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Chapter 44

Part 1

But all this was still on the basis of Xiao Wu going easy, otherwise, it wouldn’t just be simple dislocations. Although Xiao Wu’s spirit power still wasn’t pure it was at a level where it could break every bone in his body without killing him, but the pain of the dislocations was even more unbearable, even after recovering it would still leave lasting damage.

Just then, successive footsteps echoed, gradually approaching.

“That chicken nest madam said Bu Le brought a young miss in this direction. This fellow, it wouldn’t be that he encountered some top quality morsel and was going to eat it alone?”
The speaker had a very magnetic and deep voice, the gold standard for baritone. If one only heard his voice, perhaps to thirty years or older women he would have an irresistible attraction.

“This fellow absolutely acts on his own, right now he still has us come look for him. Lao E[1]. The place you brought me to today was excellent, especially that pantyhose little sister, just looking would make people drool.”
If speaking of the first voice as incomparably pleasant, then this second voice was another extreme, hoarse like a duck’s call. Adding the vulgar content, it immediately gave people a kind of nauseating feeling like falling into a pile of flies.

Hearing these two voices, Bu Le suddenly roused from semi consciousness. Fortunately, his jaw hadn’t been dislocated, with difficulty he condensed a bit of spirit power, rousing his mind to yell:
“Lao E, Tian Ya[2]. I’m here.”

Those just gossiping voices suddenly paused, followed by the sound of urgent footsteps. Very quickly, two figures arrived before Bu Le.

“You, are you Bu Le?”
The pleasant baritone didn’t dare speak confidently. Seen clearly by moonlight, this person was tall, with wide and solid shoulders. Although his long hair was disheveled, it brought a somewhat wild atmosphere, but most eye catching were his eyes, a pair of small extremely narrow eyes, seemingly only small cracks. If viewed from the front, it would be very difficult to tell whether they were open or closed. Adding the effect of his puffy and swollen eyes, it was even easier to overlook those thin slits. Just this bit perfectly destroyed the impression from his baritone voice.

“Bu Le, how did you end up like this?”
The other person swiftly squatted at Bu Le’s side. Although his face had a concentrated expression, his appearance was even more wretched than Bu Le and baritone’s. Put succinctly, besides the hair that could still be considered ordinary, there was basically nothing normal about him.

His entire body was so thin it was like only the skeleton was left. His eyes were unexpectedly very large, but yellow, twinkling with a cloudy light. A pair of rat whiskers trembled as he spoke. The crows feet at the corners of his eyes looked capable of simultaneously crushing a group of flies to death.

These two now appearing before Bu Le looked about the same age as him. Now the two had already shed their amused expressions, having serious faces.

The slightly built man’s both hands quickly felt all over Bu Le’s body, from time to time cursing, in his yellow eyes were already a bit of red.

“Really mistreated severely. This time Bu Le is wretched. The four limbs are dislocated without doubt. Five ribs and four bones are also broken. Three cervical vertebrae are displaced and cracked. He won’t recover in several months. Most important, Bu Le’s thing is cooked.”

“Cooked? Tian Ya, what are you calling cooked?”
The baritone called Lao E was shocked.

The wretched little man Tian Ya smiled wryly:
“Can’t you smell that roast chicken? This time Bu Le’s loss was too great, the bones can recover, but this roast chicken……”

While speaking, Tian Ya raised his right hand, along with a beautiful green light flickering, a sharp blade had already appeared in his hand. At the same time as it appeared, there were also a full five spirit rings. One white, two yellow, two purple, although the spirit rings’ attributes were common, he was a true Spirit Elder with more than fiftieth rank spirit power.

The sharp blade in his hands was a broken blade[3], seemingly broken evenly with the waist. The knife blade was approximately four fingers wide, from the handle to the break one chi two cun long[4]. The knife handle was eight cun[5] long. In the flickering green light, it was a grand Tool Spirit of a Battle Spirit Master.

