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Chapter 41

Part 1

Grandmaster glanced at him indifferently,

“Will you only try to kill your enemy when your spirit power is at its most powerful?”

Dai Mubai started, Grandmaster’s simple sentence left him speechless.

Grandmaster continued:

“You clearly know Oscar can supply mushroom sausages, so why would you give Ma Hongjun the opportunity to eat them? If you blocked him from the start, or as much as possible saved your spirit power, this win should have been yours.”

Ma Hongjun reached for Oscar’s shoulder,

“A pleasure, truly a pleasure, I didn’t expect one day we too would win against Dai Mubai. How exceptionally pleasant. Little Ao, this sausage of yours is truly useful.”

Oscar smiled mischievously,

“It’s only natural, how about we call ourselves Spirit Elders too.”

Grandmaster looked coldly at the pair,

“Are you proud of yourselves? Ma Hongjun, I ask you, when Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage failed, why did you let him fall to the ground? If at this time Dai Mubai still had the strength for one attack, killing him, what would you have done?”


Ma Hongjun looked dumbstruck at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster turned to Oscar,

“And you. For a food system Spirit Master, most important in any situation is to as far as possible preserve their life. He didn’t take the initiative to help you, so why didn’t you grab him to continue floating in the air? If it was a situation where Dai Mubai had sufficient spirit power, the moment you fell you would have been dispatched. If it was the enemy, right now you would already be dead. Spirit Elder? Even if it was a Title Douluo level food system Spirit Master, before a Battle Spirit Master he’s still extremely frail.”

Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun looked at each other, all of them speechless.

Grandmaster’s voice was flat and cool, drawing blood with each prick as he pointed out their mistakes.

“Little San.”

Grandmaster turned to Tang San.

Tang San hastily stepped forward,

“Teacher, I’m here.”

“Tell me your impressions of the fight with Xiao Wu.”

Tang San’s face reddened,

“Teacher, I messed up. I shouldn’t have been careless, getting caught in Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability Demon Confusion, to the extent that I sunk into a passive condition. Under conditions where I didn’t know her third spirit ability rashly releasing the spider web, making me sink even deeper into a passive condition.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Knowing your mistakes is good. Your error was the most severe. A lion fighting a rabbit still needs all its strength, you unexpectedly violating this from the start is an unforgivable sin. If the enemy’s attack was a bit more severe, you would have died. Remember, a control system Spirit Master not only has to control the enemy, they also have to control themselves.”

Finally, Grandmaster looked at Xiao Wu,

“Your third spirit ability should be teleportation[1]. Only with a distance restriction. If my guess is correct, this should be the capability of the Lightning Rabbit[2]. Your third spirit ring is a thousand year Lightning Rabbit. This kind of teleportation spirit ability, among all spirit abilities, belongs to the very rarest, you’ve given be a very pleasant surprise. At the same time, teleportation suits your Soft Skill, your killing power has substantially increased. But, why did you conclude it was already your victory once you wrapped around Tang San’s neck? If at that time you were a bit careful, when you saw Tang San use Spider Web Restraint for the third time, not anxious for quick results, first teleported away from his attack range and launched again, then you would already have won, and not been restrained.”

Xiao Wu quietly stuck out her tongue, but didn’t dare utter a word.

The look on Grandmaster’s stiff face was very unsightly,

“This is what is called monstrous genius? Your display today left me very disappointed. Each of your errors are unforgivable. Now, you must all suffer the punishment. Running. Supervise each other, you may not use spirit power. From the Academy run to Suotuo City and back, before lunch, I would like you to finish the round trip ten times. When you’re done is when you may eat. Tang San, your mistake was the most serious, therefore you run twelve times. Move at once, begin.”

Tang San was first to run out. Grandmasters word to him was no different than law.

Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun followed behind. Grandmaster even punished his direct disciple, and furthermore punished him the most seriously, what could they still say? Let alone that the errors Grandmaster pointed out to them were all grave mistakes.

“At the Academy’s entrance rocks are prepared. You will each carry one on your back as you run. You must remember, you are one team, if there is one person who hasn’t completed the punishment, then, no one can eat.”

Grandmaster emphasized his words.

Although they couldn’t use spirit power, they were all Spirit Masters. Spirit power transformed the body over many years, making them much stronger than ordinary people. Simply running, that couldn’t reach Grandmaster’s purpose.

