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Chapter 43

Part 1

If the difference was under ten ranks, Tang San had complete confidence he could obstruct the opponent’s control capability. Grandmaster once said that the best method to deal with control system Spirit Masters, was precisely with control versus control. If speaking of strength system Spirit Masters as the core of the team, auxiliary system Spirit Masters as the team’s foundation, agility attack system Spirit Masters as the team’s eyes, then, control system Spirit Masters were the team’s soul. Over these three months of devilish training Tang San had constantly strengthened his body, at the same time Grandmaster had every evening still specially given him special training, the target of which was the Eight Spider Lance[1] external spirit bone hidden in his vertebra.

This name Eight Spider Lance was chosen by Grandmaster, since this external spirit bone was obtained from the Man Faced Demon Spider and greatly resembled eight spider lances. Undergoing this period of training, Tang San went from unsuitable to suitable, by now he was already able to control the movements of the Eight Spider Lances effectively for attack and defense, at the same time he was capable of releasing and restraining the poison within the Eight Spider Lance. Grandmaster said that relying on this external spirit bone, in addition to his control system spirit Blue Silver Grass, he could completely resist an opponent under roughly fortieth rank.

The three hastily ate dinner, Fatty also ate two of Oscar’s recovery sausages, before the four then quietly slipped out of the Academy. Ma Hongjun did not intend to tell the others, after all, this matter of being beaten up in Grass Nest couldn’t be particularly glorious.

Just when the four walked out of the Academy gate, suddenly, a dark shadow appeared, obstructing their way.

Since Ma Hongjun was beaten, right now he was already somewhat jittery, he had released his spirit in practically the first moment.

Red purple flames lit up the darkness, letting the four clearly see who was obstructing their path.

Ma Hongjun loosed a breath, withdrawing his Phoenix flames,
“It’s you, must you scare a person to death?”

This person suddenly appearing before them, was Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu today wore brown trousers and a simple close fitting white top, although her body wasn’t as fiery as Zhu Zhuqing, the slender feeling of her body had a different distinct style, especially that astonishing slenderness. Also the extreme flexibility of her small waist, and that lustrous black scorpion braid hanging to her feet behind her, gave her even more of a next door little sister sense of beauty. A pair of big dark eyes stared sceptically at Tang San’s group.

“What are you doing sneaking off like evil spirits? Fatty, why is your face so swollen? You let someone beat you up?”

Ma Hongjun sighed, Tang San and the others were after all men just like him, he had no taboos with them, but Xiao Wu was a girl. Always dissatisfied with his method of settling the Evil Fire. For a moment he was immediately somewhat unwilling to say he had been beaten.

Xiao Wu took a few steps forward, in the moonlight clearly seeing the condition of Ma Hongjun’s face, immediately hopping with righteous indignation,
“Who was this violent? Unexpectedly beating you like this. Boss Dai, it wouldn’t be you?”

Dai Mubai curled his lips,
“Would I act so violently against my own brother? Fatty was beaten like this by a love rival. We were just about to go find him.”

“Then what are you waiting for, count me in. Daring to beat my brother, he can’t want to preserve his life.”
Xiao Wu’s character was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos. When just entering the Academy, she was somewhat biased towards Fatty, but over this time, with everyone mutually looking out for each other in this devilish training, the bias had faded long ago. Even more, back at Nuoding Academy she was the Big Sister boss, never short of fights when looking for one, now ordinarily everyone exchanged pointers according to a plan, finally with the opportunity for a fight she appeared even more anxious than Ma Hongjun.

“Fifth sister[2], you truly are too good. How about I devote my body to you.”
Seeing Xiao Wu not only didn’t stop everyone’s revenge, but on the contrary immediately joined in, Fatty was immediately greatly moved. The depression in his heart also immediately disappeared somewhat, the last line clearly held his always vulgar nature.

“You would devote your body to who?”
Tang San looked at Fatty, his voice somewhat strange.

Fatty looked at Tang San, hurriedly smiling awkwardly,

“I said nothing, third brother[3], let’s hurry.”

The four became five, taking advantage of the night, again setting foot on the familiar path, the five used spirit power, heading towards Suotuo City at lightning speed.

