However, because thin cat young lady was in front of him, doing this was exposing his chest. Though the thin cat young lady blanked, she immediately found Tang San’s seemingly wrong actions. All she has to do is flick her wrist downwards to win this fight.

Victory was imminent, and thin cat young lady couldn’t help but feel joy. Flicking her wrist was such an easy move for her.

Thinking in her mind, she thought, This guy with a mask has decent spirit rings, but his real combat experience is horrible. He used this weakness exposing tactic to solve my previous attack. 

However, she also forgot something. She forgot about Tang San’s spirit.

Thin cat young lady’s joy only lasted a split second. The next moment, she found that she couldn’t move her body at all, not even to flick her wrist downwards.

Tang San already released his Blue Silver Grass earlier when Xiao Wu jumped from his shoulders. Only his Blue Silver Grass was summoned along the ground. When thin cat young lady attacked, her body stopped for a split second and the dexterous Blue Silver Grass entangled her.

If not for the Blue Silver Grass’s entanglement, though she was very fast, how would Tang San expose his weakness in front of her?

After the bending back, Tang San somersaulted backwards, both legs kicking out onto the enemy’s wrists.

Thin cat young lady suddenly discovered she couldn’t move. Just when she wanted to struggle, Tang San’s two kicks came and a big force sent her flying backwards. At the same time, the spikes on the blue silver grass popped out, paralyzing her entire body, forcing her to concentrate all her spirit power to defend against it.

In a real combat situation, the advantage of the painfully obtained Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring was shown. Not only was Blue Silver Grass extremely tough, the poison was also increased greatly. Binding looked like Tang San’s first spirit ability, but Blue Silver Grass was the main body of Tang San’s spirit, so every spirit ring would augment the Blue Silver Grass. This was the advantage of a Tool Spirit Vs a Beast spirit. Tool Spirit Masters, though their bodies couldn’t be augmented by the spirit, their spirit grew stronger consistently.

Though thin cat young lady struggled with all her might, her spirit power wasn’t even as strong as Dai Mubai’s or as intense, so how could she escape the blue silver grass? Under the paralyzing poison, she was absolutely controlled by Tang San.

Tang San walked his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. With one step, he came to thin cat young lady’s side. Flipping her with with the tips of his toes, her body fell off the Spirit Fighting Stage. According to the rules, the moment they fell off the stage, they were out.

At the same time as the thin cat young lady fell off the platform, Fat Rat was also thrown off on the other side.

As it turned out, Xiao Wu, who was dashing towards Fat Rat, without hesitation activated her Teleportation, flashing behind Fat Rat. Her scorpion braid whipping out, trapping the enemy’s neck, right leg kicking, throwing Fat Rat off the platform.

If it was a life and death situation, the thrown out Fat Rat would obviously still have fighting power. Xiao Wu, though she activated her Waist Bow, didn’t give the enemy a major injury. After all, beast type Spirit Masters all had very strong bodies, plus the enemy was prepared for it, unlike the ambushed Vulgar Uncle Bu Le, who didn’t even release his spirit power. In this fight, Fat Rat’s spirit wasn’t a flying type spirit, so how could he control his body in midair? He was thrown off at almost the same time as Thin Cat.

The fight started fast and ended faster. In the fight, in only the blink of an eye, the match was decided.

In the audience, those spectators cheering for the Cat Rat Combination instantly became quiet as mice, as Tang San and Xiao Wu settled on the Spirit Fighting Stage and smiled at each other.

Even they hadn’t thought today would be this easy. In their mind, they thought it was because of countering spirits. Tang San’s Control System and Xiao Wu’s Close Combat were both counters of Agility System Spirit Masters. Originally Xiao Wu should be countered by Agility System Spirit Masters, but now that she had Teleportation, it greatly reduced her own weaknesses. Under unprepared circumstances, the Fat Rat didn’t even activate his thousand year spirit ring before he was sent flying by her.

Grandmaster, sitting in the stands, nodded slightly. He was very satisfied with Tang San and Xiao Wu’s performance. As a spectator, he saw even clearer than everyone else. In the few moments of fighting, Tang San’s reaction time and his synergy with his own spirit were all perfect. Easily beating a team with higher spirit power wasn’t only because of countering spirits. The months of real combat training under his direction were starting to show results.

Under the announcement of the host, Three Five Combination received a good score of two consecutive wins, and their points rose to three.

