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Chapter 40

Part 1

Grandmaster picked up a big bowl, ladling up two big scoops from the pot constantly emitting meat fragrance and handing it to Tang San, from the side picking up two steamed buns and two eggs and setting them on a tray before Tang San.

“Eat, you children are all in a growth period, you certainly need abundant nutrition. The body is the foundation of cultivation, without a good body, how could you support tremendous spirit power? Yesterday I carefully reflected on the encounters you had in Star Dou Great Forest this time, most of all absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider surpassing your rank. You being able to succeed is admittedly related to your firm willpower, but your sturdy body also had a significant effect. Very many Spirit Masters only focus on cultivating their spirit power and technique, but neglect to fundamentally train their body. Perhaps in the short term nothing can be seen, but after a long time like this, it will inevitably have a restraining effect on advancing to the higher levels.”

Taking the breakfast Grandmaster handed over, Tang San didn’t purport to fast, the rich meat broth clearly had been boiling for a very long time already, little chunks of sliced meat had already been thoroughly stewed, the contents also had a faint medicinal fragrance. From just one whiff, Tang San felt his stomach make a rumbling sound.

Grandmaster’s cooking was better than imagined, the meat broth smelled delicious, the well cooked meat practically melting in the mouth, along with the two steamed buns and two eggs, ever since coming to Shrek Academy, this was the first time Tang San ate breakfast until he was so full. A warm feeling continuously spread from his belly through his whole body, indescribably comfortable.

Tang San had just finished eating when Xiao Wu’s voice sounded from outside,

“Such a good smell, it seems that today we have something tasty.”

Two people walked into the dining hall. Apart from Xiao Wu there was also her roommate Ning Rongrong. Other people might not know Grandmaster’s character, but how could Xiao Wu be ignorant. Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple, after being influenced for all these years, she could also be considered having some understanding of Grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, hello.”

Xiao Wu respectfully greeted Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded to her, but lacked the smile he had for Tang San. To be precise, apart from Tang San, there were very few people who were able to see Grandmaster’s smiling expression.

Ning Rongrong’s nose twitched. She had been forcefully dragged here by Xiao Wu and was right now still hazy from sleep, but that rich meat fragrance made her gradually wake up.

Grandmaster gave them each a bowl of meat broth, a steamed bun and an egg, half of what he gave Tang San, the girls after all required somewhat less food.

“Eat quickly, no time to also talk.”

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s hunger was awoken by the meat broth’s aroma, immediately digging in, eating their breakfast.

Seeing Xiao Wu bring Ning Rongrong, Tang San immediately started. Yes, he also should have called Oscar here. He understood Grandmaster even better than Xiao Wu, and naturally knew Teacher’s temper wasn’t as calm as on the surface, the uncompromising nature towards others was like his name, extremely firm[1].

Thinking of this, Tang San hastily took his leave of Grandmaster. He didn’t only have to wake Oscar, he also had to deal with the others.

Under Tang San’s efforts, everyone ate breakfast. If they in the beginning called Tang San some resentful words at being woken up, after eating the sumptuous breakfast, they unendingly praised Grandmaster.

After an hour, the bell sounded start of class, time for assembly.

The sunlight brought a fresh and exuberant vitality, all living things thriving in the sunlight, the new day had begun.

Grandmaster with both hands behind his back stood in the center of the grounds, looking at the seven students arranged before him by age. Today’s class only had one teacher. Flender had said, from now on the Academy’s teachers would all comply with Grandmaster’s education.

Grandmaster’s cool gaze swept across everyone,

“For tomorrow’s breakfast, I hope to see you all show up even earlier at the dining hall. Eating food requires a period for digestion afterwards, one can’t immediately conduct strict exercise. I will prepare a good breakfast at dawn, if you haven’t come to eat in one hour, you needn’t eat at all.”

Grandmaster’s sharp gaze swept over all the students. He naturally saw some had not listened, but he still didn’t repeat himself.

“I have already understood each of your spirits and capabilities. Starting from today, I will start your strengthening training. Dai Mubai, step forward.”