In a fraction of an hour.

“Fatty, is this where you ordinarily settle your Evil Fire issue?”
Dai Mubai’s eyebrows both scrunched together.

Before them right now was a row of single story houses. This was a remote corner of Suotuo City. The houses in front were only three meters tall, looking damaged in many places, in the doorway hung several pink lanterns, below the lanterns stood several clearly not young prostitutes with heavy makeup and gaudy dress peddling themselves to people passing by.

The corners of Oscar’s mouth twitched,
“No wonder you always say grass nests also hold golden phoenixes, this truly is a grass nest, ah!”

Regarding Ma Hongjun’s tastes, Dai Mubai and Oscar truly didn’t dare compliment. For Xiao Wu and Tang San it was the first time in this kind of place, apart from curiosity, they had no special feeling.

Fatty only guffawed twice, in a low voice saying:
“It’s really cheap here, ah, the price is cheap and quantity excessive, one silver coin for one time, two silver coins for three. The quality to price ratio is high. Moreover, you must believe the principle of grass nests also holding golden phoenixes. This depends on luck.”

Dai Mubai glared at him,
“In the future, don’t say I know you. Although I knew you aren’t picky, I still didn’t expect you to go as far as this. Coming to this kind of trashy place, the age of those golden phoenixes of yours could compare to your aunts.”

Fatty somewhat indignantly angry said:
“Boss Dai, don’t deliberately ridicule me, let’s first deal with business. You wait here, I’ll go ask if that bastard hasn’t left.”

While speaking, Fatty quickly walked towards the “grass nest”.

Oscar looked around everywhere,

“This is really remote, it suits the task. I, your father, have a large sausage, I, your father, have a small sausage, I, your father, have a mushroom sausage……”

Hearing Oscar chant his spirit incantations, starting to prepare for the battle ahead, Xiao Wu couldn’t refrain from making a light spitting sound,
“Truly worthy of being called Big Sausage Uncle.”

In a moment, Ma Hongjun animatedly ran back,

“Perfect, that fellow still hasn’t left, he only paid the bill just now. I estimate he’ll come out at once. Brothers, for helping me take revenge this time, I’ll host you later and invite everyone to eat a good meal.”

Dai Mubai vigorously waved his hand at him,
“Don’t speak nonsense, I wouldn’t dare go to a meal hosted by you. With your tastes like this, just forget about it.”

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, even Xiao Wu couldn’t help but nod, she and Tang San had seen the unconstrained twin sisters Dai Mubai had brought, comparing those top quality twins with these “aunties” before them was practically like heaven and underground.

While they talked, one person already walked out of the grass nest. Tang San’s group stood in a dark corner across from Grass Nest, by now the color of the sky was already completely black, from across the street this side was very difficult to see.

“That’s him.”
Fatty gnashed his teeth.

Just like Fatty’s description, walking out from “Grass Nest” was a forty something middle aged man. Dark skin, one meter sixty tall, on his face a satisfied lascivious smile, right hand wrapped in gauze, wearing large pants with several holes, on his feet a pair of large sandals[4], looking self satisfied as he walked down the street. While walking he hummed a little tune,
“Uncle’s mood is good today, ah, the bird came out to stroll[5].”

“Is it on?”
Fatty already cracked his fists.

“Wait a moment.”

Xiao Wu grabbed Fatty’s plump shoulder, the other hand throwing back the scorpion braid, on her charming face appearing a harmless smile,
“Come out in a moment, watch me.”

While speaking, Xiao Wu took small steps, from the side walking out to that vulgar uncle called Bu Le.

“What’s Xiao Wu doing?”
Ma Hongjun somewhat puzzled looked to Tang San. Who other than Tang San could understand her best.

Tang San clapped a hand to his forehead, somewhat helplessly saying:
“Just wait and see.”

Xiao Wu didn’t look like she walked quickly, but was just right to block that vulgar uncle’s path.

“Hello uncle. May I ask, is there a place selling candy nearby?”

Bu Le had just left Grass Nest, entire person soaked in satisfaction. The sudden voice made him start, raising his head to look towards the source of the voice. Immediately, that appearing straightforward face of his had a kind of particular lustre, a certain place on his body immediately stirring.