Only now did the crowds around the stage finally start cheering. Though this fight was short, both Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass and Xiao Wu’s Teleportation opened their minds. The crowds were fair, and wouldn’t be miserly with their applause. The Three Five Combination, under the crowd’s cheers, silently left the stage. What awaited them still were a one versus one battle each.

Part 2

Perhaps today was a lucky day for Shrek Seven Devils, in all the one versus one and two versus two spirit fights, everyone obtained victory. Among them Oscar and Dai Mubai named their combination Dual Winged White Tiger[3], referring to how under little Ao’s assistance, the Evil Eye White Tiger was like a tiger that had grown wings[4]. They faced an attack and defense system Spirit Master combination, Dai Mubai under the effect of Oscar’s mushroom sausage, with speed fully compensating for his weaknesses, adding the flying capability, with a power not short of a thunderbolt he “delivered” one of the opponents outside the ring, after which the contest naturally held no suspense.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing named their combination Seven Treasures Civet[5], and as the opponents saw Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda their fighting spirit already dropped greatly. When facing a combination with an auxiliary system Spirit Master one should first attack the auxiliary system Spirit Master, but common Spirit Masters couldn’t want to offend the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School as one of the seven great sects. Therefore, two both twentieth ranked Spirit Masters had to confront Zhu Zhuqing with speed and strength boosted by thirty percent. Under the assistance of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, the current Zhu Zhuqing apart from not having a third spirit ability, already had strength surpassing the thirtieth ranked level, and relying on lightning-like speed she settled the opponents without wasting too much effort.

Five one versus one bouts, and three two versus two bouts ended in complete victory, for the opening of the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit fight journey it was a perfect start. Of course, they still hadn’t finished the spirit fights today, there was still one last bout waiting for them.

Successively eating two of his own sausages, then giving the others one recovery sausage each, Oscar’s face was proud. Obtaining a point the first time he took part in a fight, how could he be unhappy, especially since apart from using some of his spirit power to give Dai Mubai a mushroom sausage, he basically did nothing. He had not even needed to use his plan to escape the opponents’ attacks in the ring.

Grandmaster, Flender and Zhao Wuji looking at the seven disciples before them couldn’t help but nod inwardly, how could they be dissatisfied when these less than fifteen year olds were able to obtain this kind of success in the Spirit Arena?

Grandmaster said:
“We should go join the team battles, as a result of signing up for late bouts you should be competing close to last. Remember, what you will confront is a team over thirtieth rank. Team battles are different from one versus one and two versus two, the teamwork between each other is far more important than individual fighting strength. Since the counterpart fights as a team, they will not lack any type of Spirit Master. As for tactics, it depends on how they are arranged.”

Dai Mubai said:
“Grandmaster, don’t say you’re still not happy with our teamwork? Little San, you are a control system Spirit Master, when we’re fighting later you take command, all of us will listen to you.”

Tang San didn’t object, as the soul of the team, this was his duty.

“Well, later Mubai, Xiao Wu, Zhuqing, you three are our main assault, Mubai in the middle, Xiao Wu and Zhuqing supporting on the side. I’ll be in the middle to as far as possible restrain the opponents and support your attack. Fatty. You stay in the rear, use your Phoenix Fire Wire to perform ranged attacks and protect little Ao and Rongrong. Little Ao, begin preparing now, get everyone one of each of your three sausages, any problems?”

Oscar said:
“No problem, my spirit power is still sufficient.”

Tang San last turned to Ning Rongrong,
“Pay attention to your safety. You and little Ao mustn’t be far from Fatty’s side. If the opponents launch an attack towards you there’s no need to be nervous. Me and Fatty will work together to protect you.”

Ning Rongrong giggled,
“What nervous? It doesn’t seem like I can even feel that.”

Dai Mubai said:
“Good. Let’s go.”

The team battle arena obviously had to be much larger than for one versus one and two versus two, and the contestants’ lobby appeared especially bustling. At least thirty Spirit Masters waited here.

One must know, in all of Balak Kingdom, there were only two Spirit Arenas on the scale of Suotuo Great Spirit Arena: one was here, the other was Balak Great Spirit Arena in Balak Kingdom’s capital. One might say that Spirit Masters wanting to join in spirit fights in Balak Kingdom practically had to gather in these two cities, otherwise there wouldn’t be this many Spirit Masters here.

