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Chapter 42

Part 1

Dai Mubai fell beside Zhu Zhuqing breathing heavily, his entire body slightly shaking.

Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid was already in disorder, sweat dripping unceasingly, her lips trembling.

Tang San moved Ma Hongjun and Oscar so they could lie on their own baskets, and he took out all the extra weight. His vision at this moment was also hazy, but some things in his mind still supported him.

For others, the punishment or training was completed. But for him, not yet.

Holding the table that held water buckets and bearing fifteen kilograms of weight, Tang San barely stood up and started walking step by step forwards.

Though he didn’t need to support others, his steps were already staggering.

“Brother, I’ll accompany you.”
Xiao Wu also stood up by holding the table, but she fell onto the ground before she could take a second step. Though her body conditions were a lot better than Zhu Zhuqing’s, she carried Ning Rongrong for quite a distance, so she was also at her extreme.

“Little San, I’ll accompany you too.”
It was Dai Mubai. Also holding his own weight, Dai Mubai staggered up beside Tang San. The two looked at each other, their pale faces barely squeezing out a strange smile. Almost simultaneously, they grasped each other’s right hands.

The next moment, the two that withstood the most in the “punishment” fell onto the ground, taking the path of their other friends.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters, seven punished, seven on the ground, fainted.

Grandmaster looked at them fall one by one, but never moved. Until Tang San and Dai Mubai both fainted, he finally showed a faint smile.
“Never abandoning, never giving up. Good, good.”

Flender, bringing Zhao Wuji and a few other teachers quietly appeared beside Grandmaster.
“Grandmaster, you’re good too. Ruthless enough.”

Grandmaster didn’t mind the discontent in Flender’s words. Waving his head, he said, “It’s time to bring them over there.”

Including Grandmaster, all the teachers quickly took off the kids’ baskets, carrying them towards the academy.

When Tang San woke up, he found himself in the dormitory again. Warmness invaded his body from all directions, the comfortable feeling almost making him moan.

Composing himself, Tang San found he was naked inside a giant wood cask. The cask was full of gray liquid. Oscar was on the other side, deep in his sleep. Because of the extra two casks, the room already felt overcrowded.

With a stir of the liquid, a not too pungent medicinal smell wafted into his nose. Tang San wiggled his nose, and he immediately understood vaguely.

Coming to this world, though he never detailedly researched about the medicine in this world, he roughly knew a bit. The drug ingredients of this world were very similar to the world he was in. The liquid in the cask should’ve been boiled from some ingredients that mainly helped with relaxing muscles and reinforcing the fundamentals. That’s why after that much exercise, he didn’t feel much pain after waking up. Only slight soreness in his two legs and a slightly weak body.

Later Tang San found out that to keep the casks warm, every once in a while they had to add more hot water. The girls’ casks were managed by a few village women they hired.

On the side of the cask was a slip of paper with Grandmaster’s handwriting.

“Come to the cafeteria to eat when you wake up.”
Seeing “to eat”, Tang San suddenly felt his stomach grumble, hunger welling up.

Standing up from the water, he discovered that beside the two big casks, there were also two smaller baskets. Inside had clean water, obviously for them to clean themselves. The water was cold, so when Tang San jumped in he couldn’t help but shiver. He instantly felt his mind clear out, and the soreness in his body slowly faded away.

Quickly washing off the liquid and changing into a clean outfit, Tang San walked out the dormitory. To his surprise, the skies were already covered in stars. In the silent night, insects chirped occasionally, giving him a tranquil feel.

Stretching hard, his entire body started cracking, as if his entire body was fully extended. Breathing in the fresh air in exchange for the stale air inside, he walked towards the cafeteria.

Far away, you could already see the lights of the cafeteria. When Tang San walked into the cafeteria, he found one person gorging himself.

Hearing footsteps, the eating person looked back towards Little San. It was Dai Mubai. His superior spirit power allowed him to wake up faster.