It had to be said, in the night suddenly appearing before him was such a pleasant sight as Xiao Wu. Young and tender fair young face, long black scorpion braid, although not particularly ample, she still had a figure to some extent, in particular the youth and inexperience on her rosy face, was even more attractive to an old pervert like this. Bu Le’s eyes shone as he saw Xiao Wu, saying inwardly, ‘such a beautiful and lovely little loli. Heavens, Earth, don’t tell me this is your gift for me?’

Coughing, Bu Le swiftly restrained the obscene light in his eyes, sticking out his chest, assuming a neat posture, changing so quickly that if Xiao Wu hadn’t kept her eyes on him all along, she might have been tricked.

“Little miss, you’ve still come out to buy candy this late, ah? This is so remote, aren’t you worried you’ll run into bad people?”
When Bu Le had a serious face, adding to his simple and honest outward appearance, he still truly had a somewhat dignified appearance.

Xiao Wu blinked with her beautiful big eyes,

Seeing her soft spoken appearance made Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Oscar not far away twitch. Was this flirty Xiao Wu still the same person who had thrown them around like sandbags in fights? This, this was even beyond acting. Only Tang San’s face expressed a wry smile and no surprise, he had already experienced this kind of scene long ago at Nuoding Academy. In deception, Xiao Wu was even better than what Ning Rongrong did when she just arrived at the Academy. Especially when assuming that next door neighbour little sister appearance, practically no man was immune to it. The difference was, proper people seeing her like this would only feel tenderness, but a person like Bu Le seeing the current Xiao Wu would only drool.

Part 2

Hearing Xiao Wu’s question, Bu Le immediately said:
“Of course uncle is a good person. Little miss, what are you called, how old are you, eh?”

Xiao Wu’s little face quickly blushed,
“I’m Xiao Wu, almost thirteen.”

Bu Le was expressionless, thinking to himself, ‘almost thirteen, in other words twelve?’ His adam’s apple moved vigorously as he swallowed. If he didn’t eat this tender morsel delivered to his mouth, he would truly be letting himself down.

“You are this tall even at twelve, in the future you will certainly be a great beauty. Xiao Wu, there’s no place here that sells candy, come with uncle, uncle will bring you to buy candy, afterwards I’ll see you back home. All right?”

Xiao Wu smiled, nodding cutely, saying:


Bu Le hadn’t expected this little miss would be tricked so easily, seeing her agree to go with him, he was immediately exultant, small eyes looking around, going in the direction of a remote place he remembered. In order to not beat the grass to scare the snake[6], he resisted grabbing and pulling Xiao Wu’s little hand.

Oscar rubbed his eyes hard, poking Tang San at his side,
“Little San, is this really Xiao Wu? Why can’t I see any resemblance?”

Tang San somewhat strangely said:
“Back at Nuoding Academy, there were girls molested by a strange uncle. Xiao Wu used just this maneuver, luring that person into a dark corner, afterwards came the Eight Stage Drop[7].”

“Eight Stage Drop? What’s that?”
Dai Mubai also couldn’t help but be curious.

In Tang San’s eyes expressed a trace of fear,
“It’s the most violent kind of throw in Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill. Eight throws in succession. As long as the first throw succeeds there is practically no chance to resist. That is Xiao Wu’s true strength. Therefore, by no means meet her at close range. I expect that this strange uncle called Bu Le-something, might be fortunate enough to taste this great banquet. Let’s catch up with them to prevent accidents.”

Right now Bu Le’s lascivious heart was greatly stirred, with his forty sixth rank spirit power, if he was a bit alert like normal he might discover Tang San and the others following, but right now his heart was entirely focused on this young and fresh little loli by his side, with none to spare for others. How would he also know that, sometimes, loli was interchangeable with demon[8].

Furtively glancing at Xiao Wu, her slender waist swaying slightly as she walked, her butt was not at all large, but her waist was really too slender, that resulting curve made this old pervert Bu Le constantly stealthily swallow. Adding to Xiao Wu’s close to perfection beautiful complexion, a beautiful girl walking beautifully. The Evil Fire that had previously been dispersed was already rising within. To an old pervert his age, the outside was especially important, how could Xiao Wu before him be compared to those free range chickens in the grass nest?