Dai Mubai took one step forward, light pulsing in his evil eyes. He might not be too restrained in private, but when in class he absolutely was a good student. To him a teacher’s words were law.

Grandmaster looked at the tall Dai Mubai, saying.

“I will give you one task. Starting from now, without causing any injuries, you will knock down those six one by one.”


Dai Mubai was startled, looking shocked at Grandmaster.

The expression on Grandmaster’s face was rigid,

“You have thirty seventh rank spirit power. They are at most thirty first rank. Is there a problem?”

Dai Mubai turned his head to look at everyone, his gaze first falling on Tang San. The others didn’t concern him, but he couldn’t be fearless towards that virtuoso of hidden weapons Tang San.

“Tang San step forward.”

Grandmaster’s voice echoed once again.

Tang San immediately stepped forward, standing at Dai Mubai’s side.

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying:

“You can’t use your third spirit ability or those peculiar weapons. You can begin.”

“Wait a moment.”

The speaker was Dai Mubai,

“Grandmaster, this isn’t fair, if Tang San can’t display his full strength, then, what is the meaning to us fighting? His rank is lower than mine, if his spirit abilities are also restricted, then this makes my advantage too big. Although Tang San’s third spirit ring was a powerful Man Faced Demon Spider, I have confidence in myself.”

Grandmaster calmly said:

“If he uses his third spirit ring, you won’t have any chance. A control system Spirit Master, unless encountering countering spirits, are the most powerful in a duel. Since you asked for it, let Tang San use his third spirit ring. As comrades, you also have to understand each other.

The others all subconsciously retreated. Grandmaster was also no exception. Over thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders’ strength was already powerful, and without flawless control they might very easily injure bystanders.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gradually reddened, although compared to him his opponent was a full six ranks lower, he didn’t dare be the least bit careless. Shrek Academy’s students were all intense, but the only monster who could make him afraid was Tang San.

“Little San, take care. I will not be lenient.”

Tang San only nodded, without saying anything. He could clearly sense the muscles over Dai Mubai’s body already going completely taut, his appearance like a coiled spring or mountain tiger.

Pale white light abruptly burst from Dai Mubai’s body, both arms simultaneously stretching to either side, chest sticking out, the bones all over the body making cracking sounds. Muscles swelling in a flash, filling up the clothes of his body, the atmosphere around him already seeming to become wild and impatient.

Dai Mubai’s spirit White Tiger completed its Body Enhancement.

Blue light rushed out from Tang San’s body. Somewhat transformed by the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, already a bit more slender Blue Silver Grass quietly spread out from under Tang San’s feet.

Slowly raising his right hand towards the tightly wound Dai Mubai, Tang San seriously said:

“Mubai, if you can break my third spirit ability, then consider it your win.”

Dai Mubai’s mind was shaken. Not just he, but even the other students observing the fight also watched Tang San attentively. They all wanted to see, after experiencing such violent pain, just how formidable Tang San’s third spirit ability actually was.

The double pupils in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes momentarily merged. Without even thinking about it, the third spirit ring over his body, that sparkling purple released in a flash. The third spirit ability White Tiger Vajra Transformation activated.

The body already made powerful by Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement once again swelled, his muscles swelling exaggeratedly, his clothes completely bursting, exposing a terrifying muscle outline. On his skin appeared black striation, a pair of tiger paws again enlarging, the sharp blades ejected on top all became bright silver, his whole body enveloped in a layer of golden light, like he was gilded. Blood red eyes expressing a bloodthirsty light, his whole body giving off a kind of king of beasts tyranny.

Originally when Dai Mubai first fought Tang San, it was by relying on White Tiger Vajra Transformation that he could instantly break Tang San’s second spirit ring ability. Right now once again confronting Tang San, he also used his strongest spirit ability. His goal was to rely on his sharp tiger claws to cut open Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

“Take care.”

The Blue Silver Grass under Tang San’s feet moved in a flash, countless vines milling out. Some rising into the air, some sliding along the ground, some arcing around the sides, rushing towards Dai Mubai from all directions.