“Little San, quickly come eat. It tastes pretty damn good.”
Dai Mubai’s double pupils had already recovered to its normal state. Looking at Tang San, he instantly smiled. They had already shared their joys and sorrows many times, going through trouble and accidents together. This empathetic feeling didn’t need any words to express itself. They looked at each other and could already feel each other’s friendship.

Sitting beside Dai Mubai, he found six more servings of food on the table, clearly prepared for the others. On the table were also paper slips, also of Grandmaster’s handwriting.

“When you are done eating, wash the dishes. Dump the water in the casks of your dormitory and clean them. Do not sleep, cultivate until day rise. Meet at early morning for class.”

Dinner was very sumptuous. A big bowl of fragrant stewed meat, fully five big snow white steamed buns, one bowl of thick soup, and a platter of vegetables and fruits.

His stomach’s rumbling made Tang San have no time for small talk, instantly starting to gorge himself, clearing out all the food in front of him.

Good, very good, extremely good. After great amounts of exercise, the replenishment of the food felt like it was instantly absorbed by the body.

Dai Mubai was finished eating when Tang San was still gorging himself, leaning on the table and looking at Tang San. Seeing he is about to finish eating, he said:
“Little San, Grandmaster sure is ruthless, a lot more fierce than Dean Flender. Seeing Grandmaster’s message, I’m afraid our future days will not be pleasant. Is this how Grandmaster taught you before?”

Tang San shook his head, saying :
“Teacher taught me mostly theoretical knowledge. Training of this type was a first for me as well. However, yesterday Teacher told me, as a Spirit Master, our body’s are our foundations. The fact that I can withstand the beyond extreme Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring’s attack is inseparable from my strong body. Only with a strong body can one withstand more spirit power. That is possibly why Teacher wanted us to increase our body’s basic training.”

Dai Mubai laughed bitterly.
“This isn’t as simple as increasing. Grandmaster’s training for us was exactly based on our extremes. If it wasn’t for our body qualities, we probably wouldn’t be able to even move for days. Although the cask of weird liquid definitely helped.”

“I’m starving to death, where to food?”
A figure speedily ran in from outside. Without even greeting Tang San and Dai Mubai, she instantly pounced at the food.

It was Xiao Wu. Looking at her rosy face, Tang San smiled. Clearly, Xiao Wu has also recovered from the extreme exercise.

Xiao Wu ate and saw the paper slips on the table. She immediately gestured towards Tang San, telling them to talk to her after she’s done eating.

Waking up from the deep slumber and eating, Tang San felt very lazy and didn’t want to move at all. Mimicking Dai Mubai, he also leaned on the table, looking at Xiao Wu’s unwomanly like gorging.

Other than having only two steamed buns, the girls had the same food as them. Though Xiao Wu didn’t have a big mouth, her eating wasn’t impeded by the slightest. The food was demolished in a moment’s time.

The fourth to come wasn’t Oscar, the only other one above rank thirty, but Zhu Zhuqing.

When Zhu Zhuqing walked in, her face was very calm until she saw Dai Mubai, then she deliberately stiffened her face, but in her eyes, Tang San clearly saw no rejection.

Zhu Zhuqing’s eating pose was a lot more graceful than Xiao Wu, chewing carefully. Every motion looked elegant, but behind this elegance was speed. If not for the quickly decreasing food, Tang San really couldn’t believe her apparently slow movements could eat so fast.

“So comfortable, I’ve finished eating.”

“Little San, did you run the last two laps?”

“No, after you fainted, Dai Mubai and I also fainted. When I woke up I was in a cask full of medicine liquid.”

Xiao Wu’s charming face suddenly reddened. Sitting up straight, she said quietly:
“You weren’t wearing anything as well?”

Tang San’s mind blanked, unconsciously nodding his head.

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue,
“In our dormitory there was a paper slip telling us not to worry, our clothes were taken off by villager women. Come eat at the cafeteria.”

Tang San chuckled, saying:

As he was talking, he caringly pinched her face. Xiao Wu only looked at him accusingly but didn’t stop him.