Further and further away, already very few pedestrians could be seen around. Bu Le brought Xiao Wu around a corner, reaching a secluded and dark little alley.

“Uncle, where is the candy store, this is so dark, I’m a little scared.”
Xiao Wu spoke softly, apparently somewhat panicked.

Bu Le smiled mischievously, saying:

“Xiao Wu, ah, this late at night, eating candy is no good for the body. Let uncle bring you to see goldfish[9].”

“See goldfish? Where is there goldfish?”
Xiao Wu asked curiously.

Bu Le stopped walking, stretching out his hand and starting to untie his trousers,
“I’ve got it right here.”

Xiao Wu suddenly smiled,

“Uncle, your next line wouldn’t be ‘I, your father, have a big sausage’?”


Bu Le’s hands stiffened, his movements immediately coming to a halt, he looked right into a pair of red colored eyes, eyes brimming with Demon Confusion, his entire body immediately becoming rigid, and in the next moment, before him, only remained a smear of purple shadow.

Tight around his neck, not waiting for Bu Le to release his spirit, that black scorpion braid was already winding around, and in the next moment, Bu Le only felt a force at his neck, his entire body involuntarily leaving the ground.

If Bu Le had been a power type Spirit Master, perhaps he still would have had a chance to stabilize himself. Unfortunately, he was a control system Spirit Master. But if a Spirit Master couldn’t release their spirit, their strength would also be greatly weakened. Adding to his “industrious plowing” for a whole day, his strength had long ago dropped by more than half. The current Bu Le only felt the sky spin and earth go round, the next moment he could only see stars.

Gold stars, silver stars, stars of all sizes flickered continuously, the violent shaking making him completely unable to focus his spirit power to release his spirit. His body didn’t even feel pain, only a strong numbness.

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Tang San and Ma Hongjun had by now already walked out from the darkness. Besides Tang San, the other three without exception stared wide eyed, looking at that previously still acting soft and immature lovable figure now with incomparably berserk movements. This was also the first time they saw the full set of Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop.

Using the teleportation ability, when Xiao Wu disappeared from in front of Bu Le, her long ago already accumulated power meeting the completely mentally unprepared him, Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid successfully wrapped around Bu Le’s neck. In the next moment, vulgar strange uncle Bu Le’s miserable life had already begun.

Binding his neck, Xiao Wu’s one foot stepped on his lower back, the first spirit ring ability Waist Bow activating. Neck bending backward, feet moving forward, Bu Le’s body already flew into the air.

The scorpion braid quietly slipping off, Xiao Wu jumped after Bu Le’s body thrown into midair. That Waist Bow strength of hers was truly terrifying, with thirty first ranked spirit power, one hundred twenty percent amplification, she directly threw Bu Le five meters up.

When Bu Le’s body climbed to its peak was also precisely the moment Xiao Wu caught up, both hands grabbing Bu Le’s waist, Waist Bow’s strength activating once more, with a snap of her slender waist bringing Bu Le to spin backwards. Currently Bu Le was still bewildered by Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion, besides the feeling of sky spinning and earth revolving, he could feel nothing.

Xiao Wu was grabbing the clothes at Bu Le’s waist, revolving a full two turns in midair, as she dropped towards the ground, under the effect of Waist Bow, Bu Le’s rapid spinning made a kind of hair-raising whistling sound and smashed into ground.

That moment, Tang San’s group closed their eyes at practically the same time. They could imagine the kind of strength of being thrown in a spiral from high in the air like this, Xiao Wu had also used it when competing against them before, only at that time she had directly thrown them in midair towards the sky, and not like this truly throwing them towards the ground.

Today Bu Le could be considered having bad luck, meeting Xiao Wu, this little baleful star, in addition to his vulgar appearance being what Xiao Wu disliked the most. In this fight she basically didn’t have any intention of starting off leniently. In Xiao Wu’s heart, for this kind of strange uncle who didn’t intend to let off even a twelve years old little girl, even killing wasn’t too much.