“Bu Le, we let you down. If we didn’t come to find you at once, perhaps it would be even worse.”
In the green light, the hand swung the blade, with a small sound, something seemed to fall to the ground. Strangely, Bu Le didn’t make a sound, but his eyes overflowed with humiliated and baleful tears.

“I must have revenge. I must have revenge. I must make their lives worse than death.”

The seven days of rest passed very quickly, and the day finally came when classes started again. Since the day several of them snuck out to suppress the vulgar strange uncle Bu Le, several days had passed, and gradually this matter had faded from memory. Besides Ma Hongjun, the others were all unaware of Bu Le’s roasted chicken. Ma Hongjun was also very restrained because of this matter, for these several days of rest he hadn’t again gone to Suotuo City, the Evil Fire’s outbreaks seemed to be suppressed by the intense exercise.

After eating breakfast, as the familiar start of class bell rung, Tang San and the others punctually arrived on the grounds.

Today’s sunshine was especially bright, the blue sky without clouds as far as the eye could see. Although it was still early, the sunlight already burned somewhat. Grandmaster’s shadow was lengthened by the sunlight, standing there with both hands folded across his chest, waiting for the seven to line up.

“From when I came here and started teaching you until now it has been three months. Under the supervision and aid of the teachers, your bodies already have some foundation. But if you want to become outstanding Spirit Masters, this is still far from sufficient.”

It was worth mentioning that in the previous three months of demonic training, the other teachers hadn’t stayed idle. The first time Ma Hongjun slacked off they had learned that the teachers had secretly supervised them along their training route. The consequences of Ma Hongjun slacking off that time directly led to everyone training fifty percent harder for three days. Grandmaster had all along implemented a policy of collective punishment. One person erred, all suffered. The broom was one entity.

“Consequently, starting from today, I will advance you to the second stage of your education. According to Flender, you have already gone to Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, and that is where you will receive your education for some time. This time the education doesn’t have a time limit, whenever you’ve obtained a silver spirit fighter badge is when the training ends. For this time I will arrange for you to stay at the inn closest to the Great Spirit Arena. You will provide lodging and board yourselves. As long as you have the ability, your income from Great Spirit Arena should be considerable.”

Hearing Grandmaster’s words, the students simultaneously loosed a breath. Going to Great Spirit Arena would always be more relaxed than Grandmaster’s demonic training.

“But, you must remember: obtaining a silver spirit fighter badge is not limited to one versus one spirit battles, you must simultaneously obtain a silver spirit fighter badge in group spirit battles. You will fight as Shrek Seven Devils. Group fights can not only let everyone receive personal points, at the same time they will grant team points, this is something two versus two fights do not have. Of course, if you want to obtain the silver spirit fighter title even faster, I ill not object to you freely forming combinations to enter two versus two fights. But I have a few restrictions you must keep in mind. First, you may not reveal your faces or names to your opponents in spirit fights, everyone has to fight under code names. Second, including Tang San, no one may use hidden weapons. Third, whether you win or lose, every day each person must fight at least twice.”

Oscar somewhat grumbling said:
“Grandmaster, me and Ning Rongrong are auxiliary system Spirit Masters, must we also get silver spirit fighter badges?”

Grandmaster calmly said:
“Maybe. You can choose the kind of training you did before, until the others have silver spirit fighting badges.”

“Eh……, Grandmaster, I suddenly realize your decision to have us go compete at Great Spirit Arena for actual combat experience is brilliant, take it as I said nothing just now.”

Ning Rongrong originally thought to raise the same issue. Seeing Oscar choke on it she couldn’t help but inwardly rejoice, cackling to the side.

Grandmaster always passed like thunder and moved like the wind[6]. After letting all the students simply put their things in order, he immediately brought them out, leaving for Suotuo Academy. Journeying together with them were still old acquaintances of the students, the Academy’s original two deans, Four Eyed Owl Flender and Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji. The other three teachers stayed behind to take care of the Academy.

Flender couldn’t help but greatly admire Grandmaster’s decision. Having the students living in Suotuo City, taking care of their own expenses, the Academy naturally wouldn’t suffer any pressure. But he with Zhao Wuji and Grandmaster could live at his shop, and supervise the students’ daily combat progress.