Dai Mubai said:
“Oscar and the others haven’t woken up, probably too weary. Let’s go back to cultivate, we still don’t know what sort of devilish training Grandmaster will tell us to do tomorrow.”

Tang San nodded. Just as he was about to clean up his dishes, Xiao Wu stopped him.

“You can go. Washing dishes isn’t something you boys should do. Leave it to us.”

Part 2

Tang San smiled faintly, rubbed Xiao Wu’s head and walked outside.

Dai Mubai’s gaze fell on Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing hasn’t finished eating but she emptied one hand and stacked up Dai Mubai’s dishes as well. Though she didn’t talk, her actions spoke for her.

Dai Mubai was exulted. He obviously knew Zhu Zhuqing was shy, so he didn’t say anything and chased Tang San out.

When the two walked out of the cafeteria door, Xiao Wu spoke again. “Washing dishes isn’t something you males should do, but we’ll leave those giant casks for you to empty and clean. Remember to wake up early to help us!”

Tang San staggered, almost tripping on the door frame. He turned around just to see Xiao Wu waving at him with a sly smile.

A night went by without conversation. When Tang San woke again it was already daybreak. His biological clock woke him up. Last night’s cultivation made him fall into deep sleep. It felt like he was totally immersed in the inner power of the Mysterious Heaven Skill. He didn’t even notice when Oscar went to eat.

Last night before cultivation he already cleared out his own cask. Now the dormitory was spacey again. Oscar was also cultivating on his bed, his cask clean as well.

Silently leaving, cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes, and eating. After all this, Tang San went to knock on Xiao Wu’s door. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong were already up and went to eat. Tang San helped them clean up the heavy casks.

A familiar clock gong sounded and Shrek’s Seven Monsters almost immediately rushed to the field.

Grandmaster was already standing on the field waiting for them. Looking at Grandmaster’s calm and stiff face, other than Tang San, everyone couldn’t help but feel nervous, even a bit scared.

“Very well. Today everyone came quickly.”Grandmaster nodded, gaze habitually sweeping over their faces. “Yesterday’s actions made me very satisfied. Though some people didn’t finish their punishments, what made me satisfied was on you, I saw the spirit of not abandoning and not giving up. As buddies, how can you be at ease to give your backs to your friends? What you need is trust. You all did well, the trust in each other let you finish the test yesterday better.

“Before we start today’s lesson, Tang San, go finish your punishment.

“Yes.” Tang San said and turned around to run outside the Academy.

“Little San, I’ll accompany you like I said yesterday.” Xiao Wu skipped happily towards Tang San.

Ning Rongrong suddenly said: “Let’s go too. Aren’t we a whole entity?”

Oscar stretched his arm. “Warming up works too. This time it isn’t a punishment, its just accompanying him, so we don’t need to carry weights.”

Fatty, frowning and worried, said: “Looks like I really have to lose weight. It wasn’t easy for me to get all this fat!”

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing already ran out, “Stop talking, quickly catch up!”

Whole entity. What a good whole entity. Grandmaster slightly stunned, looked at the leaving teens.

Clenching his fists, Grandmaster silently decided he’ll do his best to educate these teens. It was also from that day that Grandmaster let Shrek’s Seven Monsters fully realize the meaning of a devil. When monsters meet devils, what happens?

Grandmaster’s training for them was simple. One or two hours of fighting per day, with every day’s situation different. Two sides of fighting were randomly decided. Sometimes 1v1, sometimes 2v2, sometimes 3v3, and sometimes even 3v4.

Everyday Grandmaster would give special restrictions. For example, which spirit abilities they are allowed to use, what they are not allowed to use, and other requests.

After fighting training, they would start their physical exercise. Same as the first day, during physical training, they can’t use their spirit power, and they had to finish it together. Grandmaster had myriads of ways to train them. The simplest was weighted runs. More complicated were weighted hiking and other methods. But no matter which method, it had to make Shrek’s Seven Monsters reach their limits. After a period of time, they were already used to waking up at night in the medicinal casks.