Dai Mubai was classified as a strong power type Spirit Master, agility wasn’t what he was good at, and watching the Blue Silver Grass twisting towards him, he didn’t dodge. Abruptly the golden light over his body became even a bit stronger, meeting the Blue Silver Grass with an assault.

Dai Mubai only took three steps before his powerful body at once stopped moving. Blue Silver Grass first spirit ability, Binding, launched, firmly binding his body within.

Dai Mubai at once subconsciously wanted to rely on his physical strength to struggle free, just like last time. But, in the split second he generated strength he discovered something amiss.

Part 2

Infused with the third spirit ring’s properties, although Blue Silver Grass became thinner, the degree of its toughness multiplied geometrically. Under Dai Mubai’s full exertion, unexpectedly he couldn’t tear open the Blue Silver Grass, instead that more slender Blue Silver Grass dug tightly into his muscles.

The Ghost Vine thorns quietly protruded, and if not for Dai Mubai’s skin becoming incomparably hard from White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he would already be suffering from the mix of Ghost Vine and Man Faced Demon Spider poison.

But, the thirty seventh ranked Dai Mubai wasn’t so easy to handle. Seeing he was unable to throw off the Blue Silver Grass with brute strength, he immediately moved his trapped hands.

The tiger claw blades abruptly ejected, fiercely sawing at the Blue Silver Grass. In a moment, those blades were already gradually cutting into the Blue Silver Grass. When Dai Mubai used his spirit power at full strength, Blue Silver Grass with the amplifications still couldn’t hold him down.

However, Tang San didn’t hope to rely on this Blue Silver Grass being able to directly restrain Dai Mubai, he was after all a thirty seventh ranked Spirit Elder. His goal was just to have Blue Silver Grass temporarily restrain Dai Mubai for a short time, letting him unleash his third spirit ability, that’s all. The profound meaning of a control system Spirit Master, was to control his opponent from the very start of the battle until its end.

When Dai Mubai’s sharp blades began to cut the Blue Silver Grass, a sphere of blue green light already launched. Dai Mubai naturally also saw that sphere, and although his body was tied up, he still wasn’t unable to move.

He knew that the sphere of light fired from Tang San’s hand should be his third spirit ring. At the moment unable to change shape, he leaned sideways, falling to the ground.

What he needed right now was time. As long as he had enough time to struggle free of Blue Silver Grass, and in addition relying on thirty seventh ranked spirit power plus the increase in physical strength and attack power from White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he had faith he could break Tang San’s third spirit ring.

Before everyone’s amazed gazes, the blue green sphere of light rapidly unfurled, a five meter wide net dropping from the sky. Although Dai Mubai rolled over, he still couldn’t escape its reach, the speed with which it spread was too fast. Furthermore, that blue green sphere of light was launched with Tang San’s Arrow Hand Throw[2] technique, its speed reaching a terrifying level.

Weng, the huge spider net abruptly wrapped around him. Dai Mubai only felt his whole body tighten, his entire body was already tightly restrained within that spider web.

The tiger claws cut into Blue Silver Grass, but as Dai Mubai prepared to continue cutting, from those spider web threads seemingly slimmer than the Blue Silver Grass, suddenly transmitted an intensely paralysing and burning sensation, even with the power of the White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he was still unable to disperse the numbing feeling.

Strong stickiness bound up Dai Mubai’s body like a dumpling. As the spider web continuously tightened, the sharp edges of the tiger claws came into contact with the spider web, unexpectedly they directly bounced off, without leaving even a mark.

Dai Mubai unleashed the full strength of his spirit power, hoping to be able to break free of the paralysis and spider web. But the more strength he used, the tighter the spider web twisted around him, that kind of feeling of power being useless immediately made this Evil Eye White Tiger sink into despondency.

The paralysing feeling grew stronger and stronger, and the resisting spirit power naturally also grew weaker. As the spider web twinkling with blue green light continuously tightened, the bones in Dai Mubai’s body began to make creaking sounds.