The distance from the Academy to Suotuo City couldn’t be considered too far, but a roughly three to four kilometres distance, making the round trip ten times, that would be roughly sixty to seventy kilometres. Adding in the carried weight, this was in no way an easy task.

Seeing the five figures run away, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but cackle, however, her laughter didn’t last for long.

“Why aren’t you running?”

Grandmaster’s cold voice echoed.

“Eh……, we have to run too?”

Ning Rongrong shocked looked at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said:

“Just now I said: you all have to suffer the punishment.”

Ning Rongrong was immediately somewhat worried,

“But, this isn’t fair, me and Zhuqing didn’t make any errors!”

Grandmaster calmly said:

“I ask you, who are they to you?”

Ning Rongrong looked blank,

“Fellow students, companions.”

Grandmaster said:

“There is a line called ‘shared delights and common pains’, haven’t you heard it? You are companions, wanting to become companions you can trust with your back, do you think you should look at them suffering punishment while you rest?”


Ning Rongrong was unable to reply, but Zhu Zhuqing was already running out.

As the seven one after another reached the Academy gate, they discovered that Grandmaster still discriminated in how he treated their punishment, or in other words, had earlier already prepared well.

Seven baskets woven from bamboo were filled with differently sized stones, on each bamboo basket were straps and a name written.

Among them, the stones in Tang San, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s baskets were the largest, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Oscar second, the stones in Ning Rongrong’s basket the smallest.

As Ning Rongrong saw the stones in the basket, the resentment in her heart reduced somewhat, thinking to herself, ‘this Grandmaster still isn’t too unreasonable.’

Grandmaster watching the seven running with bamboo baskets on their backs, couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile on his rigid face.

“Forbidden to use spirit power while carrying weight and running long distance, isn’t this punishment a bit heavy? That could be several hundred kilometers. Let alone noon, they might not finish before the sky is dark. I didn’t expect you would be even fiercer than me.”

Flender had at some unknown time already arrived next to Grandmaster, speaking somewhat concerned.

Grandmaster calmly said:

“One cannot achieve glory and wealth without suffering trials and tribulations. I carefully calculated their body condition. It won’t exhaust them. What’s more, you think with their breakfast that good, they could eat without paying? Without going through a stage of shared delights and common hardships, how could they become companions that trust each other with their backs?”

Flender held up both hands, showing his surrender,

“All right, I told you. You do as you see fit. I know you care about these children even more than me. However, I have no choice but to once again remind you, the Academy’s funds are limited.”

Grandmaster snorted coldly,

“Can a living person still hold back their urine until they die[3]? Do you think I am you, the magnificent Spirit Sage, unable to even manage one Academy’s funds.”

Flender slightly angrily said:

“Indeed I don’t think to bow and scrape subserviently to others, otherwise, with my strength being wealthy also isn’t a difficult matter. I want to see how you’ll settle this issue. You whose cheeks are even thinner than mine.”

Grandmaster gave Flender a sideways look,

“Then you just wait and see.”

Bamboo baskets on their backs, Tang San and Dai Mubai took the lead in the mad rush out. Once they started running, they realized this punishment as expected was very heavy.

If they could use spirit power, a sixty or seventy kilometres distance in half a day’s time wasn’t any problem to speak of for them, and could even be completed easily. But, under circumstances without spirit power and still carrying weight, that was not something that could easily be accomplished.

“Mubai, let’s first stop a moment.”

In the middle of running Tang San suddenly stopped. Right now they hadn’t run far, but his forehead already showed traces of sweat.

Although the two had previously both consumed spirit power, currently they didn’t use spirit power to run, in physical strength they clearly were the best among Shrek Seven Devils. Right now, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun and Oscar were already falling behind several hundred meters, after them Zhu Zhuqing was already catching up to their steps, Ning Rongrong was last.

“Little San, why?”

Dai Mubai also stopped, somewhat puzzled looking at Tang San,

“Ten laps isn’t short, run at once.”

Tang San said:

“Mubai, do you still remember? Just now before we set off Teacher said we are a team, he asked us to complete this time’s punishment together. You see, Zhuqing and Rongrong are punished together with us. Apart from my running twelve laps, you also have to finish simultaneously. To my understanding of Teacher, he isn’t just punishing us, at the same time he’s having us exercise. Yesterday Teacher told me that the body is a Spirit Master’s foundation, me being able to surpass my rank to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring is related to the inner qualities of my body. Even more importantly, this time’s punishment is perhaps also Teacher’s first test for us, what he wants to test is our fellowship. We are a team, speaking of physical strength, perhaps you and I can manage, but they might not. I see, we have to think of some method, seeing how we can let everyone successfully complete the test this time.”