However, Bu Le was after all a forty something ranked Spirit Ancestor, in the two rapid rotations, he also finally awoke from Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion. Although there wasn’t enough time for him to use his spirit, he still managed to cover his whole body with spirit power, protecting himself. But in the next moment, the violent shock already scattered the spirit power he had gathered.

Hong—-, Bu Le’s body heavily smashed into the ground, Xiao Wu had smacked his body flat onto the ground, each part of his body in contact with the ground, there wasn’t even enough time for Bu Le to scream, blood overflowing from his nose at once. He was completely dumb from the throw. But, this was only the beginning.

Xiao Wu hardly paused, with both hands pressing on Bu Le’s waist made a backflip, both legs pressing directly on either side of Bu Le’s head, Waist Bow activating yet again, throwing Bu Le directly forward. The hands had released, but her legs were able to generate even greater force. Under the driving force of Xiao Wu’s legs, following Xiao Wu’s backflip, Bu Le’s entire body flew up to once again smash into the ground.

Xiao Wu now fully revealed the flexible strength of her waist. With the help of the rebound from this second throw, body flipping over and back, she slammed Bu Le back in his previous position. Bu Le’s body was whirled around by Xiao Wu’s legs like a burlap sack, altogether six times, around the third, his bones started making snapping sounds.

“Fuck me, fuck me, ……”
Dai Mubai and the other two’s gazes continuously followed Bu Le’s body thrown around with all of Xiao Wu’s strength. Each time he was thrown, they couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, blood already splashing next to their feet. Finally, as Xiao Wu once again threw Bu Le’s body, it was without again directly throwing him on the ground and rather throwing him into the air, the six continuous throws were considered finished. In addition to that first spiral drop from high in the air, it was already a full seven drops.

Part 3

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Oscar or Ma Hongjun, all silently thought, if this was them being dropped seven times, what would the scene be like. Perhaps even the strongest Dai Mubai would immediately lose consciousness, even if he had already used his White Tiger Vajra Transformation, when thrown by Xiao Wu like this perhaps his spirit power would come apart from the shock.

Xiao Wu yet again leapt up, but when Dai Mubai’s group thought she would once again use the killing spiral drop from high in the air, Xiao Wu didn’t make those kinds of movements. The current Bu Le was already completely in a semi-conscious state. When Xiao Wu caught up to him, both her feet once again pressed at his neck. She rotated one thousand eighty degrees at lightning speed, with Bu Le’s neck squeezed by her, naturally he could only follow along with her turn, his neck constantly making cracking sounds. Even if the vertebra didn’t come apart, it still wasn’t much better.

After the one thousand eighty degree turn, Xiao Wu made an elegant backwards summersault, Waist Bow activating one last time, directly throwing Bu Le towards the ground. She also made use of the opposite force from throwing Bu Le to flip several times through the air, landing on the ground.

Hong—-, the vulgar strange uncle Bu Le smashed into the ground in a kind of extremely monstrous posture. Apart from his whole body twitching, he didn’t make any other movements.

Ma Hongjun looked at the slightly panting Xiao Wu who had landed not far from him, probingly asking:
“Xiao Wu, you didn’t kill him, right?”

Xiao Wu gave the twitching body of Bu Le a glance,
“Killing him would dirty my hands. I have propriety. Little San wouldn’t let me casually kill people. I only gave him a lesson, that’s all. However, I expect he’ll be out in bed for three months before recovering. By my calculations, several of his joints were dislocated by my drops. For a time, I’m afraid he really will be unable to take care of himself.”

Dai Mubai somewhat gloomily said:

“We came here to fight, when you’ve thrown him around like this, we have farts to beat, ah. Only, Xiao Wu, your Eight Stage Drop really is powerful.”

Oscar added:
“The key point is that her teleportation is too abnormal, once within a five meter range of her, even running is impossible. Furthermore, Xiao Wu, that Waist Bow ability can be used consecutively? Is there no need to aggregate spirit power between uses?”