Grandmaster calmly declared.

Tang San hurried forward with big strides, lifting his hand to wipe at the spider net. Strangely, that sticky spider web once again became light, quietly merging into Tang San’s hand and disappearing, even that Blue Silver Grass twisting around Dai Mubai became streams of light and disappeared.

“This is my third spirit ability, Spider Web Restraint.”

Tang San helped Dai Mubai up, while explaining to him. At the same time he absorbed the poison from Dai Mubai into his own body.

Grandmaster walked over to the two, seeing Dai Mubai’s gloomy face, he calmly said:

“Control. It’s a control system Spirit Master’s characteristic capability. Generally speaking, a control system spirit master’s attack is rather weak, but their controlling strength is exceptionally powerful. Below sixtieth rank, an outstanding control system Spirit Master is able to completely restrain an opponent within a gap of ten ranks. Aside from being able to restrain control system Spirit Masters’ spirits, when confronting a control system Spirit Master the best method is to not give them the opportunity to exercise their control. But as a power attack type Spirit Master, a control system Spirit Master is precisely your nemesis. Under these kinds of circumstances, you should pull open the distance to the control system Spirit Master.”

Gaze sweeping towards the others, Grandmaster continued:

“Every spirit master has their own strengths and weaknesses. In this world there are no perfect Spirit Masters. But……”

Saying this, Grandmaster paused a moment,

“But, there are perfect teams. One person alone is unable to reach absolute strength, but one team with instinctive coordination can reach perfection. Mutually relying on each other is sufficient to confront enemies of any properties. The control power of Tang San’s third ability is great, but it also has extremely distinct weak points. As far as possible separating from his attack range, no matter how strong the spider web is it can’t restrain you. You are one entity. When you confront the enemy together, your first priority is to complement each other’s weak points. If everyone’s advantages can be fully displayed, then, you will become an unequalled existence among those equally ranked. Dai Mubai, continue your present course. Next, you will meet the enemy head on, divided into Zhu Zhuqing with Ning Rongrong’s combination as well as Oscar and Ma Hongjun’s combination.”

Dai Mubai had now already withdrawn his White Tiger Vajra Transformation. Light pulsing in his evil eyes, this time he only nodded, without saying anything.

Grandmaster’s gaze turned to Tang San,

“Since you used your third spirit ability on Dai Mubai, then, you can take his place against one opponent. Xiao Wu, let me see your third spirit ability.”

Xiao Wu giggled, walking towards Tang San,

“Little San, you’ll have to be careful, eh.”

The two fights began practically simultaneously. Tang San confronted Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai confronted Ma Hongjun and Oscar.

Seeing Dai Mubai in a bad mood, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but feel somewhat weak,

“Boss Dai, you wouldn’t release the Evil Fire on me, right?”

Dai Mubai snapped:

“You’re the only one with Evil Fire. Less nonsense, come.”

Speaking, he charged at Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun didn’t dare be neglectful, while swiftly completing his Spirit Body Enhancement, he simultaneously took the two sausages Oscar held out and quickly retreated.

Facing the aggressive Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun didn’t dare let him in close, immediately launching his second spirit ring ability, Bathing Fire Phoenix.

Intense purple flames abruptly leapt up, blazing heat spreading in the air in a flash, the intensity of the flames clearly somewhat stronger than in Star Dou Great Forest.

After meeting one danger after another in Star Dou Great Forest, not only Tang San and Xiao Wu had advanced in strength, everyone had improved somewhat under the pressure. Shrek students were originally prodigies, in a crisis, their potential naturally appeared under even greater stress.

Feeling the blazing Phoenix flames over Ma Hongjun, Dai Mubai didn’t have the slightest intention of withdrawing, rushing to meet Ma Hongjun, although the raging flames over Fatty would injure him, they still couldn’t cause any serious degree of harm. But if Fatty let him attack in close range, then, he would definitely die tragically.