As Grandmaster’s sole disciple, Tang San clearly understood Grandmaster the best. Hearing his words, Dai Mubai gave a slow nod,

“Perhaps it truly is so, let’s wait for them to approach, we’ll talk it over first.”

Very quickly the five people behind caught up, and Tang San explained his point of view of today’s punishment.

Oscar’s brows wrinkled minutely, saying:

“I think Tang San is right, Grandmaster should be looking to test us. The weights we carry differ to some extent, it should be Grandmaster having calculated the extreme boundary of what our physical strength is capable of. It appears Tang San and boss Dai’s circumstances should be within the limit of what they’re able to accomplish, and would even still have strength left over. Also Fatty should be just exactly reaching his limit. Naturally there are also those exceeding the endurance limit. Only with everyone’s cooperation is there a chance for success. Those surpassing the limit of what they can carry, perhaps I am one, and also Rongrong.”

After speaking, he couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. Having run two kilometers, he already felt the bamboo basket on his back growing heavier and heavier, sweat visible on his forehead. With such a long distance to go, he realized he certainly wouldn’t persevere.

Fatty Ma Hongjun casually said:

“It would be better for us to cheat. If we secretly eat a bit of little Ao’s recovery sausage, is there a need to be afraid?”


Oscar unhappily glared at Fatty. He was an astute person, he wouldn’t do anything foolish,

“Fatty, I only ask you one thing, can you be sure Grandmaster didn’t have other teachers supervise us? If by any chance cheating was discovered, I’m afraid the punishment wouldn’t be as light as this. Moreover, Grandmaster giving us this kind of punishment, certainly is with his deep intent, it will only benefit us. Right now we have to think of a way to as far as possible save strength.”

Part 2

Tang San suddenly spoke up:
“Although Teacher had us run with weights and we can’t use spirit power, the total weights we seven carry is so much, only having to bring these rocks to the end of the punishment is naturally possible. Oscar, give my your rocks.”

Oscar looked blank, smiling mischievously,
“Good brother. However, right now it’s still not necessary. I’ll be seen as inferior like this. Us seven will start from now, running at the speed of the slowest, like this everyone can gather together, and uniformly save the most strength. Once someone is unable to persevere, we will mutually help readjust the weight. Thus, we will as far as possible be able to conserve strength. Right?”

Ning Rongrong smiled to the side:
“Little Ao, I didn’t notice, but you are extraordinarily astute.”

On Oscar’s face hung an expression like it was only a matter of course,

“Don’t you know as a child I was called the bright little prince? This is nothing.”

Dai Mubai was the oldest of everyone, his strength was also the greatest, and as boss he properly took the lead to set an example,
“Don’t speak nonsense. Gossiping is still wasting strength. We’ll run and handle it according to what little Ao said.”

Immediately, the seven resumed their long distance running.

Without doubt, among the seven, it was naturally as auxiliary system Spirit Masters Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s strength was the weakest, so everyone ran according to their speed. Advancing at the same speed, in the direction of Suotuo City.

The first lap was finished at this kind of speed.

Actually running, everyone gradually felt the pressure of the carried weight. If it was only ordinary running, even if it was without using spirit power, this roughly six kilometer round trip could not be said to be any burden to them. Spirit power transforming the body gave them stamina far exceeding that of a normal person, even auxiliary system Spirit Masters like Oscar and Ning Rongrong were no exception.

With the weight, the body clearly became unbalanced. After one round trip, Ning Rongrong and Oscar were already drenched in sweat, the others also showed some weariness.

Ning Rongrong doubtless had the most lacking physical strength of everyone, although Oscar also was an auxility system Spirit Master, he after all had broken through thirtieth rank, his body had been improved in every kind of attribute by having the third spirit ring, his condition was a lot better than Ning Rongrong.

The weights carried by Tang San and Dai Mubai were fifteen kilogram rocks. The weights Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun were ten kilograms. Although Ning Rongrong and Oscar only carried five kilograms, right now it felt to them as if they carried mountains. Body growing heavier and heavier, they could only clench their teeth to maintain their velocity.