Though this devilish training was hard, there was one thing Grandmaster wasn’t miserly about. With eating, he tried his best to change it up all the time to satisfy everyone’s desire for food.

Because of the dense schedule of training, three months passed. Ma Hongjun, possibly because of consuming too much energy in the training, didn’t even go once to Suo Tuo City to settle his evil fire. The forging tools that Tang San ordered were delivered ages ago, but he didn't have time to make hidden weapons. He didn’t even have time to assemble the first batch of parts the smithy finished.

Tang San, Oscar and Xiao Wu officially registered and became Spirit Elders. To not create a sensation, when they went to register, Grandmaster specially let them wear specially made masks. Though it brought some suspicion, hiding one’s appearance was fairly common and they still successfully received their monthly pay.

Three months of devilish training didn’t improve Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ spirit power greatly. In the period, only Ma Hongjun’s spirit power rose by one rank. But, after the three months of extreme training, their bodies qualities underwent a massive change.

Now, if Tang San and Dai Mubai did the weighted run like the first day, they would have to shoulder over fifty kilograms and still not reach their extreme. One has to know, if they don’t use spirit power, that is already a scary number.

Every person’s body was improved greatly. Under massive exercise and competent nutrients, the first obvious change was on their stature.

Dai Mubai clearly became sturdier, his evil pupils gaining a powerful sheen. His entire body looked like it contained explosive energy. The him now really looked like a fierce tiger coming down a hill.[1]

Oscar’s change was even more obvious. He became an entire circle skinnier, but if you looked at only the appearance, no one would think he was a Support Type Spirit Master. His strong figure could definitely match most Fighting Type Spirit Masters. Of course, his voice was still that soft, and his giant beard and double peach blossom eyes didn’t change.

Tang San’s appearance barely changed. He still looked so normal, but his entire body looked more reserved. His figure wasn’t really thick and strong, but he grew a bit taller. He was like a very normal teen, the sort that you wouldn’t notice if he was in a crowd. Whats surprising is Tang San’s spirit power was already rank thirty two. This wasn’t from the three months of training, but from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Possibly because of breaking his limit, the Man Faced Demon Spider brought great pain, but the benefits were also great. Other than the spirit ring and spirit bone, even his spirit power rose to rank thirty two, making everyone envious. Of course, though they were envious, none of them dared to absorb spirit rings outside of their limits.

Ma Hongjun became a full two circles skinnier and didn’t look as bloated as before. Though still fat, he looked powerful. Spirit power reaching rank twenty eight, it was striding forwards with its head high towards rank thirty. His bodily changes made him look a lot more acute.

Part 3

Xiao Wu was still her old self, and had the least changes appearance wise. Not even her skin was tanned, and she was always lively and happy.

However, during everyday’s fighting, she caused quite a lot of suffering. Her third spirit ability “Teleportation” appear and disappear unpredictably. Even Dai Mubai and Tang San suffered losses against her.

Good thing her teleportation distance is only within five meters.

Even so, paired up with Waist Bow and Demon Confusion, the three spirit abilities’ melee fighting capabilities are terrifying.

Ning Rongrong, compared to her first few days of coming to the Academy, lost almost all her haughtiness. Her face emitted more heroic spirit, and her reserved character made her even more charming.

This ignited the hope of Oscar again, who had already given up. Of course, with these three months, even if Oscar wanted to woo her, he didn’t have the strength.

As for Zhu Zhuqing, it has to be said that her willpower isn’t any worse than a man’s. She did not make a single whine the entire three months. Not only did she withstand it all, she sometimes even actively asked for a harder training.

Her body was an entire circle skinner, but as a Agility System Spirit Master, her speed, with a stronger body, was also improved.

The three months of devilish training finally ended yesterday. Grandmaster gave Shrek’s Seven Monsters seven days of vacation for them to adjust their conditions.

Finally having the chance to rest, Oscar went head first into his bed and slept. Tang San cultivated as usual. Because Zhu Zhuqing insisted on exercising more, Dai Mubai actively requested to accompany her. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong decided to be like Oscar, choosing to use this rare vacation for rest.