If it was in the past, Ma Hongjun seeing Dai Mubai in close range would definitely lose his head out of fear. Although his spirit power wasn’t low, his combat experience was far from equal to Dai Mubai or Tang San’s abundance, he was always relying on his powerful flames.

But right now confronting Dai Mubai’s charge, Ma Hongjun not only didn’t panic, his face instead revealed a mischievous smile.

Dai Mubai naturally wouldn’t give up on his attack just because of the opponent’s expression, in the moment when he was about to hit Ma Hongjun, Ma Hongjun’s first spirit ring suddenly shone. A Phoenix Fire Wire as thick as an arm shot out.

Going through the battles in Star Dou Great Forest, Ma Hongjun discovered that when using Phoenix Fire Wire while in Bathing Fire Phoenix, its power doubled. Although the spirit power consumption also grew, the result was extremely good.

It could even compare to the third spirit abilities of some Spirit Masters, this was the benefit of a naturally powerful spirit.

Dai Mubai snorted coldly, he seemed to have long ago already anticipated that Ma Hongjun would have this move, his first and second spirit rings flared simultaneously, White Tiger Body Barrier and White Tiger Light Wave activated simultaneously.

Part 3

Intense white light and purple fire clashed together fiercely in midair, despite the formidable power amplification of Phoenix Fire Wire under Bathing Fire Phoenix, Ma Hongjun’s spirit power gap to Dai Mubai was ten ranks, and it was still he who lost out.

With a snort, he hurriedly retreated.

Dai Mubai had plentiful battle experience, sharp claws ejecting from his tiger paws, just like a fierce white tiger, he pounced in a flash.

“Boss Dai, I’m not fighting alone.”

Ma Hongjun wasn’t at all flustered, the moment Dai Mubai was about to pounce at him, suddenly, Ma Hongjun’s body abruptly flew back with astonishing speed, in an eyeblink he was already ten meters away.

Dai Mubai rushed at thin air, and immediately came to a distracted stop, although Ma Hongjun’s spirit possessed the ability to fly, his current spirit power was still far from sufficient to let him fly with his spirit. Recalling what Ma Hongjun said, Dai Mubai immediately understood.

It was Oscar’s mushroom sausage.

Relying on the mushroom sausage, Ma Hongjun could fly for one minute, at the speed of the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, Dai Mubai reached the conclusion that he was unable to catch up.

‘One minute, you only have one minute, that’s all.’ Dai Mubai sneered inwardly, turning to avoid the Phoenix Fire Wire Ma Hongjun shot into the air, just like a tiger pouncing at prey attacking Oscar not far away.

First dealing with this support, then in one minute the fight would end.

Unfortunately, his arbitrary scheme fell to nothing. Oscar had long ago prepared, seeing Dai Mubai’s target change to him, without waiting for him to come close, already swallowed a mushroom sausage and soared up.

Although Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave was able to attack at a distance, it was only within twenty meters, if he wanted to extend the distance, he had to consume a great amount of spirit power. In his previous fight with Tang San, using White Tiger Vajra Transformation, his spirit power consumption was considerable, and right now he naturally didn’t dare consume too much.

Watching Oscar and Ma Hongjun in midair each eat a recovery sausage, Oscar rapidly making his vulgar spirit next to Ma Hongjun, and Ma Hongjun continuously fired his Phoenix Fire Wire from the air. With the support of recovery sausages, his spirit power consumption obtained a certain replenishment, and for a brief time he didn’t need to worry about exhausting himself.

Under the amplification of Bathing Fire Phoenix, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire was extremely powerful, where the purple flames scorched the ground they left behind long grooves. What made Dai Mubai even angrier was Ma Hongjun constantly sweeping flames from in midair, never very good at dodging, in a moment he was battered and exhausted. Only thanks to his first spirit ring ability White Tiger Body Barrier was he able to repeatedly block Fatty’s flames. Out of reach, and unable to dodge, he could only waste White Tiger Light Wave on Fatty.

But, while they he ate recovery sausages, he had just now consumed a lot of spirit power, it didn’t take long to disappear, and when Fatty ate a second mushroom sausage to maintain flight, Dai Mubai’s spirit power was already unable to keep up.