At the Academy gate, what made everyone somewhat astonished, was Grandmaster standing in the gate looking at them running back from their first lap.

“Everyone drink a bit of water, then keep going.”
Grandmaster’s words as always were precise and comprehensive.

In a bucket was warm water, with a slightly salty taste, apparently mixed with salt. Under Grandmaster’s supervision, everyone was only allowed to drink one cup of warm water, then immediately urged them to once again keep on with their punishment run.

As time passed, the great sphere of fire overhead gradually drew closer to its zenith, also gradually increasing the temperature. After drinking salt water, everyone’s strength recovered a bit, to Tang San and Dai Mubai it was nothing, but Oscar and Ning Rongrong clearly felt themselves regain some strength.

Watching the students gradually recede into the distance, Grandmaster stood expressionlessly in place, but watching the seven return together, in the depths of his expression was clearly displayed a hint of satisfaction.

Carrying the bucket he walked inside the Academy. Right now, he wasn’t only a teacher instructing students, at the same time he was a senior concerned for them. What he had them do wasn’t at all mistreating the students, rather letting them obtain genuine exercise.

The second round trip, the third round trip, the fourth…...

Each time everyone returned to the Academy, they would drink the appropriately warmed salt water prepared by Grandmaster. The warm water was easily absorbed, the salt replenishing what was drained by their exertion. Even Ning Rongrong and Oscar, both felt themselves somewhat miraculously able to persevere through running the fourth lap, besides drinking water, they didn’t pause anywhere.

But, as the fifth lap began, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s speed had already clearly dropped, the scenery before their eyes already starting to become indistinct, both legs heavy like filled with lead, the weight of the bamboo baskets on their backs even more resembling mountains.

With uniform speed, the others had still preserved strength, although right now everyone were already sweating profusely, mentally they were very well preserved.

“Little Ao, give me your stone.”
Tang San said to Oscar.

Dai Mubai also simultaneously held out a hand to Ning Rongrong.

This time, Oscar and Ning Rongrong didn’t object, they clearly understood that their strength was already somewhat overdrawn, going on like this, perhaps they might not be able to persevere with this lap.

Tang San and Dai Mubai’s weights went from fifteen to twenty kilograms, inside the bamboo baskets were two stones. Five kilograms didn’t seem heavy, but when their physical strength was substantially used up, these simple five kilograms already clearly was a burden to the two. Although they could still maintain the speed, the two’s breathing clearly became rougher.

Just the opposite, losing the five kilogram pressure, Oscar and Ning Rongrong had a kind of transcendent feeling, as if their whole bodies could float lightly, gasping large mouthfuls of breath, their running immediately became more effortless, not only recovering their original speed, even still with a feeling of doing it skillfully and easily.

The fifth, sixth, seventh, three laps concluded like this. As the eighth lap began, already two double hours had passed. Right now the sun had already wandered by the zenith, noon already passed.

Everyone’s breathing had become difficult, lungs scorching hot as if set on fire, each step they took left behind a clear watermark on the ground, that was the sweat flowing from their bodies. From the start of the last lap, the salt water they received at the Academy gate already became two cups. Furthermore a brief rest. Grandmaster didn’t urge them, still after each time they finished a lap giving them the prepared warm salt water.

“Dying, I’m dying.”
The speaker was Ma Hongjun, staggering, almost falling to the ground, Fatty came to a stop, both hands supporting on his knees, gasping for large mouthfuls of breath. His plump face had already become pale, seemingly each breath was already extremely difficult.

Everyone stopped one after the other, this moment, everyone were unexpectedly unable to speak. Looking at each other, they discovered each of their comrades’ clothes were already soaked through with sweat. The most impressive would be Zhu Zhuqing, although she was the youngest of them all, among the three girls she was the most developed, her soaked through clothes stuck close to her body, drawing the outline of astonishing curves.

Unfortunately, right now no one had the energy to pay attention to this scene, each and everyone stood in their place constantly gasping for breath.

Originally Tang San and Dai Mubai shouldn’t have been this exhausted, but they carried Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s additional weights, compared to the others their burdens were much greater. Among the seven, the only one appearing relaxed was Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu had also reached thirtieth rank, but the weight she carried was the same as Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing. In addition her own body weight was light, right now she was still performing skillfully and easily.