While listening to Oscar’s snoring, Tang San assembled the parts sent from the smithy. He finally had time today. The craftsmanship of the Tie Brothers made Tang San very satisfied. So far, the Silent Sleeve Dart, Powder Shooting Shadow, Taut Back Head-Lowering Crossbow, and other weapon parts were already assembled. Only the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had higher requirements, so he was still working on it. Tang San wanted to, with these days of rest, not only cultivate but also distribute the hidden weapons and teach everyone how to use it.

Engrossed in the assembly of hidden weapons, time flew by. Only until Oscar woke up and told him to go eat that Tang San discovered the sunlight outside has become moonlight and a day has passed.

The two walked out of the dormitory, walking towards the cafeteria. Just as they were walking, suddenly they saw a person wobbly walking over.

Oscar cried out excessively.

Tang San focused his gaze. The swaying, walking unsteadily figure was unexpectedly Ma Hongjun, except he looked very ragged. Not only were his clothes very torn, his plump face was swollen by a full circle. His eyes were bruised purple and the corner of his mouth still had a crimson stain.

“Fatty, what happened?”
Tang San quickly rushed forward to support the tottering Ma Hongjun. Oscar skillfully summoned his Recovering Sausage and passed it over.

Ma Hongjun didn’t decline, gobbling down the sausage and finally looked a bit better.

“Fuck, this time was quite embarrassing.”
Ma Hongjun’s eyes were filled with hatred. His face was originally plump and his eyes small. Now that his face was swollen, his eyes were barely visible in all the fat.

“Who beat you up?”
Tang San’s voice clearly had a chilling edge.

Three months of devilish training had passed with everyone helping each other. They were so much more than classmates. Seeing his brother beaten up, how could Tang San not be angry?

Ma Hongjun angrily said:
“I got beaten up by a vulgar uncle. Embarrassing, really damn embarrassing.”

Oscar furrowed his brows,
“Fatty, it wasn’t because you were trying to be another persons love rival is it?”

“What love rival, evidently it was I who saw that girl first. That vulgar guy was really shameless.”

Hearing Ma Hongjun say that, Tang San instantly understood a bit. Clearly, like what Oscar said, Fatty was beaten up when he was trying to settle his evil fire.

Tang San patted Ma Hongjun on his shoulder,
“Let's go eat something at the cafeteria first, we can talk there.”

With Oscar’s Recovering Sausages’ help, Ma Hongjun’s body condition was a lot better. Then the three walked into the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, Dai Mubai was sitting there eating furiously, but Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t beside him.

“What the fuck, fatty, how did you get like this?”
Seeing Ma Hongjun’s unkempt appearance, Dai Mubai was also alarmed. He was a lot more short tempered, jumping from his seat and his evil pupils shining angrily.

Ma Hongjun scowled miserably.
“Boss Dai, you have to back me up! You see how they beat me up. Even my handsome face is now distorted. How can I get girls in the future!”

Oscar chuckled.
“Handsome face my ass, swollen like a pig. What actually happened, tell us first.”

Ma Hongjun pulled over a chair and sat down and finally started talking.

“I left this afternoon, and decided to go to Suo Tuo City to resolve my evil fire problems. At the place, I found a really hot girl inside this tiny brothel. Just when I wanted to call her over to resolve my problem, a vulgar uncle came. He looked about forty, with short hair and at first sight, he looked trustworthy. However, upon closer inspection, the guy’s eyes was full of an obscene gaze.”

Dai Mubai said: “So you fought him?”

Fatty stuck out his chest and said:
“Of course, he already bullied me, you think I should endure it? At first I just wanted to chase him out, but he turned out to be a Spirit Master as well, and a four ringed Spirit Ancestor. In a moment I was beaten up and thrown out of the brothel. What was most intolerable was he flicked my dick, and said it was tiny. As a man, this sort of insult wasn’t something I could endure. So I got up and fought him again, and I became like this. You guys didn’t see his arrogant face. Boss Dai, Ao Second Brother, Tang Third Brother, you guys have to support me! If not for my strong body from recent training, I might not even be able to come back.”