If he confronted Fatty in peak condition, Dai Mubai still could have relied on his profound spirit power to wear down the opponents. After all Oscar’s recovery sausage could only recover a little spirit power at once. By making mushroom sausages Oscar consumption was considerable, persisting long enough, these two fellows would naturally have to land.

But right now Dai Mubai had previously used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, in addition Oscar had reached the thirtieth rank, making recovery sausages was practically instantaneous, constantly throwing them to Ma Hongjun as if he didn’t have to use up spirit power. With the support of large quantities of recovery sausages, Fatty’s battle endurance clearly could hold out for a long time.

As Ma Hongjun ate his third mushroom sausage, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave was already somewhat unable to block the Phoenix Fire Wire, his spirit power already insufficient to support the consumption.

But at the same time, on the other side Tang San and Xiao Wu were also happily fighting.

When Dai Mubai was attacking Ma Hongjun on their side, on the other side Tang San and Xiao Wu were already in battle.

Tang San didn’t know how many times he had fought Xiao Wu, Blue Silver Grass in the first moment densely covered the area around him, as long as Xiao Wu entered this area, he would immediately launch the Binding ability.

Tang San was extremely familiar with Xiao Wu, how would he not also be as familiar to Xiao Wu? Although after Tang San obtained the third spirit ring, Blue Silver Grass changed significantly, from the previous fight between him and Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu from careful observation had roughly grasped the degree of change in Tang San’s spirit.

“Little San, do you have to be so on your guard?”

Xiao Wu’s voice held a note of complaint, sounding somewhat wronged.

Tang San subconsciously raised his head to look at her, even though as he raised his head he already became aware of the mistake, it was still a little too late. He saw Xiao Wu’s already turned pink pair of eyes.

Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability, Demon Confusion[3], activated.

Tang San felt a burst of giddiness in his brain, fortunately he had in the first moments closed his eyes, not letting Xiao Wu’s ability display its full might. But after reaching the thirtieth rank, Xiao Wu’s spirit ability still had been strengthened a certain degree. This moment made Tang San’s mind briefly blank out.

Tang San secretly cursed his stupidity, ever since coming to Shrek Academy, he hadn’t sparred with Xiao Wu at all, and he had relaxed somewhat. If he had first used Purple Demon Eye he wouldn’t be in his current predicament. Purple Demon Eye could be Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion spirit ability’s natural enemy.

Even Xiao Wu herself didn’t expect her surprise attack to succeed, but seeing Tang San close his eyes, the Blue Silver Grass losing its luster, she naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by. One foot pointing to the ground, she noiselessly leapt towards Tang San.

By a strict interpretation, Xiao Wu should also be considered an agility attack system Spirit Master. Only the difference between her and Zhu Zhuqing was that her attack method required her to stick close to fully work, while Zhu Zhuqing used hit and run, an assassin’s way.

Though his mind was briefly blank, subconsciously everyone would protect themselves, Tang San without the slightest hesitation raised his right hand, blue green light once again launching.

The light unfurled in a flash, the five meter in diameter spider web was in a moment able to render the enemy’s attack direction completely impassable in front of Tang San. Xiao Wu’s attack was no exception.

Right now it would appear Xiao Wu was already completely without moves, basically without a chance of changing direction, in a moment about to crash into Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint. This was the spider web even Dai Mubai was unable to throw off, with her spirit power, when bound, she could only fall paralysed to the ground, losing the ability to fight.

But Xiao Wu like Ma Hongjun assisted by the mushroom sausage, when confronted with Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, was without any panic. Just like what Grandmaster had said, any spirit ability could be restrained.

Just in front of the spider web, the third spirit ability over Xiao Wu flared, her third spirit ability emerging before everyone for the first time.

The third spirit ring over Xiao Wu’s body abruptly blossomed with purple light, but differently from the others, the purple light unexpectedly wrapped around her body in a split second, in the next moment, Xiao Wu disappeared in midair.