Great Spirit Arena bouts were all conducted in the evening. A party arriving in Suotuo City would first find a common inn to stay at near the Great Spirit Arena. As a result of being near the Great Spirit Arena, although these counted as common, the price would still be twice that of other places. Of course, to the students with a monthly income of at least ten gold coins, or even a hundred gold coins, this was still no burden. After all, there were still not many places as expensive as that Rose Hotel.

After arranging the lodgings for the students, Grandmaster called all seven to Tang San’s room.

“At present you may team up freely and choose to participate in any kind of spirit contest. The Great Spirit Arena’s one versus one and two versus two bouts start first. Although team battles are separate from the other two, they start comparatively late, and also attract the most spectators in Great Spirit Arena. With the staggered starting times they can also sell even more tickets. Every day you must participate in one team battle, for the other bout you can choose freely on your own. I also won’t object if you want to participate in three. The precondition is that you properly understand your own spirit power condition.”

As Grandmaster stopped speaking, Oscar immediately looked towards Dai Mubai with a pitiful appearance,
“Boss Dai, it would be better for us to participate in two versus two together, how about it? Although I just reached thirtieth rank, my auxiliary capabilities should be able to assist you. Otherwise, I don’t know how I’ll scrape together enough points for a silver spirit fighter badge in all my life.”

Dai Mubai looked distracted, his original intention was to participate in two versus two spirit battles with Zhu Zhuqing, or perhaps join one versus one on his own. Seeing Oscar’s pleading gaze, after thinking it over, he still gave a nod,
“All right.”

Discussing fighting strength among the seven, clearly Dai Mubai and Tang San were the strongest. Oscar had at once approached Dai Mubai. Ning Rongrong’s gaze immediately turned to Tang San.

In an intimate tone:
“Third brother, do you want to help me?”

Tang San looked distracted a moment,
“But, I’ve already formed the Three Five Combination with Xiao Wu.”

On the side Ma Hongjun hurriedly moved closer,
“Rongrong, how about me? I want to join two versus two with you.”

“You? Just forget about it.”

“You’re too busy looking after yourself, how would you still have time for me.”

Grandmaster suddenly spoke up:
“No. I propose you indeed should form a combination for two versus two with Ma Hongjun.”

Ning Rongrong puzzled asked:

Grandmaster calmly said:
“Because you and Tang San’s levels are different. When participating in two versus two, if one Spirit Master has reached a higher level, then he must participate in a higher level contest. Tang San has already reached thirtieth rank, but you are still on the twentieth rank level. If you cooperated to participate in two versus two, then you would have to participate in thirtieth rank bouts. Generally speaking, for Spirit Masters coming to Great Spirit Arena to fight, only if their confidence is extremely high or their spirit has a large advantage would they participate in bouts higher than their level. Thirtieth ranked bouts are naturally the same. Although Tang San’s spirit is extraordinary, participating in one versus one fights might barely be possible, but if adding you, although your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit is the most powerful auxiliary type spirit, right now it still isn’t sufficient to make up for the gap between him and two over thirty fifth ranked opponents. But you and Ma Hongjun participating together is different, he’s already twenty eighth rank, his spirit advantage is also not insignificant. Adding your support, the odds of victory can reach more than seventy percent.”

Although Ning Rongrong in her heart was unwilling, she had no choice but to admit Grandmaster was right. But in the end she still didn’t pick Ma Hongjun, and her gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing.

“Seventh sister[7], let us cooperate. How about it?”

Zhu Zhuqing still replied very simply.

Part 2

To Ning Rongrong’s eye, although Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power was one rank lower than Ma Hongjun’s, their cooperation was clearly much better than with someone whose Evil Fire pressure was constantly rising. When fighting in two versus two she didn’t want to be flirting[8] with the comrade in arms next to her.