According to Spirit Hall’s statistics, in the whole Continent there were no more than a hundred thousand Spirit Masters, of them the Spirit Masters residing in Balak Kingdom were only two thousand or so, that’s all. From this, Great Spirit Arena could attract an amount of Spirit Masters.

Even if it was Spirit Masters on the level of Flender and Zhao Wuji, there were still many participating in big spirit fights. Because of the high level and powerful strength, the earnings they could obtain from Great Spirit Arena were considerable. Were it not for Zhao Wuji’s numerous enemies and Flender’s arrogance, with the Academy’s finances in a slump, maybe they also would have participated in spirit fights.

Sure enough like what Grandmaster said, Tang San’s group would be second from last to appear. They couldn’t go see the fights outside, and among the seven were four who had experienced two spirit fights and all had used some spirit power. Even though they had the assistance of Oscar’s recovery sausage, spirit power couldn’t recover completely in such a short time. So taking advantage of the time before they had to appear, the seven sat down in a corner meditating to aggregate spirit power, preparing for the fight later.

If only one person wore a mask, perhaps they wouldn’t draw too much attention, but when seven people wore the same mask, as they entered this team battle lobby they couldn’t avoid drawing the attention of others. The majority of Spirit Masters on seeing Tang San’s party revealed alert expressions.

Although they couldn’t see the faces of the Shrek Seven Devils, from their stature and clothing they could still make out at they consisted of three women and four men. Among Spirit Master teams, female Spirit Masters were only one fifth as many as the male Spirit Masters, so this kind of team was already somewhat odd.

As Tang San’s seven were quietly cultivating and waiting to enter, a more than two meters tall, extremely sturdy large man suddenly walked in their direction. From his appearance he was over thirty years old, with a naked torso exposing exaggerated suntanned muscles, no need to ask, he was another strength model Spirit Master.

“Hey, little miss, with your figure, what are you doing covering your face, let big brother have a look.”
He spoke to the one among the three girls of the Shrek Seven Devils with the most fiery figure, Zhu Zhuqing. Although Zhu Zhuqing was the youngest, her degree of development constantly made Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong envious. Right now with face covered by a mask, there was basically no indication she was just a twelve year old girl.

“Get lost.”
Her reply was very consistent with her usual personality, only one cold utterance[6].

“Is it that your face is shameful? Little girl, don’t you know who I am? You dare talk to me that way.”
As he spoke, he already raised his big hand.

“She told you to get lost, didn’t you hear?”
Dai Mubai stood up sharply, stepping in front of Zhu Zhuqing. Although he was a size smaller than the opponent, the sudden eruption of his imposing manner made the opponent pause.

“Looking to die.”
The big man fiercely widened his eyes, right hand suddenly swinging, swatting down at Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai snorted coldly, his right fist swinging up to meet the opponent’s palm.

With a muffled peng, the big man’s body swayed once, but Dai Mubai took two steps back, a cold light flashing in the four pupils of his Evil Eyes, intense killing intent immediately exploding out from the oldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, the Evil Eye White Tiger.

The Shrek Seven Devils to the side naturally saw Dai Mubai get the worst of it. As a power type Spirit Master, although Dai Mubai hadn’t used his spirit, his spirit power could affect his attack. By him being sent back two steps it could clearly be seen that the opponent’s spirit power was higher than his. One must know that currently Dai Mubai was already a thirty seventh ranked Spirit Elder, moreover about to enter the thirty eighth rank. Being beaten back by the counterpart under these kinds of circumstances, then, this robust large man before them very possibly was thirty eighth ranked, or even thirty ninth ranked Spirit Elder. In the thirtieth rank, his spirit power was already a top level existence.

“Stop fighting!”
When both sides stood with swords drawn and bows bent[7], on the verge of a large fight, a neutral voice suddenly interposed itself, a seeming like a forty something years old middle aged man approached with large strides. He didn’t seem to use any power, but with only two steps appeared between Dai Mubai and the large man.

“Don’t you know you can’t have personal fights in the Spirit Arena waiting area? These are the rules of the Great Spirit Arena. If you must fight, go do so on the Spirit Arena stage.”

Seeing this middle aged man, that previously bristling with anger big man unexpectedly immediately changed complexion,
“Manager Ao[8], my bad, I briefly didn’t hold back.”