Ma Hongjun was obviously beaten up quite bad, especially spiritually. Crying and saying everything, Tang San and the others furrowed their brows.

Tang San asked:
“What is that person’s name?”

Ma Hongjun wiped his face with his sleeve.
“I heard the brothel keeper call him Bu Le[2], but it probably isn’t his real name.”

“Bu Le? Only a Spirit Ancestor and he’s already bullying my brother? Let’s go, Fatty you lead us. Let’s go check him out. Little San, Little Ao, are you guys going?”
Dai Mubai could understand Fatty’s mood right now. Fighting over a girl was something he did often before as well, but most of the times he won the fight. Ever since Zhu Zhuqing came, he finally restrained himself. Also, Fatty was beaten up quite badly. Though he didn’t suffer damage to bones or tendons, he still lost all his face.

Tang San nodded.
“Let’s go check him out together.”

This sort of stuff can’t be resolved with logic. Though one can’t say who was right and who was wrong, people are biased towards their own side. If a man’s brother was beaten up and he didn’t take revenge, then he wasn’t a man.

Oscar laughed evilly.
“Of course I have to go. I want to see who can be even more vulgar than Fatty. Even if we can’t beat him, with my mushroom sausages, we can still run.”

The moment Ma Hongjun heard the three were willing to fight with him, he was elated.

Finished talking, he instantly jumped up and ran outside, as if his wounds didn’t hurt anymore.

Dai Mubai took hold of Ma Hongjun.
“What’s with the rush. You still have to eat first, then you’ll have the strength. Also, tell us the guy’s spirit. Knowing yourself and the enemy is the key to victory.”

Fatty, though face full of urgence, had an empty stomach, so he sat down and ate while explaining the fight.

“The person isn’t tall, only about one meter sixty tall. Dark face, as if he just came out of a coal pit. His spirit was very weird. Not attack, not defense, not speed. It feels like, feels like…”

Fatty’s gaze fell onto Tang San.
“Feels like Third Brother’s spirit, only different in shape.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other, saying simultaneously,
“Control System Spirit Master?”

Fatty nodded.
“It should be Control System. His spirit looked like two pink semicircular covers, about the size of a steamed bun. The moment he summoned his spirit, he wore it on his head, don’t even ask how disgusting that was. He only used two spirit abilities when he fought me. The first made the two covers big, blocking my Phoenix Fire Wire. The second ability utilized the two covers and with one in front and one behind, they entangled me. The covers felt very soft and flexible. I don’t know what material it is, but even my Phoenix Fire couldn’t damage it. After it entangled me, It trapped me like a cocoon[3] and then I became his punching bag.”

Two pink covers? What type of spirit is that? Even with years of studying with Grandmaster, Tang San couldn’t figure it out.

Tang San said:
“That means, he should still have two more spirit abilities that he hasn’t used.”

Fatty said:

He misunderstood Tang San. He thought Tang San was scared.

Tang San said:
“Control System Spirit Masters are special. Under 1v1 circumstances, Control System Spirit Masters have a great advantage. Fatty, if we meet him, you focus on harassing him from far away. Boss Dai and I will go up front and Little Ao will be responsible for replenishments. He definitely won’t be able to match us. Control System Spirit Masters aren’t like Strength Type Spirit Masters. As long as they can’t control everyone, they will lose. If I guessed correctly, his spirit should counter fire naturally, or else your evil fire couldn’t have done nothing. When we fight, I will control him. Though my spirit power is lesser than his, I can at least harass him so he can’t control us. Control Type Spirit Masters’ close range capabilities cannot block your attacks, even if he is rank forty.”

[1] (下山猛虎) Idiom to describe a fierce and strong person. Imagine a giant tiger running down a hill at you. Yeah.

[2] 不乐(Not Happy)

[3] Originally 粽子(glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled)

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