Ma Hongjun rumbled:
“Rongrong, you’re still discriminating against me. I protest.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, employing her gentle and soft strategy,
“Fourth brother, you’re so strong, wouldn’t it be a pity to join with me in two versus two? Anyway you’re certain to win in one versus one, right?”

Ma Hongjun’s immunity to beautiful women was originally very low. Seeing the tender smile on Ning Rongrong’s face, how could he object, and could only accept reality.

“How you choose to participate is up to you. I’ll give you these, unless there are no people around, wear them when in spirit battles. At the same time, when speaking on stage, you must not let the opponent know your age.”

While speaking, Grandmaster pulled out seven long ago prepared masks from within his spirit tool bracelet.

The masks were very familiar to everyone, exactly the symbol of Shrek Academy, the image of the green monster Shrek. Dai Mubai took and put the mask over his face. Although the craftsmanship was ordinary, after it was fitted to the face it only revealed the eyes, mouth and nose, and was not hindrance at all.

“When participating in team battles, you will do so as the Shrek Seven Devils team. When participating in your own bouts, you can name your two versus two combinations yourselves. For one versus one, I will give each of you a name, use this nickname to compete. As long as you explain it when signing up, your real names won’t appear in the spirit arena.”

Everyone could understand Grandmaster’s intention. They were after all too young, especially twelve year olds like Tang San and Xiao Wu who had already reached the thirtieth ranked Spirit Elder state, casually revealing this to the whole Spirit Master world would be universally shocking. Especially when becoming well known at Great Spirit Arena, perhaps Spirit Hall would first come call on them.

Oscar curiously asked:
“Then what names will we use?”

Grandmaster said:
“Mubai uses his original Evil Eye White Tiger[9], you are still that Sausage Monopoly[10]. As for little San, use Thousand Hands Silver Grass. What do you think?”

“This is no good. Change it.

“It’s not stylish anywhere. Silver grass is too unpleasant to hear.”

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, seeing he didn’t express any opinion, on his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile. Regarding this disciple of his, Grandmaster was always extremely pleased,
“Then you say it, just what name would be good?”

Dai Mubai said:
“Although little San ordinarily seems sincere, he can really flip out, with a killing instinct heavier than all of us. I say, calling him Thousand Hands Asura is good. Asura has the meaning of a devil of massacre, it could also have a certain intimidating effect on the opponent.”

Grandmaster said to Tang San:
“What do you think?”

Tang San said:
“It doesn’t matter to me, you decide Teacher.”

Grandmaster said:
“Then we’ll call you Thousand Hands Asura[11]. Ma Hongjun, I’ll also help you pick a good name. How about calling you Evil Fire Phoenix[12]?”

Fatty smiled mischievously,
“Many thanks Grandmaster, this is good. How to say, I’m also a Phoenix.”

To the side Oscar mumbled:
“En, it’s a Phoenix, only, I think calling it Brothel Phoenix is even better.”

Fatty said indignantly,
“Little Ao, are you deliberately undermining me?”

Xiao Wu had now already stepped before Grandmaster, assuming a pitiful appearance,
“Grandmaster, then what am I called? You must give me something that sounds pleasant, eh.”

Grandmaster said with a smile:
“When you use the Soft Skill your whole body is soft as if boneless. Adding your Rabbit Spirit and Demon Confusion ability, it would be best to call you Soft Bones Demon Rabbit[13].”

“It sounds pretty good.”
Xiao Wu immediately smiled happily.

“Rongrong’s spirit is Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda. There’s nothing that describes you better than Seven Treasures Glazed Tile[14]. At the same time it can also mask you a bit. After all, this is the spirit of direct disciples of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. As for Zhuqing, using her spirit as a name is most suitable. Hell Civet[15] is on its own a pretty good name.”

At that moment, the Shrek Seven Devils had their own names.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai,

Sausage Monopoly Oscar,

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San,

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun,

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu,

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong,

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing.

None of them would have thought that the names they chose in this common inn would not only follow them for a lifetime, but also resound across the Continent. The team Shrek Seven Devils could be considered truly formed starting on this day.