The middle aged man called manager Ao gazed at the Shrek Seven Devils,
“You must be that newly registered team Shrek Seven Devils. All right, you don’t need to argue here, as it happens, today you will be each other’s opponents in the Spirit Arena. Whatever your grievances, settle them yourselves in the arena. Mad Xi[9], the next time you let me catch you causing trouble, don’t blame me for being rude, this is the last time I’ll warn you, remember it.”

“Yes, yes, no need to repeat it, no need to repeat it.”

“Kid, just wait till later. I’ll beat you till your mama won’t recognize you, or my[10] name isn’t Mad Xi.”

Part 3

Finished speaking, Mad Xi turned around and left.

That manager Ao cast a glance at Dai Mubai, indifferently saying:
“Don’t be deceived by appearances. Mad Xi is the captain of Mad Battle Team, all their members are over thirty fifth rank spirit power. In the seven days since they registered at the Spirit Arena their team has already obtained seven successive victories on the Spirit Elder rank. If they can accomplish ten successive victories, they will be directly advanced to copper spirit fights. With their strength, they could be counted as first class among the thirtieth ranked copper spirit fighter teams, they would even be outstanding. You’re on your own. If you admit your strength is insufficient, after going on stage immediately admit defeat. If Mad Battle Team acts, you’ll end up wounded or dead.”

Manager Ao didn’t speak loudly, just enough to let all the Shrek Seven Devils hear him, then turned around and left. But after the other Spirit Masters saw manager Ao, they didn’t look in their direction again.

Dai Mubai curled his lips,
“I didn’t expect that the first time we climb onto the Spirit Fighting Stage we would encounter a bone so difficult to chew. Wounded or dead? I want to see who really ends up wounded or dead.”

“That Mad Xi isn’t simple.”

“Boss Dai, remember the first thing this manager said, don’t be deceived by appearances. He gave us a hint, Mad Xi isn’t a boorish as he appears. Able to become a team captain, leading his team to seven successive victories, frightening the other teams, that can’t be accomplished by strength alone. This fellow might be specially probing our strength.”

Dai Mubai nodded,
“Very possible, if it’s like this, we must be cautious. Everyone listen up, if the situations turn for the worse, don’t force it. Immediately use little Ao’s mushroom sausage and escape the ring. Everyone’s safety must be the first priority.”

As the captain of the Shrek Seven Devils team, Dai Mubai wasn’t a person that would let emotions affect his decisions, but he also wouldn’t helplessly watch his girl be insulted. Of course, the words “his girl” were only recognized by him alone, Zhu Zhuqing absolutely wouldn’t acknowledge them.

Tang San said:
“The opponents have the advantage in rank. Since that Mad Xi is written xi, his spirit should be Rhinoceros[11]. A Spirit Master inclined towards the defensive physical strength type. When attacking, we should as much as possible refrain from clashing with him. First attack the opponent’s lower ranked Spirit Masters. Leave this Mad Xi to me. I’ll restrain him as far as possible.”

The thirteenth Spirit Arena altogether had five rings. Before the third match the Shrek Seven Devils had an hour of rest. Finally, it was their turn.

Shrek Seven Devils left the Spirit Master resting area at the same time as Mad Battle Team. Now, they finally saw all the members of the Mad Battle Team.

The imposingly large Mad Xi walked ahead of them. Following closely behind were two middle aged men of around the same age, the two had a somewhat similar appearance, and should be a pair of brothers, with ordinary builds and gloomy complexions.

Further in the rear was a glamorous woman, the only female in the Mad Battle Team. Through the heavy makeup her age couldn’t be made out, but by her figure she should be over twenty. Her clothes were also extremely revealing, on her upper body she only wore cloth wrapped around her chest[12], and although she wore a skirt it was thin as gauze, and her skin could be faintly seen through it.

The flirtatious woman threw Dai Mubai walking first of the Shrek Seven Devils a coquettish look. Dai Mubai didn’t even give her a glance, he had seen numerous beautiful women, and most disliked this kind of heavy makeup. From the start he didn’t have even a bit of interest.

Dai Mubai wasn’t interested, but he didn’t represent the interest of the others, for example a certain Fatty. Right now his Evil Fire was already rising. Secretly swallowing, in his mind playing out some fantasies not suitable for children.

Behind the flirtatious woman were two slightly built youths, constantly watching in every direction with flickering gazes.