Xiao Wu giggled, as if the impressive feat just now hadn’t been accomplished by her,
“Previously I had to condense spirit power, only, after I reached thirtieth rank, there is no longer any need for time. Besides, even if I had to aggregate spirit power, the interval between each Waist Bow is already enough.”

Tang San suddenly said:

“Xiao Wu, in the future don’t use that kind of method to lure the enemy again. It’s too dangerous like this.”

Xiao Wu looked blank a moment, looking at Tang San’s serious eyes, she stuck out her tongue, but nodded cutely.

What Tang San didn’t say was that when he watched Xiao Wu go to entice Bu Le, for some reason, his heart was extremely uneasy.

Dai Mubai waved his hand, saying:

“Fine, we’ll leave. Fatty. This fellow is more miserable than you. It counts as your revenge.”

Ma Hongjun had after all not used his own hands, right now he still somewhat hadn’t resolved his anger. Running up next to Bu Le, he raised his foot and stepped down several times with an effort, while stomping he hatefully said:
“Letting you beat me, letting you beat me. Letting you say my pecker[10] is small. Ai, all right.”

Seeming to suddenly recall something, Ma Hongjun smiled mischievously,

“You go ahead first, I’ll come right away.”

Dai Mubai frowned, saying:

“Don’t be harsh, although this fellow beating you isn’t any good thing, but it still isn’t a deadly crime. You hurry it up.”

“Got it.”

Watching Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu turn around the corner and disappear, Ma Hongjun’s face revealed a monstrous smile. Raising his right hand, a red purple flame appeared in his palm, and his gaze moved to Bu Le’s lower body.

“Strange uncle, didn’t you say I had a small pecker? Fine, then I’ll let yours become a roast chicken[11].”


Tang San’s group still hadn’t gone very far, hearing the unhumanly bloodcurdling scream, the four looked face to face, and somewhat helplessly shook their heads.

Very quickly, Fatty already animatedly chased after them, without waiting for any questions, immediately took the initiative to say:
“Be at ease, I did nothing like that. I wouldn’t let him die. Xiao Wu was right, killing him would dirty our hands. Fifth sister[12], many thanks for today, if there is anything you have need of this Fatty for then don’t hesitate to ask, as long as I can get it, I won’t decline.”

Xiao Wu cackled,
“No need for repayment. That throwing just now was very invigorating. It’s been quite a while without something so pleasurable.”

Tang San seeming to ponder something said:
“Actually, what we did was no good.”

“No good? Little San, you wouldn’t be soft hearted, right?”
Dai Mubai somewhat puzzled looked at Tang San. Although Tang San was ordinarily very calm, he didn’t seem like a soft hearted person. He could still clearly remember the appearance of Tang San fully using his hidden weapons, even Zhao Wuji suffered a small loss.

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“I’m saying, cutting grass without rooting it out, once the spring wind blows it grows again.”


The others’ gazes at Tang San immediately changed somewhat. Although they were all genius Spirit Masters, they were after all only teenagers, with regard to murder, perhaps only Dai Mubai could accept it. Nobody expected Tang San would say something like this.

Tang San never forgot the guiding principles written in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record General Principles, third item: Ascertain the opponent is an enemy, as long as they chose the path of killing, never hesitate, otherwise one’s worries will only increase.

“That vulgar strange uncle Bu Le didn’t die this time, perhaps the matter will stay at that. But in the end he has more than fortieth ranked spirit power. If he musters a group of friends for revenge, you be careful Fatty. Although who beat him was unclear, by hearing alone, adding to his clash with you in the daytime, he will certainly guess it was you who brought people in.”

If previously Dai Mubai didn’t say Bu Le’s sins weren’t worthy of death, Tang San already would have acted. Right now he was only reminding Ma Hongjun so he wouldn’t later come to grief.

Ma Hongjun swallowed,
“I didn’t expect it would be little San who was the fiercest! Apparently, if one offends somebody it shouldn’t be you.”

Tang San showed a smile,
“As we came here you didn’t seem to address me like that.”

“Eh……, fine, big brother San, and little sister Xiao Wu as well, many thanks for the matter this time, I would still ask you brothers to help keep this a secret.”