After panting for a full five minutes, everyone gradually calmed.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but say:
“In any case we’ve missed lunch, it would be better for us to slow a bit. I’m dying, keeping on running, might wear me to death.”

Dai Mubai scowled:

“Slow? Didn’t you notice the salt water Grandmaster gave us was the same temperature each time? But our speed dropped continuously. Clearly, Grandmaster has calculated the condition of our physical strength. Running too slowly, perhaps there will still be additional punishment. Although Grandmaster is a bit strict with out training, he is also good to us. We must persevere. Fatty, give me your weight.”

Ma Hongjun somewhat shocked looked at Dai Mubai,

“Boss Dai, you’re still all right?”

Dai Mubai stuck out his chest,

“Fatty, remember, a man can’t say he’s unable. Bring it.”

Part 3

When Dai Mubai put Ma Hongjun’s rocks into the basket on his back, Tang San also went beside Zhu Zhuqing. Though he didn’t know why Dai Mubai didn’t help Zhu Zhuqing split the weight, Tang San’s body conditions were similar to Dai Mubai, unlike Zhu Zhuqing, who was silent but obviously consumed.

“I’ll help you, Zhuqing.” Tang San grabbed at the basket behind Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing twisted herself, dodging Tang San’s hand. “No need, I can still keep on going. You will run two more laps than us, if you waste all your energy now, how will you continue later on?”

Tang San looked at Zhu Zhuqing and stared blankly. He suddenly discovered, she didn’t seem to be that cold after all.

The journey started again. This time, everyone slowed down even more. Though Dai Mubai didn’t say anything, it was obvious that his steps became heavier, leaving the most sweat with every step. The weight Ma Hongjun gave was ten kilograms. Increasing his weight to thirty kilograms when he was already past his extreme greatly affected the depletion of his power.

After the eighth lap, when Grandmaster gave them the warm salt water, he deliberately looked at everyone’s basket, but said nothing.

During the ninth lap, though without weight, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s strength was bordering their extreme. Ma Hongjun recovered slightly, Xiao Wu could still continue, but Zhu Zhuqing’s steps were getting slower and slower. But unexpectedly, Tang San seemed to have past his extreme and didn’t look like he was used up.

Seeing Suo Tuo City in sight, the ninth lap was half finished. Suddenly, Dai Mubai stumbled, his entire body falling forward.

If it were before, relying on his own strength, Dai Mubai just needed to straighten up to rebalance himself, but right now his strength consumption was too severe.

Tang San was always beside Dai Mubai. Seeing him about to fall, he quickly lunged forward, catching Dai Mubai’s shoulder.

Dai Mubai’s double irises have already combined. Tang San saw this once when they met danger, so it should be a sign of reaching his extreme.

Dai Mubai didn’t stand up by himself. He leaned his entire body on Tang San’s shoulder, his chest like a windbox, fiercely going up and down. He looked like he was almost totally dehydrated.

“Boss Dai, are you ok?” Everyone quickly crowded up, asking sincerely.

Tang San didn’t utter a single word, but took the heaviest fifteen kilogram rock from Dai Mubai’s basket and put it into his own basket.

“Little San, you don’t need to do that, I can still go on.” Dai Mubai barely stood up, eyes revealing unswerving determination. Looking at Tang San, he said, “You even withstood the pain from the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, why can’t I withstand this. I can do this. Brothers, lets continue, no one fall behind.”

As they talked, Dai Mubai forcefully took the fifteen kilogram rock from Tang San’s basket back to his own basket.

“Boss Dai, give me back my own.” Ma Hongjun suddenly said. There’s only half a lap from finishing the entire punishment. Everyone knows Dai Mubai won’t be able to finish.

Ning Rongrong suddenly stepped forward, “And me, I feel a lot better, I can hold my weight.”

Tang San said: “Rongrong is fine, Fatty, you try to hold it for a while.”

Ma Hongjun’s own weight fell back into his own basket, decreasing Dai Mubai’s weight by ten kilograms. Under Tang San’s persistent request, Ning Rongrong’s weight of five kilograms in Dai Mubai’s basket fell into Tang San’s basket as well, increasing his weight to twenty-five kilograms.

The journey continued. Every step was that challenging. Dai Mubai, with fifteen less kilograms, with his resilience withstood it all.

The ninth lap, under everyone’s mutual assist, was finished. Though they were still running, their speed was really not any faster than walking. From the start of the punishment, three hours have passed.