Walking last of the Mad Battle Team was their oldest member, at least over forty, appearing very average, his clothes also quite simple, if he wasn’t in this Great Spirit Arena it would be difficult to connect him with the two words ‘Spirit Master’.

As the Shrek Seven Devils observed the opponents, the opponents naturally also observed them. Unfortunately, among the Shrek Seven Devils apart from Fatty’s distinctive figure, the others all had very ordinary builds, and with their faces all hidden behind Shrek masks it was very difficult to discern anything.

The team Spirit Fighting Stage was much larger than for one versus one and two versus two, its diameter reaching forty meters. The surrounding audience was also twice as large, and by now the stands were already packed. On the Spirit Fighting Stage were some bloodstains, clearly left behind from the previous team spirit fight.

The Mad Battle Team’s appearance at once ignited the audience’s craze, strong cheers resounded from everywhere.

“Tear them to shreds……, Kill them……”
Similar calls not only increased the pressure, but also made people's blood boil.

The announcer on the stage was unexpectedly that manager Ao who helped the Shrek Seven Devils out before, standing in the center of the ring,
“The fourth bout, team battles. The two sides ready to fight are: Mad Battle Team and Shrek Seven Devils. Regarding the Mad Battle Team, I think there is already no need for a lengthy introduction, they have already obtained a brilliant record of seven successive victories, if they can keep it up and in the future win a few more bouts, then, they will very possibly set the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s record for fastest reaching copper spirit fights. Next, let us have a look at the mysterious assembly on the other side. This team completed registration just today, this is also their first team spirit fight. How unfortunate that they must face Mad Battle Team. These masked Spirit Masters are called Shrek Seven Devils.”

Whether it was because the Mad Battle Team had too many supporters or the Shrek Seven Devils’ masks gave the spectators a bad feeling, as manager Ao announced their name, the surrounding audience immediately booed.

The area of the round forty meter diameter Spirit Fighting Stage was already exceptionally large, more than a thousand square meters[13], therefore even though both sides lined up had more than fourteen people, it still didn’t seem crowded.

Following manager Ao’s proclamations, the Shrek Seven Devils and Mad Battle team each assumed their formations.

On the Mad Battle Team’s side, furthest in front was the team captain Mad Xi, and close behind his back were those two gloomy middle aged men, the three people adopting a triangular formation.

The flirtatious woman was in the centre of the seven, still wearing a charming smile. The two slightly built youths were on the two flanks, and that appearing very ordinary older middle aged man was last. The whole formation resembled a pointed awl.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ side similarly got into their formation. Different from the opponents’ 3-3-1 formation, the Shrek Seven Devils assumed a 3-1-1-2 formation, the seven people split into four rows.

Furthest in front was Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing, second was Tang San, third was Ma Hongjun, and last was Oscar and Ning Rongrong.

Oscar stuck close to where Ning Rongrong stood. At present he didn’t have any assignment, the three sausages Tang San requested for everyone he had already handed out. Even if they had to be replenished, he could accomplish it quickly.

“What are you doing this close to me?”
Ning Rongrong said in a low voice.

Oscar said:
“In case someone attacks you, I can shield you with my body.”

If she had heard Oscar’s words in an ordinary situation, Ning Rongrong would certainly have thought he was trying something. But right now Oscar’s words didn’t sound a bit joking, his gaze all along fixed on the opponents not far away, his voice also clearly became thick.

Having two auxiliary system Spirit Masters was admittedly good, but it also meant the Shrek Seven Devils’ fighting strength was five people. Facing a team of thirty fifth ranked or higher members the pressure was obvious, and Ning Rongrong with the Seven Treasured Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit would clearly be the opponents’ main target. One must know that with her there they could increase their strength by thirty percent.

The announcer separately asked both sides if they were ready. As team captains, Dai Mubai and the other side’s Mad Xi simultaneously indicated their preparations were complete.

“Starting countdown from five. Five, four, three, two, one. Team spirit battles, fourth bout. Begin!”

One versus one and two versus two bouts didn’t have this countdown. For the sake of letting both sides’ Spirit Masters have time to release their spirits, like this, in the fight, it could prevent effects of someone releasing their spirit slowly. Of course, to the Great Spirit Arena, it was in order to let the spirit fight become more dramatic and attract the audience.