In order to maintain peak condition, everyone remained in the inn to cultivate their spirit power, waiting for nightfall.

Right now the seven were all on the iron spirit fight level. Among them Dai Mubai had three points, Oscar had nil, Tang San because of participating with Xiao Wu in one on one and two on two bouts, consequently had two points. Ma Hongjun also prevailed over his opponent last time, with the most points of everyone, already reaching ten. Moreover he had three consecutive victories. XIao Wu just like Tang San had two points. Ning Rongrong had nil. Last time Zhu Zhuqing’s opponent was little San, and since she lost the contest she had no points.

Going from iron spirit fights to copper spirit fights required one hundred points, advancing to silver spirit fights were one thousand points. Their distance to the goal of this second stage special training was still a very long road.

Because Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing were all already classified as high level within their classes, adding to their own outstanding spirits, they decided to first participate in a one versus one spirit fight, afterwards again participating in two versus two. This kind of time was enough for Oscar’s effect to appear clearly, with a supply of his big sausages, everyone’s spirit power and physical strength could be effectively resupplied. Compared to ordinary Spirit Masters joining spirit battles it was an even greater advantage. Therefore, even participating in three spirit battles wasn’t impossible, provided they didn’t waste too much spirit power in the first fights.

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s third spirit abilities could both be said to be top quality spirit abilities, therefore although they both had only just broken through the thirtieth rank, they still decided to participate in one versus one spirit battles. Tang San had previously already defeated Dai Mubai, so naturally he held a lot of confidence. And for Xiao Wu who as long as she got in close to the opponent was very difficult to resist, also had complete confidence.

Xiao Wu’s weak points and advantages were both extremely clear. Her advantage was being unrivalled when in close to a similarly ranked opponent, but her weak point was that she could only deal with one opponent. When the opponents were numerous, it was very difficult to use her strength, and when the opponent’s physical strength exceeded the power of her Waist Bow, her ability would become completely useless.

As for Oscar and Ning Rongrong, they could only wait until after everyone had participated in one on one spirit battles to again join with them in two versus two bouts.

At nightfall, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena bustled with noise and excitement like every day, a restless crowd began to gather from all directions. As in most of history, it was also the most oppressed masses who enjoyed the entertainment. Every day this place would gather numerous spectators.

Part 3

The wealthy could obtain the ultimate entertainment here. Even if it was penniless commoners, they were still equally capable of watching Spirit Masters compete. As a result of Great Spirit Arena having some tickets specially aimed at commoners, extremely affordable, as long as people could afford food and clothing, they also wanted to come here to watch Spirit Master competitions. After all, just seeing a spirit master was enough to satisfy the majority of common people. Of course, with the ticket price so cheap, what they could see was only some ordinary spirit fights, that’s all. The truly marvellous spirit fights were prohibitively expensive. But Suotuo City had never lacked wealthy people willing to throw money away. Adding the betting hosted by the Great Spirit Arena, these spirit fights were the scene of secret battles between the wealthy and lords.

Right now it was already very close to the starting time for Great Spirit Arena’s bouts. Not long after, the one versus one and two versus two spirit fights would begin. Once these two spirit fights ended, the most marvellous team battles would take the stage.

At just this time, a group of ten people attracted the gazes of the people preparing to enter the Great Spirit Arena. Because, among these ten, seven wore identical masks.

The green masks looked somewhat funny. Their clothes had nothing in common, both gorgeous and plain.

This group, was precisely Shrek Academy’s seven students as well as two deans and Grandmaster.

This time they arrived at Spirit Arena Thirteen. According to their original plan, everyone would one after another use their iron spirit badges to sign up. Under Grandmaster’s directions, the five people simultaneously participating in one versus one and two versus two fights signed up in two areas and at the same time explained they must participate in two bouts. The staff arranged for them to fight at certain times, so as not to have two fights overlap. At the same time, everyone separately altered the names on the iron spirit badges, from their true names to nicknames, using the names they agreed on in the day. Just altering a name cost each of them ten gold spirit coins, however because this time they didn’t need to enroll again, the expense was only so much. As long as they managed one spirit fight victory, they could earn back the expense.