But by now Tang San had just thrown off the effect of Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s cultivation and firm willpower, in addition to Mysterious Heaven Skill’s orthodox school ability to restrain this Demon Confusion ability, he was only sluggish for a moment, that’s all. As he recovered to normal, it was just in time to see the scene of Xiao Wu’s body wrapped up in purple light and disappear.

Xiao Wu gone, Tang San’s spider web immediately hit only air. Once the purple light again appeared, it was already behind the spider web, or to be precise, it was right in front of Tang San, Xiao Wu’s pair of slender calves already simultaneously connecting with Tang San’s shoulders, at the same time her charming laughter reached him,

“Little San, you’ve lost.”

In their past contests, once Xiao Wu got close, as long as Tang San didn’t use hidden weapons there was nothing he could do.

After advancing past thirtieth rank, Xiao Wu’s spirit power had clearly improved, although separated by trousers, Tang San could still feel the astonishing flexibility of her calves. Wedged between the calves, already twisting around Tang San’s neck, the first spirit ability Waist Bow activated in a flash, about to directly bring Tang San’s body to the ground.

One must know, along with spirit power increasing, right now Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow was already able to amplify her waist strength over one hundred twenty percent, that was in no way on a level any Spirit Master could resist using physical strength.

Seeing Xiao Wu’s bent back delicate body transmit strength towards his neck, Tang San in his startlement didn’t neglect to shout,

“Maybe not.”

Blue green light launched once again, this time, it was released at Tang San’s own body.

Spider Web Restraint launched in just an eyeblink, the enormously adhesive spider web twisted Tang San and Xiao Wu’s bodies tightly together, and although Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow activated successfully, with the two bound together she was naturally unable to throw Tang San, with a putong sound, they simultaneously fell down on the ground.

To Tang San it was also the first time experiencing the terror of Spider Web Restraint. Following Blue Silver Grass forming the spider web it clung tightly to the two in a flash, pressing their bodies closely together.

Right now, Xiao Wu’s calves were pressing tightly against Tang San’s neck, with her back upward. Twisted like this, her butt stuck to Tang San’s lower body, perfectly round and warm, adding to the pair’s bodies touching everywhere as they fell and pressed together, Tang San lying face down on Xiao Wu immediately felt his body heat up.

Xiao Wu was already unable to again use her third spirit ability. The poison on the spider web was naturally ineffective on Tang San, but the effect on her was still extremely good, in a moment paralysis and a burning feeling spread all over her body, suppressing her ability to gather spirit power to once again use the third spirit ability. But this moment was also when Dai Mubai’s spirit power was largely exhausted, making him unable to keep fighting.

“Good, you can all stop.”

Grandmaster’s timely voice resounded. Also at this moment, Oscar already dropped out of the air.

Only now did Dai Mubai recall that when Oscar ate his own sausage, the effect was weakened. Unfortunately, his spirit power was already far from sufficient, otherwise he would right now have the opportunity to make a comeback.

Withdrawing the spider web, Tang San helped Xiao Wu stand up, both their expressions somewhat embarrassed. Xiao Wu’s delicate little face blushed like a ripe apple, Tang San’s distinct smell dying her body without fading for a long time. Lowering her head, the braid on the back of her head hung over her chest, not daring to look up at her nominal big brother.

Grandmaster did not seem to see Tang San and Xiao Wu’s embarrassment, letting Ma Hongjun drop out of the air, sweeping his eyes over the five combatants.

“Tell me your thoughts.”

Dai Mubai’s mood was right now extremely depressed. Even if he had lost to Tang San’s third spirit ability, Tang San was after all a control system Spirit Master. But this Fatty Ma Hongjun had never been his match. Unexpectedly being defeated this time, immediately he was unable to accept it:

“If my spirit power had been in peak condition, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

[1] His name is Gang, which translates as firm.

[2] (甩手箭) Last described in chapter 9 against the Datura Snake.

[3] (魅惑) Multiple ways to read this one, either literally as “Demon/Magic Confuse” or more figuratively as “Charm” or “Tempt”.

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