“Brothers, release spirits.”
Dai Mubai shouted loudly. His imposing manner suddenly increased, the muscles all over his body expanding in a flash, both arms stretching out to either side, releasing his Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement.

At the same time, both sides simultaneously released their spirits. In a moment, Beast Spirit Masters’ bodies changed, Tool Spirit Masters summoned their spirits, the whole Spirit Fighting Stage immediately becoming incomparably dazzling. Tang San finally understood why the audience liked watching team spirit fights. This starting moment alone already couldn’t be compared to the two other kinds of spirit fights. Imagine, fourteen Spirit Masters simultaneously releasing their spirits, dazzlingly beautiful spirit rings shining simultaneously, such a grand scene.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, the colors of the Spirit Elders’ spirit rings were the same, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Tang San and Xiao Wu, all had two yellow and one purple, in other words two hundred year and one thousand year, altogether three spirit rings. The other three also each had two hundred year spirit rings.

Compared to the Shrek Seven Devils, the opposing Mad Battle Team clearly had somewhat unevenly matched spirit rings. Mad Xi had one white, one yellow, one purple. A standard ten year, hundred year and thousand year assembly. The two gloomy middle aged men at his side each had one white and two yellow. Clearly a lot weaker spirit rings. The only one with a first rate spirit ring configuration was unexpectedly that flirtatious woman, the same as the four Spirit Elders on the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, she also possessed the aid of two yellow and one purple spirit ring.

Of the other three, although they were also thirtieth ranked Spirit Masters, a thousand year spirit ring only appeared over that last very ordinary looking older middle aged man, his spirit rings were the same as Mad Xi, and the other two had one white and two yellow.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ side’s neat colors immediately formed a clear contrast with the other side’s uneven matchup. Although Mad Xi who had previously already sounded out Dai Mubai’s strength had a certain preparedness, as he saw the Shrek Seven Devils unexpectedly had four Spirit Elders with first rate spirit ring arrangements, he was still alarmed. Fortunately, they still had three Spirit Grandmasters, otherwise, perhaps he would have immediately thought of surrender.

From the contrast of spirit rings before them it could be seen just how rare higher level spirit rings were, for common Spirit Masters obtaining a good spirit ring was exceedingly difficult. After all, spirit beasts that produced excellent spirit rings were all much more powerful than Spirit Masters, they could only be obtained safely with powerful assistance.

The originally noisy crowd now became silent, the impact of seeing four purple spirit rings was absolutely not small. To say nothing of the Shrek Seven Devils’ side not having even one white spirit ring, this was sufficient testimony of their backgrounds.

Manager Ao was equally startled by the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit rings, but he still recovered to normal very quickly, and along with declaring the start retreated swiftly, his speed incredibly high, clearly he was a Spirit Master with not inconsiderable strength.

The first to act wasn’t the Battle Spirit Masters both sides had in front, but the auxiliary system Spirit Masters in the back. Light shone in the palm of that older middle aged man, in his hand was already a silver disk. The white and yellow spirit rings over his body simultaneously flared.

“Wishful Disk[14], let defensive light blossom[15], Wishful Disk, let offensive halo blossom[16].”
Two halos the same color as the two spirit rings released in a flash, giving each of the six comrades in front of him a layer of yellow and white light.

[1] (雷霆万钧之势) Literally “Thunderclap’s ten thousand jun power” where a jun is 30 jin, or 15 kg, so something like an instantaneous irresistible force.

[2]( 如意算盘) Literally “As one wants - abacus”. Means the calculated plans that one made based on predictions.

[3] (双翼白虎)

[4] “A tiger that has grown wings” is also an idiom referring to redoubling power.

[5] (七宝灵猫)

[6] In RAW her reply is only one character (滚), but English is less succinct.

[7] Idiom: Ready for battle.

[8] (敖主管) “Rambling”, a different ao from Oscar.

[9] (狂犀) “Mad Rhinoceros”, the “mad” from “Mad Battle Team”.

[10] Mad Xi uses (laozi 老子) here, or “I, your father”, which is an extremely arrogant way to refer to oneself.

[11] (犀牛) The first character is the xi in Mad Xi.

[12] By RAW she’s wearing a moxiong (抹胸) or basically a wide cloth wrapped around the breasts.

[13] 1256.64 m2 to be more precise

[14] (如意之盘) “Disk that acts as desired”

[15] (防御之光绽放)

[16] (攻击光环绽放)

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