Tang San and Xiao Wu chose to first participate in two versus two, after that again joining one versus one, naturally separating from the other five. Oscar and Ning Rongrong had to wait for Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing to finish their one versus one bouts, therefore they also first went to one area.

Flender and Zhao Wuji followed the largest party to enter the one versus one spirit fighting area. Grandmaster followed Tang San and Xiao Wu to the two versus two spirit fighting area.

Since they would still battle later, Three Five Combination’s two versus two spirit fight was planned as the second bout in the Spirit Arena Thirteen’s two versus two area. Very quickly, it became the pair’s turn.

Grandmaster sat in the stands, together with numerous spectators. To ordinary people today was a weekend, therefore there were especially many spectators at the Great Spirit Arena. These Spirit Arenas had even more common people. Right now the first spirit battle had already evoked excitement, and shouts fell and rose in succession.

Tang San and Xiao Wu naturally didn’t have any fame. When they walked on stage at the announcer’s declaration, they earned no applause at all.

“Next, let us invite Three Five Combination’s opponents. Already having obtained four successive victories in two versus two spirit fights: Cat Rat Combination[16]. Relying on the most formidable strength, competing among Spirit Elders, they have obtained unprecedented success. If they are able to prevail over the opposing Three Five Combination today, then, they will have accomplished five successive victories. Perhaps, when they next appear at Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, they will enter the central spirit fighting area, that is a tremendous honor for spirit fighters.”

Cat Rat Combination? Hearing these words, Tang San and Xiao Wu looked face to face. Although they were unable to see each others’ expression under the masks, from the expression in the other’s eyes, they still saw hints of a smile. Judging by the other side’s combination name, today’s opponent would be an agility attack system Spirit Master. Whether it was cat or rat, speed was the forte of both. But Tang San as a control system Spirit Master was just the nemesis of agility attack system Spirit Masters.

Under circumstances where the opponent’s rank didn’t exceed his by ten ranks, the two already had a certain confidence.

Very quickly, in a burst of enthusiastic applause, Three Five Combination’s opponents climbed onto the spirit fighting ring.

The arriving two Spirit Masters were one man and one woman. The woman was slender and tall, looking about twenty something years old, with a head of extremely attention grabbing fiery red short hair, a sharp expression, the ten fingers of both hands constantly moving rhythmically. Looking at her movements, Tang San immediately determined that this woman should be the cat of the Cat Rat Combination, since Dai Mubai once told him that the ten fingers moving rhythmically was a common trait of all of the cat family type spirits.

That man was built short and small, but contrary to what Tang San and Xiao Wu anticipated, he was unexpectedly rather fat. Even compared to Ma Hongjun his stature was excessive, his body appearing like an enormous ball. Whether it was his head or body, both were perfectly round. Only a pair of small and narrow little eyes gave people the feeling of a rat.

The thin cat and fat rat gave people a somewhat ridiculous feeling.

The Cat Rat Combination mounting the stage naturally also observed Tang San and Xiao Wu across from them. As they saw the masks Tang San and Xiao Wu wore they couldn’t help but stare blankly. Although Spirit Masters participating in spirit fights would somewhat cover up their identities, wearing masks like this was still quite rare.

The thin cat young lady snorted disdainfully,
“Hiding the head and showing the tail[17], feigning mystery.”

As the spirit fight was about to begin, the mood of the surrounding spectators was already stirred. In such an enthusiastic atmosphere, the announcer didn’t dare delay, immediately declaring Spirit Arena Thirteen’s second two versus two spirit fight started.

Along with the announcer declaring the start, the Cat Rat Combination simultaneously used their Spirit Power, their bodies rapidly changing. After reaching thirtieth rank, as Beast Spirit Masters conducted Spirit Body Enhancement, their bodies changed even more than before.