Dai Mubai raised his hand to lightly pat the top of Fatty’s swollen head,
“Our own brother, why are you saying such nonsense? Let’s go back quickly. We can’t let Grandmaster discover we were out so late, unless you want more devilish training.”

Shrek Academy, dean’s office.

“Xiao Gang, I don’t want to disturb your teaching of those little monsters of ours, but, I have no choice but to regretfully inform you, the Academy’s little bit of money has already been spent by you.”
Somewhat helplessly saying this, Flender had a sad expression.

As a formidable Spirit Sage, but whose arrogance kept him from wealth, what kind of sorrow was this.

According to normal expenses, the tuition the students paid would be sufficient for the expenditures of one academic year. There would even be a bit left over. But Grandmaster’s education plan was in another class, not only did food expenses go up considerably, but along with the food the medicines mixed into the students’ baths every day were even more frightfully expensive. Over these past three months, of this year’s tuition for Shrek Academy there was already nothing left.

Grandmaster nodded, as always with that rigid face, and said indifferently:
“Got it.”

Flender said with a wry smile:
“You got it, then propose a solution.”

Grandmaster said:
“Once these seven days of rest are over, I will bring them to undergo the second stage of training. You needn’t worry, I will settle the issue of expenses.”

Flender sighed, saying:
“Were it not for these children being so outstanding, I truly wouldn’t think to go on. It’s still the days we together travelled the Continent that moved me the most.”

Grandmaster showed a brief despondency,
“Perhaps there will be a day we can repeat that happiness.”

Flender couldn’t help but ask:
“Xiao Gang, how are you planning to teach these children in the next stage? Wouldn’t it be taking it easy for a bit, in these three months they have suffered bitterly. They’re after all just teenagers. As they say ‘excessive hardness leads to an easy break’, don’t be too excessive.”

Grandmaster’s expression again recovered to its normal state,
“Since you gave these children to me to teach, you can only place your full trust in me. I have measured it out.”

Limp on the ground, Bu Le was still constantly twitching, but by now he had already woken from unconsciousness. This was already the third time he had awoken. The first two times he woke up the incomparable pain all over his body had instantly brought him back into the darkness.

Clenching his teeth to resist the pain, Bu Le forced his eyes open, a scorched smell constantly assaulted his sense of smell, but what made him despair the most, was the complete lack of sensation in his lower body. He knew that his whole life might be over. He wanted to move, but could only barely squirm, his four limbs were completely dislocated, even his elbows and knees were separated. At least five ribs were broken. Of his cervical vertebra[13] at least two were displaced.

[1] (八蛛矛)

[2] “Fifth [younger] sister” Xiao Wu is the fifth oldest, Ma Hongjun is the fourth.

[3] “Third [older] brother” Tang San is the third oldest.

[4] Flip-flops, to be precise.

[5] Sort of a literal translation to what I assume is a lewd song with some wordplay. He calls himself (大爷我) where (大爷) is a colloquial term for “father’s older brother” or a respectful term for an older man, but it can also mean “arrogant idler” or “self centered show off”. The second line uses (鸟儿) which literally translates as “bird”, but (鸟) is an alternate way to write the homophone (屌) which means “penis”.

[6] Idiom: Alert the enemy.

[7] (八段摔) Or “Eight Section Throw”

[8] Wordplay alert. The first character of “loli” (luo li 萝莉) is a homophone to and is written very similar to a kind of Buddhist demon poltergeist (luo cha 罗刹). For some (much) more distantly related connections, the luo in loli (萝) means radish and is one of the characters in carrot (see the manhua for this connection). The luo in demon (罗) means gauze, and is the same as in Douluo and Star Luo.

[9] The Chinese equivalent of “puppies in my van”, stems from a pedophile case in Hong Kong.

[10] He uses (jiji 鸡鸡), which is a childish way of saying penis, but the character (鸡) also means “chicken”, which we all know is sort of a trigger for Fatty.

[11] Pun alert. Fatty goes from (jiji 鸡鸡) “penis” or literally “chicken chicken” to (kaoji 烤鸡) “roast chicken”.

[12] “Fifth [younger] sister” Xiao Wu is the fifth oldest.

[13] The vertebra in the neck.

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