Gulping down salt water, the seven people all looked like they just came out of water. Grandmaster still stood aside, not saying anything.

Dai Mubai forced his mind to clear, “Brothers, we still have one last lap, everyone persevere.”

Oscar suddenly said: “Little San, give my weight back. Theres only one last round, I can stand it.”

Tang San blanked. He suddenly discovered Oscar’s eyes had something more, but looking at his shaking legs, Tang San shook his head, “No, I can still do it.”

Oscar walked beside Tang San, sweat dripping down his face, but his gaze became more resolute. “If you view me as a brother, then give it back to me. I can do it.”

Ning Rongrong was already gasping for breath, face white, but when she saw Oscar take the five kilogram rock from Tang San’s basket, she couldn’t help but say, “Little, Little…..Ao….., You……...really are…...a man.”

Oscar was already too tired to laugh, so he stuck out his chest, acting like it should be like that.

Shrek’s Seven Monster are all consumed, but their minds were not at all relaxed. Sometimes, the difference between the talented and the mediocre was their resolute will. Surviving through an extreme means everything will change.

The tenth lap of the punishment finally started. This time, everyone really couldn’t run anymore, barely shifting their feet, step by step. Are we not able to do it? No, we are, we’re all able to do it.  Carrying the rocks on their back, taking heavy steps, they slowly walked towards their final goal.

Walking one kilometer, Oscar almost fainted. The rocks in his basket went back to Tang San’s.

Walking two kilometers, Zhu Zhuqing’s weight went into Xiao Wu’s basket.

Walking three kilometers, Ning Rongrong fainted. Tang San gave his rocks to Dai Mubai while he carried Ning Rongrong on his back.

Coming back one kilometer, Oscar fainted. Zhu Zhuqing took back her rocks. Xiao Wu’s rocks went to Ma Hongjun while Ning Rongrong went on Xiao Wu and Tang San picked up Oscar.

Coming back two kilometers, Zhu Zhuqing fainted. Dai Mubai barely picked her up.

Only five hundred meters from the finish, the basket in front of Tang San already had Zhu Zhuqing’s rock as well as Dai Mubai’s fifteen kilograms while piggybacking Oscar.

Dai Mubai carried Zhu Zhuqing.

Xiao Wu carried Ning Rongrong.

Ma Hongjun carried twenty kilograms of weight.

They were almost shifting step by step towards the end.

“Put, put me down….”Ning Rongrong’s weak voice sounded behind Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu stumbled, almost falling to the ground, and Ning Rongrong also slid off of her back. The two helped each other, slowly walking step by step forward.

Oscar also woke up, struggled to fall of Tang San, and with Tang San’s lending an arm, they walked forward.

Zhu Zhuqing hasn’t woke yet. Though she didn’t say much, she was way more past her extreme than Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Though Ma Hongjun was fat, his stamina was much better than Zhu Zhuqing. Dai Mubai also helped him carry his weight a distance, so his situation was much better.

Of course, Ma Hongjun right now was at his max as well. Grouping up with Tang San and Oscar, the three helped each other forward.

If there was only one person punished, with Ning Rongrong or Oscar’s strength, they might have already fallen.

However, all seven were punished. Under the help of each other, the determination in their hearts were already aroused.

Their sights were already blurred and they could only vaguely see the finish. Their bodies are now only powered by their willpower.

Tang San carried heavy rocks, both hands helping out Ma Hongjun and Oscar, helping them split a bit of their body weight. Though he couldn’t use spirit power, under the extreme circumstances, the tough aspect of his Mysterious Heaven Skill  was starting to exhibit itself, or else he also wouldn’t be able to persist until now.

Dai Mubai’s back was already curved from pressure, his evil eyes tinted with red. Every step felt like he had millions of tons on him.

Four hundred meters…..three hundred meters…...two hundred meters…….one hundred meters.

Grandmaster’s stiff face appeared in front of everyone. Seeing them helping each other slowly shuffle forward, even Grandmaster couldn’t help but be moved.

They used an entire hour for the last lap, but they finally made it.

Putong, Putong….

All seven of them fell onto the ground at the same time. Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun almost fainted simultaneously.

[1] (瞬移) “Wink Move”

[2] (闪电兔)

[3] Idiom, not entirely sure of the translation, but the meaning is roughly “as long as you’re alive there is always another way”.

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