Just like what Tang San anticipated, the young woman’s spirit was Cat. Sharp blades instantly ejecting between her fingers, on her head several locks of red hair brightened to silver, pupils becoming vertical. The upper part of the body crouching forward, ears slightly erect, on the arms appeared a layer of silvery fur. One white, one yellow and one purple spirit ring twinkled simultaneously, three spirit abilities capable of reaching the thousand year level. Clearly the spirit abilities of this young woman’s spirit rings weren’t common.

As for that fat rat’s transformation it appeared somewhat ridiculous. Mouth protruding, becoming pointed, producing several rat whiskers, under his upper lip two enormous buckteeth protruded. The small eyes went from small cracks to perfectly round. The round body equally crouching. Forearms becoming slender, black sharp claws ejecting from the fingertips. His three spirit rings were equally one white, one yellow and one purple.

Seeing the other side suddenly reveal their spirits, Tang San and Xiao Wu also didn’t hesitate. Xiao Wu leapt into the air, standing firmly with one foot on Tang San’s shoulder. The pair simultaneously released their spirits.

Growing long rabbit ears with white fur, even more slender legs in addition to two red eyes, those were all the characteristics of Xiao Wu. Compared to before, her arms also had some soft fur, but much finer than the other side’s thin cat.

Equally two yellow and one purple, altogether six spirit rings abruptly appeared over the Three Five Combination, immediately causing a commotion in the audience.

These spectators frequently watching spirit fights were naturally extremely familiar with the spirit ring levels of Spirit Masters. Two hundred year and one thousand year, in spirit rings, the Three Five Combination was clearly ahead of the opposing Cat Rat Combination. The previously extremely optimistic spectators on the Cat Rat Combination’s side immediately changed somewhat. But the atmosphere became even more enthusiastic; the more evenly matched the competitors the better the show.

The audience saw the power of the Three Five Combination’s spirit rings, so how could the Cat Rat Combination not see the same? But the spirit fight had already begun, they had no choice but to launch the arrow already on the bowstring.

The thin cat young lady sprung into action, both legs moving rapidly, the whole person like a whirlwind close to ground, sweeping towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, two spirit rings over her body flaring simultaneously. The sharp claws on her hands swung criss cross, ten bright silver claw traces splitting the air, simultaneously attacking both parts of the Three Five Combination.

Simultaneously, her speed reached a kind of terrifying degree. The pressure of her spirit power instantly reached its peak.

Of the two spirit abilities one was speed, one was sharp claw attack. Although he didn’t know the names, Tang San already judged correctly. Shrugging his shoulder, Xiao Wu on his shoulder used the power to leap up, soaring into the air, pouncing directly at the fat rat in the back. But Tang San circled both hands in front of his body, feet using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, hands directly employing Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, he wanted to test just how strong the opponent’s spirit power actually was.

Light and shadow flashed past. Tang San’s body was brought to stagger and he was secretly aghast. It was no wonder the Cat Rat Combination was able to gain four successive victories. This thin cat young woman’s spirit power had perhaps not reached any less than Dai Mubai’s level. Fortunately Tang San had used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track along with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, not only getting out of the way, but still relying on his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal power to deflect the opponent’s attack.

[1] (老鹅) “Old Goose”

[2] (天涯) “Horizon”

[3] (断刃) Possibly related, there’s another Chinese web novel author called Break Blade Horizon, using the same characters as here.

[4] 1尺2寸 = 40 cm

[5] 8寸 = 27 cm

[6] Idiom: Act swiftly and decisively.

[7] “Seventh [younger] sister” Zhu Zhuqing is the seventh oldest, Rongrong is the sixth.

[8] Point of interest: Apparently “eating tofu” is a euphemism for flirting.

[9] (邪眸白虎)

[10] (香肠专卖)

[11] (千手修罗)

[12] (邪火凤凰)

[13] (柔骨魅兔) The character for Demon (魅) can also mean “magic” or “to charm”

[14] (七宝琉璃)

[15] (幽冥灵猫)

[16] (猫鼠组合) Or “Cat Mouse Combination”

[17] Idiom meaning “half truth”, but is probably used more literally here.

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